GLS: Chapter 101

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Chapter 101 – Team Formation

Li Cangyu said that he would test Zhuo Hang for one week but he already thought of this person as a teammate.

This week with Zhuo Hang in the arena was to learn more about this boy. Zhuo Hang liked to boast about himself from time to time but the fact that he could muster up the courage to recommend himself proved this boy was very confident.

On the field, confidence was better than inferiority.

The facts proved that Zhuo Hang truly was talented and he smoothly passed the test.

A week later, Li Cangyu summoned several teammates into the game and said happily in the voice room, “I’m here to share good news with everyone. Our new team members have finally all been found. If time permits, we will go to the Dragon Song Club on December 1st and officially start training!”

Gu Siming excitedly filled the team channel with flowers. “Great! I’ve been dreaming about this day!”

Xiao Han said, “The team formation is very fast.”

Zhuo Hang sent a row of kisses. “Cat God is awesome!”

Li Xiaojiang was excited but he didn’t know how to express it. He just quietly watched everyone.

Bai Xuan asked doubtfully, “Training is so soon? Didn’t you plan to return to China after the Spring Festival?”

“I didn’t expect the change in competition methods in the seventh season to be so big.” Li Cangyu explained. “The other day, Ling Xuefeng sent me the data from the league meeting. The next competition has changed a lot. We are a new team so we needed to train the members, but we also need to study the new competition method. Thus, the training time has to be pushed forward.”

Xie Shurong said, “I understand. I also read the new rules. It is a lot more complicated than the old rules. I have been officially released from the ICE Club and can return home at any time.

Zhang Jueming asked curiously, “What are the new competition rules?”

Li Cangyu said, “The changes are very big and I can’t say them clearly. Let’s wait until I go back and then we will study it carefully.”

Zhang Jueming was very simple. “Then I will wait in Changsha for your return!”

Xiao Han stated, “I can go to China at any time.”

Zhuo Hang added, “I’m flying over on December 1st!”

Li Xiaojiang whispered, “I, I…”

Zhang Jueming asked, “Does this mean we have four young people on the team?”

Bai Xuan smiled and said, “Yes, there are more young players, making the team more energetic. This is great.”

Li Xiaojiang’s voice was too small and was drowned out. “I, I…”

Li Cangyu heard the weak voice and couldn’t help smiling., “Xiaojiang, what do you want to say?”

Everyone calmed down as Li Xiaojiang stuttered with a red face. “I, I wanted to say that I can also, also gather in December.”

Everyone, “…”

Young man, it was too hard to hear you say something!


The eight people formed a new team.

On November 30th, Li Cangyu, Bai Xuan, Xie Shurong and Xiao Han departed from New York and boarded a flight home.

Liu Chuan knew that Cat God was coming back and gave face by personally picking him up at the airport. After picking up the four people at the airport, he wanted to hold a welcoming party but Li Cangyu stopped him. “Wait, there are two people arriving tomorrow.”

Liu Chuan patted Li Cangyu’s shoulder and cried out, “You worked hard. I didn’t think that you could actually form a team in less than half a year!”

Li Cangyu stated, “Perhaps I have better luck recently?”

Liu Chuan smiled and said, “I’ll go back and prepare the contracts. Then I will arrange the dorms. Do you think a double room, triple room or quadruple room will be more convenient?”

Li Cangyu thought about it before replying, “We are eight people so two rooms of four should be suitable.”

“No problem!” Liu Chuan readily agreed.

On the morning of December 1st, Li Xiaojiang and his cousin Li Hai took the high speed train from Wuhan to Changsha. At the same time Zhuo Hang checked in at Nanjing Airport.

In the afternoon, Li Hai arrived at the headquarters of the Dragon Song Club with his younger cousin Li Xiaojiang.

Li Hai saw the new office building, formal training room and meeting rooms of the Dragon Song Club and couldn’t help patting his younger cousin’s shoulder. His voice shook with excitement. “Xiaojiang, you should follow Cat God well. Then once you have good results, endorse Brother’s online store. The keyboards and computer business will be even more on fire!”

Li Xiaojiang nodded seriously. “Yes.”

The two of them went to the hall of the club and saw a tall man waiting for them. This man was very handsome while his eyebrows were sharp. He saw the two of them and took the initiative to come forward. Holding out a hand, he smiled and said, “Hello, I am Old Cat Li Cangyu.”

He was a great god but there was no arrogance at all. He laughed honestly and gave people a very reliable first impression.

Li Hai immediately shook his hand. “Hello Cat God! How are you doing?”

Li Xiaojiang also excitedly said, “Cat God, Cat God is well!”

Li Cangyu heard this familiar stuttering and couldn’t help looking at the boy. Li Xiaojiang was thin and small. He seemed nervous as his cheeks were red and his black eyes were especially bright.

Li Cangyu quite liked this slow guy and couldn’t help touching his head gently. He asked, “Are you Xiaojiang?”

Li Xiaojiang immediately nodded. “Yes.”

Then a sunny voice was heard from next to him. “I am looking for Cat God. Is Cat God here?”

Li Cangyu saw this teenager’s bright smile and tentatively asked, “Are you Zhuo Hang?”

The teenager immediately came over and took the initiative to hug Li Cangyu. “Are you Cat God? The actual Cat God! Hahaha. I am Zhuo Hang, that great elf hunter.”

“…” Li Cangyu reluctantly pushed him away by 10 centimeters. Bai Xuan wasn’t wrong when he said that this child was unrestrained. He hugged Li Cangyu when they met, like he wasn’t afraid to die at all. Li Cangyu almost fell over.

