GHG: Chapter 96 Part 1

Little Mu Ke couldn’t respond for a moment. “Why won’t we be taken away if it is our baptism day?”

Bai Liu (6) explained, “According to my general understanding of a baptism, we shouldn’t be eligible to have our blood drawn before the baptism. It is because we are sinful before the baptism. Only the blood of the lord can wash away our sins.”

Bai Liu (6)’s words had a lazy tone to them. He had stayed up two nights in a row and was a bit sleepy. “Haven’t you found it yet? This group of flute playing children are saving people.”

Mu Ke was startled. “Saving people?”

“Yes, saving people.” Bai Liu (6) closed his eyes together. He placed his hands on his chest and lay peacefully, as if he was going to fall asleep the next second. “They have IV tubes and bags on their bodies. They should’ve come from the private hospital. My guess is that they know the terminally ill investors are going to draw the blood of these children next, so they are taking away the children who were selected to have their blood drawn.”

“For example, the kid in our room who was taken away. I saw him during the day today. The dean took him to register and said there was an investor who wanted to adopt him.” Bai Liu (6)’s tone was peaceful. “I believe you’ve seen clearly what happens after adoption in your dream, Mu Ke.”

Mu Ke thought of the blood-drawing torture in his dream and shuddered.

Bai Liu (6) continued without any fluctuations. “If my guess isn’t wrong, it is precisely due to this that the children who are taken away first see what might happen to them in the future under the hypnotism of the flute. Then they see this group of strange looking children after their dream.”

“The group of children playing the flute should’ve expressed that they are the victims of the blood draw and they will take the children to a safe place, never needing to come back. Thus, the children took the initiative to follow this group of weird-looking flute players and walked so joyously.”

Bai Liu (6) paused for a moment. “Meanwhile, our investor has given up drawing blood from us. So even after being baptized, we are safe. It is because we don’t need salvation. We won’t be taken away.”

Mu Ke lay on the bed, turned sideways to look at Bai Liu (6) who seemed to be asleep and asked in a low voice, “Bai Liu (6), why are you so sure that your investor won’t secretly register to take you away and draw your blood?”

Bai Liu (6)’s breathing was even and he didn’t answer Mu Ke, as if he had already fallen asleep. Mu Ke sighed sadly and muttered, “Bai Liu (6), you are so naive to trust your investor.” Then he fell asleep while worrying.

In the last moment when Mu Ke was about to fall asleep, he seemed to hear Bai Liu (6) calmly answering, “If he lied to me, I will kill him.”

In the darkness of the children’s bedroom, two pairs of eyes were stiffly open.

Little Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang trembled and hid under the quilt. They listened to the conversation between Bai Liu (6) and Mu Ke and also saw the terrifying flute playing child who broke in. It seemed that because they were both awake, the flute playing child hovered above them for a long time.

Now the two of them hadn’t yet experienced a variety of horror events in the game and become famous S-grade players. They were so scared that they were sweating and didn’t dare move. In the final analysis, these two were just ordinary people in their childhood.

Maybe they couldn’t be regarded as ordinary people. After all, one had the courage to kill his mother and the other to indulge his child in eating his wife’s corpse. However, how could being killed themselves be the same as killing their terminally ill mother/wife?

Little Miao Gaojiang’s clothes were covered in sweat and he barely maintained his composure. He was scared enough.

Meanwhile, Miao Feichi had the guts to burn his terminally ill mother to death with boiling water and loved to eat children’s flesh, but he was completely unable to accept that he was treated like this. The thought of his future self turning into that dry skin and bones appearance made little Miao Feichi so frightened that he almost collapsed. His feet couldn’t help twitching a few times.

Even though he covered his head with the quilt, he made a frightened whimpering sound that he tried to suppress but it could still be heard.

Hearing the two heavy breathing sounds and small cries in the bedroom, a strange smile appeared on the face of little Bai Liu (6) who seemed to have been asleep for a long time.


At 6:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Bai Liu’s phone rang.

“Good morning, Mr Investor.” Little Bai Liu (6) gave a polite greeting. “Last night, I found out…”

“Children playing flutes?” Bai Liu opened his system panel and asked with interest.

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Deformed Child (1/3)]

[Monster Name: Deformed Child (violent version after blood was drawn)]

[Features: Likes to walk around late at night and take away children.]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Blood Ejection (A+) Phone Positioning (A+).]

[New attack method: Small Flute player. A-grade skill. The sound of the flute can be used to lure away the player’s secondary identity line.]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for collecting all of the deformed child’s attack methods.]

