GHG: Chapter 89 Part 1

Little Bai Liu (6) suddenly explained, “You also didn’t say anything like good evening to me last night. This is something I usually say to a wealthy backer when I take money but you are the wealthy backer. You don’t have to say this to me. You didn’t say good evening to me last night. It was a bit strange that the opening for tonight was good evening.”

This was true. Bai Liu recalled that he was only polite and courteous to strangers when taking money from them. The strange words were similar to Puppet Zhang. Bai Liu himself hadn’t found that he could say such things.

“How did you think of letting Mu Ke take your phone to talk to me?” Bai Liu asked with a smile. “In addition, why are you with Mu Ke tonight? Did anything happen?”

The phone on the player’s side was bound and couldn’t be exchanged, but the phone on the child’s side was different.

However, it was an extremely difficult situation for all children to go out to make a phone call. Miao Gaojiang had probably never thought of the operation of letting a child take another child out and giving the call to that child the moment the call connected.

A child’s execution ability and obedience were much lower than an adult’s, especially compared with adults who had been fighting in the game. It was much lower by many grades. On the premise that it was difficult for the group of children to make calls, only a little psycho like little Bai Liu (6) would stay up in the middle of the night for money and drag Mu Ke out all over the yard. Forget Miao Gaojiang, even Bai Liu himself was a bit surprised at little Bai Liu (6)’s rare execution ability.

He knew that he could do anything for money but once he heard little Mu Ke’s voice on the phone Bai Liu couldn’t help raising an eyebrow in surprise.

Little Bai Liu (6) reported flatly, “There is going to be the baptism tomorrow so the teacher asked us to inform the investors and parents. Thus, many children came out to call tonight. However, no one except for me has succeeded in making a call yet. Some children were attracted by the sound of the flute so the deformed children aren’t chasing us. The situation is okay.”

“As for why I’m with Mu Ke tonight, I think you already know.” Little Bai Liu (6)’s tone was cold and disgusted. “Didn’t you ask me to look after two children last night? One of the children you gave me money to take care of is a blind girl and I now know her name is Liu Jiayi. The other one is Mu Ke. I couldn’t get in touch with the girl for the time being but I am sleeping in the same room as Mu Ke. In order to get the money, I took Mu Ke from the same room with me when calling you tonight.”

“I originally meant to let you hear his voice for you to inspect the goods and verify that the child is in pretty condition. He can run and cry. I didn’t expect a situation at your end so I just didn’t talk and gave him the phone to pretend to be your investment child.”

Little Bai Liu (6) subtly paused at this point before he directly questioned Bai Liu. “In fact, I think that last night when you told me you would give money to help people, you actually wanted to let Mu Ke call you right now, right?”

There was a slight smile in Bai Liu’s voice as he leaned lazily against the wall. “You can say that.”

He told Bai Liu (6) that he would give money for Bai Liu (6) to take care of Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi for him. At the time, he knew that little Bai Liu (6) would drag one of them out to call him tonight.

His 14 year old self’s obsession with money was stronger than ever. He wouldn’t be able to give up such an opportunity for money. Bai Liu was a person who abided with trades from childhood to adulthood. He wouldn’t easily deceive his trading partner. The best way to verify the success of the trade was to let little Mu Ke talk to Bai Liu directly, saying he was in a good condition.

Little Bai Liu (6) did indeed do this.

“You could directly have me bring out Mu Ke to call you tonight without beating around the bush so much.” Bai Liu (6)’s voice obviously had the youthfulness of a teenager but it seemed cold because it was too calm. “I’ll do anything as long as you pay me.”

“Then you will know in advance that I have a hostile plan with two other investors.” Bai Liu spoke slowly. “You will surely guess what I am going to do, what type of terrible threat I will face and what this call means to me. You might betray my plans to my enemies when you make the call in order to exchange for more money from my enemies. This is something you would do, right?”

Little Bai Liu (6) over there fell into a long silence.

Bai Liu chuckled. “I can’t let you guess what I want to do because you are also a very dangerous guy.”

“I even think that you are more dangerous than anything else to me in the game. Fortunately, I know you and I can tell you a fact on the basis of knowing you. Bai Liu (6), I will give you more money than anyone else in the world. I can even give you all my money.”

Bai Liu slowly lowered his eyes. “There will be no one more generous to you than me, Bai Liu (6).”

‘It is because I am you and you are me. Money between us flows strangely across time and latitude but in essence, it is all my identity. The money I own is owned by you and me at the same time. The money won’t be diminished by a single bit.’

“All your money?” Bai Liu (6)’s tone was still cold but it was filled with an inexplicable irony to match the words he uttered. “Then you are really a kind-hearted person who isn’t selfish at all, Mr Investor.”

