GLS: Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Cat God’s Classroom (1)

The next morning, Li Cangyu got up and found that Uncle Zhang and Xiao Gu had already washed up and were waiting for him in the living room. Xiao Han’s bedroom door was closed, probably because he still hadn’t recovered from the time difference.

Li Cangyu opened the bedroom door to take a look and found Xiao Han lying sideways on the bed. His blond hair covered his white forehead and his lips were slightly pouted, making him look like a little angel.

He was reluctant to wake Xiao Han up but the training time was approaching. Li Cangyu had to walk over and gently touch Li Cangyu’s hair. “Xiao Han, get up.”

Xiao Han sat up in a daze, rubbing his eyes and asking with confusion, “Master… what time is it?”

“It is almost 8 o’clock. Get up and have breakfast.”

“Oh.” Xiao Han quickly got dressed, washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then he followed behind his master.

The four people headed to the dining room of the Dragon Song Club. The rectangular tables were neatly arranged with many players burying their heads to eat breakfast. They couldn’t help thinking about the student canteens.

The club had a special chef responsible for cooking for the team members. It was a buffet style and they didn’t need to pay. Any member of the Dragon Song Club could take a plate and pick any food.

Li Cangyu walked to the breakfast window and saw the vice-captain Li Xiang holding a plate. He took many things in portions of two. Not far away, the coach Qin Ye was sitting and waiting. Li Xiang was obviously taking a portion of food for him.

Li Xiang was very hospitable and walked over to say hello to Li Cangyu. “Cat God, you came!”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Good morning Vice-Captain Li.”

“Hey, I’m not used to you calling me that.” Li Xiang took the plates and walked forward, taking the initiative to introduce this place. “The dining place of the Dragon Song is excellent. The bread on that side is delicious. It was just made so Cat God can taste it.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu walked with him to take a piece of bread, fried eggs and milk. Then he praised, “There is a lot of variety!”

“Breakfast is served daily with bread, milk, soy milk, etc. There will be even more dishes for lunch and dinner.” Li Xiang continued, “If you aren’t used to eating at the canteen, you can go out on weekends to buy food. There is a shopping centre opposite here and there is a fine food area on the seventh floor. There are the grilled fish and pickled fish that you love.”

Li Xiang was like a guide NPC in the game for novices. He was too dedicated.

Li Cangyu’s eyes lit up at the mention of fish. “I will try the fine foods city another day!”

Then Bai Xuan and the others also arrived. Li Cangyu beckoned and let everyone find a table to sit down on.

Xie Shurong saw Li Xiang taking a plate to serve Qin Ye and laughed. Then he asked, “Vice-Captain Bai, what do you like to eat? I will go and help you get it.” He decided to curry favour with Vice-Captain Bai so that he might not have to wash the dishes later.

Bai Xuan looked at the plentiful breakfast dishes and said, “Take a bit of each one to see which is delicious.”

“Okay!” Xie Shurong quickly ran to grab the breakfast.

The young teenagers entered a team canteen for the first time and looked at the window displaying all types of delicious foods with bright eyes. In particular, Li Xiaojiang had seen ‘inclusive of room and board’ when signing the contract yesterday. He thought he would have to eat fast food or boxed lunches. He didn’t expect the club to have a special canteen.

Everyone was a newcomer and they didn’t dare mess around. Fortunately, Xiao Gu was familiar with this place and led everyone forward. “Go up and get the food. There is no need to pay for it so don’t hesitate.” He was like a little master.

The four young teenagers lined up for breakfast. Xiao Gu took the lead, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang were in the middle and the shy Li Xiaojiang hung his head at the end. This scene made Li Cangyu’s mood instantly improve.

He saw these four little guys and suddenly had the sense of being a ‘parent.’


Not long afterwards, Liu Chuan, Lan Weiran and Wu Zewen walked in together.

Lan Weiran had his hands in his pocket and inspected the canteen like a leader. Once he finished turning around, he touched his chin and commented, “This canteen is good. The Dragon Song Club is becoming better and better.”

Liu Chuan stated proudly, “Of course! Look at who the boss is!”

