GLS: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Blossoming Tree

Along with Bai Xuan and Gu Siming, the trio cleared the Night of Yisu City dozens of times and finally rose to level 20. It was also one in the morning domestically.

Li Cangyu asked, “Xiao Gu, shouldn’t you sleep?”

Gu Siming smiled reluctantly. “I will go change my class first before sleeping.”

Li Cangyu said seriously, “Don’t find excuses to avoid it. Once you change your class, go to sleep immediately. Do you hear me?”

Gu Siming had no choice but to nod. “Yes, I heard you!”

This little boy was so obedient. Li Cangyu smiled with satisfaction and returned to the building in the centre of Yisu City with Bai Xuan and Gu Siming.

Due to the speed at which they cleared the instance, the current level of the three players had already reached the forefront of this district. The skills instructor responsible for changing classes was on the second floor where there weren’t many players. Li Cangyu went to the skills instructor and pressed the dialogue button.

“Hello, the summoner relies on the master and pet fighting together. You can use different pets to achieve different attack effects. The difficulty is seven stars. Are you sure you want to become a summoner? You won’t be able to change it later!”

Li Cangyu didn’t hesitate to press the confirmation button.

“Congratulations on becoming a summoner! This is the external outfit that the Summoners Association has given you. Please check it.”

A soft green light appeared around his body and the summoner icon appeared next to the ‘Love to Eat Braised Fish’ name above his head. As soon as his mouse moved over this icon, his personal information would be displayed next to it.

ID: Love to Eat Braised Fish

Race: Elf

Class: Summoner

Level: 20

His elf summoner was finally back!

Li Cangyu continued to talk to the skills instructor and learnt the third skill.

Summon Thunder Spirit.

The thunder spirit was the third pet for an elf summoner and was strongest in group attacks.

The ice control of the water spirit, the fast and powerful single target attack of the fire spirit and the group attack of the thunder spirits, the elf summoner was basically formed by possessing these three pets. Of course, these three pets could only cope with the simplest battles. Later. there would be more powerful pets which involved relatively high-end operations such as status release and displacement control.

Li Cangyu happily summoned his water, fire and thunder pet. He surrounded himself with his three cute pets and went to find his teammates.

Bai Xuan and Xiao Gu had also successfully changed classes. The team list showed a clear class marker next to the three names.

Bai Xuan had changed to a priest. The slender man wore white priest’s robes and there was the white wings that the angel race was born with. He looked as holy as an angel but the ID of Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork above his head completely destroyed the beauty of the angel priest.

As for Xiao Gu, the beast race were tall and strong, making him look quite mighty when he put on a knight’s armour. But when Li Cangyu thought of the cute 17 year old boy on the computer, he really felt that his senses were violated.

Xiao Gu successfully changed classes and jumped two times in front of both of them. He said excitedly, “Captain, I can play a knight again!”

Li Cangyu bluntly struck him, “Go to sleep.”

“…Oh.” Xiao Gu reluctantly turned off the computer to go to sleep.

After he left, Li Cangyu took out the summoner’s clothing from the parcel and put it on.

This type of external clothes didn’t add any attributes, it only changed the appearance of the game character. Wearing it could be considered a symbol of the class.

The clothing designers of Miracle were very attention. An elf summoner was biased towards agility and the clothing was relatively light. It had the silver-white colour of the Moonlight Forest and was designed simply and concisely, making it convenient for the elves to move quickly.

Bai Xuan looked at the elf summoner wearing the class outfit in front of him and felt a bit bitter. Previously, Li Cangyu’s elf summoner swept through Miracle and many players who met him in the dueling arena got a headache. Such a strong person refused the invitation of countless giant clubs in the name of so-called brotherhood loyalty and collectively transferred with his teammates to Wulin.

It wasn’t easy to make such a decisive decision.

At that time, he gave up his elf summoner for a few good friends. Now he could finally return to Miracle and operate his favourite elf summoner again. It might be a few years late but Bai Xuan believed that Li Cangyu would surely be able to shine in the Professional League.

Unfortunately, he might not be able to accompany him, Bai Xuan thought regretfully.

