GHG: Chapter 93 Part 2

The child screamed sharply and leaped toward Bai Liu. These actions took place within a few seconds. Before Liu Huai could react, Bai Liu simply hid behind Liu Huai and ordered, “Liu Huai, lead this child away.”

The tacit understanding between Liu Huai and Mu Sicheng made him very familiar with the situation where he needed to transfer the aggro to protect the other party after a theft. Before his brain could react, Liu Huai instinctively reached out and stabbed the child with the dagger.

[System prompt: Player Liu Huai has used his personal skill weapon ‘Shadow Dagger’ and stabbed the deformed child. The deformed child is very angry and has decided to call him!]

The child raised his head and screamed again. He immediately rushed to Liu Huai’s side. At the same time, Liu Huai’s phone rang more and more frequently. The child’s movement and the sound of the phone made more children rush toward him with syringes. Liu Huai couldn’t help cursing Bai Liu in his heart. This person was pitting him!

More children moved toward him due to the sound of the phone and sweat dripped down Liu Huai’s face in an instant. The next second, Liu Huai’s phone rang again and Bai Liu suddenly said, “Liu Huai, pick up the phone.”

Liu Huai was about to go crazy. “If I pick up the phone then the deformed child can locate me even more quickly. I will be found directly by the child via the skill Phone Positioning! I will die!”

“No.” Bai Liu held a huge black phone and stared at Liu Huai. “It is me who is calling you.”

“Investors can’t call each other!” Liu Huai felt as though his head was going to explode. “The phones here are all a one-way design. Only children can call investors. I’m not answering your call! You can’t call—”

“I said to pick up.” Bai Liu repeated it in an extremely indifferent manner. There was a slightly cold killing intent in his eyes but his tone was gentle. “Answer this call. Don’t make me repeat it a third time.”

Liu Huai was choked up by Bai Li’s emotionless eyes and immediately pressed the answer key. Sure enough, his phone abruptly stopped ringing and Bai Liu’s gentle breathing was heard on the opposite side.

The children who were following the sound of the phone in the darkness to look for Liu Huai held up their syringes with confused eyes. Only one child who didn’t have a phone in his hand wanted to run after Liu Huai without crying. Liu Huai stared at the phone in Bai Liu’s hand in amazement. This phone wasn’t Bai Liu’s. It belonged to the deformed child so Bai Liu could call Liu Huai.

When did Bai Liu steal this phone? No, why could he steal things from monsters? Didn’t he have a control skill?! As Liu Huai was thinking in a consternated manner, Bai Liu approached a child again without hesitation. The monkey hand flashed sharply and his expression was calm. He didn’t look at all like a bad adult robbing a child.

The deformed child who was robbed reacted by staring blankly at his empty hands. Soon, tears filled his eyes and started to sob. “Woo, the investor took my phone. Return it to me!”

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Sicheng’s personal skill ‘Thief’s Monkey Hand’ to steal the phone of the deformed child. Player Bai Liu’s physical strength is about to run out. Please rest quickly and replenish your energy!]

Bai Liu’s legs softened and he almost fell on one knee. He leaned against the wall to catch his breath. He had forcibly used Mu Sicheng’s Thief Moving Stealthily in the ICU. As a result, he couldn’t use physical strength supplements for at least one day and he had to rely on natural rest to recover.

He had rested a few hours in Mu Ke’s ward but the physical strength he recovered was only enough for him to barely use the skill Thief’s Monkey Hand twice. Using an A+ skill was still too expensive for Bai Liu, an F-grade player.

“Liu Huai!” Bai Liu called out weakly to Liu Huai when he saw the deformed child whose phone was stolen by Bai Liu about to approach Bai Liu, syringe raised high.

Liu Huai woke up from his dream and stabbed with his dagger. The child was stabbed in the back and screamed sorrowfully. Bleeding tears fell from his eyes as he turned and gloomily headed toward Liu Huai with the syringe.

[System prompt: Player Liu Huai has used his personal skill Shadow Stabbing to stab the deformed child. The deformed child feels wronged and has decided to give this bad guy who hurt him a shot first.]

Bai Liu leaned against the wall while Mu Ke’s phone was ringing. Bai Liu quickly called Mu Ke’s phone. After several busy tones, he finally got through. Bai Liu turned his head to Mu Ke. “Pick up.”

Mu Ke quickly answered the phone. His phone no longer rang and the children approaching Mu Ke became headless flies. Then soon after, these children turned to Bai Liu again. Mu Ke nervously glanced at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu, your phone is still ringing.”

“Yes.” Bai Liu exhaled calmly. “However, I have no strength to steal the third phone.”

