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Chapter 109 – Holiday Period

In the Miracle Gossip Group, Zhang Shaohui couldn’t help sending a message: [Captain Ling and Cat God have teamed up to abuse people in the arena. Everyone be careful!]

Su Guangmo, who just lost, immediately came forward: [The boss and boss together is unscientific. We have to protest.]

Cheng Wei followed: [Protest, protest! Cat God, don’t you want to break up with Captain Ling and team up with me?]

Li Cangyu wasn’t polite. [You go on your own side.]

Cheng Wei: […[Cry][Cry]]

Tan Shitian smiled and said: [A boss and boss are together. Everyone should directly surrender when meeting them.]

Su Guangmo: [It makes sense!]

Zhang Shaohui proposed: [Why don’t we also split up and reorganize? Su and Tan, do you want to try playing the bosses together? Maybe you can win against Ling Cat!]

Su Guangmo hated it. [I don’t want to be with a weak archer.]

Tan Shitian also disliked it. [I hate terran swordsmen the most.]

Su Guangmo sent a handshake emoji. [It is good that we hate each other. I will continue to play with my younger brother.]

Tan Shitian said: [Xiao Wei, stop talking nonsense in the group. Play seriously.]

Cheng Wei: [Oh! I’m coming.]

The people were chatting with each other when the event protagonist, Ling Xuefeng came forward: [Cat God, I won’t be able to fight with you for a bit. There is something I have to do regarding the team.]

Li Cangyu replied: [Okay. Go ahead.]

Onlookers, “…”

What was this situation? The boss combination was breaking up?

Sure enough, Ling Xuefeng went offline and Li Cangyu stopped playing the arena. He turned around and went to Xiao Han to watch him play.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo had lost several games.

The two of them were used to being carried by their masters and didn’t want to cooperate with each other. Xiao Han would strike on his own while Qin Mo didn’t take care of Xiao Han. The two people’s thoughts weren’t synchronized and they were pig teammates to each other. It was a bit sad.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Han, calculate the cooldown of the pets. When Qin Mo is preparing a big move, enter stealth and hit the opponent. Then Qin Mo can directly take away a head.” Xiao Han was guided by his master and immediately nodded. “Yes!”

Previously, he hadn’t cared about Qin Mo and just rushed forward. This time, he looked back and found that Qin Mo’s blood snake was following. Xiao Han typed a word on the team channel: [Ready.]

Qin Mo was surprised and soon realized that Xiao Han was giving him a hint.

Sure enough, Xiao Han finished speaking and entered stealth, unleashing a smooth combo on the opponent to decrease their blood. Qin Mo had the snake bite the opponent and they worked together to kill the other side.

Xiao Han continued typing on the team channel: [You control the hunter.]

Qin Mo was a bit upset. Why was Xiao Han directing him? He was obviously better than Xiao Han!

The strange thing was… Qin Mo was used to being at the bottom of the food chain and unconsciously obeyed. His fingers reacted faster than his brain and he fixed his blood spider on the hunter according to Xiao Han’s instructions.

Xiao Han said: [Very good!]

The obedient Qin Mo, “…”

The game was won smoothly. Li Cangyu touched his apprentice’s head and said, “Communicate with Qin Mo when playing the arena. Discuss tactics in the team channel. Don’t just think in your head. You are teammates now.”

Xiao Han nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Li Cangyu got up and left, heading back to sit in front of his computer.

After playing the pairs arena all afternoon, Li Cangyu found that the game system for the pairs arena hadn’t changed much. It was a random map 2v2 mode. Killing the opponents would allow the players to win but it was more focused on cooperation than the previous single player arena.

The key was still the group battle, which needed to be studied carefully.

Li Cangyu opened the officially released database. He carefully reviewed the equipment from the first page before going to sleep at midnight.


One week later, the eight people of the Canglan team smoothly rose to the diamond rank.

The training mode arranged by Li Cangyu allowed the youngsters to progress quickly. The four people practiced their PK techniques and had a more comprehensive understanding of the skills of other classes. They finally became ‘entry-level’ e-sports players.

Yet this is far from enough.

Next, Li Cangyu printed a thick booklet of information and sent it to the four teenagers. “Spend two hours a day memorizing this data book.”

The four people looked down and found that it was the officially announced equipment library…

There were dozens of pages of equipment. They had to remember the information and special effects of each equipment. This was comparable to a university entrance exam’s review manual! Zhuo Hang couldn’t help protesting, “Cat God, we have to memorize all of this?”

Li Cangyu said seriously, “The rhythm in the game is tight. There won’t be time for you to slowly look through the information of the equipment. I hope that you can look at the name and the information will immediately appear in your mind.”

He saw the stunned expressions of the four teenagers and continued saying, “This is the basic quality of an e-sports professional player. Since we are taking the game as our occupation, we naturally have to do it seriously.”

Zhuo Hang looked at the thick data booklet and couldn’t help thinking bitterly, ‘Cat God is too strict! We actually have to recite these equipment from memory!’

From that day on, the four teenagers lived the life of a high school student studying for entrance exams.

Every morning, the four people would read the equipment book and shake their heads. Li Cangyu would do a spot check from time to time. The penalty for failure was terrible!


