GHG: Chapter 97 Part 1

The central hall of the game, the core screen area.

The positions of Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s small TVs were slightly inferior to Bai Liu due to the previous duel. Their small TV data declined, resulting in a slight decline in their promotion position. They slipped from the position close to the ‘king promotion position’ to the core promotion position. Meanwhile, Bai Liu’s small TV had risen slightly but the data wasn’t good enough to rush to the nightmare rising star promotion position.

The current situation was that the two parties had met at the core promotion position. Bai Liu still had the upper hand and his promotion position was just above the Miao Feichi father and son.

The audience circulation of players at the same promotion position was very large because the audience could see each other. If a player performed well, the audience of their small TV would cheer and be excited. The viewers of the small TV couldn’t hear each other but this atmosphere easily attracted the surrounding audience, causing one side to absorb the other side’s audience. One flew high while the other one fell lower. At present, Bai Liu and the Miao Feichi father and son were in this stalemate.

This stalemate could easily cause an audience loss.

Fortunately, the audience loss on Bai Liu’s side wasn’t serious. The rare bigshots who stood in front of Bai Liu’s small TV hadn’t left. Wang Shun couldn’t help sighing in this situation. It was mainly because Bai Liu’s gameplay was too terrible. This type of scary gameplay method where he could be overturned at any moment was very intriguing.

A senior member of the Kabbalah Guild (the fourth ranked guild) commented on Bai Liu. “He truly keeps people’s appetite in suspense. This guy’s gameplay is really suitable for the death comedy zone. No wonder why he fell to that place before.”

The Kabbalah Guild members would have a green hanging pendant in the shape of a growing branch on their hair. It was very easy to recognize them. Wang Shun recognized it instantly. The darker the color of the branch pendant in their hair, the higher the level. The audience member commenting on Bai Liu had a pendant that was close to dark green and he seemed to be a high level member of the guild.

“it is true. I rarely see such a desperate player.” An audience member in a neat white uniform with a lyre logo embroidered in gold thread over the right heart of the system nodded.

The audience member had a handsome and elegant mixed-raced face and golden hair combed back. He looked a bit indifferent as he spoke. Wang Shun recognized this uniform as the league player uniform for the Golden Dawn Guild (the third ranked guild).

It was just that Wang Shun had never seen him on the field before. Moreover, he was a bit face blind regarding the personnel of this guild since there were many foreigners. Still, this should be a candidate who just joined the team this year. He was in the same position as Puppet Zhang before his death.

“However, Bai Liu should have a hard time dealing with this situation. He is now walking on a tightrope. As long as he takes a wrong step, Miao Gaojiang will kill him.” A lazy looking audience member commented. This audience member was dressed like a beggar in the street. In the whole game, there was only one guild like this. The Paradise Freemasons (ranked seventh).

This was a very strange guild. The founder of this guild was a very rich beggar who died in the game. However, under his spiritual influence, the entire guild was full of the strange style of wearing ragged clothes. The most frequent place where the names of this guild appeared was on the ‘report wall’ of the game. Every day, players reported that the players in this guild were exhibitionists and weren’t dressed properly.

The Freemason member who just spoke was on the verge of being reported but he didn’t care. Instead, he raised a finger to point at Bai Liu on the small TV and spoke with interest, “It is true that this newcomer has an aura. This game’s small TV is designed to avoid situations like newcomers having no points to use, leading to an extremely high mortality rate. Newcomers can receive points from audience members to buy items in time.”

“For old players who have been in the game for more than a year, their small TV points will be transferred to the system wallet. Once the game ends and according to the number of points obtained, they will be deducted a 5-20% tax that will go to the hands of the live broadcast viewers.”

“Newcomers in live games can judge if their actions are correct based on the number of points they have been rewarded while old players don’t have this benefit. They can only judge according to their own experience.” The audience member continued while raising an eyebrow. “In this case, the newcomer aura is ineffective because he isn’t receiving too many rewards.”

“Once it is found that a mistake in the operation causes the reward points to drop sharply, many newcomers lose their mentality and will eventually die.” The audience member stared at Bai Liu on the small TV. “What will you do, Bai Liu?”

“How are you going to move onto the next step, you poor, penniless fellow.” He was thoughtful. “Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang are waiting for you to give the life recovery medicine at the door of the hospital. They are saying they will kill you if you don’t tell them. Miao Feichii isn’t a player who will tolerate unstable factors around him. Will you honestly explain the task clue you got after so much hard work?”

On the small TV, Bai Liu hurried through the hospital’s long corridor toward where the investors were meeting.

In addition to Bai Liu and the players, there were other investors going to watch the ceremony. It was just that all investors looked the same. It was hard to recognize who was whom unless they actively gave greetings.

