GHG: Chapter 99 Part 2

Bai Liu taught little Bai Liu (6) how to use the game manager and his personal skill. The child was a bit confused at first but soon got to know it. He accepted the fact that his reality was a multiplayer game very quickly. There was no need for Bai Liu to explain it. The child soon started to move freely through the system store on his own.

Before Bai Liu left, little Bai Liu (6) asked him, “You told me about the details of those two games previously so I could quickly adapt to this so-called game manager?”

“It isn’t game sharing between friends at all.” There was no emotion on little Bai Liu (6)’s face. “You liar. Every word you say to me and everything you do has a purpose. This makes me even more confused about why you will give up taking my blood and die for me.”

“This isn’t something you can do at all. Of course, I definitely won’t do something so stupid.”

“Talk.” Little Bai Liu (6) held the coin on his chest tightly as he stared straight at Bai Liu. “What else do you need me to do for you? The money you gave me is enough for me to do many things.”

“I just want you to live.” Bai Liu looked at little Bai Liu (6) with a smile. “There is really nothing else.”

He walked out from behind the church and happened to see Liu Huai talking to Liu Jiayi about something.

Liu Huai wanted to give everything directly to Liu Jiayi like Bai Liu but Liu Jiayi couldn’t see. It wasn’t very good for her to hold so many things. Liu Huai might not trust Bai Liu but he trusted Bai Liu’s trading nature. In desperation, he could only say to Bai Liu, “If I die, I will give you everything before I die. You pass it on to my sister.”

He gave Bai Liu 400 points as payment in advance.

Bai Liu agreed.

The chorus performance soon ended and it was time to take the group photo. Bai Liu (6), who finally finished his makeup removal, was caught by a teacher and had a big dot drawn in the middle of his forehead with lipstick. He stood in the back row a bit lifelessly, his hair still not fully dried as he looked at the investors in front of him.

Bai Liu and a few investors stood in front.

The dean aimed the camera at them. “A group photo of the 200X performance at the Love Welfare Institute.”

There was a click and Bai Liu (6)’s inattentive gaze remained in the colorful photo. Bai Liu had always been curious about how Bai Liu (6) found him from among the group of investors. If he had asked, little Bai Liu (6) would probably point to this photo and tell him: You are the only one who doesn’t look at us with deprivation and greed. You look at us calmly, as if you are looking at yourself.

“The chorus performance is over. Children, please give the investors a gift for investing in you.” The dean raised her hand and gestured. “This is the task I gave you yesterday. Have you done it?”

The children gave sparse responses. “We’ve done it, Dean.”

The children started to line up to give homemade gifts to the investors.

Little Bai Liu (6) was standing in line and walked out. He passed Bai Liu in silence and didn’t give anything. Since his investor was dead, he didn’t need to give anything.

However, Bai Liu had asked for the prepared gift at the back of the church. Bai Liu (6) wasn’t very happy to give it to him but Bai Liu insisted and said he would give money. Finally, Bai Liu (6) succumbed to the charm of money and handed over the prepared gift.

The gift was two paintings drawn by himself. One was a small fish placed in a glass jar and the other was a broken mirror that burned on an exploding train. It happened to be the two scenes in the game that Bai Liu and Bai Liu (6) had talked about last night. The signature below was ‘w.’

Bai Liu looked down at the two paintings and understood where the paintings in the real world had come from and the sense of violation from them.

Bai Liu stared at little Bai Liu (6) standing in front of him. Since little Bai Liu (6) hadn’t really experienced the games, he only relied on what he knew to imagine and portray the scenes Bai Liu had told him.

This small welfare home was currently the only world that little Bai Liu (6) could see.

Thus, he used the things in the welfare home to depict the grand scenes Bai Liu mentioned. This made Bai Liu feel a bit weird when he first saw the paintings because the images were too ‘narrow’ and ‘angry’. They weren’t his usual style.

This weirdness came from the cognitive difference between him and little Bai Liu (6).

Bai Liu’s eyes fell on the uncleared lipstick at the end of little Bai Liu (6)’s eyes. Little Bai Liu (6) quickly looked away. He didn’t like being looked at directly.

‘Oh, yes.’ Bai Liu remembered that he disliked being looked at directly at this age. Bai Liu had a habit of looking directly at others in everything he did. It was a habit he developed at work.

Little Bai Liu (6) was too different from him. He was no longer trapped in this narrow welfare home or someone who only liked sharp, highly saturated colors. Still, he was indeed such a child once.


At 7:30 p.m., the program ended.

The dean sent all the investors back to the hospital. Miao Gaojiang said goodbye meaningfully and Bai Liu replied casually. Then he returned to Mu Ke’s room.

Mu Ke’s room was empty.

This guy was still in the archives room below. Bai Liu glanced at the time.

He had planned for Mu Ke to stay there from 12 noon to 9:15 p.m., a total of 9 hours and 15 minutes. According to Mu Ke’s fastest memory speed, he could remember 300 to 500 medical records before the nurses changed shifts. These were the records of the children in the welfare home that Bai Liu visited in the real world and the estimated number of medical records of the investors.

There was still almost an hour and a half.