“I am really selfish and greedy so I’m absolutely not like this to others.” Bai Liu wasn’t offended by the sarcasm and still maintained the friendly smile on his face. “In any case, you are the most special person in this ‘world’ so I must have no reservations toward you.”

Little Bai Liu (6) didn’t answer Bai Liu’s words. He just maintained a subtly indifferent and skeptical silence.

Bai Liu continued, “I can understand what you are thinking. You must be thinking that human beings are instinctive and selfish. As an investor, why should I go against instincts for a stranger? There will be no such person in the world. Even if they exist, they must be pretending to get more benefits. After all, there is no free lunch in the world, right?”

The opposite Bai Liu (6) fell into a strange silence. It was obvious that Bai Liu knew exactly what his 14 year old self was thinking.

“That’s what I thought at your age.” Bai Liu leaned against the wall, his eyes slightly closed.

Due to his weak body, the welfare home instance that had a special meaning for him and the existence of the game NPC little Bai Liu (6), Bai Liu was rarely immersed in recalling the past. What was he like when he was 14? Bai Liu thought he wouldn’t remember much.

It was because people were indeed very forgetful creatures. Perhaps it was true that a human’s memory only lasted seven seconds. The rest of it was just something that humans constructed to deceive, confuse and comfort themselves for their own shallow feelings. Yet the moment he heard little Bai Liu (6)’s cold voice without any emotional fluctuations, Bai Liu could remember what type of person he was when he was 14 years old.

He was lonely, indifferent and out of step with everything around him. No one could understand this scrawny little boy who spent all day reading horror stories and always looking at horror stories and games at the welfare home.

When Bai Liu was 14 years old, he couldn’t hide his appearance and disguise himself like he did now. He looked at people with repulsion in his eyes and his entire body was cold. No children wanted to get close to him.

Of course, this was a big problem with Bai Liu himself. The other children in the welfare home had toys like trains or blocks donated by well-wishers. Meanwhile, Bai Liu liked the dolls that lacked arms and legs. During the time when other children were reading comic books and storybooks, Bai Liu looked at the ‘Slenderman’s Ghostly Book of Murder’ that an unknown person donated to the welfare home.

At that time, the human children hadn’t entered society and hadn’t been imbued with all types of adult rules. Every child in the welfare home would fight to the death for good toys, good food, the chance to be adopted by parents and not having to sleep on the damp, straw beds.

No one had taught them to do this. Stomping on others to live better than themselves was something akin to biological instinct. Bai Liu had realized this early on so he stayed further away from these people.

In the welfare home, there were only two people who wouldn’t fight for these things. One was Bai Liu and the other was Lu Yizhan.

Bai Liu didn’t need these things because he preferred money. Generally, children weren’t given these things in the welfare home. Lu Yizhan thought that other people needed it more so the fool took the initiative to give it out.

Lu Yizhan foolishly let go of better food, better toys and the chance to be adopted. He just watched the happy smiles of those who were blossoming from the result of exploiting him. The other party only gave simple and shallow thanks to Lu Yizhan, making the fool scratch his head and show a more brilliant smile than the other party.

“I used to think there really wouldn’t be any humans in this world who gave everything for others.” Bai Liu’s voice was soft and calm. “Even if they gave to others, it was for a sense of self-giving and self-satisfaction that has been brainwashed and nurtured in the world’s moral code. The essence is still to please themselves.”

“There are no purely good people in the world, only purely bad people.”

Little Bai Liu (6)’s breathing was coming from the opposite end as he pulled the still crying Mu Ke around the children’s welfare home late at night. Still, Bai Liu knew that he was listening.

This little guy hadn’t hung up the phone yet because he was billed by the minute. He was a really hard working company worker—albeit a child laborer.

There was a slightly lazy and idle laugh in Bai Liu’s voice as he seemed to recall something very funny. “Just as I was unwavering about these ideas, I met a fool who volunteered to be my friend.”

“He kept asking me why I was alone and gave me food when I was hungry. He found I was reading some bloody and strange books and was just stunned. Then he sneaked out to get more for me.” Bai Liu’s tone was very flat. “I was really cold to him from beginning to end. He gave things away without getting any satisfaction and I thought he would give up soon.”

Little Bai Liu (6) over there finally opened his mouth and he asked, “Did he give up?”

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1 year ago

such a heart-warming interaction :3

4 months ago

lu yizhan must never enter the games nuh uh these games will ruin him

3 months ago

Part of me hoped that lu yizhen would enter the game with Bai Lui, together they’ll be inseparable. But I deeply wish lu yizhen will continue to live as he is and never enter the game. Beating up my evil desire rn