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Chapter 118 – The First Arena

The next day at 8:30, the second division of the Miracle League finally began.

The Canglan team’s match was arranged for 3 p.m. and Li Cangyu let everyone rest. He took them to the stadium once they all woke up.

The official commentators for the second division were still a man and a woman. The male was called Shao Yu and the female was called Chen Weiwei. Their commentating style wasn’t as strict and calm as Yu Bing but they were easy and cheerful. They often gossiped in the middle to raise the atmosphere.

As soon as the Canglan team appeared, Chen Weiwei said with a smile, “The biggest god of the second division has come out. Please welcome Cat God who is debuting in the second division with a brand new team, the Canglan team!”

Shao Yu looked over and asked, “Weiwei, what do you know about Cat God?”

Chen Weiwei replied: “Cat God had already left Miracle when I started commentating. I only heard some of my predecessors say that he is a contestant with a very distinctive personal style. This is the first time I’ve personally watched him in a match. I suddenly feel particularly honoured to be explaining the first game after Cat God’s return!”

“I feel honored too.” Shao Yu said, “Of course, let’s tell the audience about the other members of the new Canglan team.”

The big screen showed the data of the eight players. Chen Weiwei followed closely with, “This lineup is really luxurious for the second division. In addition to Captain Old Cat, Bai Xuan is one of the best healers. Xie Shurong’s identity should be no stranger to everyone. He is the youngest brother of the Flying Feathers’ Three Musketeers. In addition, Zhang Jueming is an old contestant. Shao Yu, do you know him?”

Shao Yu nodded. “I checked the information of this player last night. He was a captain the first season but his Full Moon team has long since disbanded. Captain Zhang had been missing for many years. To even dig out a player who has been retired for many years, Cat God’s ability to collect teammates is absolutely first-class!”

Chen Weiwei was excited. “The members of the Canglan team have entered. We can see that the eight of them are dressed in neat uniforms and the style of the uniform is also very good!”

Liu Chuan urgently found a manufacturer to custom make the Canglan team’s uniform. The white base had a blue wave pattern and a simple wave shaped team logo. It looked very refreshing and gave the cool feeling of summer.

It was just that the four teenagers were almost the same age and it was hard to distinguish them when they were neatly dressed in uniforms.

“I’m a bit dizzy. Why do I feel like the four teenagers are four brothers? How do I distinguish them?” Chen Weiwei had a headache.

“There is one who is easy to recognize due to his blond hair.” Shao Yu said with a smile. “The person with blond hair is Xiao Han. I will remind the audience that his hair isn’t dyed. He is a mixed-race child.”

“Oh, this golden hair is really easy to recognize. What about the other three?”

“The shy one walking at the end with his head down is Li Xiaojiang. Of the other two, the tall and handsome one is Zhuo Hang while the very cute one with a bit of baby fat is called Gu Siming.”

Shao Yu’s explanation allowed the viewers to attach names to the four teenagers.

The players of both teams entered and checked their equipment while Chen Weiwei started to introduce the members of the Dream team.


Moments later, the referee turned on the light that signaled the start of the match.

The first was a three game, two wins elimination battle. In the first round, the Canglan was the home team and could select the map.

Li Cangyu sat in the command post and quickly selected the Magic Mirror Forest.

The characteristic of this map was that there were many tall trees obscuring line of sight. It was suitable for Xiao Li’s black magician to move while casting and slowly killing the opponent. It was also suitable for Xiao Zhuo’s hunter to arrange traps according to the terrain.

Once the map was confirmed, the players from both teams sat in the contestant seats.

Chen Weiwei was surprised. “The Canglan team sent two teenagers? The old players aren’t playing?”

Shao Yu speculated, “Perhaps Cat God wants to take the opportunity to train the players? In any case, it is the beginning and there isn’t much pressure regarding points.”

“It makes sense.” Chen Weiwei nodded. “However, the Dream team sent their ace combination. It is an archer and white magician, with the captain personally playing. It is obvious that they place great attachment to this game with Canglan.”

It was natural since Cat God’s name had spread like thunder after the glorious victory against the US at the World Carnival. This story had spread through the Miracle League. Such a big god appeared in the second division, making all teams treat him as the ‘ultimate boss.’

Li Cangyu’s mentality was relatively calm. He took the four teenagers who never played and would take advantage of the second division to practice their training and try out a variety of lineups and combinations.

Today’s Dream team had clearly brought out the strongest lineup to deal with Canglan.

In the soundproof room, Bai Xuan made a worried expression, “The opposite side sent a white magician and archer. Won’t it be very difficult for Xiao Li and Xiao Zhuo to fight? The archer can restrain Xiao Zhuo and then it is the white magician’s magic against Xiao Li’s black magic. I don’t feel very good…”

Li Cangyu’s expression was calm. “That doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance. I gave them a very advantageous map and it depends on how well they cooperate.”


The game soon started and the players refreshed at the same time in a corner of the map.

Li Xiaojiang’s Snail Crawling Slowly and Zhuo Hang’s Great Navigator refreshed in the southwest corner of the map. Zhuo Hang didn’t care about Li Xiaojiang and walked in front by himself. Li Xiaojiang reacted a bit slowly and waited a bit before slowly following.

Once the two of them arrived at the central part of the map, Zhuo Hang immediately took advantage of the elf’s superior agility to place some traps on the ground. He waited for the prey to enter the net while Li Xiaojiang hid behind a tree and patiently searched for opportunities.

Moments later, the archer and white magician appeared in their field of view.

The white magician walked in front and the archer followed. The white magician saw Zhuo Hang and started off with God’s Seal to seal this hunter. However, Zhuo Hang’s movements speed was very fast and his positioning was flexible. He teleported sideways and just escaped from this skill!