At this point, Mu Ke should use the keyboard to contact him. However—Bai Liu touched his bare neck. He had already given the game manager to little Bai Liu (6) and couldn’t get in touch with Mu Ke. He couldn’t understand Mu Ke’s current situation or tell Mu Ke any information that could help him.

The medical records room.

Mu Ke covered his mouth as he rummaged through the pile of dusty files. He didn’t know how long he had stayed in this dark place. It wasn’t like the wards that had clocks. Mu Ke could only occasionally look at the nurses patrolling outside to determine what time it was.

Mu Ke saw a nurse walk in the direction of the cafeteria and was a bit nervous. It was dinner time.

By this point, Miao Feichi and the others should’ve come back. Mu Ke quickly opened his system backpack. He just wanted to fiddle with the keyboard to inquire about Bai Liu when he saw the keyboard move.

[Enter.] This meant entry and it should mean he had come back.

Mu Ke removed the [backspace] and [?] keycaps. This was the back button and a question mark. He meant ‘should I come back now?’ Then he put the keycaps back on.

Bai Liu’s reply was quick: [end], [?]

Mu Ke helplessly replied: [N], [O]

The number of medical records here was more than he thought. Mu Ke looked at the names briefly and it was hard for him to remember so many irregular names, let alone the child corresponding to each name, the time point when they became seriously ill and the specific information.

At this time, Mu Ke had to be glad about Bai Liu’s foresight. After sleeping for a while, he could remember this type of cumbersome and detailed information more efficiently and clearly. Still, he couldn’t finish it in one afternoon. It was because there were too many medical records here!

Every patient here also recorded their previous detailed diagnosis at other hospitals. The medical history of each patient was too complex because they had been treated by many doctors and declared to have no cure. One medical record was equivalent to a small book.

Bai Liu’s message came again: [9], [1], [5]

Mu Ke understood. This was to let him leave at 9:15 when the nurses changed shifts.

There was just one serious problem. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang had returned and Mu Ke might encounter them on the way.

Mu Ke: [v], [p], [?]

Mu Ke wanted to say PVP but there was only one [p] on the keyboard. He used the second half but this was a game. He felt that Bai Liu should be able to understand it.

PVP was the abbreviation of player VS player in a game. It meant a game where players fought against players. Mu Ke was asking if he needed to fight if he met Miao Feichi along the way.

This time, the opposite side was silent for a long time. He seemed to be understanding the meaning of this. Mu Ke was a bit confused as he waited for a reply.

Bai Liu: [L], [F], [G]

Mu Ke couldn’t help sucking in a breath when he saw these three letters. He couldn’t understand it.

After a while, Mu Ke figured out the meaning of it from his own memory. LFG was the abbreviation for the term ‘looking for group.’ In multiplayer online games, it meant seeking players to form a team. It was just that this term was rarely used. It was an abbreviated game term only used in large-scale online games many years ago. Now it was more about using a voice invitation to form a team or directly sending a team invitation.

It was thanks to Mu Ke’s good memory and him studying gaming aspects that he could barely recall the meaning of this abbreviation. He pondered on it. Bai Liu meant that he shouldn’t panic and act hostile if he met Miao Feichi. He should calmly ask to form a team.

The translation was to make Mu Ke pretend he was Mu Ke. It sounded strange but it probably meant that.

However, last night Bai Liu had mentioned that Miao Gaojiang was likely to doubt their identity today. This identity absolutely wasn’t safe but in order to attack, the Miao Feichi duo would wait until after 9:15 for Miao Feichi’s strength and skills to recover.

In the absence of the main attacker, Miao Gaojiang wouldn’t attack them for the time being.

Last night, they used up Miao Feichi’s big move when they broke into the ICU at 9:15. As a result, Miao Feichi’s physical strength couldn’t be restored with recovery agents. He was in a state of automatic recovery and forced onto the bench.

Meanwhile, Mu Ke sneaked into the archives room and would come out around 9:15 when the nurses changed their shift. If he encountered Miao Feichi in the last few minutes of the cooldown state before 9:15, Mu Ke was safe.

Everything linked together and it wasn’t bad.

Mu Ke let out a long breath. Everything was just right under Bai Liu’s arrangement. He just couldn’t figure out when Bai Liu had started making his plan. Now Mu Ke even felt that Miao Feichi’s rampage last night and the consumption of his S-grade skill was all part of Bai Liu’s plan.

—Although they almost died last night due to Miao Feichi going wild.

Nevertheless, Miao Feichi’s rampage last night meant he couldn’t use his personal skill today. No matter whether it was the children’s side or his side, a short-term peace was maintained.

This protected the safety of the children and Mu Ke.

Mu Ke felt like while he was completely unaware of it, every point had been calculated by Bai Liu and maximized to their best interests.

To tell the truth, when he was told this plan by Bai Liu, he didn’t feel it was a plan because it was too risky!

It was like a desperate gambler making one last gamble with all his chips. Last night, if Miao Feichi had successfully run wild then Mu Ke and Bai Liu would instantly be gg. This was an S-grade attack skill! It could clear his and Bai Liu’s 50% health in one go!