Thanks to this nightmare difficulty training, which including memorizing the equipment book, hand speed training and playing the arena, time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was January and Chinese New Year.

This year, the Spring Festival occurred on January 20th. The start of the Miracle second division was March 1st. Li Cangyu accepted the training results of the four youths and arranged time for the holidays.

Dragon Song wasn’t a new team. Wu Zewen led his team members to return right after the Spring Festival. On the Canglan side, Li Cangyu asked everyone to return on the third day after the new year due to time constraints.

Liu Chuan had someone set up the plane and train tickets for the team members. He didn’t expect that Li Cangyu booked a ticket for Shanghai instead of returning to his hometown of Hangzhou.

Liu Chuan wondered, “Why are you going to Shanghai?”

Li Cangyu said with a smile, “I am going to meet a friend.”

Liu Chuan didn’t have any doubts. He simply let the assistant book the tickets and reimbursed the costs with the club funds.

On January 18th, players went home to reunite with their loved ones.

Li Cangyu’s parents were abroad so he was going to Ling Xuefeng’s place for the new year.

After arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Li Cangyu took a taxi directly from the airport to Ling Xuefeng’s private residence.

Ling Xuefeng was watching a game at home when he heard the ringing of the doorbell. He got up and opened the door, seeing Li Cangyu standing there with a smile. The two of them looked at each other before Li Cangyu rushed over to hug Ling Xuefeng. “Long time no see!”

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

It was really exciting that the big cat took the initiative to throw himself into Ling Xuefeng’s arm!

Ling Xuefeng hugged him back and spoke in an uncontrollable voice, “I wanted to meet you at the airport. Why did you arrive so early?”

Li Cangyu explained, “The boss said that an afternoon flight couldn’t be booked so he bought a ticket for a morning flight. In any case, I know this place and decided to come over instead of having you pick me up.”

“Okay.” Ling Xuefeng whispered.

He held Li Cangyu who jumped into his arms and felt his heart soften.

Li Cangyu had never been so active before. Even if he actively hugged Ling Xuefeng, he was always in ‘good friends’ hug mode. However, this time his hug was obviously very tight and it was different from the past.

When did it start to change?

Ling Xuefeng thought carefully and found that it seemed to be when Li Cangyu’s father was in the ICU in New York and Ling Xuefeng stayed with Li Cangyu for the whole night. Since then, Li Cangyu’s attitude changed significantly.

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng had known each other for many years and Ling Xuefeng naturally noticed Li Cangyu’s change.

At present, the other person hadn’t confessed and Ling Xuefeng didn’t want to destroy this warm atmosphere. Besides, he enjoyed Li Cangyu’s initiative. He wanted to see how far the big cat would take this.

The two people hugged silently for a while. Li Cangyu’s heart was moving eagerly. Ling Xuefeng had apparently taken a shower not long ago because there was the clean shower gel fragrance coming from him. This was clearly a cold person but this hug felt extraordinarily warm and reassuring.

He hugged Ling Xuefeng again and couldn’t control it!

Li Cangyu resisted the urge to kiss Ling Xuefeng and let go. He changed the topic by asking, “Have you eaten?”

As he spoke, he walked into the house like he was the owner.

Ling Xuefeng brought his luggage into the house and closed the door. “I was waiting for you to eat together. I’ll make you fish.”

Li Cangyu’s eyes lit up and he immediately headed to the kitchen. “What fish are you making?”

Ling Xuefeng said, “I owe you steamed bass.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Yes, you are really aware! Go ahead and make it. I’m hungry.”

Then he turned and sat on the sofa, waiting to eat fish.

He was outstanding at eating fish but he was a typical kitchen idiot.

He couldn’t cook at all so Li Cangyu consciously didn’t go to the kitchen to mess Ling Xuefeng up. He even thought happily that it was good to be served by his wife. It was a blessing that he could find a wife with good cooking skills and good at the game.

Ling Xuefeng was naturally very happy to serve the big cat who loved to eat fish. He went back to the kitchen to put the processed fish into the pot to be steamed. He set a timer and then skillfully cut a few vegetables and stir fried them.

Look at this man’s handsome appearance when cooking. The face was obviously indifferent and abstinent but it inexplicably revealed an intoxicating warmth.

Li Cangyu smelt the fragrance that occasionally came from the kitchen and was moved.

He never thought that he would one day like a man.

He was busy playing games and had no time to consider his feelings. He never encountered a woman who tempted him. Now he suddenly felt that it was very natural to be with Ling Xuefeng.

There were too many common topics between them and they knew each other so well. No one in the world knew him better than Ling Xuefeng.

With Ling Xuefeng, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed even if no words were spoken.

Every time he was with this man, he could put down the exhaustion in his heart and the pressure on his shoulders, even peacefully falling asleep next to this person.  He always felt that as long as there was Ling Xuefeng, no big difficulties would be too hard.

Over the years, Li Cangyu was accustomed to being a strong person. He took care of others and protected others, carrying the hopes of the team with his own strength. He didn’t say it but this path was extremely hard. Now he could let go of his strong side. It was easy to get along with Ling Xuefeng and for him, this was the rarest and quietest life.

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