GHG: Chapter 85 Part 3

Mu Ke’s heartbeat was a bit abnormal as he pretended to be innocent and retracted his gaze.

Both of these players were actually S-grade. No wonder why they treated the patient in the ICU as nothing. The thief brothers who made Bai Liu miserable last time were just A+ rated monsters. This was the top rating for monsters in a level 2 instance. Meanwhile, these two players were S-grade monsters. They were on a completely different level from the monsters in a level 2 instance.

It was no wonder why these two people weren’t in a hurry after entering the game. The monsters in this instance simply couldn’t threaten the survival of two S-grade players. After killing Bai Liu, they just needed to spend a bit of time doing the task and there wouldn’t be any danger to their lives.

However, he and Bai Liu were different.

For Bai Liu, the monsters in this level 2 instance could threaten his life and there were also two S-grade players who were more terrifying than monsters chasing Bai Liu. The more difficult thing was that these two players were extremely complementary in terms of panel attributes.

At least monsters had weaknesses. Based on the panels and skills, Mu Ke thought the combination of Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang could be said to have no weaknesses.

Miao Feichi’s defense was slightly weaker but his output was extremely high. There was also the enhancement from his personal skill and his two knives could deal nearly 3,000 damage at a time. He moved very fast and the A-grade monsters were basically killed under two or three hits from Miao Feichi’s double knives.

Miao Gaojiang’s output wasn’t as high but his defense was very strong. Miao Feichi just had to stand still and fully open his defense skill and it would take five to ten of the big moves from the younger brother in Exploding Last Train to lower Miao Gaojiang’s health to the bottom. In addition, Miao Gaojiang would explode after his mental value fell to protect Miao Feichi and he was known as the number one tank in the league.

Simply put, it would be easy for these two people together to kill Bai Liu. If this was a non-plot instance with an open map for confrontation, Bai Liu would be boxed in and it would be a GG as soon as he entered the game.

Of course, Love Welfare Institute clearly wasn’t such an instance.

The NPCs placed a lot of restrictions on players. There was a child version of the player which divided the health value. Miao Feichi was an attack type player who had been clearing instances for several months to prepare for the league and this made him a bit unable to adapt to the rhythm here. Still, they were top players and soon figured out the various rules.

During the day, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang searched the entire hospital to find the life recovery medicine. They were old players and their thinking style was similar to Bai Liu’s game planning. How could old players follow the GM prompts? Obediently reading the books to find clues was impossible for them. In addition, they weren’t afraid of the monsters in the ward and rushed in directly to find them. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang thought they would be able to find the life recovery medicine from these patients in the ward.

Unfortunately, after breaking into almost all the wards on one floor, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang received complaints that they were disturbing the normal rest of other patients and were forcibly confined to their wards. They weren’t allowed to come out before dinner. They might not be afraid of monsters but they couldn’t disobey these NPCs.

It was because disobeying NPCs would produce attitude tendencies and this would make the NPcs restrict the players’ actions.

[System tip: The nurse NPC is very angry about player Miao Feichi and player Miao Gaojiang’s disorderly behavior. This is a warning that if it continues, you will be forbidden to leave the ward tomorrow.]

Thus, Miao Feichi could only return to his room. This wasn’t the first time he had angered NPCs. Which old player hadn’t provoked an NPC? The Miao father and son didn’t panic and had a leisurely conversation as they returned to their rooms.

Mu Ke followed behind them. The two people had no special caution against Mu Ke when searching the wards but they also didn’t take special care of him. It felt like he was a cat or dog following behind Miao Feichi and they didn’t avoid Mu Ke when chatting.

Miao Gaojiang thought about it. “There are 21 wards on the first floor. We searched them before the nurses detained us. The books in the bookcases of old patients are indeed better than those in the wards of new patients. These books are much older. The more seriously ill they are, the older the books and the more notes there are. I think there is a higher possibility of finding the life recovery medicine from them. The current problem is the nurse NPCs.”

“Yes.” Miao Feichi nodded as he snorted with a bit of irritation. “However, we can’t bring the books out of the wards or stay in them for long periods of time before being discovered by the nurses.”

“There is a bookcase of books. Even if there are notes suggesting what the life recovery medicine is, we can’t read through the books and find a key clue before the nurse comes to catch us…” Miao Gaojiang frowned as he fell into the same stalemate as Bai Liu before.

“It is a big bookcase. Even if there are notes, I will have to take more than a day reading them, let alone finding clues. Meanwhile, the nurse NPC will come in 10 minutes…” Miao Gaojiang squinted. “I need an empty ward where I can stay for more than a day that has these old bookcases. In addition, we can’t be driven out by nurses due to disturbing other patients.”

