GHG: Chapter 88 Part 2

Miao Gaojiang’s tone was calm. “The nurses will start patrolling from the first floor and will take the elevator up. They won’t take this safe passage. Miao Feichi and I are on the fifth floor while Mu Ke is on the ninth floor. There is some time before they will reach our wards.”

“It seems I can calculate the general ledger for a while.” Miao Gaojiang’s voice turned cold and abruptly sank.

Then Miao Gaojiang threw Bai Liu on his shoulder to the ground. He bent down and wrapped his broad and rough hands around Bai Liu’s thin neck. “Mu Ke, or is it Bai Liu pretending to be Mu Ke?”

Miao Feichi was startled. “Dad, what are you saying? Isn’t he Mu Ke?”

Bai Liu lowered his eyes, his voice hoarse. “…What are you talking about?”

“Bai Liu is a player with a control skill. I did previously confirm that Mu Ke was out of Bai Liu’s control before entering the ICU but after entering, it was chaotic. Feichi and I are S-grade panel players and it is impossible for Bai Liu to easily control us.” Miao Gaojiang’s eyes grew darker and he had a tendency to expose his essence as he lifted Bai Liu’s neck with his hands, pressing down on the bones of Bai Liu’s throat. “However, it should be very simple for Bai Liu to control Mu Ke again.”

“I suspect that Mu Ke was controlled by you shortly after entering the ICU. Only then would he continue to interfere with us. In the end, you pushed him as a scapegoat to be killed by us.”

Miao Gaojiang sneered. “Before, I pretended to believe you are Mu Ke and brought you out of the ward. After all, the nurses were coming. If I stayed with you in the ICU then we would be caught by the nurses and it wouldn’t be good for Feichi and I. Still, you want to play a game in front of me?”

Miao Gaojiang pinched Bai Liu’s chin and squeezed his mouth slightly.

Bai Liu felt his neck being tightly choked and breathing was difficult. He wanted to cough but was blocked by Miao Gaojiang’s hands and couldn’t even do this. His hands and feet curled up and trembled slightly because of suffocation. His pale cheeks showed a red color characteristic of hypoxia.

Miao Gaojiang narrowed his eyes. “The monster we killed used an item so it must be a player. However, it used the item called the Statue’s Shell. This is a reward from clearing the monster book.”

“This item is wrong.” Miao Gaojiang said. “Bai Liu does have this item but it was used to defend against Mu Sicheng in Exploding Last Train. I have seen your small video many times and I remember it very clearly.”

Miao Gaojiang’s tone was calm and his eyes were ruthless. “Of course, you can go to the market to buy the Statue’s Shell but you are a newcomer who doesn’t need to buy such low level items. It just so happens that I checked Mu Ke’s warehouse before. He had the item Statue’s Shell. The monster that was killed was probably Mu Ke. He instinctively used this item to survive. The things that dropped were done deliberately by you.”

“It is to make us think that the dead person is Bai Liu, right? Unfortunately, Mu Ke used the item. That is the only flaw in your plan. Bai Liu doesn’t have this item.”

Bai Liu was squeezed breathless and instinctively wanted to remove Miao Gaojiang’s hand. He explained with difficulty, “I really am Mu Ke. That item was taken away by Bai Liu after he controlled me in the ward…”

Miao Gaojiang naturally didn’t believe it and sneered at him. “Boy, you are still a bit too tender. You can only fight with us after you have been playing in the league for a year.”

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has loaded player Mu Ke’s system. Loading complete.]

Bai Liu clicked on the system interface the moment he was about to be strangled to death. The interface popped open in front of everyone. Miao Gaojiang’s eyes narrowed and his hands loosened. Bai Liu covered his neck and leaned back to breathe. His neck was pinched until it turned purple and his lips were extremely white. The rapid breathing made Bai Liu’s lips tremble. He was really almost strangled alive by Miao Gaojiang’s hands.

Miao Gaojiang stared at this system panel suspiciously. This was indeed the system panel of the player Mu Ke and the warehouse was indeed lacking the Statue’s Shell. It was just a pity that Miao Gaojiang wasn’t a player who particularly trusted the panel. He had played in the league and had a deep mind. He would take a second look at many intuitive things. He always remembered that Bai Liu was a control player. It just wasn’t clear how this skill was implemented because Bai Liu had only played two games.

It was a slightly outrageous guess that panels could be shared because this violated the rights and interests of the system and belonged to the highest category of ‘rule skills’. The first ranked Spades, second ranked Hearts and third ranked Judge of the Inverse Cross all had rule skills. It was their own skills that had an authority level like the system.

Bai Liu was unlikely to be the owner of a skill with this level. Even in the early stages, the owner of such a skill wouldn’t need to play this type of trick against Miao Gaojiang. It was because a rule skill was a very strong personal skill that could completely achieve a leapfrog killing.