However, Bai Liu won the bet and today they had peace.

At 9:10, the keyboard moved. Mu Ke opened it and saw [G] and [O].

It was time for him to go. Mu Ke took a deep breath. He scanned the entire archives room and closed his eyes to recall what he had noted down. Then he peeked out the crack in the door. The lights in the nurse’s duty room were bright but no one was in the corridor. It was dark and empty as the patients were shut back in their rooms by the nurses. He slowly breathed out, opened the door and walked out carefully.

In the dark corridor and with the non-stop humidifiers, shrouded by a dense fog, there was a weird feeling of dampness and stickiness. The only bright light at night was the dark yellow light from the half closed door of the nurse’s duty room.

In such a quiet place, Mu Ke could only hear the sound of his slender feet stepping on the ground and the slight unknown sounds coming from the wards on both sides.

It was a very small sound, like the sound that plants made when they grew rapidly at 32 times the normal speed.

There were also a few wards with red fluorescent lights flashing through the cracks in the doors. This was what Mu Ke saw from the blood ganoderma lucidum. These strange mushrooms emitted fluorescence as they grew. A thick bloody smell also entered the tip of his nose.

Mu Ke quickened his pace. He didn’t take the emergency staircase because there were many deformed children there last night. It was safer to take the elevator at a time when the nurses hadn’t come out.

Mu Ke entered the elevator and pressed ‘7.’ The elevator doors slowly closed in front of him while the red fluorescence flashing under the ward doors became brighter. Mu Ke heard the sound of mushrooms exploding and releasing spores.

At the end of the corridor, a ward door slowly opened. It was the ICU ward where Mu Ke had been last night. A figure walked out, or rather, crawled out of it. Crawling wasn’t really accurate. This figure was too long. It bowed its head as it pushed open the door and came out. It raised its head as if smelling the blood that appeared in the air.

[System warning: Player Mu Ke with only 6 points of health, two monsters have found you. Please leave the scene quickly!]

Mu Ke’s breathing was a bit short. Two? There was only one patient. Where was the other one?!

Mu Ke didn’t find anything in the entire corridor except for the patient who came out. Even so, the patient was already approaching him.

From the far away corridor, every time Mu Ke blinked, he could see the patient with long limbs like a spider. It stepped on the red lights reflected from the cracks of the ward doors, moving its slender limbs step by step, staring at him with a cocked head.

However, the elevator doors where Mu Ke was located were stuck and wouldn’t close. Mu Ke was sweating.

Obviously, the group of nurses had used it very well. The decorations of this hospital were so luxurious. They wouldn’t use a broken elevator where the doors couldn’t close!

Wait… the quality of this elevator was good and it couldn’t be closed by pressing the button inside. There was only one possibility. Someone outside was pressing the door open button.

Mu Ke stiffly poked his head out to look. Beside the elevator was a child with syringes all over his body. His feet were twisted together and it seemed like a physical deformity. He was kneeling on the ground, head tilted back as he kept pressing the elevator button. Since he was blocked and small, Mu Ke hadn’t been able to see him.

One side of the finger that the monster child kept using to press the elevator button was broken. It was like a neat section that had been cut off by someone. After seeing Mu Ke’s scared and hollow gaze, the child showed a weirdly innocent smile and giggled.

“Don’t go up, go down. You have to go down. Someone up there is waiting to catch you!”

Mu Ke was so frightened that his legs became weak, but the patient was rushing over. Mu Ke quickly pushed the child away, retracted into the elevator and pressed the door close button frantically. At the last moment before the patient climbed into the elevator with all four limbs, the elevator doors closed.

After a pause, it finally rose. Mu Ke collapsed on the ground of the elevator and glanced at the time in the elevator. It was 9:14.

In one minute, Miao Feichi’s physical strength would be fine. Still, it would be fine if he didn’t meet Miao Feichi within this one minute. The elevator suddenly stopped on the 5th floor. The doors slowly opened and Mu Ke stiffly looked up at the person outside the door.

Miao Feichi crouched down and waved his finger at Mu Ke sitting on the ground. “Good evening, Mu Ke. Where did you come back from so late? Did you go to see Bai Liu?”

The clock in the elevator jumped: [9:15:00]

Miao Feichi seemed to notice Mu Ke’s gaze on the clock and his smile became eviler. “Oh, my physical strength seems to be restored now.”

Then he took out his double knives and placed them under Mu Ke’s chin, forcing Mu Ke’s head up. Miao Feichi bent close to Mu Ke, who was gulping from fear and spoke in a light tone, “Didn’t you say that this is a pig f*king knife? I haven’t f*ked an animal as dirty as a pig with these knives but if you don’t tell us the honest truth—”

“I’ll use these knives to f*k you through your rect*m.” Miao Feichi smiled as he moved his double knives, tapping them against the sides of Mu Ke’s body.

Mu Ke shook when he saw the reflection on the knives. He wanted to back into the elevator but he didn’t know when Miao Gaojiang had got behind him, staring at him expressionlessly. He had no way out.

Proofreader: Purichan

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dang so the child was trying to help him by warning him

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Should’ve listen to the creepy a*s kid!