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help praising him, “Zhuo Hang’s reaction response is very sharp. It is like this isn’t his first time playing competitively!”

Shao Yu agreed. “His movement skills are skillful.”

The two of them praised Zhuo Hang but on the big screen, there was a sudden change in the situation. The archer’s big move Death Arrow Rain suddenly fell. The hiding Zhuo Hang just stepped into the range of this group attack.

The white magician was obviously very skilled. If Zhuo Hang didn’t hide then he would be hit by God’s Seal. If he hid, he would enter the scope of the archer’s big move.

The only way to deal with it was to retreat but Zhuo Hang hadn’t expected it and didn’t retreat.

He was hit by the archer’s big move and Zhuo Hang’s blood instantly fell by a third.

He saw Li Xiaojiang secretly hiding behind a tree and anger filled his heart. Zhuo Hang couldn’t help saying on the team channel, “Come out, why are you hiding?”

He was such a slow snail. Why had Cat God partnered him up with Li Xiaojiang? It was better to change to Xiao Han or Gu Siming.

Li Xiaojiang didn’t come out to help Zhuo Hang. It wasn’t because he was afraid but because he felt the timing of his current shot wasn’t good. He was waiting for the white magician to take one step further.

Yes, it was this moment!

Li Xiaojiang’s hands had long held back the control skill, finding the right time to use Death Fear!

The move successfully hit and the opposite white magician entered a state of fear. Li Xiaojiang followed with the three big moves of Death Spell, Shadow Winding and Hellfire!

The speed of his casting almost killed the audience. However, once it hit, the effect was quite terrible. The blood of the white magician instantly fell by 30% from these three basic spells. It was almost equivalent to a black magician’s big move that consumed a lot of blue!

Chen Weiwei couldn’t help saying, “This player is very distinctive. A slow black magician is rare!”

Shao Yu nodded in agreement. “Most of his stats are placed in attack and his weapon is also an attack one. The speed of his actions are slower but as long as the opportunity is grasped, every move is very important. In fact, the effect is quite good.”

As explained by the commentators, Li Xiaojiang’s attack was slow but the three moves suddenly pulled back the blood gap. If Zhuo Hang could follow up with control then they could kill the white magician.

Li Xiaojiang thought this and immediately looked at Zhuo Hang. However…

Zhuo Hang hadn’t paid attention to what he was doing and quickly went around to fight the archer.

The other side’s elf archer was the captain of the Dream team. His level wasn’t high but he had played two years in the second division and his experience was quite rich.

He was an elf player and his movement speed didn’t lose to Zhuo Hang. Zhuo Hang was fast but he could be faster. The result was that Zhuo Hang chased the archer while putting down traps, but it was useless.

On the other side, the white magician in charge of control had the fear effect ended. He cautiously opened the distance with Li Xiaojiang and started to look for opportunities to fight Li Xiaojiang.

It was Li Xiaojiang’s first time on the field and he was a bit nervous. Still, he was used to playing slowly, not matter how nervous.

White magic and black magic restrained each other. In a match between black and white magic, it was about who could seize the opportunity.

It was obvious that the little rookie Li Xiaojiang had no way to compare to the experienced vice-captain. He was controlled by the opponent’s control skills and a set of consecutive moves evened up the blood gap.

At this time, Zhuo Hang and the elf arched had gone far away and were having a fierce one on one match.


In the commentators’ room, the two commentators felt a bit awkward. Chen Weiwei watched for a while before saying, “Er… it might be that they haven’t adapted to the new system. The 2v2 combination effect can’t be seen at all. It is two 1v1 matches.”

Shao Yu had some doubts. “Cat God is famous for his unfathomable tactics. What tactics is he using today?”

Chen Weiwei wondered, “…I feel like there is no tactic?”

This was what many viewers were wondering.

The two teenagers, what are you doing?

It was clearly a combination but there was no tacit understanding between the combination. When Li Xiaojiang needed Zhuo Hang to take over control, Zhuo Hang wasn’t there. When Zhuo Hang needed Li Xiaojiang as the output, Li Xiaojiang’s skills were cooling down.

Five minutes later, two kill prompts appeared on the big screen.

[Dream God has killed Great Navigator.]

[Dream South Star has killed Snail Crawling Slowly.]

Once these two kill prompts appeared on the screen, the grey ‘Failure’ appeared on their screens at the same time.

In the first round, the Canglan team lost and the Dream team took the lead in the score. The score on the big screen became 2:0.

Zhuo Hang scratched his head with chagrin while Li Xiaojiang looked at the screen with a stunned expression. Both of them were a bit dazed.

Their debut match… they inexplicably lost?


Under the stage, Bai Xuan was feeling helpless. “They aren’t cooperating at all. Maybe we should’ve let Xiao Gu and Zhuo Hang go together?”

Li Cangyu said calmly, “I deliberately sent Li Xiaojiang in order to grind Zhuo Hang’s arrogance.”

Bai Xuan turned to him doubtfully. “You did it deliberately?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Xiao Han has a stubborn personality but he won’t look down on those below him. Zhuo Hang is different. He looks fine on the surface but haven’t you found that there is a strange sense of superiority in his heart?”

Xie Shurong heard this and couldn’t help saying, “No wonder why Zhuo Hang sticks to me and wants me to take him to the pairs arena. He doesn’t want to go with the other teenagers because he thinks that among the four youngsters, he has the highest level. Is there some sense of superiority in his heart?”

Uncle Zhang also added, “Is it because one of the top gods in the Miracle League is his relative?”

“Yes, no matter who the person is…” Li Cangyu’s eyes narrowed. “I have to clean up Zhuo Hang.”

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