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Chapter 110 – Meeting the Parents

Li Cangyu treated his feelings as seriously as playing the game. Since he had made up his mind, he was going to take the initiative because he really didn’t want to give Ling Xuefeng to anyone else.

Ling Xuefeng was his. Others might want to hug or kiss him but they couldn’t.

If Ling Xuefeng was a woman, he would’ve confessed a long time ago. However, the other person was a man… a man who was serious and indifferent. A hasty confession wasn’t too good.

Li Cangyu wanted to visit Ling Xuefeng’s house as a friend. In addition to wanting to know more about Ling Xuefeng, he wanted to see what Ling Xuefeng’s parents were like. Could they accept it if their son was with a man?

Before their relationship began, he wanted to lay the foundations first. Then he wouldn’t be disturbed by the elders in the future.

Li Cangyu sat on the sofa and thought about it. Meanwhile, Ling Xuefeng quickly prepared the food and set the table. He looked into the living room and stated, “Come and eat.”

Li Cangyu smelt fish and immediately rushed over. He picked up his chopsticks and quickly tasted a mouthful, praising, “It is so delicious!”

Ling Xuefeng looked at this greedy appearance and couldn’t help smiling slightly, his eyes full of affection.

It was just that Li Cangyu’s head was buried in eating the fish and didn’t see it.


Once the two of them had eaten, Ling Xuefeng went to the kitchen to wash the dishes while Li Cangyu borrowed his shower.

The shampoo and shower gel were those used by Ling Xuefeng. Li Cangyu hadn’t come here with shower gel, forcing him to borrow Ling Xuefeng’s.

After the shower, he found that his body had a faint mint scent. It was the exact same scent as Ling Xuefeng’s body. LI Cangyu was very satisfied with this and the feeling made him excited.

He went out in his pyjamas and found that Ling Xuefeng had finished the washing and was watching TV in the living room. Li Cangyu went up to him and sat down, discovering that a basketball game was being broadcasted on TV. It was a big NBA matchup.

Li Cangyu himself played basketball and watched the games when he was free. There were many stars on the screen that he knew and he found that Ling Xuefeng was watching the screen seriously. Li Cangyu couldn’t help saying, “The number 8 is very handsome. His shooting rate is high.”

Ling Xuefeng echoed him, “Yeah.”

Li Cangyu suddenly asked, “Do you think I am handsome when playing basketball?”

Ling Xuefeng looked over at Li Cangyu and found that the other person was quite serious when asking this question. Ling Xuefeng endured the impulse to directly pounce on him and pretended to be calm. “You are very handsome.”

Li Cangyu was ecstatic in his heart and there was a bright smile on his face. Being praised by the person he liked really made his mood fly up. The feeling of being appreciated was indescribably good.

The thing that Ling Xuefeng didn’t tell Li Cangyu was that he actually started to pay attention to basketball because of Li Cangyu.

A few years ago, after a pre-match meeting of the Miracle Professional League, Li Cangyu was bored and went to the open air court behind the hotel with Su Guangmo. It was the first time that Ling Xuefeng had seen him playing on the court. The fast-running teenager with a bright smile in the sunlight, his strong figure when jumping and shooting was a visual shock inscribed in Ling Xuefeng’s heart.

It was also that day that Ling Xuefeng discovered Li Cangyu’s favourite outdoor sport was basketball. He had a favourite team and often took time to watch the games.

The sport that his beloved person liked, he needed to know more so that they had a common language in the future.

With that in mind, Ling Xuefeng started to pay attention to NBA games.

Over the years, he gradually fell in love with this intense sport because… it reminded him of the beautiful teenager in his memory who dribbled the basketball with a smile. This scene was as pure and beautiful as a watercolor.

Today was the first time that the two people sat together to watch the game. LI Cangyu commented while Ling Xuefeng echoed a few words. It was simple communication but Li Cangyu felt particularly comfortable. Ling Xuefeng really understood him. They even had similar hobbies!

He never thought that these so-called ‘similar hobbies’ was actually because a person had been silently waiting.


By the time the game finished, it was almost time for bed. Ling Xuefeng had bought a two-bedroom apartment in Shanghai, turning it into one bedroom and one study. There was no bed in the study but the sofa in the living room was enough to fit an adult male.

Ling Xuefeng originally wanted to give Li Cangyu the bed and sleep on the sofa. Then Li Cangyu offered, “Your bed is big enough. If you don’t mind, we can sleep together.”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

This person was really unstoppable when he took the initiative.

Ling Xuefeng saw the pure gaze and smiled. “Fine.”

The two men brushed their teeth and entered Ling Xuefeng’s bedroom to sleep.

The size of this bed was really big. Li Cangyu had slept here last time and he remembered that the bed was soft and comfortable. He slept particularly well.

Only, this time it was impossible for him to sleep.

The person he liked was lying next to him, how could he sleep?

He lay in bed with Ling Xuefeng and the two people had the same shower gel scent, like it was wrapped around their bodies. Li Cangyu felt his heart going ‘thump, thump’ like a runaway drumbeat. He desperately breathed to restrain himself from the urge to turn around and hold Ling Xuefeng.

Compared to Li Cangyu’s taut body, Ling Xuefeng was calmly lying down next to him.

The man’s expression was calm, his eyes were closed and it didn’t take long for him to breathe evenly. He seemed to be sleeping very well?

