GHG: Chapter 86

Mu Ke’s memory wasn’t so exaggerated. He couldn’t read through a bookcase of books and remember them without errors in 15 minutes. Even if he really had photographic memory, he couldn’t turn the book pages so fast. Mu Ke couldn’t remember things so quickly.

He had to read through so many books to find the notes and clues in them. Mu Ke’s memory might be outstanding among normal people but like he told Bai Liu, he needed at least one night. How could Mu Ke stay safely in the ICU all night?

Thinking of Bai Liu and his plan, Mu Ke gazed at Miao Feichi with a type of sincere plea. “I can’t break into the ICU alone but I can remember the contents. Meanwhile, you can break in. Isn’t it just right to take me? You provide force and I will provide my memory. There is no better combination than this.”

Miao Feichi watched Mu Ke for a while before suddenly laughing. “You came to take refuge in us for this?”

Mu Ke lowered his head and didn’t speak. He played with his fingers, tacitly acquiescing.

“You say you can use shorthand but how can we just believe it?” Miao Feichi gave Miao Gaojiang a look, his tone filled with strange displeasure. “An ordinary player even dares to use us… forget it. Dad, you go and check his shorthand function. If he can really remember things then we will take him with us when we go to the ICU at 9 o’clock tonight.”

Miao Gaojiang glanced at Mu Ke and waved his hand. “Come here with me.”

Mu Ke took a deep breath and kept up.


At 8:30 p.m., the first floor of the hospital.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s confinement only lasted until 6 o’clock in the evening. At 6 o’clock, the two men were allowed by the nurse to move.

Mu Ke passed Miao Gaojiang’s memory test. He could remember the page number and footnotes of every page he had read. This shocked Miao Gaojiang to a certain extent. He had never come into contact with a pure natural genius like Mu Ke. After all, Miao Feichi was a bad student as a child and couldn’t even pass the high school entrance examination. Miao Gaojiang had to pay money to get him in. Miao Gaojiang never knew that there were children like Mu Ke in this world.

Previously at 7:30 p.m., the three people came down for dinner and discussed how to attack the ICU. The process of the discussion was very simple.

Miao Feichi declared, “I am A.”

Miao Gaojiang wondered, “You will go to that position?”

“The old rules. How many sections will you open?”

“Like you, so Bai Liu and that ICU monster. If it is fast then it will be over in three minutes.”

The tacit understanding developed after many games meant the two people didn’t need to talk about the specific offensive process. It wasn’t known how many monsters they had killed in level 2 instances. Just a few words were enough to determine each other’s positions.

Mu Ke listened to the side and couldn’t understand what these two people were talking about. He angrily gritted his teeth and cursed in his heart, wanting these two people to say words he could understand!

Mu Ke thought about how Bai Liu was still able to maintain his sense of reason to give Mu Ke task instructions with the key caps despite being seriously injured. He was angry and envied the tacit understanding between the Miao father and son. It would be nice if he and Bai Liu had this type of father-son tacit understanding… Mu Ke thought with a bit of sadness.

It was 8:55 p.m.

The nurses on the first floor left the ward and corridor one by one to go to the nurse’s office. They started to conduct the 15 minutes shift debriefing. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang exchanged looks without saying a word. They took out their weapons and started to approach the ICU quietly. There was a nurse at the ICU checking the patient’s ventilator. After taking the temperature of Bai Liu and the other patient for the last time, the last nurse also left the ICU at the urging of the other nurses.

She closed the door of the ICU.

It was 8:57 p.m.

The nurse walked into the nurse’s office, turned around and closed the door. The moment the door of the nurse’s office was closed, Miao Feichi flung out his two knives, his tone heavy. “I will unlock the door. You guys follow me in.”

Miao Feichi’s double knives were very long and curved sharp knives that were almost bent into the shape of a quarter moon. Thus, they had a very elegant name called the Crescent Moon Curved Knives. However, when Bai Liu lived in the welfare home as a child, sometimes he and Lu Yizhan would need to do farming work. Sometimes it was an experience activity and sometimes it was something they really needed to do, such as cutting ragweed. This meant Bai Liu couldn’t associate this weapon with elegance.

He would only call this knife by one name when seeing it: cutting ragweed knife, abbreviated to ragweed knife. During the time when Bai Liu was discussing the plan, he had said the same thing to Mu Ke, that Miao Feichi used a ragweed knife. His tone was too arrogant and made Mu Ke think the knife was really called that name.

Therefore, when Mu Ke saw Miao Feichi using this curved knife and carefully inserting the tip of the knife into the lock to pick the lock without disturbing the nurse, he couldn’t help asking in a confused manner, “Why are you using a ragweed knife to pick the lock? Can’t you find a lock picking item in the system?”

The moment this name came out, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s expressions twisted. Miao Feichi had always been proud of the high attack power of these two curved knives. Now hearing Mu Ke use ‘Ragweed Knife’ to describe his blades, Miao Feichi was so angry that he couldn’t speak clearly. He said incoherently, “Who told you that this is a f*king pig knife!”

(TL: So when joined together, the characters become ragweed. Yet when separate, the first character means pig. So due to Miao Feichi speaking incoherently, it sounds like pig instead.)

