GHG: Chapter 93 Part 1

Bai Liu’s movement speed wasn’t fast and the nurses behind them would soon catch up. It wasn’t known why this group of nurses could run faster on slippery ground with high heels compared to Bai Liu’s trio but there was no way. They could only run faster. Liu Huai gritted his teeth and forcibly opened a skill, dragging the two low level players, Bai Liu and Mu Ke, to hide in a dark  corridor.

[System prompt: Player Liu Huai has used the personal skill ‘Assassin’s Concealment’. This skill covers the player himself, player Bai Liu and player Mu Ke.]

[Skill description: Assassin’s Concealment is an A-grade personal skill that reduces the probability of being found by other people or non-human existences when escaping or doing a sneak attack. The player has the same protective color as the surrounding environment, just like a chameleon. Since player Liu Huai is carrying player Mu Ke and player Bai Liu, the duration of this skill is reduced to one minute.]

In almost an instant, Liu Huai disappeared into the gloomy corridor like fluttering mist. It was the same for Bai Liu and Mu Ke. It was as if a barrier had suddenly appeared around them. The nurses hurried past them and couldn’t find where they had gone.

They seemed to have a transparent coat attached to them so that others couldn’t find them. However, faint outlines could be seen when people got closer.

Liu Huai attached himself to the wall and started slowly moving with Bai Liu and Mu Ke behind him. He headed in the direction of the safety exit, passing by the nurses who were hurrying in the direction of the elevator while whispering together.

“There are patients outside at night.”

“There is no room on the first floor where patients went out. Which floor is it?”

“I don’t know. Take the elevator to see. It is already night. Inform the other nurses at the entrance of the elevator and don’t go to the safety exit. After 9 o’clock, it isn’t a place where we can go…”

The nurses didn’t go to the safety exit. After finding out that there was a patient out at night, these nurses checked the floors one by one to see who the patient was. They didn’t go through the safety exit and usually took the elevator. It wasn’t known why but they never used this emergency staircase. The emergency staircase seemed like a fake, as if it was specifically designed for patients to sneak out.

Then Liu Huai’s expression sank when he reached the safety exit. He understood why the nurses didn’t want to take the emergency stairs. It was because there was something else in the emergency staircase.

Inside the exit of the emergency staircase was a child holding a large mobile phone to make a call. The child had syringes inserted into his neck and there was still dry blood in the syringes. It was obvious that a lot of blood had been drawn from the child. He was skinny, pale and scary like a walking skeleton frame. He muttered on the phone while shaking his huge head, turning around to reveal the front of him.

The child’s eyeballs were turned up and it was mostly the whites of the eyes. There was a very silly expression on his face and there was drool at the corners of his mouth. He shook his hands and feet while letting out a strange and cheerful giggle.

The child spoke angrily into the phone, “Mr Investor, are you coming to see me?”

“You are going to take me away, aren’t you!” His voice suddenly became strange as two lines of bloody tears slowly flowed from his eyes. He waved his hands and shook his head. “It isn’t taking me away but taking my blood away… one tube, two tubes, three… I have no more blood, Mr Investor! I have none, it hurts! Please don’t take any more of my blood!”

The child suddenly burst out into tears. He crouched on the ground with a ferocious face and jumped frantically on the phone that wasn’t making any noise. All the syringes inserted in him shook. Then the child cocked his head and removed a syringe from the side of his neck, holding it in his hand. The crazy face showed a strange grin that was so wide it seemed to reach his ears. “I need blood too, Mr Investor.”

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Deformed Child (1/3)]

[Monster Name: Deformed Child (violent version after blood was drawn)]

[Features: 1,500 – 2,000 movement speed. Indiscriminately attacks any investor with blood.]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Blood Ejection (A+ skill. Insert a syringe into the investor’s neck and continue to draw blood until the other party loses too much blood and dies.)]

[Attack mode: Phone Positioning (A+ tracking skill. For any investors wandering at night, the children will call the naughty you. As long as your phone rings and you don’t answer, they can follow the ringing phone to quickly find you. If you pick up, they can quickly find you.)]

[It doesn’t matter whether you pick up or not. You will be found. Of course, if you pick up, the children will find you faster. They will jump on your back and call you all at once~]

“F*k, my Assassin’s Concealment skill is only A!” Liu Huai’s expression changed. “This little monster’s call can destroy my concealment!”

