GHG: Chapter 87 Part 1

Miao Feichi held his double knives in reverse and the shadow reflected on the wall looked like a mantis with both arms ready to attack. He looked at the patients on the bed and sneered. Then he didn’t hesitate to cut at the player on the outside bed with the knives.

The sharp blades cut through the white fog and became a smooth arc of death. It instantly reached the tip of the nose of Bai Liu, whose eyes were closed.

Mu Ke almost screamed and wanted to rush over to stop Miao Feichi. Bai Liu’s panel was only F-grade and his health was already very low. One cut from Miao Feichi’s weapon and his life might be gone! Bai Liu couldn’t resist this. Miao Feichi had a potential S-grade weapon!

Mu Ke’s eyes were red. At this moment, he hated his incompetence. Why wasn’t he Mu Sicheng? This thing could be blocked by Mu Sicheng. Meanwhile, he could only watch!

Bai Liu, who was lying in the hospital bed, finally slowly opened his eyes. The knife tip was suspended above him and fell rapidly, forming a flash point in the darkness. At the same time, the system prompt in Bai Liu’s mind was finally heard.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used player Mu Sicheng’s soul banknote to enter the other person’s system panel… Completed, player Bai Liu can now manipulate player Mu Sicheng’s system panel.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used the personal skill ‘Monkey Thief’.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has equipped the five ‘Thief’s Black Fingers’, an item to enhance the personal skill…]

[Thief’s Black Fingers is equipped. The Monkey Thief skill has been enhanced from an A-grade skill to A+ skill. The potential is S-grade. The stealing success rate against S-grade players is 50%. For A+ and lower attack skills, the success rate of blocking the attack is 100%.]

Bai Liu’s hand that had turned into a strange branch texture became a burnt monkey’s hand. He quickly waved his fingers to adapt to this strange texture before looking up to see that a tip of a knife was piercing through the water mist and falling toward his head. It was less than 10 centimeters away from the center of his forehead. Bai Liu tilted his head slightly sideways and gripped the tip of the opponent’s knife with his fingers.

“F*k, this patient is blocking the knife!” Miao Feichi reacted quickly. His eyes narrowed and he made a judgment. “He isn’t Bai Liu! Bai Liu has no A+ skills that can block the knife! This is the other patient, the monster patient!”

Miao Feichi turned to look at the patient in the other bed. “That bed is Bai Liu!”

Bai Liu’s mouth slightly curved. Miao Feichi’s hands moved upward in a diagonal manner and the sharp and cold blade swept across Bai Liu’s cheek. It was obvious that even though Miao Feichi thought this wasn’t Bai Liu, it didn’t prevent him from trying to harvest the patient’s life. Bai Liu used the tip of the monkey hand to block it very quickly. The blade and nails made a sharp collision sound and even created small sparks in the dark ward.

If the light in the ward was a bit better and without the white fog to block vision, Miao Feichi would’ve recognized that the patient on the bed had Mu Sicheng’s black monkey hand.

However, the light in this ward was so dim that Miao Feichi had to squint when wielding his blades. In addition, Mu Sicheng’s monkey hand had the black fingers equipped and didn’t look very different from the patient’s thin fingers. Therefore, he didn’t know that Bai Liu was fighting him head-on with Mu Sicheng’s skill. Instead, he was misled deeper by Bai Liu.

Two of Miao Feichi’s strikes failed and his expression instantly sank. “Something is wrong. This monster’s level is so high. It can block me twice and must at least be A+.”

Having said that, Miao Feichi quickly thrust his double knives into the wall and flipped twice. He didn’t hesitate to stab at the other patient in the bed with his double knives. His method of judging and attacking was very simple. “The one on the outside isn’t Bai Liu, the one on the inside is! The one outside can’t be killed easily so let’s kill Bai Liu on the inside first!”

The monster patient inside might not be able to endure Miao Feichi’s attacks. If the patient inside couldn’t endure it then Bai Liu’s plan would be completely destroyed!

Mu Ke glanced at the large bookcase behind Miao Feichi and his heart beat wildly. The bookcase behind MIao Feichi, who was pouncing toward the inside bed, fell down without warning.

It was because Mu Ke had quickly hooked the tall bookshelf with his feet, causing the bookshelf to fall down forward toward the patient who had been lying on the hospital bed without any movement and Miao Feichi who was going to attack the patient.

Mu Ke stood in a dimly lit corner and shouted loudly, “The patient here just attacked me!”

The moment the patient inside was hit by the bookshelf, Bai Liu slid along the ground and quickly changed positions with the patient inside.

