GLS: Chapter 102

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Chapter 102 – Dragon Song’s Big Party

In order to celebrate the official formation of the Miracle team, Liu Chuan gathered all the members of the Wulin team and the new people in the club’s training camp. Everyone went to the restaurant near the club where a large private room with three tables was booked. It was a meal to welcome Cat God.

Liu Chuan had heard about Li Cangyu’s love of eating fish. He deliberately ordered the famous boiled fish and chopped pepper fish head from the restaurant. Li Cangyu looked at the menu and was really satisfied.

The food hadn’t arrived yet when Wu Zewen, captain of the Wulin team, and Li Xiang, the vice-captain, came over to the table to say hello.

Wu Zewen wore silver-rimmed glasses and his expression was very calm. He was the person who helped Liu Chuan at the beginning of the club’s creation. Once Liu Chuan retired to be the boss, he became captain. In a few years, Wu Zewen took the Dragon Song Club to repeated success. His ability to organize information and to analyze maps was extremely strong. He was a rare talented player.

Vice-Captain Li Xiang was enthusiastic and hearty. He was Liu Chuan’s apprentice in Wulin and used to be a stupid novice. He became one of the best players in the league under Liu Chuan’s personal training. Then he took over as vice-captain and matured a lot.

Wu Zewen wasn’t good with alcohol so he was responsible for pouring the wine. Li Xiang raised a glass to Li Cangyu and declared, “Cat God, I didn’t expect that you would one day join Dragon Song. I would like to represent the full Dragon Song team by raising a cup to you. First of all, welcome to the Dragon Song Club! If you encounter any problems in the future, tell us. We are family so don’t hesitate!”

He said it with great pride.

Li Cangyu smiled at him and touched their glasses together before drinking. “Please take care of me in the future.”

“Cat God is too polite!” Li Xiang followed up by going to Bai Xuan. “Milk God, long time no see. Come have a drink!”

Bai Xuan stood up with a smile. “I can’t drink. I have been taking Chinese medicine lately so I will just have tea.”

Li Xiang wondered, “Do you have stomach problems?”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan replied helplessly. “It is an old problem.”

Li Xiang immediately made a fuss. “You have to take care of that. Pay attention to your diet and sleep. I used to have stomach problems caused by irregular working hours and drinking iced drinks. Later, I took stomach medicine and now I’m completely fine.”

As he was speaking, the door was suddenly pushed open and a cold voice was heard. “Everyone is here? Sorry, I went to the airport to pick up Si Lan and there was a traffic jam.”

Li Xiang immediately turned around and greeted the person. “Yeye came!”

The group turned to look and saw two men come in one after the other.

The man that Li Xiang called ‘Yeye’ was very cold. He wore tight black pants and a slim jacket that showed off his slender figure. His short hair fell over his face and there seemed to be an innate pride on his face. Add the shiny shoes on his feet and the whole person gave off a delicate feeling.

The other man had a languid demeanor. His hands were in his pockets as he yawned while walking casually. He had slightly longer chestnut hair and had a strange temperament similar to an ‘artist.’

Once the two men arrived, all members of the Dragon Song Wulin team stood up very respectfully.

Xiao Han, Li Xiaojiang and the others didn’t know who these men were but they had to stand up with blank expressions.

“Yeye, Si Lan, you came?” Li Cangyu walked up to them with a smile and shook their hands.

“Liu Chuan told us to come back because something big happened. I guessed it was the formation of the Miracle branch.” Qin Ye looked over at Bai Xuan and the new faces on the table and asked, “Cat God, is this the team that you built?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes, today is the first day the full team is gathered.”

Qin Ye gave a rare smile as he said, “Your progress is quite fast. You found teammates in only half a year.”

Liu Chuan laughed as he walked over. “Our club has taken a new step and our power has grown. How can two old veterans not give face by not coming to the celebration. Right, Si Lan?”

