GLS: Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Pre-Match Arrangement

Once the registration was over, Li Cangyu looked up and found that this year’s event schedule was being shown on the electronic screen. The second division was from March 1st to May 1st, the champion team would get the opportunity to advance to the first division.

On May 10th, the Miracle’s first division would officially open. The regular season would continue to the end of September, where there would be a week off that coincided with the World Carnival. Once the Carnival was over, it would be followed by the first division’s fierce playoffs and then the First World Competition would open in late November.

In the middle of these events, there were also the ‘King’s Cup’ free challenge, the live platform team tournament, the T.G.A. Grand Prix and other events. In general, the eight giant teams of the first division had no time to participate in these events. The teams from the second division were free to register for them.

Li Cangyu’s eyes quickly swept through this year’s schedule. Obviously, this year’s schedule had been adjusted according to the World Competition.  The events during the World Competition had been cancelled, making a live broadcast convenient.

The other team members saw the captain watched the event arrangement and looked up at the big screen. Xie Shurong couldn’t help asking Bai Xuan, “The King’s Cup free challenge, what is that? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Bai Xuan explained, “It is an event that only started in China last year and can involve both professional players or private masters. There are three modes of 1v1, 3v3 and 6v6. The registration threshold is very low and it has the highest number of participants.”

Xie Shurong smiled. “It turned out to be like this.”

As he spoke, he took the initiative to put an arm around Vice-Captain Bai’s shoulders. Bai Xuan didn’t like close contact with people and unceremoniously removed the hand before turning to find Cat God. Xie Shurong looked at Bai Xuan’s back with a depressed expression.

“Shall we go back to the hotel first?” Bai Xuan asked.

“We will go to dinner first. There is the opening ceremony in the evening so we should watch it with a full stomach.” Li Cangyu waved. “Everyone gather!”

The four teenagers looked up at their captain’s call and immediately ran back.

They headed to a nearby restaurant and sat in a big private room. Xie Shurong sat next to Bai Xuan and attempted to continue the conversation. “Vice-Captain, the King’s Cup challenge, it is in the middle of the regular season’s holiday. The reward for the single player bonus is high. Should I sign up for it?”

Bai Xuan said, “It is a national event and many masters will register for it. Professional players who are famous generally won’t participate or they will be yelled at by the netizens.”

Li Xiaojiang suddenly whispered, “I-I took part last year.”

Bai Xuan looked over at him curiously, “Is that right? Did you get a trophy?”

The shy teenager had red cheeks but his eyes were extraordinarily bright. “I got second place.”

Bai Xuan smiled and touched his head. “Amazing.”

Zhuo Hang suddenly cried out, “I was the champion! Then the slow black magician who lost to me last year was you?”

Li Xiaojiang, “…”

Li Cangyu asked with interested, “Then did you meet before?”

Zhuo Hang smiled and said, “I was bored last year and joined the King’s Cup solo event. I made it all the way through and took the championship in one breath. Cat God, don’t you think I’m great?”

Li Cangyu was too lazy to praise him. “The point is that you fought against Xiao Li?”

“Oh!” Zhuo Hang looked at Li Xiaojiang. “In the finals, I met a slow black magician. His style was very similar to Li Xiaojiang. In the end, I won right? Li Xiaojiang?”

“…” Li Xiaojiang’s head hung lower.

Zhuo Hang was feeling proud that he won against Li Xiaojiang when he heard Li Cangyu suddenly say, “That’s right, in tomorrow’s game, you will form a combination with Li Xiaojiang for the first arena stage.”

Zhuo Hang was shocked, “Ah?”

Li Xiaojiang also looked up with surprise. “I, I will partner with Zhuo Hang?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu told them seriously, “The two of you are fast and slow, this combination will make the opponents very confused. It hasn’t be used yet in a match so we can try it.”

Zhuo Hang, “…”

He really didn’t want to partner with this slow snail!

Bai Xuan said with a smile, “It is a good idea. In any case, this is the beginning of the new system and we have many new players. We can try all types of lineups.”

“Yes, I got the schedule for the second division. Take a look at it.” Li Cangyu handed the file to Bai Xuan next to him and continued, “Our first opponent is the Dream team. This is a medium sized team in the second division. The game time is 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. The pairs arena stage will be played by Xiao Zhuo and Xiao Li. The remaining six people will participate in the team battle. It is the first match. You don’t need to feel pressure but you should play seriously. We are still becoming familiar with the new competition system.”

The event schedule was quickly circulated while they listened to the captain’s arrangements.

There were originally 16 teams in the second division. Li Cangyu led the Canglan team to return and another new team was formed, making a total of 18 teams.

Due to time constraints, the second division wouldn’t play the home and away games of the regular season. Instead, it would be played in three rounds.

For example, they would play three matches tomorrow against the Dream team. The two sides would each chose a map for one match. If the first two rounds were tied, they would enter the third tiebreaker round. The third round would have the system randomly pick a map.

