GHG: Chapter 87 Part 2

Miao Feichi slashed his double knives again. This was one of his strong attack skills and this time, there was no Mu Ke to interfere. Miao Feichi’s double knives smoothly cut off two of Bai Liu’s fingers. They were the equipped black fingers that were cut off by Miao Feichi.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu’s tool ‘Thief’s Black Fingers’ has dropped two fingers. The strength of the personal skill ‘Monkey Thief’ has been reduced to three-fifths.]

“Hey, I feel like I don’t have to choose.” Miao Feichi’s voice was filled with a bit of joy. “The monster on my side can’t stand it. I should be able to solve it in five minutes.”

“Solve it quickly. Once you are done, come and help me. Then my side will also be quick.” Miao Gaojiang responded, his expression easing slightly.

Mu Ke clenched his fists under the bed, his lips white and trembling and his chest still faintly aching. It was the aftermath of being kicked by Miao Feichi. He was madly praying in his heart—there was still five minutes left. Hurry up! Hurry up these five minutes!

Miao Feichi’s double knives were just like the arms of a mantis. These weapons that were derived from his personal skill were much more suitable for a player’s habits than the item weapons dropped during game instances. Miao Feichi’s double knives were like an extended part of his hands. If an idiom had to be used to describe it, his arms were like moving clouds and flowing water. The dance was swift and powerful.

After the early confusion caused by the narrow and dim view and multiple people in a small space, Miao Feichi soon found his rhythm and started to attack frantically against the retreating Bai Liu. His double swords slashed horizontally, diagonally and vertically. In the ward, even the slight sound of the blades cutting through the air could be heard and there was a unique sense of rhythm.

There was no sound when the fast knives cut something off. Only the sound of the thing falling to the ground.

Mu Ke saw black fingers falling one after another in front of the hospital bed he was hiding under and he gritted his teeth, his palm almost bleeding from where his nails dug into it. There were still three minutes left.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu’s tool ‘Thief’s Black Fingers’ has dropped one finger. The strength of the personal skill ‘Monkey Thief’ has been reduced to two-fifths.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu’s tool ‘Thief’s Black Fingers’ has dropped one finger. The strength of the personal skill ‘Monkey Thief’ has been reduced to one-fifth.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu’s tool ‘Thief’s Black Fingers’ has dropped one finger. All the equipment has dropped and the person skill ‘Monkey Thief’ has lost its enhancement. It has dropped from an A+ skill to an A skill. The block judgment for A+ skills is reduced to 50%.]

Miao Feichi’s double knives slashed from above. Bai Liu dodged and used the monkey hand to block. Miao Feichi laughed scornfully. The double knives moved through the air with a shake of his wrists and the flat grip changed its orientation. The double knives changed from a vertical strike to a horizontal one. Bai Liu was forced to retreat to the corner by Miao Feichi and he had nowhere to hide.

The cold double knives were about to cut Bai Liu’s throat. Miao Feichi seemed to have anticipated his own victory when he did this movement. The moment he wielded the knives, he turned to face Miao Gaojiang with a wicked smile. “My side is done…”

Before he finished speaking, the hospital bed behind him suddenly moved and slammed into Miao Feichi’s waist. Miao Feichi’s body swayed due to the hospital bed that assaulted him from behind. The blades brushed past Bai Liu’s face dangerously and cut the wall. The sharp, curved blade reflected Bai Liu’s pale face stained with a bit of blood.

Mu Ke gasped as he stood behind the hospital bed, holding the railing of the bed with both hands. He looked at Bai Liu who was almost hacked to death by Miao Feichi with lingering fear.

There was one minute left.

Bai Liu suddenly smiled.

Miao Feichi finally couldn’t withstand his anger since Mu Ke repeatedly interrupted his attack process. He saw Mu Ke hiding under the bed and cursed. “Are you f*king sick?!”

Miao Feichi kicked away the bed and pulled Mu Ke from the bed. He slapped Mu Ke and scolded him with gritted teeth, “Every time I want to successfully kill the monster, you come out and make trouble. You f*king…” Miao Feichi showed a fierce look and raised the two knives in his hands to kill Mu Ke.

Mu Ke raised a hand to wipe at the corners of his mouth that were bleeding due to Miao Feichi. He shrank back in the corner as if afraid of Miao Feichi. He had a book in his hand and he explained in a very low voice, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I was just looking for a book under the bed and I found a very key book! The system prompt told me it was the life recovery medicine.”

Miao Feichi’s anger that was soaring to the top of his head stopped and his expression was stunned. “You found it so soon?” Then he narrowed his eyes and spoke impatiently, “You better have found the recovery medicine or I’ll f*king…”

Miao Gaojiang stopped his attack, formed a zombie fist and continued to attack the monster patient. He retreated toward Miao Feichi and said while approaching, “Feichi, don’t hit him! Look at the recovery medicine prescription that he got!”

The abusive words that came to Miao Feichi’s lips were swallowed back down. He lowered his double knives and tried to pull Mu Ke up. However, Mu Ke seemed frightened by his previous beatings. He stepped back while holding his head, unknowingly getting close to Bai Liu in the corner. Miao Feichi saw that Mu Ke was approaching the monster and was dumbfounded. He tried to save Mu Ke.

Yet the moment Miao Feichi raised his knives, this movement ‘frightened’ Mu Ke. It caused Mu Ke to scream and crawl back toward Bai Liu in a panic.

