GLS: Chapter 107

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Chapter 107 – Pairs Arena Battle

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng encountered each other in the arena qualifiers. They chatted for three minutes without doing any actions, causing the system to give them a warning. [Don’t be passive in the game or the online account will be sealed.]

Qin Mo was speechless. The two of them chatted so much that the system had to give a warning.

In order to prevent some people from holding up their opponents in the arena, three minutes of no action would be regarded negatively and the system would give a warning. After the warning, the account would be sealed.

Li Cangyu saw this warning and moved the Fish Farming Professional a few steps forward. He operated his elf summoner while typing on the public screen: [Xiao Han, Qin Mo, the two of you fight.]

Ling Xuefeng agreed with this. [Okay.]

Xiao Han wondered, “Master, you aren’t going to fight?”

Li Cangyu thought, ‘I rarely see Ling Xuefeng in the arena and naturally want to chat with him. How can we fight when we’ve just met? It is good to leave the fighting to the apprentices while the masters have an emotional exchange.’

“I will watch.” Li Cangyu stated decisively. “Come, let me see if you have improved recently.”

Xiao Han stepped forward and started to PK with Qin Mo.

This wasn’t the first time he fought with Qin Mo. In the beginning, he didn’t have any experience facing a blood kin summoner and was often killed by Qin Mo. Sometimes he wouldn’t even last half a minute. Later, he had a long training period with Qin Mo and gradually discovered the way to deal with Qin Mo. Now Xiao Han found that it wasn’t as hard to play against Qin Mo.

This time, Xiao Han was very active. He entered stealth and looked for opportunities. Once Qin Mo summoned four blood kin pets to suppress him, he calmly bypassed the pets’ encirclement and came to Qin Mo’s back. His daggers fell and the crit directly reduced Qin Mo’s blood by 15%.

Qin Mo wasn’t anxious. After Xiao Han appeared, he quickly summoned his death knight to resist the next wave of damage. At the same time, he had his blood spider return and fix Xiao Han’s body in place while he quickly retreated. The blood snake also tangled around Xiao Han and used the blood-sucking effect, so that Qin Mo’s blood volume instantly surpassed Xiao Han’s blood.

Li Cangyu saw that their two apprentices were starting to fight seriously and sent a private message to Ling Xuefeng: [I heard you are still staying with the team?]

He naturally just heard this from Qin Mo.

Ling Xuefeng said: [Yes.]

Li Cangyu was concerned: [Aren’t you going home for the holidays?]

[There are some things in the team that I need to deal with. I will go home for the Spring Festival.] Ling Xuefeng paused before asking: [What about things on your side?]

[It is well. I’ve gathered eight people.] Li Cangyu explained: [Your method really worked. I opened my identity and recruited for the team. Someone voluntarily came to the door to recommend himself. He is an elf hunter and very talented. Thus, I accepted him.]

[That’s not bad.] Ling Xuefeng asked: [Are you busy with training your teammates?]

[Yes, many new people on my team haven’t played competitively. They haven’t been systematically trained and need to start from scratch.] Li Cangyu spoke emotionally: [Thanks to this group of youngsters, I feel like a father rather than a captain.]

[You should pay attention to your rest and don’t work too hard.] Ling Xuefeng typed.

Li Cangyu was startled. Was Ling Xuefeng caring about him? This was concern, wasn’t it?

Li Cangyu felt a ripple in his heart. If it wasn’t for the computer, he would pounce on Ling Xuefeng and kiss him, saying, “I’m not working hard. You also shouldn’t work too hard.” The captain staying behind while on holiday, this was really too dedicated.

The two people operated their accounts in the game while chatting. Five minutes passed and they saw a prompt on the screen: [Side Account Name is Difficult to Decide has killed Wintry Twelfth Lunar Month.

They looked back and found that Xiao Han had fallen while surrounded by blood kin pets while Qin Mo’s blood volume was at 20%.

Ling Xuefeng opened the battle panel and read the records. Qin Mo relied on the blood snake and vampire bats’ big moves to instantly kill Xiao Han. Xiao Han was able to fight with Qin Mo for five minutes, showing the rapid progress he was making under the guidance of Li Cangyu.