Mu Ke was shocked. “This knife can still f*k pigs?!”

What did he usually do to pigs?!

Mu Ke was a real young master. He didn’t know anything about farming activities so he would believe anyone who told him about any type or function of farming tools and knives. He really thought that maybe Miao Feichi would use the knife to f*k pigs. After all, this man even ate human flesh. What type of perverted things couldn’t he do?

Miao Gaojiang saw that Miao Feichi was about to get angry and held him back. However, Miao Gaojiang had also done farming work. At this time, he was reminded by Mu Ke that this knife did indeed look a bit like the ragweed cutting knife. Still, he definitely wouldn’t say so. Miao Feichi was so angry that he would explode. His son obviously could only accept the name of Crescent Moon Double Knives.

Miao Gaojiang slapped the back of the furious Miao Feichi while sternly warning Mu Ke. It was just that his mind was full of the ragweed cutting knife so his words became, “This isn’t a ragweed knife, it is a double pig knife.”

Miao Gaojiang who found he had made a slip of the tongue, “……”

“You guys do it from both sides?” Mu Ke’s eyes shook. He was gaining a picture in his mind.

Miao Feichi was so angry that his hand shuddered as he inserted the knife in the lock to open the door. He lowered his voice angrily, “This isn’t a ragweed knife! This is my pig… Crescent Moon Knife! The damage of these knives is very strong. It is a weapon derived from my skill and is rated A+. It can go up to S-grade when it is fully opened. I can kill you in a matter of seconds. It is much faster to use it to open the lock than any lock picking items. Stupid!”

As he spoke, Miao Feichi glared viciously and gritted his teeth. “Ragweed knife? How dare you say that? There aren’t many people within the entire game who can resist a weapon with this type of damage and judgment value. Only Mu Sicheng among you newcomers will definitely be able to block a blow from my knives.”

Miao Feichi sneered as he pushed open the door of the ICU. Then he turned around and viciously gave Mu Ke the middle finger. “Your brain better be as useful as you say it is or I will kill you later!”

Mu Ke remained silent and no longer provoked Miao Feichi.

The door of the ICU slowly opened in the mist and night of the hospital.

The humidifiers in the ICU were more than in ordinary wards. There was white mist spraying everywhere and this turned the entire ward into a foggy place where visibility didn’t exceed one meter. The two beds in the ward were hidden in the mist and the people lying on them were covered with white cloth. Even the breathing fluctuations were very slight. Thin white limbs protruded from the white cloth and hung off the edge of the bed.

Two men with identical faces were lying quietly on the bed. The bags under their eyes dropped down to their cheekbones and there were small mushroom spots on their faces, just like the lifeless corpses in the morgue.

The ICU soundproofing measures were very good. Miao Feichi closed the door of the ICU to prevent any sound from leaking outside. He kicked Mu Ke with his foot and said, “Get your ass to the bookcase and read the books.”

Mu Ke lowered his head in answer. He gritted his teeth and went to the bookcase. In the dim light, he started to frantically turn the pages of the books, his heart shaking a bit.

The plan was about to begin.

Mu Ke’s eyes swept slightly over the hands of the two patients hanging out of the white cloth. It seemed that there was something between the fingers of one of them. This was the ‘enter’ key cap. He shifted his eyes away while quickly determining that the patient lying on the outside was Bai Liu.

Yet he remembered that when Bai Liu was pushed in, he was lying on the inside bed of the ICU. Did he do anything when staying alone in this ICU?

Miao Gaojiang looked at the two patients and frowned. “The monster hasn’t been triggered by us so we don’t have to fight it.”

“There is no need to fight the monster but Bai Liu has to be killed.” Miao Feichi narrowed his eyes as he looked between the two beds. He soon frowned, “Among these two people, who is Bai Liu? They look exactly the same. I remember that when Bai Liu was pushed in, there were differences. He was shorter than the patient in the other bed.”

“There were also no spots on Bai Liu’s skin before.” Miao Gaojiang observed for a while before adding. Then this experienced old player soon came up with a conclusion. “Bai Liu should be alienated. It is estimated that he was in the ICU with this seriously ill monster for a day. After he lost blood, his health value was very low and his mental resistance weakened. Maybe he was alienated by this patient.”

“He is like this. Do you still want to eat Bai Liu’s meat?” Miao Gaojiang pointed to the two skinny people on the bed.

Miao Feichi frowned with disgust. “Forget it. I will eat the little Bai Liu (6). This is really disgusting. It reminds me of the woman who gave birth to me. She was also a seriously ill patient and was disgusting.”

Miao Gaojiang was silent for a moment before wondering, “Then which patient should I kill?”

“Kill them both.” Miao Feichi’s eyes sank as he gripped the two double knives. Miao Feichi weighed them and smiled evilly. “It won’t take much work to kill one more. I’d rather kill one by mistake than let him go.”

[System prompt: Player Miao Feichi has used the personal skill weapon ‘Crescent Moon Double Knives’.]

[Rating: An A+, potential S-grade skill weapon. Basic attack is 3,100. One hit can kill players below the B rating.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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