Miao Feichi was completely crazy. He had never looked after such a stupid ordinary player before. This person was actually taking the initiative to send his head to the monster? Miao Feichi couldn’t bear it and cursed. “You f*king fool! There is something weird over there. Get out of there!”

Mu Ke pretended to be afraid. He lowered his head while quietly grabbing Bai Liu’s wrist. He gulped nervously and closed his eyes while telling himself, ‘Be sure to stay awake. You must stay awake. No matter how your mental value drops, Mu Ke, you must stay away! Be sure to hold Bai Liu’s hand firmly and not let go!’

Bai Liu leaned forward slightly. He lowered his eyes to look at Mu Ke, whose hands were shaking even while grasping him. Bai Liu whispered to confirm it with Mu Ke, “Are you holding on steadily?”

Mu Ke gulped and nodded his head slightly.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Sicheng’s personal skill ‘Thief Moving Stealthily’. Since player Bai Liu’s personal strength gauge is too low, player Bai Liu can only use this skill for one minute and can’t turn on the full speed mode. The final calculation result is +4,900. Are you sure to use this skill?]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu is sure to use it. Movement speed +4,900, physical strength is declining rapidly…]

Miao Feichi watched as the monster in front of him suddenly attached himself to a body. He pulled Mu Ke at a speed Miao Feichi couldn’t see clearly and moved like a fish between the two beds in the ICU.

The two similar monsters were like slippery loaches and Miao Feichi couldn’t find the other person several times. Mu Ke cried and shouted for Miao Feichi to help him but Bai Liu’s extremely fast movement and the dim environment meant Miao Feichi couldn’t distinguish between Bai Liu and Mu Ke.

Miao Feichi was irritated by Mu Ke’s crying and he found it too troublesome. “Shut up.” He instinctively threw out the double knives to cut at someone.

Miao Gaojiang interrupted Miao Feichi who was going to throw the double knives. “Mu Ke is there too! He has the prescription for the life recovery medicine. Don’t cut casually! Look clearly and then cut!”

“What looking bullsh*t?!” Miao Feichi was so angry that his head was going to release smoke. “They look exactly the same! They are running so fast that even if this idiot is crying, I can’t see who is who!”

Miao Gaojiang calmly reminded him, “Mu Ke’s degree of alienation is much lighter. He is shorter than the monster and has no spots on the body. Look seriously and you can tell them apart!”

He had just finished speaking when two black shadows suddenly emerged from underneath the bed next to Miao Gaojiang. Miao Gaojiang was fighting against the monster patient when two thin, ghostly looking people emerged in front of him.

Miao Gaojiang wanted to control the monster in front of him but he was afraid that one of the two monsters that just sprang out was Mu Ke. Miao Gaojiang withdrew his fist and let go of the monster he wanted to kill. In order to avoid an accidental injury, he instinctively took two steps back.

Bai Liu carried Mu Ke and stood in front of the monster patient who was beaten by Miao Gaojiang. His blood-stained face was calm and cold, like a mad gambler with everything under his control.

Miao Gaojiang was stunned for a second when he saw this look and an ominous hunch filled him.

Bai Liu carried Mu Ke by the collar and raised him in front of the monster plant patient. The plant patient seemed to smell the blood. He sniffed for two seconds before his mucus-covered sharp teeth aimed for Bai Liu’s side.

He felt like these two people were players he could suck blood from. The plant patient opened his long and sharp fingers and tried to grab Bai Liu, who felt weaker, to suck blood from.

Bai Liu didn’t look back and didn’t hesitate to move Mu Ke to the monster’s side. The monster’s sharp teeth opened and he quickly grabbed Mu Ke’s trembling shoulders with his dry and sticky ten fingers. He seemed to be looking for a place to suck blood.

Mu Ke took a deep breath and turned his head in a trembling manner, his hair falling aside and revealing a blue-white neck to the monster.

The monster grinned bizarrely and contentedly, biting Mu Ke’s bare neck and starting to swallow blood.

Mu Ke couldn’t help trembling from the pain of having his blood sucked and blood quickly faded from his face. He hissed and sobbed. His hand was clutching at the patient who was sucking his blood heavily but his mouth was screaming, “The monster is biting me! It is sucking my blood! My mental value is starting to drop crazily!”

[System prompt: Player Mu Ke was attacked and your mental health has dropped to 67 while your health value has dropped to 31 (total health of the main identity line is 50). Please escape quickly from the attack range of the plant patient! Otherwise, your health value and mental value will continue to drop!]

Mu Ke’s limbs started to become dry and thin. His eyes lost their focus and his breathing became slow and stagnant. His body abnormally elongated in a short time like a plant growing.

Miao Gaojiang’s expression was very ugly. He was interrupted by Bai Liu before he could kill the monster and most importantly…

“Mu Ke is also alienated. These three guys look the same. We can’t find out who is Bai Liu, who is the monster and who is Mu Ke.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Damn Mu Ke is so dedicated 😨

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I- I feel so sorry for Mu Ke…this level of dedication is wasted on the MC

1 year ago
Reply to  NIAN27

i feel like only the mc can return such level of dedication lol

1 year ago
Reply to  NIAN27

have you forgotten that even though Bai Liu isn’t a good person, he never turns his back on his promise 😅

1 year ago

they’re playing Guess who