GHG: Chapter 92

The plant patient’s pale eyes darted around in the eye sockets. He wobbled to his feet, his hands shaking as he approached the blood ganoderma lucidum on the hospital bed.

Mu Ke warily backed away from the bed and this patient. He slowly retreated until his back reached the door.

There was the sound of the high heels of the patrolling nurses in the corridor. Once Mu Ke went out, he would be caught by these night patrol nurses and forcibly brought back in. Patients weren’t allowed to leave the ward at night because it was a hospital rule that monsters would roam the hospital at night and harm the patients.

Moreover, a commotion in the ICU ward at night might be discussed by the nurses tomorrow during the day. If this was known to Miao Feichi’s team then the situation Bai Liu worked so hard to create previously would be useless.

Mu Ke slowly shifted his eyes to the patient opposite him and the blood ganoderma lucidum on the hospital bed. It was reasonable to say that he wasn’t completely at a dead end. The monsters here had weaknesses and the weaknesses were quite obvious. Based on the information Mu Ke received, it was written that the blood ganoderma lucidum was in the body of the patient. If the blood ganoderma lucidum wasn’t destroyed then the patient wouldn’t die. If the blood ganoderma lucidum was destroyed then the patient would die.

However, the blood ganoderma lucidum wasn’t only the weakness of the plant patient. It also added a bonus buff!

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Plant Patient (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Plant Patient (blood ganoderma lucidum activated version)]

[Features: 500 movement speed, needs a lot of water for growth, likes humid environments.]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack mode: blood sucking, liquid (due to the blood ganoderma lucidum bonus, it has upgraded from an A to S-grade skill), poisonous fog pollution (due to the blood ganoderma lucidum bonus, it has upgraded from an A to S-grade skill).]

[The monster ‘plant patient’ has received the ‘blood ganoderma lucidum’ as an auxiliary bonus to replenish the blood energy. The monster’s comprehensive evaluation is upgraded from A-grade to S-grade. Players below B-grade will be killed with one hit.]

Mu Ke only had a C+ panel and was going to rush past to destroy the blood ganoderma lucidum. Then he saw the comprehensive evaluation and looked at the paper in his hand. He thought about how he hadn’t passed the information to Bai Liu yet. He had to grit his teeth and step back.

The opposite patient still seemed to be in the recovery period. He was standing by the bed and eating the blood ganoderma lucidum, the corners of his mouth full of blood. He didn’t come to Mu Ke but Mu Ke knew this was only temporary. Once the monster had eaten enough of the blood ganoderma lucidum to recover, he would definitely be in danger.

There were some items in the game that couldn’t be put in the backpack, such as these notes and books. However, there was so much information that there was no way for Mu Ke to use the keyboard to deliver it.

Yet if he passed it on in a more straightforward manner, it would surely fall out when he was dead. If Miao Feichi came over to the ICU the next day and saw the contact equipment, opening it, Bai Liu’s identity would instantly be revealed.

What to do? Mu Ke anxiously bit his fingernails. How could he pass on this information?!

Mu Ke’s eyes fell on the bookcase and then to the torn page in his hand. His eyes gradually calmed down. Bai Liu was currently in his room and he remembered the arrangement of every book in his bookcase. This was enough.

Bai Liu’s panel suddenly rang. He still had Mu Ke’s personal panel loaded and now it suddenly rang. He hadn’t controlled it so it meant Mu Ke was controlling it. Bai Liu had been leaning against the door and faked sleeping while waiting for Mu Ke’s news. The moment the sound came, Bai Liu immediately opened eyes that contained no sleepiness. He clicked on the system backpack and the keyboard.

‘Y, F5.’ Bai Liu stared intently at the keyboard. Soon, four new keycaps were removed from the keyboard. ‘X, 45.’ Then it was ‘Z, 678.’ Finally, the last one was ‘enter.’

This meant that the information input was completed and the task operation could be started.

Bai Liu narrowed his eyes. XYZ, this was a three dimensional axis. In addition, the shape F was very much like—Bai Liu’s gaze instantly moved to the bookcase in the room and he slightly raised an eye.

Mu Ke, this guy’s memory was actually strong to this point?