Still, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were easy to recognize. After all, Miao Feichi liked to play with the two ragweed knives while Miao Gaojiang was usually standing next to him.

Bai Liu pretended to be Mu Ke and walked over, greeting them respectfully. Then Miao Gaojiang straightforwardly mentioned the life recovery medicine.

Bai Liu couldn’t hide this thing from Miao Gaojiang and he also couldn’t cheat them. It was because the system would only unlock the main quest if the two people got the correct life recovery medicine. Otherwise, it wouldn’t respond. Bai Liu and Miao Gaojiang watched each other. This person was looking at him with a very careful gaze. Bai Liu needed to prove his value in front of Miao Gaojiang.

Bai Liu simply handed the torn pages to Miao Gaojiang, although there were pages with other information mixed in to confuse them.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang finished looking through all the pages before pausing. It should be that the system message popped up about unlocking the quest plotline. Miao Gaojiang’s gaze toward Bai Liu eased for a moment. “It is indeed the life recovery medicine.”

Even if there was confusing information mixed in, Miao Gaojiang quickly sorted through the information of the life recovery medicine and his expression sank. “We have to kill the child to get their blood. If so, it is equivalent to decreasing our health by half.”

“This old level 2 gameplay is to force us to eat half the player’s total health.” Miao Feichi picked at his ear with his pinky finger and didn’t think much of it. “I don’t like that brat of mine. He is troublesome and useless. He also keeps staring at me and swallowing like he wants to eat my flesh. He is disgusting so just kill him.”

“There is also that little Bai Liu.” Miao Feichi rubbed his hands together and licked his lips, showing a very obvious salivating look. “The fact that the game is designed to kill the children is quite in line with my liking. I love killing children and eating their flesh. Once their blood is drawn, I can eat the flesh. It isn’t wasteful and is just right.”

“It is best not to do it today.” Miao Gaojiang warned Miao Feichi. “Your physical strength needs at least one day until it can be restored with physical recovery agents. If you do it again during the day, your skills will get stuck in a bad way.”

“Tsk.” Miao Feichi scanned Miao Gaojiang. “I know that. The monsters here might be A+ but you don’t need to be so nervous. How many times have we played level 3 games?”

Miao Gaojiang warmly advised Miao Feichi with a few words. “Be careful.”

Miao Gaojiang was too vigilant and wouldn’t act lightly without a 100% certainty. Previously, he got Bai Liu’s things, including the points. Since he was wary of Bai Liu’s trading skill being attached to the items, he didn’t directly put them in his system but wrapped them in cloth. It was a cloth type item like the camouflage cloth Du Sanying used in the last game.

The explanation of the item given for this cloth system was ‘Hypocritical Reality.’ In other words, the cloth actually existed but couldn’t be touched. Things wrapped in this cloth couldn’t be regarded as the direct possession of the player so Bai Liu’s trading skill wasn’t valid. The player on the other side didn’t get the transaction item so it was in a state where the Taobao buyer had purchased but not received it.

Moreover, Miao Gaojiang deliberately avoided Bai Liu’s use of imperative sentences to talk to him. He was very careful. Any questioning sentence that Bai Liu spoke to him would be nudged back by Miao Gaojiang. The few times Bai Liu tried to have a conversation with Miao Feichi, it was blocked by Miao Gaojiang.

Bai Liu now had a bit of an understanding of the ‘careful as dirt, shrewd and profound’ note on Miao Gaojiang’s popular vote.

Miao Gaojiang was indeed very difficult to deal with. His observation and attention to details were so careful that Bai Liu wasn’t able to find any openings in Miao Gaojiang to exploit. After several failures, Bai Liu had to shut his mouth under Miao Gaojiang’s increasingly suspicious eyes. He could only think of other ways.

At around 10 o’clock, the dean of the welfare institute who led them here yesterday came over. The same dean led them to the welfare institute to watch the baptism.

From the path they came here yesterday on and behind the classroom building that Bai Liu had logged into, they reached a church in a large-scale building. It was a building that wasn’t present in reality due to downsizing from a lack of funds.

This was a very typical church with a pure white marble spire. The bottom was carved with many runes that Bai Liu didn’t quite understand. He scanned it twice and confirmed it wasn’t from the Old or New Testament. It was a strange runic prayer and there weren’t any texts that Bai Liu was familiar with that would appear on church walls. They were distorted and ferocious hieroglyphs.

The tallest building contained many little angels in the niches. These angels were the size of children and were lifelike. They were like sculptures made from people’s faces. These angels had strange facial lines, like blood vessels after the skin had wrinkled and lifted up, or cracks caused by the peeling of paint in the wind and sun. However, the rest of the church was so new and statues wouldn’t age like this.

Bai Liu retracted his gaze and followed behind the other investors into the church.

Proofreader: Purichan

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