Of course, it was possible that Bai Liu did have this skill but there were too many restrictions on it. Still, this possibility was small. At the very least, Miao Gaojiang hadn’t seen such a strange personal skill in the game.

Bai Liu cleared his throat as he lowered his head to softly explain, “I was indeed controlled by Bai Liu for a period of time after entering the ICU. Later, Bai Liu’s mental value was too low and his control on me was lifted. However, he took away one of my items. It was because of this that I determined that the monster was Bai Liu.”

“Is that so?” Miao Gaojiang’s eyes were gloomy. He might usually listen to Miao Feichi in many things to indulge his son but Miao Gaojiang was much more vigilant than Miao Feichi, this naughty son who liked bloody stimulation.

Miao Gaojiang saw Mu Ke’s system panel that Bai Liu showed him but still didn’t have full trust. Instead, he was filled with killing intent. If he couldn’t determine the other side’s camp and danger level, Miao Gaojiang generally chose to kill them to avoid future troubles. However, before killing…

The reason they chose to bring Mu Ke was for the important life recovery medicine. Miao Gaojiang’s tone suddenly softened. “Mu Ke, it isn’t that I don’t believe you but you have to be able to prove yourself. This system panel can show your identity but it isn’t enough for me to continue taking you with me. You were in the ICU and said you found the prescription for the life recovery medicine. Why don’t you show me?”

The life recovery medicine was used by Mu Ke to restrict Miao Feichi and Miao Feichi’s actions and disrupt their attack rhythm. Mu Ke was currently looking for it in the ICU and he would finish the search by tomorrow morning at the earliest. Bai Liu currently didn’t have the life recovery medicine at all but Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were intently guarded against him. Their attitude was already obvious.

If he brought out the life recovery medicine then at least tonight, Bai Liu could safely return to the ward as Mu Ke. If he didn’t bring it out, these two were likely to kill him on the spot to prevent hidden dangers.

—Unless Bai Liu could prove he had other value to them. The atmosphere fell silent for a moment. There was only Bai Liu’s breathing slowly recovering and the sound of Miao Feichi rubbing his two knives together behind Bai Liu.

Miao Feichi was still hesitating. “Dad, are you really sure he is Bai Liu? He saved me once…”

Miao Gaojiang glanced at Miao Feichi. “Listen to me on this one.”

Miao Feichi paused. Then the tacit understanding developed from many games made him quickly choose to unconditionally believe his father. He raised his two swords and approached Bai Liu. Miao Feichi’s physical strength might be drained and he couldn’t use any personal skills but the attack points from his panel attributes made it easy to kill Bai Liu even without his personal skill.

The curved and sharp double knives slowly and coldly moved around the back of Bai Liu’s neck. A chill passed through Bai Liu’s skin. Miao Gaojiang’s hands pressed against Bai Liu’s shoulders in a gesture of comfort. However, he only needed to close his hands gently and with Miao Gaojiang’s strength, he could easily strangle Bai Liu who only had 6 health left.

“I’m sorry to offend you.” Miao Feichi smiled. “Still, my father doubts you. It is better for you to prove your innocence.”

Miao Gaojiang squatted in front of Bai Liu, staring at him with a very kind smile that wasn’t present in his eyes. “Show me the life recovery medicine you found, Mu Ke.”

Mu Sicheng’s escape skill was on cooldown and Bai Liu’s current physical strength simply couldn’t use any skills. He couldn’t escape at all.

Miao Gaojiang’s tone was calm. “Why, can’t you remember Mu Ke? Shall I help you think about it? When you were under the bed, you suddenly yelled that you got the life recovery medicine and interrupted our attack rhythm. Were you controlled by Bai Liu at that time? If he manipulated you to cheat us and we got nothing after using so much effort to bring you in, I am going to be angry.”

“You can’t afford the consequences of my anger.” Miao Gaojiang was like an elder giving advice but his hand suddenly grabbed Bai Liu’s neck and his eyes were becoming fiercer.

In the last second before Miao Gaojiang’s patience was lost, Bai Liu’s phone rang suddenly. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang exchanged looks of surprise. Unexpectedly, this guy’s child was actually calling him.

Bai Liu picked up the phone but before he had time to say anything, Miao Gaojiang grabbed Bai Liu’s phone. He gazed at Bai Liu calmly and Bai Liu understood what Miao Gaojiang wanted to do.

Miao Gaojiang deserved to be an old player. He was overly concerned. Perhaps it was Bai Liu’s unknown control skill that made Miao Gaojiang, the experienced old player, more alert. Bai Liu had already shown his system panel but Miao Gaojiang was still suspicious of his identity.