Bai Liu quickly understood what Mu Ke wanted to express but he was still surprised that this person’s memory was so good. F represented the number of shelves on the bookcase, X represented the number of books on the bookcase and Z represented the page number in the book.

After reading the bookcase, Mu Ke actually remembered the placement, shelf number and page number of all the books in the bookcase in his ward. Finally, he could think of using this axis form to pass a message to Bai Liu.

If it was someone else, even if they could find the information in the ICU, they wouldn’t be able to pass the information on with the keyboard only. Remembering the location of specific information on the bookcase and using the coordinate axis that corresponded to it wasn’t something that ordinary people could do. No wonder why Mu Ke’s father tried his best to save Mu Ke. Such a talented genius would create infinite value even if he lived for only one more year.

Bai Liu started to look through the books. After finding the corresponding page number, Bai Liu didn’t fold it or make notes to mark the page. These methods were too cumbersome. Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to tear off the page designated by Mu Ke. In order to confuse people, he also shamelessly tore off a few more unrelated pages.

The hospital might explicitly forbid the destruction of books but now it was night and he couldn’t be caught. In addition, this was Mu Ke’s room so he tore out the pages without any psychological burden.

After tearing them out, Bai Liu took off another ‘enter’ keycap to indicate he had completed the execution. Soon, Mu Ke sent a new string of coordinates. Bai Liu quickly found it and tore out the page. The communication speed and execution was very fast. Less than five minutes later, Mu Ke took off the ‘end’ keycap. This represented the end of the information transmission.

Bai Liu glanced at the information on these pages and he soon frowned. “If the ganoderma lucidum isn’t destroyed, the body won’t die…” If it was what he understood… Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed. There was something wrong on Mu Ke’s side. The patient wasn’t dead at all.

Bai Liu’s eyes swept over the panel. On Mu Ke’s stable panel attributes, the mental value started to decline at a rapid speed and a small line of red words was next to it.

[System warning: Player Mu Ke is suffering from the plant patient’s poisonous fog pollution. This S-grade attack will wipe out the mental value in one and a half minutes! Asking player Mu Ke to quickly leave the range of the monster’s poisonous fog pollution attack!]

Mu Ke crouched down under Bai Liu’s hospital bed, covering his mouth in an attempt to hold back the urge to cough in this fog.

The monster patient on the other hospital bed sniffed, his arms and legs holding the iron bars on both sides of the bed like a spider. His body arched up and his head lowered, exposing his sharp teeth. He chewed on the blood ganoderma lucidum on the bed with a huge mouth. The blood ganoderma lucidum that was as big as a millstone was soon eaten by the patient’s jagged teeth.

The patient’s abdomen was bulging like a spider’s belly. He saw the mycelium that had been eaten by the patient squirming in the stomach, like mycelium wrapped in a translucent blood membrane. As he chewed on the blood ganoderma lucidum, the patient’s body sprayed a red fog that was visible to the naked eye.

The fog soon spread throughout the entire ward, turning the ward a strange, pale pink color. Mu Ke was forced to inhale the fog as he breathed under the bed. His mind soon became groggy and his mental value dropped at an abnormal speed.

Mu Ke originally struggled to buy a bottle of mental bleach but once he passed on the information, his main identity line with only 6 health had no more value. It didn’t matter if he died. If he was dead, he could completely give Bai Liu the status of ‘Mu Ke’ so there was no need to waste points to save himself.

His pupils dilated and his breathing was slightly rapid as he curled up in an insecure manner under the bed where Bai Liu had lain.

Yes, Bai Liu had calmly given up his main identity line as well. The useless main identity line could be abandoned. This was what Bai Liu had said and Mu Ke could do it as well. Mu Ke closed his eyes and kept hypnotizing himself, even though his hand holding the pages trembled slightly.

His mental value kept declining as the monster finished eating the blood ganoderma lucidum and looked up, belching like he was content. Then he climbed down from the hospital bed and started sniffing around to find him. Mu Ke covered his mouth and trembled due to fear.

Tears quickly filled Mu Ke’s eyes. He gasped hard as he dug out three keycaps on the keyboard, passing on the last message to Bai Liu.

