GHG: Chapter 88 Part 1

Suddenly, a snow-white statue appeared next to the monster.

The weight of the statue was extremely excessive. In Exploding Last Train, it was able to directly press Bai Liu to kneel on the ground. Now it hung on the thin and tall plant monster and this could only lead to one thing. The patient was pressed to the ground by the heavy statue that suddenly hung on his shoulders. He slipped as if standing unsteadily. He swayed twice before falling forward. He happened to land just on top of Mu Ke.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Miao Feichi’s falling two knives slowly slashed at the plant patient’s snow-white armor. The knife tip shook twice and there was the sound of iron being cut. The statue shattered into thousands of plaster-like pieces, striking the dying Mu Ke.

Miao Feichi’s knives easily cut this ordinary level item and continued without stopping until it cut half of the muscles of the monster patient. It dangerously stopped right in front of Mu Ke’s eyes. In other words, it deflected Miao Feichi’s extremely heavy attack for him.

Bai Liu’s face was pale but his eyes were calm.

The resistance of an ordinary grade item was only 100 or so. It couldn’t stop Miao Feichi’s attack power, which was at least several thousand. If Bai Liu put the statue item on Mu Ke, it wouldn’t delay Miao Feichi from cutting him in half.

Therefore, Bai Liu played a small trick. He took advantage of the heavy weight of the statue and placed it on the slender and tall body of the plant patient who was an A+ monster. Use the weight of the statue to make the patient fall forward on Mu Ke’s body. The statue + plant patient would become Mu Ke’s shield, blocking Miao Feichi’s shocking blow.

Mu Ke saw this item and his eyes lit up slightly from where he was pressed under the monster patient. He glanced at Bai Liu in the corner and silently called out Bai Liu’s name. Mu Ke’s fingers that were sucked dry by the plant patient and only had a layer of skin left grabbed at the broken fragments.

Mu Ke had been convinced for no reason that Bai Liu wouldn’t let him die easily, just like in the beginning. Thus, he didn’t flinch even at the last moment.

Then Bai Liu indeed did so.

The countdown was eight seconds.

Miao Feichi’s eyes widened and he showed the bloody smile of a hunter who found prey. His double knives cut through the fragments in the air and headed toward the patient who was wearing the statue armor and pressed against Mu Ke’s body without hesitation.

“Bai Liu, you can’t help but use an item! You finally exposed yourself!”

Mu Ke staggered and stood up. He wanted to act as a monster until the last moment so he bared his teeth and bit at Miao Feichi’s wrist. Miao Gaojiang came to him and tried to kill the monster Mu Ke with one punch. Bai Liu quickly kicked at a bed and blocked Miao Gaojiang from attacking Mu Ke. At the same time, it stopped Mu Ke’s attack on Miao Feichi.

Miao Gaojiang had an ominous feeling and he looked strangely at Bai Liu. This type of familiar operation…

Bai Liu smiled weakly and coughed twice, showing no flaws. “I wanted to stop him from sucking Miao Feichi’s blood.”

The countdown was six seconds.

Miao Feichi’s double knives slashed through the wall and forced the plant patient into a corner. The plant patient that had been stabbed by Miao Feichi several times hissed and wanted to bite Miao Feichi. Now Miao Feichi had completely regarded this monster as Bai Liu. In addition, the previous performance by Mu Ke who was unable to break through his defense gave Miao Feichi the wrong assessment. Miao Feichi saw that this monster wanted to bite him and showed a scornful smile, not too defensive.

He really didn’t need to be on guard. Even if this monster bit him, Miao Feichi wouldn’t be killed easily. However, once bitten, there would be a system attack alert. This would suggest that this thing was the real monster, not the player Bai Liu as he thought.

Bai Liu got up and stepped on the hospital bed he had just kicked over. Mu Ke pretending to be the monster pounced at Bai Liu. Then the suspicious Miao Gaojiang once again tried to smash Mu Ke, the clumsy little monster, with his fist.

Bai Liu’s eyes were calm to the extreme. He hooked up the bookshelf that had fallen on the hospital bed to block the ‘pouncing’ Mu Ke. At the same time, the bookshelf that was kicked up by Bai Liu was just right to block Miao Gaojiang again.