In this game, apart from the system panel, there was another very important way to determine identity—the child corresponding to the player. The phone was a one-to-one binding operation between the player and child. The system required the player to carry the phone at all times to answer the child’s phone call. It couldn’t be discarded or exchanged.

In other words, a player’s phone could only correspond to their own child. To a certain extent, it was clear that a child’s phone call received by the player definitely reflected the player’s identity. The child who called didn’t know what happened to the player. In other words, if the player in front of him was Bai Liu pretending to be Mu Ke, this was possible because he and the investor Mu Ke had the same voice and appearance.

However, there was no way for the child Bai Liu (6) to change his identity. He was little Bai Liu (6). There were many differences between him and the child Mu Ke such as their voice. An S-grade player like Miao Gaojiang could easily distinguish between the voice of the child Mu Ke and the child Bai Liu.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t know the specific voices of the two children. Tomorrow was the welfare home’s baptism and Miao Gaojiang would see the child Mu Ke and Bai Liu. If the voice of little Bai Liu (6) was inconsistent with the child Mu Ke that Miao Gaojiang would see tomorrow then he would definitely know that the person here wasn’t Mu Ke.

Bai Liu calmly watched Miao Gaojiang who had taken his phone. Miao Gaojiang didn’t speak. Even if the nurses downstairs had already started going up, this person was very calm.

Miao Gaojiang thought for two seconds. Then he tapped Bai Liu’s shoulder with his index finger and put the phone to Bai Liu’s ear, raising his chin coldly. Miao Gaojiang’s intention was very clear. He wanted Bai Liu to speak and make little Bai Liu (6) think this side was still the investor. He couldn’t expose that someone else was holding the phone on this side. This would ensure that the child would speak without knowing the situation i.e. the child’s voice must correspond to the original player.

“Good evening.” Bai Liu’s tone was steady and he spoke smoothly under Miao Gaojiang’s eyes.

There was the rapid breathing of several children running and the sound of footsteps was very dense. It felt like a group of children was running wild. There was faint crying and some strange and ethereal children’s laughter. This was closely followed by the sound of footsteps. He couldn’t determine how many children were running and gasping.

“G-Good evening, Mr Investor.” It was a little boy’s soft and weak voice. He seemed to be dragged away and his voice was slightly crying. “I-I am Mu Ke. I came to call you.”

It was really the voice of little Mu Ke.

Bai Liu smiled imperceptibly. Well done, little Bai Liu (6).

After hearing the child’s voice, Miao Gaojiang and Bai Liu stared at each other before Miao Gaojiang slowly retracted his hands stuck around Bai Liu’s neck. It was the case where the opposite side spoke his identity while not knowing anything. Miao Gaojiang didn’t have any more reason to doubt that Bai Liu was Mu Ke.

Miao Gaojiang finally put down his vigilance and patted Bai Liu on the shoulder. “The nurses are coming up. Go back to your ward first. I’m sorry for my attitude towards you just now. It is mainly because Bai Liu is too cunning and we needed to do a few more confirmations. Your child’s willingness to call you tonight helped a lot. Then the life recovery medicine…”

“I do know the life recovery medicine.” Bai Liu interrupted Miao Gaojiang. “However, this recipe is too complicated. I will organize it and give it to you tomorrow morning.”

Mu Ke should’ve finished reading in the ICU by the morning and could give it to Bai Liu. Everything was just right. Bai Liu, no, Mu Ke had the life recovery medicine and this obviously eased Miao Gaojiang’s attitude quite a bit. He nodded. “Then please. We will try our best to take you through the instance. The nurses are coming. That’s it for tonight. Let’s go back to our ward.”

Back in the ward, Bai Liu went to Mu Ke’s previous ward. He pulled the door shut and spoke into the phone that was still connected. “Bai Liu (6)?”

“I’m here.” The other side changed back to a young boy’s very cold voice. Next to him was the sound of a child crying and running. It should be little Mu Ke.

Little Bai Liu (6) calmly asked, “Who else was just listening to the phone?”

“How did you know there was someone else on the phone here?” Bai Liu asked with interest. “Mine was the only voice.”

Bai Liu (6) was very indifferent. “I heard the breathing of three people and your voice was too far away from the receiver. This wasn’t the normal state of our calls. The call probably wasn’t picked up by you. It seemed like you were being coerced into answering my call.”

The author has something to say:

Little 6 is really reliable! I love Little 6!

Proofreader: Purichan

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yes! we love little 6!!
reliable children.. such a blessing!

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Little 6 is the BEST!! He’s my absolute fav!

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Little six will let other stupid player know how smart bai Liu is. He has been smart from young. I can’t wait to read the audience reaction

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bai liu is truly bai liu he’s always been a smart bean 🥹🥹

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Little Lui, this awesome kid! He could be stinky but he’s still awesome!

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