Bai Liu (6) was quiet. He didn’t ask why Bai Liu knew what happened on his side and continued to report without any fluctuations. “Yes. They appeared at around 2 o’clock at night. They used a sleep hypnosis mode to let the children see the investors drawing blood from themselves in the future…”

Bai Liu quietly listened to little Bai Liu (6)’s report and was thoughtful. “It seems that the deformed children are on the same side as you. Yes, both of you are victims. So the deformed children chasing you at night are probably the same as the flute players. Even if they make you disappear, the main purpose is to take you away and hide you. In fact, it is to keep me from finding you.”

It was just—where could a group of ghost children hide a group of real children so that the living couldn’t find them? It was hard to tell if they were hidden in the netherworld or in the world of the living. Now Bai Liu felt that the children taken away by the deformed children experienced another type of death. It was euthanasia.

According to the section of the Pied Piper of Hamelin where the children were taken away, the children should’ve drowned but they died happily under the sound of the flute.

Little Bai Liu (6)’s perspective was consistent with Bai Liu’s one. He said coldly, “I don’t think it is protection. It should also be death. If children are taken away every night, it is a huge number. I don’t think you rich investors will be unable to find them. I also don’t think a group of dead children can accommodate a group of living children.”

“Yes, but there are indeed places where they can be used.” Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed. “This group of flute playing children should know how to get out of your fully enclosed welfare home.”

Bai Liu (6) was quiet for a moment. “Do you need me to escape from this Love Welfare Institute?”

“Yes,” Bai Liu answered. “Now the question is how to protect yourself from these flute playing children if you run out of the welfare home with them? Not only do you have to run away but you have to run with other children.”

Bai Liu’s fingers tapped against the side of the bed while his eyes filled with obscure emotions. “It is everyone inside, including Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. You have to take them out and then—”

“Kill them and get their blood for you, right?” Little Bai Liu (6)’s voice didn’t have any fluctuations. “I have no problem with this. I can let them follow me but it will cost extra. One person is 100,000.”

Bai Liu was stunned for a moment before lazily smiling. “Deal.”

“However, this transaction has two core points to pay attention to. If you violate one of them, this transaction will be nullified.” Bai Liu added casually. “First, the core task is to escape but you must first guarantee your personal safety, followed by the safety of Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi. If you can’t guarantee it then don’t act rashly.”

“Secondly, killing Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang isn’t a task for you.” Bai Liu’s voice was soft. “If you can, I hope you leave them to me. After all, you are only 14 years old. I am 24 years old and more suitable than you to do this. Of course, I will still pay you 200,000.”

This time, Bai Liu (6) was quiet for a long time. Once he spoke again, his voice was genuinely puzzled. “Is there any difference between a 14 year old and a 24 year old doing this?”

“In essence, nothing is different.” Bai Liu paused. “I just don’t want to make you do it. When you are an adult, you can take responsibility for your actions and decide if you want to be a bad person or not. Let me be the bad guy for now as an adult, kid.”

Little Bai Liu (6) hung up the phone. Bai Liu stared at the darkness outside the window in his ward and exhaled. He thought to himself that he had really been conditioned by Lu Yizhan.

The moment little Bai Liu (6) said he was going to kill, Bai Liu’s first reaction was that he was instigating a minor to commit a crime. This was a felony and Lu Yizhan was most afraid of him doing this. After all, Bai Liu was really good at it.

Thus, Lu Yizhan repeated it 800 times a day, telling him to not engage in marketing with minors. It was so much so that in the game, Bai Liu encountered this situation and instinctively avoided it.

Nevertheless, it was indeed better for him to do this. After all, the task on little Bai Liu (6)’s side was already troublesome enough. It wasn’t very easy for a kid like Bai Liu (6) to kill the Miao Feichi duo. His core mission was to escape so it was better to leave tasks that could easily go wrong to Bai Liu.

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1 year ago

Damn, good thing Lu Yizhan was doing God’s work for so long or else their city would have been damned.

7 months ago

I just want to say I agree with your username. Stan Cale, we love him.

1 year ago

This Lu Yizhan is a literal angel. Bai Liu would’ve made the demon king tremble if he was actually left unhinged and unmonitored.

1 year ago

Thank your,our God and saviour Lu Yizhan

7 months ago

hahaha then can it be said that lu yizhan trained liuliu really well??

7 months ago

So, currently the most powerful manipulator in this story is Lu Yizhan… bro managed to train and condition Bai Liu, his skills are unimaginable. Or maybe the sheer force of his naivete is just that strong. Thank the gods for blessing this world with Lu Yizhan, or else I fear even we, on the other side of the screen would not be safe from Bai Liu’s cunning…