[Delete], [M], [E].

‘Delete me, abandon me, empty my warehouse and don’t let the dead me drop anything that can expose you. Please don’t come to save me.’ This was the message that Mu Ke was telling Bai Liu.

Bai Liu had exhausted Mu Sicheng’s skills and the fishbone was with Miao Feichi. There was nothing left to save him. It was just sending Bai Liu to his death and wasn’t cost-effective. Mu Ke tried his best to calm down. His role was no longer important. The information was passed on and it was nothing if he died.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu still had a lot of things to do and needed to live.

In his memories, the one thing Mu Ke feared most was death. Yet no matter how afraid, there was no escaping from it. He had been born with his illness. For as long as Mu Ke could remember, he had always been shrouded in the shadow of death and struggled against it without any embarrassment.

He never thought he would have a moment when he faced death so calmly. Perhaps it was because he knew this death wouldn’t really count or perhaps it was due to his blind trust and sense of security in another man that allowed him to slightly escape the fear of death.

Mu Ke’s ability and family were things that many ordinary people could never have in their entire lives. From the moment he opened his eyes, he saw the top luxuries in the world.

If people were born divided into the third, sixth or ninth grade, then whether it was ability or assets, Mu Ke was undoubtedly at the top. It was logical that he could look down on most people in the world.

He should’ve been as his role, an arrogant, obnoxious, condescending and helpless young master.

It was just that the god of death was too fair. He shot down Mu Ke from the top of the pyramid in an instant. From then on, this golden and precious young master was like the commoners he should’ve stepped on. He did all types of humiliating things to try and survive in this mundane world.

He could beg his father and the doctors for survival, kneel down and beg the audience to reward him and sell his soul to Bai Liu. Yet after all he had done, he still couldn’t avoid this moment of death.

It was only 50% of his health but the feeling of death was 100%. Mu Ke’s breathing became short and his heart started to ache, making him curl up even more.

His mental value fell rapidly and was soon below the 40 mark. Hallucinations appeared in front of Mu Ke and his eyes gradually lost focus. The hands covering his lips started to slide down slowly, his chest heaved violently and tears formed at the corners of his eyes.

His good memory allowed Mu Ke to remember many things. The decline of his mental value allowed him to see more details of his past that he dreaded.

He saw his father shake his head outside the door, a hesitant expression on his face. Then his father started looking for women to stay overnight with because he needed a more healthy heir and his mother acquiesced to this. Although everyone loved him, it was like doting on a pet who wouldn’t live too long. There wasn’t much expectation toward him and they didn’t give him too much power.

He saw every doctor shaking their heads at him, making him hide his head under the quilt and pray that tomorrow would come slowly. It was because he didn’t know if he had a tomorrow and if he would be able to wake up tomorrow.

Mu Ke refused to do any strenuous exercise. Occasionally, he would need to crouch down to catch his breath and ensure his heartbeat was normal. There would be some ignorant classmates who imitated and mocked his ugly posture. Mu Ke soon had his father teach these students a lesson but correspondingly, he had no friends.

His father saw this. So in order to let his classmates understand his vulnerability and make friends with him, his father gave money to the teacher and asked the teacher to put on a documentary called ‘Bubble Boy.’

The documentary was about a little boy with an acquired immunodeficiency disease. Due to the lack of a normal immune system, he had to live in a bubble forever. After the teacher finished playing it, he said that Mu Ke also had a similar disease. They shouldn’t discriminate against him but should protect him.

Some students spoke in a tone of pity and incomprehension, but without malice, ‘It is so poor to live like this. If it were me, I would rather die.’

The boy in the bubble only lived until he was 12 years old. At that time, the 12 year old Mu Ke raised his chin and said harshly “I just want to live. Mind your own business.”

The young master Mu Ke grew up as fragile as an ant and alone. He was as ridiculous as an ant looking up to keep his pride. It was clear that everyone else was stronger than him and that he had only survived until now because he lived in a crystal box made of money.

Every day, Mu Ke wondered if he would be buried in that crystal box tomorrow. He started frantically trying crazy things like being parachuted into a company to make games.

