GLS: Chapter 104

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Chapter 104 – Cat God’s Classroom (2)

Li Cangyu used the class time to give a detailed explanation of the 20 types of builds to new players. The youngsters all listened carefully. As Cat God said, they were familiar with the class they played but they had little knowledge of other professions. This was such a systematic and comprehensive lecture that they had a deeper understanding of all professions.

Next, Li Cangyu took everyone to the Canglan team’s training room.

The training room had dozens of computers side by side, more than enough for eight people. The computer configurations were also at the highest level and the keyboard and mouse were of excellent quality.

Li Cangyu asked everyone to find a place to sit down and turn on the computer. There were some small training software programs on the desktop. Li Cangyu introduced the functions of these softwares and then arranged training tasks.

“Xiao Gu, you have been in the training camp for half a year. Your foundation is very solid so your training time has been reduced. Every morning and afternoon, take half an hour to stabilize the hand speed. The rest of the time, follow Uncle Zhang to understand the operations of all the classes.”

“I understand!” Gu Siming nodded seriously.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “Xiao Han, Xiao Li and Xiao Zhuo, all three of you haven’t received systematic training. Starting today, you must begin from the most basic training. Practice one hour of random walking in the morning, an hour of steady hand speed training and spend one hour familiarizing yourself with the maps. In the afternoon, go to the cross-server arena to find someone to practice with and then practice with your teacher to strengthen your class.”

“Xiao Li’s teacher is Vice-Captain Bai, Xiao Zhuo’s teacher is A’Shu and Xiao Han will be taught by me. If there are any problems, don’t hide it. Boldly ask your teacher.”

“You are new people. It isn’t shameful to ask questions. If you don’t understand and don’t ask then you will harm not only yourselves but others as well, do you understand?”

The three teenagers immediately nodded. “I understand!”

“There is still a problem that needs to be emphasized.” Li Cangyu continued saying, “The four of you are almost the same age and you are equally good in my heart. I hope the four of you can form a virtuous competitive atmosphere. Let’s make progress together. Don’t compare each other or secretly compete in the dark. Do what you should do.”

“During matches, I will send different people to play according to different tactics. In the future, you will form a cooperation with each other. Remember, you are teammates, not enemies.”

Li Cangyu’s words were very serious. The thing he cared about the most was the unity of the team.

No matter how strong the team, if there was a crack then the team wouldn’t be far from death, just like the roots of a tree rotting.

The four teenagers were very simple but they would be in the competition in the future. It was difficult to ensure that they don’t compete with each other over strength or popularity. Li Cangyu didn’t want these four children to have hostility. He hoped they would grow up together, overcoming problems and supporting the Canglan team to the end.

The young teenagers nodded slightly, causing Li Cangyu to smile and raise his right hand. “Okay, start the training!”

This action was decisive and handsome. The several young teenagers immediately made looks of worship and started to concentrate on the training, afraid that they would be slower than others.

Bai Xuan laughed. Four little milk cats being obediently trained by the cat god. At the very least, there was no need to worry about them fighting each other in the future.


In the afternoon, Li Cangyu let the four teenagers go to the arena by themselves. There was too much knowledge input so he had to leave them time to digest and ponder on it.

The arena practice had just been arranged when Wu Zewen knocked on the door and handed a USB to Li Cangyu. “This is the data on the teams in the second division as well as a modeling of the Miracle maps that Liu Chuan had me organize for you.”

Li Cangyu happily accept it. “Thank you so much!”

The school tyrant’s organizational ability was first-class, which really helped the busy Li Cangyu!

Wu Zewen adjusted his glasses and said, “You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.”

Li Cangyu said, “I also hope you achieve good results in the playoffs.”

Wu Zewen nodded earnestly. “I will.”

He left and Li Cangyu immediately accessed the USB flash drive to check.

He was very confident about winning the second division but the situation on the field was always changing. There was always a danger of losing, making it good to know more about the opponent. The data compiled by Wu Zewen listed the ace players and basic tactical styles of each team, which was quite practical.

In addition, there was a modeling of the map library which made Li Cangyu stunned.

It wasn’t a secret since the Miracle League had published this information in the league’s maps and had a special map package software. As long as this map was installed on the computer, all game maps could be seen.

However, Wu Zewen used his powerful spatial analysis ability to mark many blind spots on the map with coordinates.

This was invaluable information that was exclusive to the Dragon Song.

Li Cangyu studied the map carefully. The more he looked, the more he liked it. According to the characteristics of the maps, he could arrange a variety of tactics for different teams in the future.