The yawning man turned around and narrowed his eyes. “Yes, Boss Liu is right about everything.”

Liu Chuan smiled and turned to the new people on the Miracle side. “This is Qin Ye, he is the Dragon Song Club’s ace coach. This is Lan Weiran, abbreviated to Si Lan. He is the first vice-captain of the Dragon Song team.”

The newcomers were very surprised.

They didn’t expect that Liu Chuan would invite such veterans to welcome the new team.

Coach Qin Ye was famous in the e-sports circle. It was said that he was very strict with the players, especially newcomers. If they weren’t obedient, they would be scolded by him. When Xiao Gu saw Qin Ye, he tried to hide under the table. He had obviously been scolded by Qin Ye.

Lan Weiran was the vice-captain of the Dragon Song team and the legendary strategist. After retiring, he disappeared for many years. Even many newcomers in the Dragon Song Club had never seen him. Liu Chuan inviting him today showed that the reformation of the Canglan team was very important.

The scene became very lively once two great gods arrived.

Liu Chuan, Qin Ye and Si Lan took the initiative to sit at Li Cangyu’s table. Liu Chuan gave a brief explanation of the situation of the new team. Si Lan looked at these teenagers and his eyes narrowed. “The four youngsters are very good but Cat God will need to work hard. The newcomers need time to grow slowly.”

Li Cangyu agreed, “Fortunately, before the start of the first division, there is the second division that will be a transitional event. It will train them well.”

“That’s how our team was like in the past. At first, the new people were in a precarious state and they gradually matured.” Qin Ye’s eyes swept over the four team and he asked calmly, “You seem to be confident in your team this time?”

Li Cangyu nodded firmly. “Yes, I’m sure I will win the prize.”

Lan Weiran spoke emotionally, “In fact, we have the same experience. In the past, I never won any trophies and only joined the Dragon Song team to prove myself. I believe that your luck will be as good as mine and you will become the champion.”

Li Cangyu smiled. “I think so as well.”

Liu Chuan suddenly interjected, “Cat God could tie with me in that year. He is obviously very powerful and will take the championship.”

Qin Ye looked at him. “Are you praising Cat God or yourself?”

Liu Chuan laughed. “We are equally powerful! There is a magnetic field of empathy between masters. Cat God and I are masters standing at the top of the professional leagues and can happily cooperate, isn’t that right?”

Li Cangyu, “…”

Everyone, “…”

The boss started to boast and everyone immediately ducked their heads.

Zhuo Hang felt that he was too lacking compared to Boss Liu’s boasting power! He needed to continue learning.


The atmosphere of this meal was very joyful, especially Li Cangyu, Qin Ye and Si Lan. These players haven’t seen each other for a long time and couldn’t stop once they started chatting about the past.

Xiao Han and Xiao Li weren’t familiar with several seniors but thanks to Xiao Gu’s explanations, they learned about some past events. Liu Chuan, Qin Ye and Lan Weiran were the beginning of the Dragon Song Club’s establishment. The three pillars used to the heroes of the professional league. They were retired ow but they had the same style. The invincible appearance of them on the field could still be seen.

Everyone felt excited when they heard Cat God chatting with these gods, as if the championship trophy was waving to everyone.

After dinner ended, Wu Zewen took the initiative to pay for it with his team’s funds. Liu Chuan took Li Cangyu back to the team dormitory and arranged two quadruple rooms for them. The two apartments were on the same floor and facing each other, making later discussions convenient.

Once this was settled, Liu Chuan patted Li Cangyu’s shoulder and sighed. “The newcomers might be strong but you have to bring so many newcomers with you to the competition. It will be very hard on you as the captain…”

He had also been a team leader and knew how difficult it was to raise newcomers. Thus, he was very impressed with Li Cangyu’s decision to find so many newcomers.

Li Cangyu declared confidently, “It doesn’t matter. I believe they won’t let me down. These four talents aren’t bad. I will slowly train them.”