This seemed like he was preventing Mu Ke’s attack but in fact, it was preventing Miao Gaojiang from hitting Mu Ke. However, it happened two consecutive times so Miao Gaojiang was suspicious. This was the familiar feeling of being interrupted when about to kill a monster. Still, it was true that Mu Ke had done so before. He inadvertently pushed the hospital beds to block their attacks. Nevertheless, a discomfort that made him feel uncomfortable came from somewhere.

Miao Gaojiang frowned but he soon stopped his thoughts. Bai Liu, or ‘Mu Ke’ in Miao Gaojiang’s eyes, stepped on the bed and after stopping the monster, he ran to Miao Feichi’s side in a few steps.

Currently, the monster was opening his mouth to bite Miao Feichi but Miao Feichi wasn’t dodging. He was just waving his double knives again and again with the resentful spirit’s wailing as the background noise.

Bai Liu looked at Miao Feichi and his eyes moved slightly. Right now, he and Mu Ke had a similar health value, mental value and appearance. There was only one difference between them.

Bai Liu looked down and touched his neck—it was the wound on his neck. The wound on his neck was different from the one on Mu Ke’s neck. One was cut by a whip and the other was a tooth mark by a monster. This was the last step in the exchange of identities between him and Mu Ke—the same wound.

The countdown was four seconds.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has switched to player Mu Sicheng’s system template and has used player Mu Sicheng’s personal skill.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu’s personal skill ‘Thief Moving Stealthily’ will soon be unable to be used due to physical strength running out. You have 10 seconds remaining to use this skill. 10, 9…]

[Systemp prompt: PLayer Bai Liu has forcibly pulled ‘Thief Moving Stealthily’ to full speed and the consumption of physical strength is serious. It can only be used for 1 second. Speed +7000.]

The moment Miao Feichi raised the knives again, the monster screamed hoarsely and prepared to bite Miao Feichi’s neck. Just then, there was a small gap between Miao Feichi and the monster. Bai Liu’s eyes were calm as he took a step toward Miao Feichi.

After this step, he used extreme speed and seemed like he was pulled over by something. He seemed to disappear in place before reappearing again in the next second in the gap between Miao Feichi and the monster. Bai Liu adjusted his position so the place where his neck was cut by the whip was bitten by the monster.

The moment he was bitten, both the monster’s and his Adam’s apple moved. The monster’s was due to sucking blood while Bai Liu’s was due to the exhaustion of physical strength. His eyes were dazed.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s physical strength gauge is empty. Please add to it quickly!]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s blood is being sucked by the plant patient monster! Health and mental values are falling rapidly! Please return to safety quickly!]

“Miao, Feichi…” Bai Liu’s eyes were filled with a layer of water as he raised his gaze to Miao Feichi and spoke in a weak tone. “I was brought over due to Bai Liu’s control. Kill him quickly.”

“F*k, he is still pulling you to block the knife at this time.” Miao Feichi cursed. His gaze moved around Bai Liu’s head and his two knives stabbed hard behind Bai Liu. They were face to face and the fleshy smell from Miao Feichi’s breath came toward Bai Liu.

Miao Feichi sneered at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu is an idiot in his last struggle. It is no use. He will be killed by me. You don’t have to be afraid. I am here and you won’t die.”

Bai Liu’s face was weak and his eyes were full of tears as his mouth curved up slightly. “Thank you, great god Miao.”

The countdown was three seconds.

Miao Feichi held the double knives with both hands, his arms surrounding Bai Liu as he flicked the two knives to pierce the head of the monster biting Bai Liu’s neck. The sound of bones cracking was heard in Bai Liu’s ears.

The moment when Miao Feichi’s double knives pierced the monster’s skull, the monster’s jaw instantly doubled its force. Bai Liu was bitten hard by the monster and his collarbone slightly shook. Blood dripped from his neck as he let out a gasp.

Sticky liquid flowed from behind Bai Liu, wetting his hospital gown. There was a strong smell as the sharp teeth biting Bai Liu slowly loosened.

The monster’s skull was brutally stabbed by two knives. The monster shook his head two times and his teeth were stained with blood as he retreated in a trembling manner. Miao Feichi ended the last struggle of the plant patient in an expressionless manner. The monster’s head was sliced off by Miao Feichi and fell. The body without a head slowly fell to the ground, never to rise again.

Bai Liu also sank to the ground due to a lack of physical strength. He lowered his head and gasped. He covered the hole the monster had left on his neck that was still oozing blood while slowly adjusting his breathing. His somewhat scattered focus gradually returned as he saw the strange head that rolled to his feet. He returned to his original calm gaze.