Mu Ke panicked. He realized that Bai Liu’s current state was very poor and Bai Liu had taken a great risk to rescue him. Mu Ke approached Bai Liu who was surrounded by deformed children, wanting to block these children from Bai Liu. He was almost crying. “Then what should you do?! You should’ve called yourself just now! Why call me?”

Bai Liu coldly stepped back. “Stay away from me, Mu Ke. If you continue to do this behavior of sending yourself to death and wasting your life, I don’t mind killing you directly.”

The expression on Mu Ke’s face froze and he was at a bit of a loss. He clearly realized that Bai Liu was still angry with him. More than death, this was what he didn’t know how to react to.

Bai Liu glanced at Mu Ke and gasped while giving orders to Mu Ke. “Quickly run back to 501. This is Liu Huai’s ward. Liu Huai and I will help lead away those children and nurses. Run quickly and pay attention to avoiding the children.”

He finished speaking and saw Mu Ke biting his lower lip and looking at Bai Liu pitifully, not leaving. Obviously, he didn’t want to leave Bai Liu here and run away by himself. He had an aggrieved expression that asked ‘What will you do by yourself?’ He seemed to be no different from the deformed children who had their phones stolen by Bai Liu.

Bai Liu had a headache and sighed as he pressed a hand to his forehead. He threw the stolen phone in his hand to Mu Ke. “After you reach the room, use this phone to call me and eliminate the ringing of my phone. Then I won’t have any problems.”

Mu Ke heard this and nodded in a slightly flustered manner. His mental value had recovered and his physical strength was still good. After receiving the instructions, he gritted his teeth and ran up the stairs of the emergency staircase still congested with children. Bai Liu seemed a bit tired as he watched Mu Ke who was running like crazy.

Bai Liu’s breathing wasn’t smooth. He had been tormenting this terminally ill body for two days and was really exhausted to the limit.

This guy Mu Ke was a little child. He really took Bai Liu as his backbone, reinforcing Bai Liu’s position while overly weakening his own presence and role. This wasn’t a good thing. His identity only had 6 health left while Mu Ke only trusted his identity, giving Mu Ke the idea to die with him or for him.

However, Mu Ke couldn’t die. In this instance that required a lot of processing information, Bai Liu believed that Mu Ke’s role was greater than his. Mu Ke’s performance also proved this. Even without him, Mu Ke could take refuge in the Miao father and son, relying on his excellent memory to gain the life recovery medicine and grasping a certain amount of initiative.

As long as Mu Ke cooperated with little Bai Liu (6) to ensure Bai Liu (6)’s survival, Bai Liu could at least pass the instance. On the other hand, Bai Liu was the target to be killed by the Miao father and son and he had an average memory. Based on the comprehensive evaluation of all aspects, the possibility of Bai Liu safely clearing the instance with little Mu Ke was less than that of Mu Ke clearing it with little Bai Liu (6).

In particular, if there was Liu Huai’s cooperation then the possibility of Mu Ke clearing the instance with little Bai Liu (6) was more than doubled.

Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at Liu Huai while the phone hanging from his waist kept ringing. The children were rushing toward him in their weird crawling posture while holding the syringes but he really didn’t have any more strength to run.

If making a request, Bai Liu could say anything good to others. He lazily opened his arms toward Liu Huai. “Great assassin, now you can run with me alone and you should be able to move faster than this group of kids, right?”

“Yes,” Liu Huai simply replied.

The next second, a dagger flew from the air and plunged into the wall above Bai Liu’s head. Liu Huai jumped steadily and stepped on the wall behind Bai Liu.

He arched like a dragonfly, his feet light and steady on the dagger he had thrown before. He crouched down slightly, one hand across his chest as he opened a gap in the circle of deformed children close to Bai Liu. His other hand picked up the back of Bai Liu’s collar. In the last moment when Bai Liu was about to have a blood vessel in his neck pierced by a child, he raised this guy who was so weak he had to gasp to talk.

Liu Huai used his wrists and flicked his arms, directly throwing Bai Liu out of the encirclement.

The surrounded person changed from Bai Liu to Liu Huai but the phone on Liu Huai’s body wasn’t ringing or able to be called due to him being connected to Bai Liu’s phone. Without the sound of the phone, the children were very confused.

Soon, Bai Liu’s phone rang.

The black-red eyes of the children stared gloomily at Bai Liu who had just stood up and they approached Bai Liu in various twisted postures.  Meanwhile, Liu Huai pulled out his dagger and threw it to another wall. He quickly stepped on the wall and approached Bai Liu with several light and incomparable jumps.

Proofreader: Purichan

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