Liu Chuan smiled and said, “I am 100% reassured with you leading them. The four newcomers have just joined the team and might not be used to the daily life. You and Vice-Captain Bai should think about this.”

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes, I’ll talk to Xiao Bai.”


Liu Chuan left and Li Cangyu started arranging the accommodations.

He let Bai Xuan, Li Xiaojiang, Xie Shurong and Zhuo Hang live in one room while he lived with Uncle Zhang, Xiao Gu and Xiao Han.

The Dragon Song Club had excellent accommodations and there were many double apartments. However, Li Cangyu felt that the team was just established and everyone wasn’t familiar with each other. If the two roommates sharing the double room weren’t suitable to be roommates, it was easy to have problems. A quadruple room was also more convenient to communicate with each other.

Li Cangyu lived with Xiao Han in order to personally raise his apprentice. Uncle Zhu had been helping familiarize Xiao Gu with other classes and could guide Gu Siming.

Li Xiaojiang had an introverted personality and wasn’t good at talking so Bai Xuan’s gentle coaxing would help integrate him into the team more quickly. As for Zhuo Hang being paired with Xie Shurong, Li Cangyu thought that A’Shu was the best at playing fast. Zhuo Hang had a very high hand speed so he could learn to maximize his strengths from A’Shu.

It was a simple dormitory arrangement but Li Cangyu considered it so carefully. An old player was paired with a new player. The one on one tutoring would allow the youngsters to adapt to the team’s rhythm as quickly as possible.

Zhuo Hang naturally had no opinions on the arrangement of the dormitory. The unrestrained teenager soon became familiar with Xie Shurong and called Brother Tree very kind.

It was Li Xiaojiang who was uneasy about living with so many strangers.

He was silently unpacking when Bai Xuan suddenly knocked on the door of his bedroom. “Xiao Jiang, Cat God is decisive. He seems serious when it comes to business but he is actually very easy to get along with. Don’t feel any psychological pressure. If you aren’t used to eating the food or if you have any problems during training, you can secretly tell me.”

Li Xiaojiang was moved and nodded. “Yes, I know. Thank you Vice-Captain.”

Bai Xuan gently touched the teenager’s head. Among the four teenagers, he was most worried about Li Xiaojiang, who was thin and small. He stammered and clearly lacked confidence. It wasn’t easy to raise this child’s confidence but Bai Xuan believed that he could let Xiao Jiang gradually let down his guard.


Once all the team members settled in their dorms, Li Cangyu returned to his bedroom and stood by the window. He sent a text message to Ling Xuefeng: [The team is good. I have already arrived at the club and will officially start training tomorrow.]

Ling Xuefeng quickly replied: [Congratulations. It is a new beginning. You have to refuel.]

Li Cangyu saw Ling Xuefeng’s brief words of encouragement and was moved.

At the age of 17, he refused Ling Xuefeng’s invitation to serve as the vice-captain of Wind Colour and set up his own team. The first FTD team was established during a period of hot-blood and his teammates were all excited. Li Cangyu had been full of enthusiasm and expectations for the future. Unfortunately, he only met a basin of cold water for three years.

FTD disbanded and he led the team to transfer games. At that time, he wasn’t as simple and became more mature and stable. Once the Canglan team transferred to Wulin, they faced many accusations and doubts. Every time they lost a game, there would be a large number of netizens ridiculing them. However, he was able to withstand these criticisms because it was his own choice.

It was the path he chose so he should finish it.

Today, the new Canglan team was completely formed according to his own ideas. Half the members might be youngsters who had no experience with the professional league but they were talented. Li Cangyu had full confidence that he could go further with this team and realize the dream of standing on the stage.

He looked out the window at the bustling night scenery and couldn’t help smiling confidently.

As Ling Xuefeng said, it was a new beginning and he had to refuel.

So many years past and his third team was settled. The long-lost Miracle League, the old friends and old opponents, Old Cat Li Cangyu was finally coming home!

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