He was busy studying when Liu Chuan knocked on the door. He was very pleased when he saw everyone training and said, “Don’t you look serious? Am I interrupting?”

Li Cangyu raised his head and said, “It doesn’t matter. Does Boss want anything from me?”

Liu Chuan stated, “I got the new competition rules from the Miracle League. Do you want to see it?”

Everyone heard about the new competition rules and looked up curiously.

Li Cangyu smiled. “I’ve seen it so show it to everyone else.”

Liu Chuan sent a copy of the file to everyone. The group of people looked at it and became excited. Xiao Gu almost jumped up as he exclaimed, “Wow, it is a big change. It is completely different from the old arena rules!”

Xiao Han also said, “The new competition has changed from moving the crystal to destroying the crystal?”

Zhuo Hang seemed to know the competitive game very well. He spoke the key points in a brief summary. “It is the tower defense mode. The economic difference will determine the outcome. This makes the tactics more changeable and the game more interesting.”

Li Cangyu glanced at him with appreciation and asked, “Xiao Zhou, don’t you know a lot about this?”

Zhuo Hang laughed. “Someone in my family has played this type of competitive game before. I have been watching it since I was a child.”

It was no wonder that he could capture the key points of the contract. There were insiders inside his family.

Li Cangyu put away his curiosity and said, “The changes for the new competition are really big. Previously, we would get a point if we captured the crystal and moved the crystal back to our base. The new system requires us to destroy the crystal to get points.”

“The front and rear of the crystal respectively have the ice phoenix and fire phoenix as guards. The attack power is extremely strong and they will appear after a certain period of time. There are four defense towers in the east, west, south and north. Outside the defense towers is a foggy area and there are some mobs that will give a status bonus after killing them.”

Li Cangyu paused and said, “The key to the new system is to kill all types of mobs in the wild area to make money and accumulate an economy advantage. Once you have money, you can buy equipment in the battlefield store. The new rules means that in the middle of the game, we can choose equipment that is beneficial to us or can target the enemies.”

Zhang Jueming exclaimed, “The way of playing has really changed! The crystal is equivalent to the ultimate boss. The ice phoenix and fire phoenix are two small bosses while the defense towers are the surrounding elite monsters. If we want to break the crystal in the middle, we must first take care of the surrounding four defense towers and the ice and fire phoenix. Is that right?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “This is what it means. I just saw the map data compiled by Captain Wu. Most of the crystals will refresh in the middle of the map. There are four roads leading to the crystal location and many mobs on the road that can be killed for experience. The fields between the roads are suitable for ambush tactics. This system is much more tactically interesting than the previous crystal mode.”

Liu Chuan heard this and couldn’t help smiling. “The big change in the competition is actually good for our new team. Other teams have to face new rules and will certainly train again from the beginning. It is equivalent to standing at the same starting point as us.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu looked back. “It is currently December. There are only two months left until the second division that starts in February. There is also the Spring Festival holiday, making our timing quite tight. The next training tasks will be very heavy and the newcomers might be under great pressure. I hope that everyone can grit their teeth to survive this difficult stage. Will you show me?”

Xiao Gu answered in a positive manner. “Captain, I have no problem staying up late to train. I like training!”

Zhuo Hang also said, “I have no problems. Cat God can arrange it however you like.”

Xiao Han’s eyes were firm. “Master, rest assured that I can hold on.”

Li Xiaojiang looked up at Li Cangyu and said seriously. “I, I also have no, no, no problems.”

Li Cangyu smiled and thought, ‘Since you made your guarantees in person, don’t blame me for trying to trample on you.’

Bai Xuan thought sympathetically, ‘Small milk cats, be ready to be abused by the big cat!’

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Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
5 years ago

Xiao Gu answered in a positive manner. “Captain, I have no problem staying up late to train. I like training!”
I like it too! This is game after all, something that you like most, not studying math or biology… I’m envious! So envious!!
Thank you for the chapter!

5 years ago
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Hahahaha, good luck on your study!!

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I really like this cat family!! Hahaha

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Vei Kyuu
5 years ago

Praying for the kittos hahahaha jave mercy on them cat god xD

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Happy Life
5 years ago

I’m a cat lover, and I love cat god mooooreeee

5 years ago

So basically they re-invented dota?

Anna Karo
Anna Karo
4 years ago

Li Cangyu smiled and thought, ‘Since you made your guarantees in person, don’t blame me for trying to trample on you.’
*lights a candle for each kitten*
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