GHG: Chapter 93 Part 3

Bai Liu could only see the shadow of this hidden assassin on the wall. Liu Huai appeared behind Bai Liu like a flash of light. He dragged Bai Liu by the back collar of the large hospital clothing and ran fast along the wall. He tugged Bai Liu’s back collar while sliding across the ground.

If being carried by Mu Sicheng was like an extreme train experience, being carried by Liu Huai was like sitting on a swallow flying at low altitude. It was a type of light and quiet movement. From time to time, the tail had to touch the water and stop.

The alternation of these two different methods of movement was one of the reasons why Mu Sicheng and Liu Huai’s cooperation was so effective before. They could effectively drag these monsters around.

The deformed children were eagerly chasing behind them. If they were about to catch up, Liu Huai would throw out Bai Liu whose phone was ringing to attract these children. This position switching was the same as the aggro transfer that he had previously done with Mu Sicheng. This reminded the dazed Liu Huai of the time when he and Mu Sicheng worked together.

Then Liu Huai soon came back to his senses after hearing Bai Liu’s soft voice. “My phone has stopped ringing. Mu Ke ran very fast. He should’ve gone back and called me. Let’s go up the emergency staircase. There are no nurses.”

Bai Liu and Liu Huai had been delaying time until Mu Ke safely entered the room and called him to get rid of the ‘Phone Positioning’ function of the children. There were only two ways to go upstairs in this private hospital, the emergency staircase and the elevator. The nurses were guarding the elevator and the players were too passive against them. If they were caught, they wouldn’t be able to participate in the next day’s baptism. Bai Liu and the others could only go up the stairs.

On the premise that he could only use his skill twice to grab two phones so that two people’s phones didn’t ring, Bai Liu chose the solution he thought was the most cost-effective. Let Liu Huai, who had the fastest speed, carry him. Meanwhile, Mu Ke who he needed to make sure survived would be saved first.

In this way, Bai Liu put himself in the riskiest position so that only his phone was ringing. Still, Bai Liu felt it didn’t matter. At present, he was indeed the least valuable person. Even if Liu Huai missed and Bai Liu who only had 6 health was killed, Bai Liu didn’t think it was a pity. However, Liu Huai protected him more tightly than expected so that he didn’t lose a single point of health. He was thrown out by Liu Huai a few times and made it safely back to room 501.

Room 501, Liu Huai’s ward.

Mu Ke was crouching on the ground while sweating. People with a heart disease couldn’t run too fast, let alone go up the stairs. Just now, he had run desperately back to the ward to call Bai Liu on the phone, causing his current state. He was particularly uncomfortable and couldn’t breathe at all. He could only crouch into a ball to restore his breathing.

Liu Huai was sitting on the bed, his head up and daggers in both hands. He was gasping and his hospital clothes were soaked. Dragging a player while moving around at high speed wasn’t something assassins like Liu Huai were used to doing. His physical strength wasn’t as high as a thief like Mu Sicheng, who had relatively better physical strength. Thus, Liu Huai’s physical exertion was very large as he dragged Bai Liu around.

Sweat dripped drop by drop from Liu Huai’s jaw. He panted and wiped it off. Then he raised his head and drank a bottle of physical strength agent.

In general, Bai Liu seemed to be in the best condition of the three men but that was just his appearance. Bai Liu’s physical strength was also exhausted and he only had 6 points of health. This made Bai Liu’s physical condition drop to the lowest point.

Bai Liu sat on the edge of the straw bed he had been reluctant to touch, his fingers curled up and trembled slightly. He lowered his head and slowly adjusted his breathing rate, his chest heaving deeply. His face was pale and scary.

After Mu Ke slowly recovered, he saw Bai Liu looking like this. He was a bit worried and wanted to crouch down to check. As a result, he had just taken a step when Bai Liu raised his head. He stared into Mu Ke’s eyes without any emotions in his eyes.

Bai Liu watched Mu Ke who was trying to get close to him in a quiet and indifferent manner. The cold eyes that seemed to be looking at a disobedient tool made Mu Ke’s heart tremble. Mu Ke instinctively stopped moving near Bai Liu.

“Mu Ke.” Bai Liu raised his eyelids. “Who gave you the right to disobey me and try to die?”

“Your soul belongs to me and only I have the right to dispose of every one of your health points. You can only die when I tell you to. Before I give the order—” Bai Liu stared at the trembling Mu Ke without any trace of emotion on his face. “—You don’t have the right to die. I hope that next time, I won’t see you give me the order of ‘delete me.’ We have a one-way relationship. Only I issue orders to you. I have the right to not accept and carry out your orders, do you understand?”