His eyes were extremely cold with no emotional fluctuations. He kicked the patient out of the bed with precise aim. The patient with long hands and feet finally woke up. He opened his mouth to reveal sharp teeth and mucus. The long, protruding tongue licked his lips and he made a strange high frequency roar. There was also the smell of rotting plants.

At the same time, the monster book interface popped up on everyone’s system panel.

[System prompt: Congratulations to player Mu Ke, Miao Feichi, Miao Gaojiang for triggering the monster book.]

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book has refreshed—Plant Patient (2/3)]

[Monster name: Plant Patient]

[Features: 1,500-2,000 movement speed, needs a lot of water for growth, likes humid environments.]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Sucking blood. Once the player is bitten on the skin, blood will be sucked (A-grade attack skill), poisonous fog pollution that will continuously cause the health of the players in the room to decline until they also become a plant patient (A-grade skill).]

“F*k, is the one outside really the patient?” In this extremely dim situation, Miao Feichi was a bit confused. He soon realized that something was wrong because he couldn’t kill the patient on the inside either.

“What the hell is going on? Why can’t I kill either of these patients?” Miao Feichi’s expression increasingly darkened as he cursed.

Miao Gaojiang was confronting the patient who regained consciousness. He heard these words and replied, “Bai Liu is likely to be alienated by this patient and his mental value has been reduced to the rage stage. His skills increased and he can block you. He is no different from the monster patient in this ward.”

“His health is greatly reduced and he stayed in the same room with this mental pollution type monster for so long…” Miao Gaojiang said, “I suspect he is dead or he has become a monster. We are facing two A+ grade monsters and we won’t be able to finish it in 15 minutes.”

“Feichi, there are only a few minutes left. If both of them are high level monsters and we can only kill one, which one should we kill? I’m inclined to kill the outer bed. This one should be Bai Liu. However, these two have been mixed together and the speed of their exchange is too fast. Now I’m not sure which one is really Bai Liu. Can you feel it when attacking?”

Miao Feichi’s expression was dark and he didn’t speak.

The double knives and monkey hand constantly clashed in the dark ward. The sound of clanging was heard all the time. In order to keep the noise down and to not disturb the nurse, Miao Feichi held back, but there were still constant sounds.

Once again, Miao Feichi dodged the black hand coming from the opposite side to scratch his neck. Miao Feichi couldn’t hold back his anger. His double swords moved horizontally at full strength and created a silver light. He was about to cut Bai Liu into two pieces. Mu Ke squatted on the ground and pulled a bed forward. This blocked Miao Feichi’s knees just as the double knives were about to cut Bai Liu’s chest.

Bai Liu slowly breathed to restrain his desire to gasp. The double knives cut through Bai Liu’s hair and fell on the wet ground.

“F*k! What are you doing, Mu Ke?!” Miao Feichi was so angry that he couldn’t suppress his voice. He turned his head and glared at Mu Ke. He had wasted his energy doing a high damage attack and now he was so angry that his hair was going to blow up.

Mu Ke raised his head while holding a book in his hand. He crouched on the ground and stammered, “I-I’m looking for books to read. The bookcase fell over and the books were scattered under the bed!”

Miao Feichi couldn’t release the resentment in his heart and he kicked Mu Ke’s chest. “Get out of the way!”

Mu Ke’s face turned purple from the kick and he choked up. He instinctively closed his eyes, thinking he was going to get kicked again. Then his back was held lightly by someone and he slid lightly under a bed, unharmed. Mu Ke blinked and wanted to shed tears. The hand that was propping him up was a dried monkey hand. It was Bai Liu’s hand.

Mu Ke gritted his teeth from under the bed and silently started the countdown. There were eight minutes to go. Bai Liu and the two S-grade panel father and son fought for around eight minutes. He could only watch and do nothing.

“Feichi.” Miao Gaojiang’s tone was slightly dull. His upper body was already semi-zombified due to the use of his skill. His teeth curving out of his mouth became bizarrely grotesque and huge, like ivory tusks growing from a person’s mouth. His gloomy face looked hideous and terrible in the night.

Miao Gaojiang moved sideways to avoid a monster’s bite, his face a horrible zombie green-purple. “The time is half over and we can only kill one monster. You are the frontal attack player. Can you tell who is Bai Liu?”

“F*k!” Miao Feichi answered reluctantly, “How can I tell if you can’t tell? Who the f*k can tell which one? They seem to be carved out of the same mold!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Umm…should we be thankful for the other monster here?

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Most likely yes. (>’-‘<)

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