In this attempt, Mu Ke met Bai Liu. In fact, he pretended not to know who Bai Liu was before. The moment he had seen Bai Liu in the game, he had remembered that this was the employee who lost his computer. Mu Ke had such a good memory that he could remember every detail that made up his small life.

Mu Ke was just too afraid that Bai Liu wouldn’t save him. He desperately pretended to be stupid and showed weakness. Bai Liu looked at him like this person had seen through everything but he didn’t reveal Mu Ke’s clumsy tricks. Instead, he stretched out his hand and spoke softly, “This is our first time meeting. My name is Bai Liu, the owner of your soul.”

“I will save you and let you live, but you have to work hard on your own. I believe that you have the power to live through your own efforts.”

Mu Ke had been pulled from the ‘bubble’ he had lived in for more than 20 years by Bai Liu. Someone wanted to entrust their life to him, a fragile person. Bai Liu calmly told him, “Before things actually happen, I will assume you can do it. If you can’t do it then we will die together, Mu Ke.”

“You don’t have to rely on anyone. Even I can rely on you. You will let us all live. I believe in you, Mu Ke.”

Mu Ke’s eyes were hollow as he was dragged out from under the bed by the patient with slender arms and legs. Since his mental value was too low, Mu Ke was immersed in the messy memory fragments. He came out like a dead body and didn’t respond as the patient’s sharp teeth lowered in order to bite his neck.

Mucus dropped onto his collarbone. The warm touch made Mu Ke’s body tremble. A moment later, a tear fell from the end of his eyes. He held the three keycaps that said ‘Delete’, ‘M’ and ‘E’ in his hand, his lips lightly opening and closing.

“Bai Liu…”

It turned out that the sensation of death coming wasn’t so unacceptable. Mu Ke thought in a trance, ‘It seems my fear isn’t of death itself. It is dying unrecognized and worthless. Once I know that my death will bring a value greater than the death itself—’

“If my death brings greater value than death itself then death isn’t unacceptable.” Bai Liu held Mu Ke’s trembling hands and smiled as he led Mu Ke to hold the bone whip and strangle his neck. “If my death allows you to enter the ICU smoothly and find the life recovery medicine, allowing you and the other 50% of my health to live then I am willing to die for you and me, Mu Ke.”

“…I would also like this, Bai Liu.” Mu Ke spoke to the patient whose mouth was opened. He closed his eyes in a trembling manner, took a deep breath, gritted his teeth and clenched his hands.

At the last moment when the monster patient opened his jaw to bite at Mu Ke’s thin shoulder, the door of the ICU was abruptly kicked open from the outside and Bai Liu coldly stepped through the door. A black shadow flashed from behind him. After several vertical jumps on the wall, the shadow jumped on the back of the patient who had opened his mouth to roar. The black shadow raised a dagger and stabbed it down hard.

[System prompt: Player Liu Huai has used the personal skill ‘One Hit Flash’. The A+ skill critical hit has caused the plant patient to be stiff for one and a half minutes.]

The patient had a bloody mouth that was as wide as a basin. His eyes were rolling and the ten sharp and slender fingers that wanted to attack hung in the air. He suddenly stopped moving. Liu Huai panted heavily and jumped off the stiff patient’s back. He wiped the sweat on his chin and called out in a cold voice, “Go quickly! The nurse is coming!”

There was the sound of the nurse’s high heeled shoes rushing toward the ICU. Bai Liu simply picked up Mu Ke, who was lying on the ground and hadn’t recovered. As he supported Mu Ke, he poured a bottle of mental bleach into Mu Ke’s mouth and started running outside with Mu Ke.

Mu Ke was dumbfounded. He was forced by Bai Liu to drink half a bottle of mental bleach before he could barely understand what was happening now. He stared in disbelief at Bai Liu’s cold and expressionless side profile as this person dragged him forward.

Bai Liu had come to save him again.

The author has something to say:

This child Mu Ke has been fooled by 6.

Author’s friend: In this chapter, I seem to see a MLM organization on TV. Silly child, you fell to this step because of him! What are you doing being grateful to 6? If either you or him have to go offline, he won’t protect you!

Proofreader: Purichan

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