GHG: Chapter 87 Part 3

Bai Liu dragged Mu Ke and the plant monster to run around the ward. Thanks to Bai Liu’s high speed movement, the three monsters ran around this dark room at a dazzling speed. One minute they were here and the next minute, they were there. In addition, Mu Ke was alienated. The three monsters were all almost the same height and they had spots on their body. This made it impossible to tell who was who.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang might have high attribute panels but there was no way to quickly kill three Siamese twin-like monsters with A+ speed. In addition, they had to take care not to hurt Mu Ke. This made it very difficult for Miao Feichi and he became unbearably angry.

“F*k, did these monsters here grow by eating Mu Sicheng? They run so fast!” Miao Feichi cursed and a trace of bloodthirst filled his eyes. He licked his lips and quickly judged the situation at hand. “If we can’t tell them apart, just kill them all regardless of Mu Ke. There is no need to let this fool follow us. We can figure out the life recovery medicine later. Just kill Bai Liu first.”

“There is only one minute left, Feichi.” Miao Gaojiang frowned. “We can’t kill all three…”

Miao Feichi licked the blood that had splashed on the corner of his mouth when he cut Bai Liu. “It won’t be too late. I just have to open the S-grade and dozens of seconds will be enough.”

“Using the S-grade in this type of place is a waste of your physical strength…” Seeing Miao Feichi staring at him in the room, Miao Feichi was obviously infuriated. If he didn’t kill these three monsters then it would be hard to talk to him…

Miao Gaojiang froze for a moment before sighing helplessly. “…Fine, it is just a level 2 game. Open it if you like.”

[System prompt: Player Miao Feichi has used the personal S-grade skill ‘Resentment Double Knives’. According to player Miao Feichi’s current physical strength, it can be used for one minute. After one minute, the physical strength gauge will be empty and physical strength recovery agents can’t be used. Physical strength will return to normal after one day. Is player Miao Feichi sure to use it?]

[System prompt: Player Miao Feichi is sure to use it. The double knives are filled with the resentment of those it killed. Attack +8,001. Miao Feichi’s physical strength is rapidly declining…]

There was no emotion in Miao Feichi’s face as he struck the ground with his double knives. The ground instantly cracked and a type of strange white mist surged on his double knives, bringing a strong bloody energy with it. Gradually, the white fog formed a long, human-like appearance that floated in the air like a ghost. Its tail still hovered on the double knives and it opened its lips to scream silently.

The soul of resentment reluctantly wrapped around the murderer who was holding its own sacrificial knives. The resentment soared into the sky but it was useless apart from making the knives brighter and sharper. Perhaps it was still useful. It could help its own murderer make more resentful souls to accompany it.

Miao Feichi’s double knives shot forward and the resentful spirit roared.

The white ghost rushed from the surface of the knives ferociously, like a vortex wrapped in the water vapor in the ward. It aimed at the three monster-like patients on the opposite site. The double knives followed closely behind and in almost a second, Miao Feichi crossed through the white fog. He inserted a knife into the wall to fix his body and stepped on the wall. Meanwhile, his other knife reached the tip of Bai Liu’s nose.

The strength of this knife was very powerful and it wasn’t at the same level as before. Bai Liu could feel the heat of the knife wiping out the white mist. The previous knife was just fast. It wasn’t so aggressive.

Miao Feichi’s knife seemed like it would cut Bai Liu’s neck cleanly, causing his head to fall to the ground. Bai Liu’s eyes sank.

He quickly avoided Miao Feichi’s knife at a high speed, the wind from the knife cutting a mark on his face. Within a second of the knife brushing by his face, Miao Feichi looked over coldly and pulled the curved knife back. The tip of the knife seemed to pierce through the back of Bai Liu’s neck. Bai Liu didn’t have time to turn away and dodge so he used the monkey hand to grab at the knife.

This knife wasn’t as easy to block as before. Bai Liu couldn’t pinch the tip of the knife and it passed through the palm of his hand to stab the back of his neck. Blood spilled from the corners of Bai Liu’s mouth.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used the skill ‘Thief’s Monkey Hand’. The judgment has dropped by 50% so 50% of the damage is blocked.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used ‘Siren’s Fish Scale’ to block 49.7% of the damage. The item is slightly chipped (10% damage). Please repair it in a timely manner.]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s health has dropped to 7! The mental value has dropped to 27!]

Reasonably speaking, 99% of the damage of Miao Feichi’s knife was blocked but the remaining 1% of the damage should be enough to kill Bai Liu. However, when the knife pierced the back of Bai Liu’s neck, the tip only sank in by a shallow millimeter and it was blocked.

He didn’t know when but the coin with the fish scale had somehow made its way to his back, timely blocking the tip of Miao Feichi’s knife.