After stabilizing his feet, Li Cangyu patted him on the shoulder and said, “Good elf hunter, are you here alone? Your parents didn’t bring you here?”

Zhuo Hang immediately replied, “I have grown up and I’m an adult. I don’t need to be brought here by my parents!”

Li Xiaojiang who was brought here by his brother. “…”

Zhuo Hang turned his head and saw the little guy standing next to him. He couldn’t help asking, “Who are you?”

Li Xiaojiang stuttered out, “I, I am Li, Li Xiaojiang.”

Zhuo Hang exclaimed, “Ah, the black magician?”

Li Xiaojiang nodded. “Yes.”

Zhuo Hang looked at him curiously. Li Xiaojiang wasn’t good at communicating with people. His face turned red and he was embarrassed to speak.

Li Cangyu looked at the two of them and said, “The two of you have reported to me first.”


He headed to the meeting room with Li Xiaojiang and Zhuo Hang. Xiao Han, Xie Shurong and the other people were already chatting. Liu Chuan was also present. Li Cangyu walked up to Liu Chuan with the two teenagers and introduced them. “This is the boss of the Dragon Song Club.”

“Hello Boss!”

“Hello, Hello Boss.”

Liu Chuan looked carefully at the two teenagers in front of him. One was very small and stuttered. He was obviously very afraid. The other was tall and looked handsome despite his age. His personality was sunny and his actions generous. He was obviously a very bright person.

Combined with the small madman Gu Siming and the mixed-race Xiao Han, the four youngsters of this new team had different personalities. It wasn’t easy for Li Cangyu to collect so many youngsters!

Liu Chuan smiled and shook hands with both of them. “Welcome to the Dragon Song Club.”

After saying that, he turned back to Li Cangyu.”You found many youngsters this time?”

“I assembled a mahjong table.” Li Cangyu looked at the four little boys in front of him and couldn’t help smiling. “The four of them are 17 or 18 years old. They are in the best state so they can lead the team even after I retire.”

“It’s true. Young players do have greater development potential.” Liu Chuan paused and said, “Let me first show the contract to everyone. If there are no problems then we will sign them today.”

He dialed a number inside the building. Soon afterwards, a middle-aged man came over with a pile of contracts in his hand.

Liu Chuan introduced him. “This is Mr. Qi, the legal adviser of the Dragon Song Club. The previous contracts were handled by my Zewen but Zewen is busy leading the team. Thus, I specifically invited a lawyer.”

Little boys, “…”

This club actually had a special lawyer!

Mr. Qi gave the contracts to everyone and said, “Take a look at the contract first. If you have any questions, you can always ask me.”

The new players sat down and seriously examined their contract.

After a while, Zhuo Hang looked up and asked, “Do new people have to sign for three years?”

“Yes.” Lawyer Qi explained, “It isn’t easy for a team to train a player. If the contract is only for one or two years, many people will jump to another team after becoming gods. Then the efforts of the previous team would be wasted. Three years is enough for a contestant to mature. Then if they want to renew their contract, they can also get a pay raise.”

Zhuo Hang nodded. “I understand.”

Zhuo Hang carefully examined the contract before decisively signing his name.

Li Xiaojiang and Xiao Han didn’t really understand the contract issues. They saw Zhuo Hang sign and followed him by signing.

Uncle Zhang’s contract had been signed last time and Xiao Gu was a member of the training camp, meaning he didn’t need to re-sign. The other three teenagers were treated as newcomers but the Dragon Song Club was very good to the players. The conditions for them were excellent compared to other teams.

Xie Shurong and Bai Xuan’s contracts were naturally different from the teenagers. A’Shu was one of the Three Musketeers and famous while Vice-Captain Bai Xuan was Li Cangyu’s old partner. The two people were qualified so their conditions were naturally much higher. Liu Chuan gave them the contract for star players.

Everyone happily signed their contracts and Lawyer Qi gave them their own copies. Then Li Cangyu’s new team was officially formed.

Liu Chuan turned back and asked, “Cat God, is the name of the team still Canglan like we discussed at our first meeting?”

The first time Liu Chuan had run to Hangzhou to confirm the cooperative relationship with Li Cangyu he mentioned the name of the team. Li Cangyu couldn’t think of anything good and decided to use Canglan.

The cold and vastness of the swelling water, this was the name that Bai Xuan thought of when they transferred to Wulin and it was quite artistic.

Unfortunately, Li Cangyu’s team didn’t win any trophies after transferring to Wulin. This had always been Li Cangyu’s biggest regret.

Now that he had a brand new team in Miracle, he wanted to achieve the dream that hadn’t been realized for many years.

If one day, the Canglan team could really stand on stage at the awards ceremony, wouldn’t the old friends that struggled with him for so many years also feel relieved?

Li Canglan thought of this and a hint of determination filled his eyes. He smiled and said, “The name of the new team is Canglan.”

New players using the old team name, just like an old bottle is filled with new wine.

The team was changed and filled with vigorous and strong teammates. The things that remained unchanged were the persistent dream and the firm heart.

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Kaguya Magami
Kaguya Magami
5 years ago

“The team was changed and filled with vigorous and strong teammates. The things that remained unchanged were the persistent dream and the firm heart.”
This is good, but some people will undoubtly (?) mock him. Sigh, don’t give up, changlan!
Thank you for the chapter!

Ethereal Rainbow Canvas

Thanks for the chapter! Would the old teammates be happy or bitter? Especially since half the team are rookies…

5 years ago

Not Food Squad? *disappointed*

1 year ago

Should have named it the Kitty Club.