Lan Weiran picked up a plate and consciously looked for Li Cangyu. They sat at a table and Qin Ye followed him. Then Qin Ye took the initiative to talk with Bai Xuan. “Vice-Captain Bai, if you have stomach problems then it is better to have a cup of hot milk in the morning. I used to have stomach problems and milk with bread is easier for digestion.”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan nodded with a smile before yelling into the distance. “A’Shu, bring me back a glass of milk.”

Xie Shurong replied, “Okay!”

The four long tables connected together sat more than a dozen people. Li Cangyu couldn’t help thinking of the class committee sitting in a row in the dining hall.

Li Cangyu looked at Lan Weiran bending his head to drink milk and couldn’t help wondering, “Si Lan, where did you live last night? I didn’t see you come back here after dinner.”

Lan Weiran replied, “I’m staying in the opposite hotel. This time, I mainly came back to see the situation of the club and the new team. I will be returning to Shanghai tomorrow.”

Qin Ye asked, “You can’t stay for a few more days?”

Lan Weiran spoke around a mouthful of bread. “I have something else to do.”

Qin Ye made an expression like he understood. “Are you going to travel again?”

Lan Weiran nodded. “Yes.”

Liu Chuan sat opposite Li Cangyu and smiled. “Cat God, the new players can keep eating in the dining hall. It is convenient and clean. The canteen chef is a local and is good at Hunan cuisine. Are you used to eating Hunan food?”

Li Cangyu replied, “I don’t mind eating anything but Bai Xuan has stomach problems. Xiao Han is also from abroad and isn’t accustomed to spicy food.”

Liu Chuan said, “That isn’t a problem. I will tell the chef to do more light meals.”

At this time, the Gu Siming quartet came back with food. Gu Siming saw Liu Chuan sitting here and asked with surprise, “How did Boss come to the canteen?”

Boss Liu didn’t usually spend a lot of time in the team, let alone eat in the dining hall.

“I came to see how you are eating.” Liu Chuan’s gaze swept over Li Xiaojiang, who was sitting silently in the corner. He couldn’t help saying, “Xiao Li, you are too thin. You should eat more delicious food and build up fat within a year.”

Li Xiaojiang was flattered about being called out and stuttered, “I, I know. I will eat, eat more.”

Liu Chuan smiled and touched the head of the young boy.

Wu Zewen came over with a plate and sat next to Liu Chuan. He looked at Li Cangyu and said, “Cat God, I sorted out the information of the second division teams and the map library’s data in the past few days. I will give it to you in the afternoon.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “Thank you Captain Wu.”

Liu Chuan interjected. “You are welcome. My Zewen is an expert. He used to be a school tyrant and likes to organize information.”

Wu Zewen glanced at him. “You love to boast too much. Don’t keep exaggerating things about me, okay?”

Liu Chuan laughed. “I can’t help it. Who told you to be born so good?”

Wu Zewen, “…”

Qin Ye frowned. “I lost my appetite sitting next to Liu Chuan.

Lan Weiran also said, “It is too early in the morning for such a cheap mouth. Zewen, quickly put an egg in his mouth.”

“Yes.” Wu Zewen took the initiative to shove a peeled egg into Liu Chuan’s mouth. The hated Boss Liu had to eat the egg with an innocent face.

Li Cangyu looked at the scene and couldn’t help laughing.

Liu Chuan was often scorned by Qin Ye and Lan Weiran and they bickered from time to time. However, the friendship between these people hadn’t changed for many years.

He hated the intrigue between players so Li Cangyu hoped that the new team would be infected by the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the Dragon Song Club, with everyone being friends.


After breakfast, everyone headed to the training room together.

Li Cangyu walked with Wu Zewen and asked in a concerned manner, “The playoffs for Wulin have already started, right?”

Unlike Miracle which had one season a year, Wulin was divided into the spring and autumn seasons. March to July was the spring season while the autumn season was from September to December. December was when the most intense playoffs stage for autumn occurred.

Wu Zewen nodded. “Yes, the players are busy training these days.”

Liu Chuan added, “Cat God, I discussed it with Zewen last night. I think it is better to temporarily separate the training rooms of the two teams. It is more convenient for teammates to discuss problems without being afraid of influencing the other team. There is only one meeting room with a projector. The team who wants to use it will discuss it with the other side in advance so you don’t clash.”

With so many newcomers, Li Cangyu definitely needed separation. If the old and new teams were put together, it was easy to affect the other side. There was no need to worry about this if they were separated. Liu Chuan was obviously being thoughtful.