The arena was a 2v2 partner showdown and winning one game would give 2 points.

The team battle was a 6v6 competition over the crystal, winning a game would give 5 points.

While waiting for the food to be served, Li Cangyu quickly arranged the lineup for tomorrow.

As for tactics, there was no need to rack their brains for special tactics against a medium level team in the second division. Tomorrow they would first look and adapt to the new competition system.

Zhuo Hang seemed unhappy with tomorrow’s arrangements while Li Xiaojiang was a bit nervous about being put in the pairs arena. Li Cangyu looked at them but didn’t say much. The psychological quality of the youngsters wasn’t enough and they needed to be grinded.


The evening of the same day, the opening ceremony of the Miracle second division began on time at the Guangzhou e-sports venue.

It was just a sub-competition but there were still many people who came to see the opening ceremony. The seats at the venue were full, showing how popular the game MIracle was.

The opening ceremony also brought in a number of well-known singers to cover the Miracle theme songs. The audience was very excited, giving off deafening screams and applause from time to time.

Li Cangyu didn’t have much interest in the show. He sat in the audience and texted Ling Xuefeng.

[I’m going to play on the field tomorrow. Do you have anything to say to me?]

[Do well.] Ling Xuefeng replied in a simple manner.

[Only these two words? Are you my boyfriend?] Li Cangyu suddenly wanted to tease this serious man.

[I’ll watch the live broadcast of the match.] Ling Xuefeng replied.

[Is there anything else?]

[I miss you.]

Li Cangyu was satisfied.

He looked at the simple ‘I miss you’ and his heartbeat accelerated. To be honest, he wanted to see Ling Xuefeng. He sent text messages every day but it was a big gap from meeting, hugging and kissing!

Fortunately, there was a great chance of the Canglan team qualifying. As long as they successfully advanced to the first division, the number of times he could meet Ling Xuefeng would naturally increase.

[Are you ready for tomorrow’s game?] Ling Xuefeng asked in a concerned manner.

[Pretty much. It is just looking at the system. There is no need to put pressure on everyone in the first game.] Li Cangyu replied.

Suddenly, Bai Xuan’s doubtful voice was heard from the side. “Who are you texting with? You are smiling so happily?”

Li Cangyu calmly put away his phone and said, “It is my sister.”

Bai Xuan didn’t doubt it and continued to watch the opening ceremony.

Li Cangyu took out his phone again and saw the photo of the two of them on the screen. He couldn’t help smiling. Texting without his teammates knowing, it had feeling of ‘cheating.’ If other people knew he was with Ling Xuefeng, wouldn’t they be so scared that their eyes would bug out?


That night, they returned and the four old players bathed and slept calmly, recharging themselves.

The four teenagers were full of energy and couldn’t sleep.

Li Xiaojiang and the enthusiastic Xiao Gu were arranged in one room. Li Xiaojiang sat on the sofa and carefully thought about it before deciding to talk to Zhuo Hang. He knocked on the door next door. Xiao Han was taking a shower while Zhuo Hang had finished washing up. He was wearing pyjamas and playing mobile games. He saw Li Xiaojiang standing up the door and asked with a smile, “Are you looking for me?”

Li Xiaojiang nodded. “Yes… Tomorrow, tomorrow we will fight together in the arena. My, my speed might not follow, I can’t keep up with you… Don’t worry, taking care of me… go on your own… go ahead and fight.”

Zhuo Hang heard him finish and thought, ‘I already didn’t intent to care about you, small snail.’

“Yes, I know. Then go back to sleep.” Zhuo Hang patted Li Xiaojiang on the shoulder. “Good night.”

Li Xiaojiang originally wanted to talk to him more. The result was that he was blocked by a good night. He was stunned for a moment before saying with a red face, “Good, good night.”

Then he walked away silently with his head down.

Zhuo Hang ignored him, closing the door and returning to the room to play games. Xiao Han came out after taking a shower and asked in a confused manner, “Did Xiao Li come to see you? I thought I heard his voice.”

Zhuo Hang casually made a sound and continued to play the mobile game.

Xiao Han was too lazy to talk to him. He lay in bed and turned on his phone, logging into his Q.

Shepherd: [Are you going to play tomorrow?]

Qin Mo had sent him a message. He and Qin Mo were poor sheeps that had been put together by their masters. Some time ago, they played together in the pairs arena and would now occasionally chat on Q.

Xiao Han replied: [Yes, my master is there. I am sure I will win.]

Qin Mo: [Don’t you have a lot of confidence in Cat God?]

Xiao Han: [Don’t you have a lot of faith in your master?]

Qin Mo: [Of course! My master can definitely sweep up the league.]

Xiao Han: [My master can sweep up the world.]

Qin Mo: [Don’t talk. If my master and your master PK, my master will win.]

Xiao Han: [Who said that? Obviously my master will win.]

The two people started a pointless debate on whose master was more powerful. They weren’t aware that their masters had long hugged and kissed. They even set up a couples photo as the background for their phone.

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