Li Cangyu heard the uniform breathing sound beside his ears and couldn’t help whispering, “Xuefeng, are you asleep?”

There was no answer.

Li Cangyu boldly turned around.

This was the first time he could observe Ling Xuefeng so closely. The tall nose was really carved by the creator. The eyebrows were slightly raised, revealing a hint of indifference. With the eyes closed, the side of his face appeared a bit gentle. His lips were the best. The shape was beautiful and people couldn’t help wanting to kiss them.

This appearance was worthy of being the top three in the Miracle League.

Of course, there were no fixed standards for netizens in the Miracle League. Everyone had their own preferences. Su Guangmo’s heartiness and Tan Shitian’s warmth made them a lot of fans. Therefore, no player dared say they were the first.

But in Li Cangyu’s heart, Ling Xuefeng’s was the handsomest man in the league! Su Guangmo and Tan Shitian were on the sidelines. How could they be more handsome than his Xuefeng?

He was so good-looking that the way he fell asleep was nothing short of a crime…

Maybe it was in the eyes of the beholder but why didn’t Li Cangyu realize he was so handsome before?

Li Closed thought for a while and saw that the other person’s eyes were still closed. He finally raised his courage and gently touched this good-looking nose. Then his fingertips touched the lips.

His fingers poked the lips. The soft lips were a contrast to the indifferent appearance.

Li Cangyu’s heart suddenly beat fiercely and breathing was a bit difficult. His mind was blank as Li Cangyu moved like a ghost, slowly approaching and then… gently planting a kiss on Ling Xuefeng’s lips.

Once his spirit came back, Li Cangyu realized what he had done and immediately moved back.

…Had his brain short-circuited?

He wasn’t even sure of Ling Xuefeng’s sexuality yet he stole a kiss. This was simply immoral behavior!

It was too much, the sin was unforgivable!

Li Cangyu was yelling at himself in his heart but the warm touch on his lips made his mood particularly pleasant.

It was his first kiss. What about Ling Xuefeng? In any case, it was better than he imagined.

It was a pity that Li Cangyu was so afraid to wake Ling Xuefeng up that he could only kiss the lips gently.

He was worried that there wouldn’t be a good end. Li Cangyu immediately turned around and wrapped the quilt around himself to sleep. Still, the kiss left an endless aftertaste in his heart.

He was completely unaware that the Ling Xuefeng behind him suddenly opened his eyes.

The always cold and tough man’s eyes were full of turmoil. Complex colours filled his eyes before he finally gave a gentle smile.


Li Cangyu woke up the next morning and found that the bed beside him was empty. He guessed that Ling Xuefeng was making breakfast and didn’t care about him. Li Cangyu first went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. Then he headed to the dining room.

The prepared breakfast was already on the table.

Ling Xuefeng saw Li Cangyu coming over and asked, “Did you wake up?”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu looked into this deep eyes and then his eyes moved to Ling Xuefeng’s lips. He remembered his daring kiss last night and couldn’t help blushing.

“Eat something first. We will head to my parent’s house in the afternoon.” Ling Xuefeng sat down opposite him and handed hot milk to Li Cangyu.

The two of them ate breakfast and Li Cangyu suggested, “We are free in the morning. Let’s go visit the mall so I can buy Auntie and Uncle a small gift.”

Ling Xuefeng said, “There is no need to be polite. My parents aren’t lacking anything.”

Li Cangyu protested. “How can I do that? It is the first time visiting your home. I can’t come empty-handed!”

He insisted on buying gifts. The helpless Ling Xuefeng had to take him to a nearby shopping mall.

Li Cangyu opened the buying mode of a local tyrant and bought a super expensive massage foot bath for Ling Xuefeng’s father and a valuable jewelry for his mother…

Such valuable gifts, who would believe the person was an ordinary friend?

Ling Xuefeng followed to help him carry things. Once he saw Li Cangyu buying presents for his parents, his eyes filled with tenderness.

After last night where ‘Li Cangyu stole a kiss’, Ling Xuefeng was able to be sure that this person had made up his mind. That’s why Li Cangyu cared for him and took the initiative to come over to hug, sleep and gain his parent’s approval.

Cat God was really enthusiastic, just like the straightforward youth from his memories.

The two people hadn’t officially entered a relationship but Ling Xuefeng knew how happy it was to have his beloved finally like him back! At this warm time, he wanted to turn one second into ten seconds to slowly relish it.

Li Cangyu bought two more bottles of red wine and was satisfied. He looked at the big bag of gifts Ling Xuefeng was holding and asked worriedly, “What if Uncle and Auntie don’t like what I bought?”

Ling Xuefeng smiled. “Don’t worry. They are already very happy that you are coming home with me for the new year.”

This morning, Ling Xuefeng had sent a text message to his mother: [This year, I will bring back an important person for the new year.]

Ling Xuefeng’s mother was ecstatic and immediately went to buy a lot of food.

Thus, Li Cangyu arrived at dinner time carrying a large pile of gifts and was unexpectedly warmly welcomed by Ling Xuefeng’s mother.

The well-maintained woman had a gentle and generous temperament. Her face was full of laughter as she said, “You must be Xiao Li. Xuefeng often mentioned you. Come in, come in and sit. This young man, you are really tall and handsome! I made a table of delicious dishes. There is the braised fish that you love to eat. Come and eat!”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Auntie, wasn’t this wrong? You are too… too enthusiastic!

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