“This is better.” Li Cangyu asked, “Can I use the meeting room today?”

“No problem.” Wu Zewen said, “I have been meeting in the training room recently so you can have the meeting room.”

The group separated at the entrance of the training room. The players of Dragon Song started to nervously prepare for the playoffs while Li Cangyu took his team to the meeting room.

There was an oval table in the meeting room and a podium connected to the computer and projector. Li Cangyu turned on the computer and inserted a USB. He flipped through files while saying, “Find a place to sit. They will be your seats for the meetings after today.”

Everyone quickly found a place to sit down. Li Cangyu opened a PPT document and said, “Today, I will give you a basic course. Xiao Bai, A’Shu and Old Zhang don’t need to listen. The other four must listen carefully.”

Bai Xuan saw the serious man on the podium and couldn’t help smiling.

Cat God’s class finally started again.

When Li Cangyu led the team in Wulin, every time there was an important event, Li Cangyu would stand on the podium and carefully analyze the lineup and formulate tactics. After half a year, Cat God once again stood on the podium as a teacher although the students had completely changed.

Looking back, Bai Xuan saw that the four teenagers had their ears pricked to listen. Li Xiaojiang even took out a notebook to take notes.

Li Cangyu continued saying, “In today’s lesson, we are going to talk about the basic features of the Miracle classes. Several of you might be knowledgeable and proficient in the class you are playing, but you don’t know other classes very well. As a professional player, we must know the skills of all classes, including effects, timing of release and even the movements. You must keep all of this in mind when facing opponents on the field to know how to deal with them.”

He spoke as he opened a PPT. The title on the first page was: Miracle’s Full Class Details.

However, the author was written as: Wind Colour team, Ling Xuefeng.

Everyone was stunned when seeing this name. Captain Ling’s name actually appeared in the Canglan team’s meeting…

Bai Xuan coughed and said, “Did you directly take the data from Wind Colour?”

Li Cangyu smiled and said, “Time is short so I borrowed the PPT from Ling Xuefeng.

Bai Xuan, “…”

Captain Ling was really generous to lend this to him!

This type of basic data was also available on the official website but Captain Ling just made it more detailed. There were no secrets like tactics and lineups included. It was harmless to lend this to Cat God.

Li Cangyu pressed the laser pointer and changed it to the next page. This page listed all the classes and races of Miracle.

There were a total of 12 Miracle classes. There were the four melee classes: the paladin, berserker, swordsman and assassin. The black magician, white magician, bard and summoners were the four ranged classes. There were the two healing classes of the priest and sacrifice. Finally, there were the auxiliary psychic and the hunters who relied on traps to attack.

There were six races, mainly the beast species, terran, angels, demons, blood kin and elves.

Li Cangyu pointed the laser pointer at the race row and said, “We should all know the six races. The beast race has the highest defense, the terran are even overall, the elves have the fastest movement speed, the blood kin’s advantage lay in stealth and attack, the demons have strong magic and give negative statuses, while the angels also have strong magic but they have more control abilities.”

“Based on the classes chosen by the different races, the final stats must be different.”

“After many years of verification, there are 20 different types of builds that can be played. I will give you a detailed analysis of each one.”

“First of all, the paladin is the main defense for a melee class. The most popular builds are the beast paladin and terran paladin. The former has the strongest defense but their bodies are heavy and their actions will be slow. The latter’s defense is slightly weaker and their advantage is their flexibility when it comes to actions. The most commonly used skills of the paladin are Guardian’s Power and Protection Light…”

The man’s voice was like flowing water in the meeting room.

Li Cangyu’s speech was very clear and every word was loud.

He had a good voice and was tall and handsome. Once he stood on the podium to give a lecture, he had a calm and talkative style that made people look at him.

The four young teenagers looked up and listened carefully, adoration filling their faces.

The old players like Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong and Zhang Jueming had clearly mastered this knowledge but they still listened with relish to Cat God’s lecture.

Liu Chuan, the owner of the meeting room, saw the scene of Cat God giving a lecture to the kittens. He couldn’t help smiling happily. He really didn’t choose wrong when he chose to sign Cat God to the Miracle branch. This confident Cat God would surely take this brand new team step by step towards the throne that belongs to him!

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