Li Cangyu turned around and found that Bai Xuan’s face wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t ask asking, “What’s wrong.  Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

“No.” Bai Xuan said softly. “I just saw you wearing the summoner’s clothing and felt some emotions.”

The first time Bai Xuan saw him wear this outfit, he was 17 years old. In the blink of an eye, so many years passed…

Li Cangyu understood the other person’s meaning and smiled cheerfully. He patted Bai Xuan’s shoulder and comforted him. “It’s okay. I have met many friends in Wulin and have also gained a lot of knowledge. That time wasn’t wasted and it isn’t too late to return again.”

Bai Xuan laughed. “It other words, it is too late to go back now.”

“By the way, while you were having the gastroscope, I asked my dad some private questions. He suggested that we should try Chinese medicine. When it comes to regulating the stomach, Chinese medicine is better than Western medicine. Once we return to China, I will accompany you to see Chinese medical practitioners. My father introduced me to some Chinese medicine doctors who should be reliable.” Li Cangyu paused and earnestly looked at Bai Xuan. “If you can recuperate your body to a healthy state, are you willing to come back with me next year?”

“…” Bai Xuan didn’t answer, his expression somewhat complicated.

Then Li Cangyu said, “You always feel sorry for me but isn’t it the same for you? At your level, you are definitely a first-class healer in Miracle. You followed me for so many years without winning a prize. I feel very sorry. In any case, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the past few years. It is better to join hands to fight in Miracle one last time. This time, we might be able to get the championship.”

Bai Xuan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. “Get the championship? You can say it so easily.”

Li Cangyu explained seriously. “I’m not being a big talker. The Dragon Song Club can provide us with the best platform and resources. In terms of teammates, we already have Xiao Gu. This little guy is definitely a talented player. He acted many times without me commanding him and certainly won’t be bad with training. We just need to find a few high level teammates and the championship isn’t hopeless.”

“…” Bai Xuan was somewhat tempted by the words.

Let’s put aside friendship and the polite words. Who didn’t want to win in a game? Who didn’t want to win the championship? Not receiving a trophy for so many years, who could accept this?

Li Cangyu didn’t have any restrictions after the disbanding of Canglan. It was entirely possible to reorganize a team based on his tactical ideas. With the full support of Boss Liu Chuan, it wasn’t impossible for him to attack Miracle and seize the trophy.

“How about it? Are you thinking about it?” Li Cangyu continued to persuade Bai Xuan.

Bai Xuan was very soft-hearted and was too embarrassed to refuse his old partner. He could only smile and say, “I…will consider it.”

He said this but Li Cangyu knew he was definitely a sure thing!

Initially, Li Cangyu didn’t dare leave Bai Xuan because he was afraid Bai Xuan’s illness was serious. Once he consulted his father and found out that Bai Xuan could recuperate in half a year, Li Cangyu didn’t want to let him go. He would pay more attention to the team’s affairs and make sure that Bai Xuan rested and cared for his diet and sleep. As long as Bai Xuan’s spirit was good, there would be no problem with him playing the game.

“Do you want to continue to level up?” Bai Xuan changed the topic. “Should we change instances? Or should we do the main tasks.”

“Let’s do the bounty mission.” Li Cangyu said.

A bounty mission was the best way to make money in the early stages of Miracle. It opened once a player changed classes at level 20 and ended at level 25. This mission gave both money and experience.

In general, bounty missions were about escorting NPCS to the designated located. Once the mission was successful, the players would receive experience and bonuses, leading to a good harvest of money and experience. However, a bounty mission could be intercepted. Not only would the system set a group of mobs to intercept the NPCs and interfere with the players, other players passing by could also intercept it. If the escort NPC was intercepted and killed, there would be no rewards and they would lose experience and money.

—In order to achieve high returns, you must take bigger risks.

The risk of bounty missions was high before failure would reverse the experience and money situation. An average player was afraid of being robbed and generally wouldn’t do it. It was mainly the elites of the guilds.

Bai Xuan asked, “Should we gather a few more people for the bounty mission?”

“No.” Li Couple said, “Aren’t we more than enough to deal with a few robbers?”