This phone was forcibly bound to them and the system didn’t allow players to throw it away. It was used to facilitate the children calling their investors at any time. Previously, Liu Huai always thought that the deformed children were only in the welfare home. He hadn’t expected them to be here in this private hospital and they were actually ‘children’ calling them.

In an instant, the phones of Bai Liu, Mu Ke and Liu Huai all rang. Liu Huai quickly hung up but it soon rang again. His expression became ugly as he started to back up slowly with his phone. It was impossible for a deformed child to call all three of them at the same time. Their phones rang simultaneously which meant three things—

Bai Liu calmly opened his mouth. “There is more than one deformed child here.”

The ringing of the phone increased in the darkness as more deformed children emerged from the dark staircase.

One of them had shrunken limbs, one was lame, and one squatted on the ground covering his chest. They held the huge phones in their hands and their round, ping-pong sized eyeballs were wide open as they placed their heads against the phone. Their eyes were all black, showing a blood-red to black color.

They shouted in a weird, sharp, child-like crying tone and even the bright red uvula hanging in their mouths could be seen. “Investors! I want blood!”

The moment they shouted, they landed on all fours and followed the sound of the phone. They shook their hands and feet as they rushed quickly toward Bai Liu’s group.

Bai Liu narrowed his eyes and hung up his phone, only to soon receive a new call.

It turned out that this was why the children were only allowed to call investors from 9 to 12 in the evening and 6 to 9 in the morning. The line would be busy when they called at other times. There were the ghostly deformed children calling in order to track down investors. If such deformed children kept calling with no interruptions to occupy their phone line, the line would be busy when a normal child called.

“Bai Liu, my speed will slow down if I take the two of you. If there is only one person, it is possible to rush out of this pile of children.” Liu Huai looked at Bai Liu who wasn’t shaken and gritted his teeth. “Yes, I know you won’t lose your teammate. Then what should we do? You came to rescue your teammate so you should think of a way!”

Mu Ke moved hard. He wanted to pull his hand from Bai Liu’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, Bai Liu was holding him too tightly and he couldn’t pull away.  Mu Ke was about to cry and his voice was sober and hoarse, “Bai Liu, give up on me. There is little Mu Ke. Even if I’m dead, you can take him to pass the instance…”

“Shut up.” Bai Liu glanced at Mu Ke indifferently. “Your behavior in sending yourself to death has destroyed my plan. You wasted your health value and also wasted a lot of my points to save you. You better earn it back for me. I haven’t settled this account with you yet.”

Mu Ke was startled. He realized that Bai Liu was truly angry by his death-seeking behavior that wasted health.

Bai Liu hated such wasteful behavior. Mu Ke pursed his lips in trepidation and stopped talking.

The look on Bai Liu’s face was a bit scary. If this person was truly upset, the pressure he gave off was terrifying. Although Bai Liu didn’t show much of an expression on his face, he had a type of aura that made people automatically shut up. For a moment, even Liu Huai closed his mouth and didn’t dare continue to speak.

Bai Liu soon regained his blank expression and started to issue calm orders.

“These deformed children are locating us through the phone. It might be an A+ skill but this doesn’t mean there is no way to deal with it.” Bai Liu abruptly looked at Liu Huai. “It might be a long time ago but Liu Huai, do you remember what you should do when cooperating with Mu Sicheng’s stealing?”

Liu Huai was startled. He didn’t understand why Bai Liu mentioned this matter. He dragged Bai Liu to run and replied while gasping, “I remember. He steals things and attracts aggro. Then I transferred the aggro and attracted the monsters following him. Once the monsters are about to catch up with me, he will attack again.”

“By repeatedly changing the aggro and transferring it between us, we can ensure our safety.” Liu Huai soon rejected this method. “However, now the phone keeps ringing! This group of deformed children aren’t chasing us based on the simple aggro value! They are tracking us based on the sound of the phone. All three of us have ringing phones and this solution isn’t effective at all!”

Before Liu Huai finished speaking, he saw Bai Liu narrow his eyes and reach out to grab the child rushing at him.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Sicheng’s personal skill ‘Thief’s Monkey Hand’ to steal the phone of the deformed child. The deformed child is very angry and has decided to give him a shot.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Poor deformed children…why am I pitying everyone!? This isn’t optimal!! Also, Bai Liu is very terrifying, all the best to Lin Huai and Mu Ke :’D

Reply to  NIAN27

Yes why are you pitying everyone. I read all your comments since it appears right after the chapter ends. I feel we are different people as I hold the same viewpoint as Bai Liu. But I really like reading your comments.