Mu Ke was like a child who did something wrong. He looked at Bai Liu with a bit of confusion. Then after realizing that Bai Liu was really talking to him seriously about this matter, he was a bit flustered and immediately nodded. “I understand.”

“As a punishment for your own claim—” Bai Liu spoke lightly. “All the points rewarded for clearing this instance will belong to me. Do you have any comments?”

Mu Ke lowered his hand and squeezed his fingers together. “…No.”

After a while, Mu Ke started to sob with his head down. He had been enduring it very hard but he had various fierce emotions due to escaping from death. At the same time, as soon as he was safe, Bai Liu scolded him like this and he was punished. He squatted on the ground, hugged his knees and curled up in a small ball. Tears flowed out in large droplets and he used his sleeves to roughly wipe at them, trying to control his tears.

His anger at his powerlessness, his powerlessness implicating Bai Liu and his efforts to sacrifice himself to protect Bai Liu getting Bai Liu’s indifference and disapproval toward him and the emotions of being pulled from death once again by Bai Liu made him want to cry uncontrollably.

“What are you crying about?” Bai Liu’s tone was filled with a sigh. “Look up. Mu Ke, are you dissatisfied with my decision?”

Mu Ke’s eyes and nose were red from crying. As he raised his head, his tears fell from his eyelashes to the ground. He cried and hiccuped, his words not very clear. “No, hiccup, dissatisfaction.”

“So why are you crying?” Bai Liu wondered softly.

Seeing Mu Ke sobbing and stubbornly not opening his mouth, Bai Liu threw a straight ball. “I order you to tell me why you’re crying.”

“I just, I don’t understand.” Mu Ke cried very sadly. “Why do you want to save me? I have no value at all and I also affected you. What if you die? I’m sure there will be no way for me to pass the instance alone. I am going to die anyway so it would be better off if I am, woo woo, it would be better if I was Mu Sicheng. He would definitely help you more.”

“Tonight, apart from the little last part, you did everything well from pretending to be an ordinary player to mix in with Miao Feichi’s team, avoiding that lie detector and effectively passing on the life recovery medicine to me after reading all the books.” Bai Liu looked at Mu Ke, his tone easing as he calmly explained. “Mu Sicheng can’t do these things for me. Even I couldn’t do it myself. Only you can.”

“You might be worthless in your own eyes.” Bai Liu touched the top of the stunned Mu Ke’s head and gave a relaxed, comfortable smile. “But in my eyes, your life is very important to me and can’t be replaced. That is why I came to save you.”

The gentle Bai Liu was reflected in Mu Ke’s eyes. If it was Mu Sicheng, he would immediately tell Mu Ke to run! This was Bai Liu’s soothing and false business smile! It was used to deceive people! Mu Ke could feel this too but he also knew that Bai Liu’s words were true. His eyes soon became blurry. Mu Ke wiped at his tears, enduring it. Finally, he couldn’t help crying loudly.

“I was so scared. I really thought I was going to die and I couldn’t help it.” Mu Ke cried while using his sleeves to wipe his tears. He was like a child who had been bullied outside and was complaining to his parents. “I tried really hard. I did everything I could to survive! However, that monster was too strong! He just suddenly came back to life!”

Bai Liu interrupted him. “You didn’t exhaust all means to live.”

Mu Ke cried as he looked at Bai Liu. He had the courage to refute Bai Liu. “I really did!”

“You didn’t ask me for help,” Bai Liu answered calmly. “Remember to try this method in the future. Still, you did a good job tonight in general, Mu Ke.”

He patted Mu Ke on the head like a kindergarten teacher rewarding a child with a little red flower. Mu Ke was patted on the head and completely broke down into tears.

“Wooooo!” Mu Ke couldn’t stop crying. “Woo woo, o-okay! Next time, I will remember it for sure, for sure!”

The author has something to say:

Small theater:

Bai Liu: I will take your points for this game as punishment.

What is Bai Liu’s behavior like?

A. Rewards and punishment are clearly defined in order to develop a good boss-subordinate supervisory behavior.

B. A bad father who finds ways to take away pocket money from a child.

C. Bad online marketing behavior that exploits those offline (provided by a friend)

Friend: It’s over, completely over! Mu Ke helped you do things. It is ridiculous that you are taking his money!

Proofreader: Purichan

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