“I’m afraid that players will intercept us.” Bai Xuan often did bounty missions so he knew that players who successfully killed the NPC would get experience and gold coins immediately. Therefore, the game had many special teams to intercept bounty missions. Bai Xuan couldn’t help feeling worried. “We only have two people. What if the elites from the big guilds intercept us?”

Li Cangyu’s expression didn’t change. “What are you afraid of? I will clean them up.”

Bai Xuan, “…”

That’s right!

Based on the level of Cat God, how could he be afraid of players in an online game robbing him? Forget the elites of the big guilds. If he was singled out by three professional players in the Professional League, he would be able to calmly hold on for several seconds.

They played the online game together and Bai Xuan forgot that Li Cangyu was a professional god level player.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help laughing. “Then let’s go do the bounty mission with the two of us.”

They just arrived at the NPC who issued the bounty mission and received the task when a message suddenly popped up on Li Cangyu’s screen.

[Player ‘Blossoming Tree’, level 20, terran race, swordsman class, has requested to team up with you.]

Blossoming Tree also typed in a nearby channel: [A bounty mission? Let’s team up.”

Bai Xuan said, “Accept him and get one more helper. In case of a robber, you can make him a cannon fodder.”

“It makes sense.” Li Cangyu accepted this person into the team.

[Hey, an elf summoner! What a rare sight!] Blossoming Tree entered the team and typed: [A full agility?]

This guy wasn’t a rookie if he knew the full agility gameplay of the elf summoner.

Li Cangyu typed: [Yes.]

[Blossoming Tree has challenged you. Do you want to accept?]

Li Cangyu was surprised. [Why?]

Blossoming Tree sent a smiling expression. [Learn and compare notes.]

Since he actively requested a PK, Li Cangyu naturally wouldn’t be polite. Immediately after accepting the application, he summoned his water spirit and shot a Water Ball at him.

Bai Xuan thought that this person would definitely be knocked down by Cat God in two strikes. Unexpectedly, the other person actually rolled in an agile manner to escape from Li Cangyu’s control. He quickly rushed towards the summoner and the sword in his hands rose, locking straight onto the target and stabbing the chest.

This method was clean and clever!

Li Cangyu was somewhat surprised but his fingers were extremely stable. He quickly pressed his index finger and middle finger of his left hand. The elf summoner used Flying Feather Steps to swiftly escape the attack while calling a fire spirit to the same location. Fireball was used to knock out 20% of the swordsman’s blood at once.

Attacking with ease while evading, this was a first-class awareness!

The terran swordsman realized that he had encountered and master and slightly narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t in a hurry. After the first move where he received damage from the fire spirit, he quickly jumped away and accelerated his assault. He closed in on Li Cangyu from behind and used the swordsman’s currently most serious attack: Breaking Bone Sword.

A summoner’s defense was very weak. If this hit, there would be a lot of blood loss. Li Cangyu immediately decided to recall his fire spirit to his side and forcibly used his pet to block the damage.

The fire elf was killed and Blossoming Tree sent a row of thumbs up. [Great!]

Li Cangyu smiled. [You are also very good.]

Blossoming Tree put away the sword in his hand and didn’t keep fighting. He said: [Let’s do the bounty mission.]

Li Cangyu and Bai Xuan looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

“What’s the origin of this person?” Bai Xuan asked directly.

“I’m not very clear. But I am certain that he held back when fighting me.’ Li Cangyu had a top level awareness and quickly made a judgment about the other person. “This swordsman is quick at close range and his technique when dodging and moving behind are absolutely perfect. This person is absolutely a first-class master in online games. Since he is still holding back, I think he isn’t just a master of online games.”

Bai Xuan looked at the other person with surprise. “Is he a professional player?”

Li Cangyu spoke thoughtfully, “The Miracle Professional League is currently in the midst of its regular season. How can a professional player be idle enough to appear in the online game?”

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Ghost reader
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Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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I really like the way the author wrote that section of nostalgia, just the grip of Bai Xuan looking on the avatar of the elf summoner and getting emotional. Because it has been a long time and it’s really bittersweet to see. It is hard to entangle again, and I was cheering so hard for the recovery to happen since it would be so perfect for them to join hands and win this once and for all!!

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Haruki Natsuyu
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