Li Cangyu turned back to Xiao Han and praised him. “You played well.”

Xiao Han lost but Qin Mo was the winner of the sixth season’s Best Newcomer Award. The team’s systematic training and arena experience allowed Xiao Han to last for five minutes. Li Cangyu was already satisfied with this.

Resurrection wasn’t allowed in the arena. Xiao Han lay on the ground and typed in the area channel: [Master, what should we do about this round?]

Li Cangyu said: [Of course we will win. Xuefeng, stand still. I will kill you okay?]

Ling Xuefeng: [Okay.]

Qin Mo, “…”

Qin Mo wanted to vomit up three litres of blood. He managed to win against Xiao Han and as a result, Master completely disregarded his principles and gave the game to Cat God. As the person at the bottom of the food chain, Qin Mo felt that he should directly concede to Cat God in the future!

Li Cangyu happily used a set of moves to kill Ling Xuefeng.

Qin Mo also didn’t move as he let Cat God kill him. Li Cangyu saw the word ‘victory’ on his screen and was naturally in a good mood. He typed: [Thank you.  [Kiss][Kiss].]

Qin Mo, “…”

Xiao Han was puzzled. “Master, did you send the wrong emoji?”

Li Cangyu thought, ‘Fool, your master is sending this to Ling Xuefeng, not Qin Mo.’

However, Captain Ling seemed quite calm and he replied with: [You’re welcome.]

Li Cangyu imagined the man’s handsome and abstinent face and suddenly had an itchy feeling. He wanted to hold this man like in the New York hospital and see a different expression on his face.

They exited from the arena and Li Cangyu smoothly added Ling Xuefeng’s side account as a friend.

He saw Xiao Han beside him and couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Han, you team up with Qin Mo.”

The teenager sitting beside him looked surprised. “Master, why should I group up with Qin Mo?”

Li Cangyu explained seriously, “You and Qin Mo should play the pairs arena. Cooperating with a blood kin summoner is very good for gaining more ideas.”

Xiao Han nodded. “Yes!”

At the same time. Ling Xuefeng sent Qin Mo a private chat message: [You go with Xiao Han to play the qualifiers.]

Qin Mo was surprised but he habitually obeyed his master’s orders and had to reply: [Okay!]

Thus, the two small apprentices (small lightbulbs) were grouped together.

Li Cangyu privately sent to Ling Xuefeng: [The children are playing on their own. How about we team up?]

Ling Xuefeng: [Yes.]

The two connected hearts formed a pairs team and joined the qualifiers.

As a result, the system seemed to be incompatible with them. The first match was actually against Xiao Han and Qin Mo!

The four people once again entered the arena.

Qin Mo, “…”

Xiao Han, “…”

‘Master, are you so good? Driving away your apprentice by saying that teaming up with a different class can open new ideas. In fact, the most fundamental reason is for the both of you to team up together, right?’

Xiao Han suddenly felt as if he realized something.

Li Cangyu saw the familiar ‘Side Account Name is Difficult to Decide’ and ‘Wintry Twelfth Lunar Month’. He was a bit embarrassed but he still typed seriously: [You don’t have a master with you. You have to try your best and see how many games you can win with your level. Come back and report to me later.]

Xiao Han: [Yes.]

Qin Mo: [Yes.]

Ling Xuefeng: [You aren’t allowed to give up this game. Fight well.]

Xiao Han: [Oh.]

Qin Mo: [Yes.]

The two apprentices were tossed by their masters and didn’t know what to say.


Ling Xuefeng told them to fight well but actually… he joined forces with Li Cangyu and killed Qin Mo and Xiao Han in one minute.

The two apprentices lay on the ground with dazed expressions.

Li Cangyu typed: [Look at you, fool and fool. You don’t know how to cooperate with each other. Quickly go and practice.]

Ling Xuefeng also echoed his words: [Qin Mo, bring Xiao Han with you. Try to cooperate with a melee. This is also a good experience for you.]

The two apprentices, “…”

‘Making us fight each other while the two of you are chatting next to each other.

After a while, you let us team up and cooperate with each other, while the two of you go off together!’

The pressure was really too big as their apprentices.

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Kaguya Magami
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