[System prompt: Will player Bai Liu empty the entire system warehouse and points, throwing them to the ground?]


The countdown was two seconds.

Next to the monster patient that had fallen to his death were piles of items and points. It was exactly like the scene of a player dropping items and points after death. There were some sparking broken lenses as well as messy small items that shone in the dark, chaotic and dusty ward.

“Are these the broken lenses?” Miao Gaojiang crouched down and picked one up to take a look. Then he briefly glanced at the other dropped items and the dead monster’s head with a somewhat complicated expression. “Bai Liu’s items and points from his two instances are here.”

“Although the death panel didn’t pop up due to the split up health setting of the game, the main identity line is dead. This should be Bai Liu.”

“Yes, it should be.” Miao Feichi squatted and licked his lips. “This is Bai Liu and you are Mu Ke, right? Oh, you also didn’t have to block it for me just now. This strange thing is A+ at most and it can’t bite me. Still, as thanks, I will give you a bottle to restore physical strength. Drink it.”

Bai Liu lowered his eyelids and replied softly. He took the physical strength recovery agent that Miao Feichi handed him.

Then Miao Feichi used a knife to cut a piece of skin from the monster’s face. He put it in his mouth and chewed it twice before spitting it out. “There is the smell of rotting meat and it is hard to eat. This Bai Liu guy was alienated so badly.”

Miao Gaojiang put away the items and points. Then his ears moved and he frowned as he pushed open the door of the ICU. The nurse’s office door had opened and a group of nurses was walking toward the ICU.

The night nurses were going to start patrolling.

Miao Gaojiang gave a reminder to Miao Feichi who was still playing at the corpse of ‘Bai Liu’ with his double knives. “Feichi, stop playing. It is 9 o’clock and the nurses are coming out. Let’s go.”

“Yes.” Miao Feichi put away his knives and stood up. Then he looked around. “What about that monster? Let’s kill it. Maybe we can earn more points in the final comprehensive evaluation. It will only take a few seconds to earn more points since it is weak. It is a clean-up effort.”

In fact, Miao Feichi didn’t need to earn more points. He just had an addiction to killing and it was still within his skill time.

Mu Ke, who was hiding under the bed, held his breath. He clenched his fists nervously and his entire body was attached to the bottom of the hospital bed. He didn’t dare to breathe out of fear of being discovered by Miao Feichi.

‘This is the last step, the last step!’ Mu Ke prayed crazily in his heart. ‘I will be okay!’

Bai Liu covered his neck and coughed. His mouth and neck were covered with blood and it seemed like he could die at any moment.

“No, it’s too late.” Miao Gaojiang glanced at Mu Ke (actually Bai Liu), who was sitting on the ground and he lowered his voice slightly, “We need to take Mu Ke to run. Your physical strength is going to be exhausted so don’t cause more trouble. We have achieved our two goals of gaining the life recovery medicine and killing Bai Liu. Let’s go first. This hospital is full of monsters. It isn’t too late to start the killing after you recover.”

Miao Feichi glanced around the ward and his eyes fell on ‘Mu Ke’ who really did look like he was dying. Bai Liu covered his neck and gave a slight cough. Blood overflowed from his mouth and wet his flesh-colored lips.

Outside the door, the nurses’ high heels stepping on the ground rhythmically was heard one after another. He heard that someone was soon going to reach the ICU and Miao Feichi finally took back his knives. “Let’s go. In any case, it is just an ordinary monster and won’t give too many points.”

Under the hospital bed, Mu Ke almost collapsed when he heard this sentence. They were finally gone.

Miao Gaojiang had more strength so he went and put his hands under Mu Ke’s armpits, lifting him up like carrying a sack.

Bai Liu hung from this person and his breathing was very slight. In the end, he was bitten severely and his health had almost emptied. Miao Feichi slipped out of the ward first, followed by Miao Gaojiang carrying Bai Liu like a sack. The two of them moved quickly. By the time the nurse arrived at the ICU, they had sneaked into the safe passage with Bai Liu.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

the plan was crazy
so many information in such a short time

1 year ago

Haha…if you can’t beat high level players with skills, beat them at being more greedier and crazier

6 months ago

Does that mean god mu’s black monkey’s fingers is completely gone? I can feel him madly pulling his hair right at this moment…