Bai Liu glanced at Mu Ke whose blood was still being sucked and who was about to lose consciousness. Mu Ke coughed and saw Bai Liu, whose neck had been pierced, causing his pupils to shrink. Bai Liu estimated Mu Ke’s mental value and health in his mind before calmly releasing Mu Ke who was holding him tightly.

Mu Ke opened his eyes with difficulty and his hands dropped slowly and weakly.

Bai Liu’s body was pushed forward by the impact of Miao Feichi’s knife. Miao Feichi raised the curved knives and the moment he was going to kill this person, Bai Liu suddenly whispered pitifully, “I am, cough, Mu Ke.”

Miao Feichi was startled. He stopped and stopped the knives that were heading downwards. He cursed that he went for the wrong person and kicked away the bleeding Bai Liu. Then he headed toward the other two monsters without hesitation.

Bai Liu was kicked to a corner by Miao Feichi. He leaned against the wall, becoming weaker while his eyes calmly watched Miao Feichi attacking the delirious Mu Ke. He secretly took out a soul banknote and pressed it on his panel.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Ke’s soul banknote to intervene in the other person’s system panel. After the intervention, player Bai Liu can use the player Mu Ke’s system panel.]

Mu Ke staggered and dodged but he didn’t completely escape. His body was grazed by Miao Feichi’s double knives and he fell to the ground.

[System warning: Player Mu Ke’s health has dropped to 6! The mental value has dropped to 26!]

Miao Feichi seemed to have noticed that something wasn’t right. He didn’t kill Mu Ke but hit him with the back of the knife. Mu Ke was hit by him and curled up into a ball. Miao Feichi stepped on Miao Feichi’s back and stared down at Mu Ke with narrowed eyes. “…This reaction has no strength. It is nothing like the monster and Bai Liu I fought before. Why do I think you are Mu Ke?”

Miao Feichi patted Mu Ke’s face twice with the double knives, his eyes drifting dangerously between Bai Liu and Mu Ke. “Hey, are you conscious? Answer me, who are you?”

Mu Ke suddenly opened his mouth and bit Miao Feichi’s ankle. His eyes were red and he imitated the way the monster sucked on him. He tried hard to madly suck Miao Feichi’s blood. A whimper emerged from his throat as his teeth dug into Miao Feichi’s skin.

He was imitating the monster. Mu Ke didn’t want to expose that Bai Liu was pretending to be himself so according to Bai Liu’s words, he acted as the monster. Bai Liu had said that Mu Ke needed to look like the monster in the ward. It was only in this way that Bai Liu could be safely out of danger.

Mu Ke bit down on Miao Feichi’s ankle like a mad dog. He was too weak so he was more like a hysterical puppy. Miao Feichi’s S-grade defense wasn’t something he could gnaw through when he was a puppy player.

Miao Feichi cursed and said, “You should be the monster almost killed by my father.” Then he raised the double knives to take Mu Ke’s life.

Mu Ke didn’t avoid it at all. Blood poured from his mouth while there was only one thought in his mind. This thought was in accordance with the plan that Bai Liu had made for him previously. ‘Be sure to bite this person and don’t let him leave!’

Bai Liu’s health was already low. He couldn’t let Miao Feichi go to Bai Liu or Bai Liu would definitely die. This was the thought that Mu Ke had repeatedly planted in his mind as if he was hypnotized from too much fear when he had previously seen Bai Liu fallen in a pool of blood.

Mu Ke’s hands were firmly attached to Miao Feichi’s legs. His eyes were dazed as he closed his jaw and bit his opponent, even if he couldn’t bite. Miao Feichi swore and aimed the resentful soul knives downwards.

Bai Liu calmly calculated the time. There were 10 seconds left. It was almost time.

[System prompt: Will player Bai Liu use the tool ‘Statue’s Shell’ to enhance the resistance attributes of player Mu Ke?]

Bai Liu’s eyes were cold. [No, use the Statue’s Shell on the plant patient.]

[System prompt: In the process of calculating… Since the plant patient has absorbed 35% of player Mu Ke’s blood that contains player Mu Ke’s attributes, it can directly use player Mu Ke’s equipment. Does player Bai Liu want to confirm that the tool should be given to the monster plant patient instead of the endangered player Mu Ke to increase defense?]

Miao Feichi’s knives filled with countless resentments were falling toward the hollow-eyed Mu Ke.

Bai Liu raised his eyelids and glanced at it casually, his expression lukewarm. [Confirmed. Don’t use it on Mu Ke.]

(TL Note: Reminder. Statue’s Shell is a reward from Siren Town’s monster book and increases defense by 100 points. It is different from the Merfolk Amulet used in Exploding Last Train.)

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

…This is why I am so sorry for players who’s been bewitched by Bai Liu

3 months ago
Reply to  NIAN27

I agree that it seems heartless and cruel, but before, whenever something like this happened, it always turned out to be Bai Liu’s plan and everything was calculated to keep his partners safe. In fact, he puts the lives of others before his own in dangerous situations

1 year ago