The answer was obvious to the Miao father and son who had the ability to kill monsters.

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang exchanged looks and quickly made a decision. Miao Gaojiang declared, “Kill a patient and empty a ward. It is only in the afternoon that new patients move in. Now it is afternoon so there is exactly one day before the next round of patients move in. This is enough time for us to finish looking through the books in the bookcase.”

Mu Ke followed Miao Feichi with his head lowered. Once he heard Miao Gaojiang bluntly talking about attacking a patient to empty a ward, he couldn’t help pausing for a few seconds.

Then Mu Ke soon regained his composure. His beautiful face was hidden under the thin, ghostly face and there was a gloomy and unclear emotion in his eyes. Mu Ke’s breathing was disordered and his wrists were trembling. He was afraid of the strength of the opponents he would have to face.

The monster patients that he and Bai Liu couldn’t face head on could be slaughtered at will in Miao Gaojiang’s mouth. This overwhelming power made Mu Ke shudder. Mu Ke couldn’t help resenting himself and even resenting Bai Liu.

He resented Bai Liu for so easily putting his life in the hands of the unreliable and weak Mu Ke, resented his ability that allowed people to crush him as easily as an ant, resented Bai Liu for trusting him too much and taking risks so that Mu Ke was now walking on a wire with every step.

For a few seconds, Mu Ke even hoped that he was Mu Sicheng. Such an enormous pressure had fallen on Mu Ke, who had just entered the game. He was so scared that he wanted to break down and cry.

He was originally just a fragile young master who wanted protection. However, Bai Liu was cruel and forced Mu Ke to take on things beyond his ability.

Mu Ke had almost gone crazy sitting in the pool of blood after he almost killed Bai Liu. His eyes were empty and he couldn’t shed tears. He even thought his mental value had been reduced by Bai Liu so that he saw the illusion of Bai Liu lying in the pool of blood and the bloody fishbone whip in his hand.

However, Bai Liu didn’t die and Mu Ke didn’t go crazy. As Bai Liu hoped, Mu Ke’s mental state quickly stabilized after being forced to the extreme.

Bai Liu was gone and Mu Ke couldn’t rely on Bai Liu to prevent death. Rather, Bai Liu’s life depended on him. Therefore, this spoiled young master didn’t cry or psychologically collapse despite facing the huge threat of two S-grade players.

He just pinched his uncontrollably trembling hand and breathed in and out to adjust his breathing rate, forcing himself to remain calm and rational like Bai Liu.

He told himself in his heart, ‘Mu Ke, you want to save Bai Liu. If you lose control then you and Bai Liu will die. Thus, you must never lose control. Even if they are two S-grade players, you can’t lose control. You have to win against the basta*ds like Bai Liu said. Win against this pair of S-grade players.’

“The more severely ill a patient, the more likely it is to find the life recovery medicine.” Mu Ke adjusted his breathing and inserted himself into Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s conversation. His voice was a bit dry due to excessive tension but after one sentence, the hoarseness completely disappeared. It was as calm and convincing as the look on his face.

Mu Ke stared directly at Miao Feichi who had turned to look at him. “According to this inference, killing the patient in the ICU is most likely to give the life recovery medicine, right?”

Miao Feichi stared at Mu Ke with narrowed eyes before snorting like he didn’t want to care about the messy comments made by this ordinary player.

Professional players were usually very arrogant about the words from ordinary players. They would bring these ordinary players with them but they wouldn’t engage in conversation with them, especially people like Miao Feichi.

Miao Gaojiang had a good temper on the surface and he explained it to Mu Ke, but his eyes were still full of disregard. “We can’t kill the patient in the ICU because Bai Liu entered the ICU today and there will be more nurses than usual. We don’t know what type of reaction killing a patient would elicit from the NPC nurses. Killing a patient in the ICU is easily discovered by the nurses so we can’t take this high-risk operation.”

“It isn’t just because of this.” Miao Feichi saw Miao Gaojiang dealing with Mu Ke and lazily opened his mouth. “The ICU is indeed the most likely to have the life recovery medicine but it is impossible for us ordinary patients to stay in there for a long time after the patient dies. It is because there will soon be new patients living there. We can stay there for 15 minutes at most during the shift change.”

“15 minutes and a big bookcase. Even if I go in with a camera, I can’t photograph the pages of every book.” Miao Feichi glanced at Mu Ke. “Not to mention, many digital communication tools are banned here. Cameras, recorders, mobile phones etc. aren’t usable. We can only use this walkie-talkie.”

Miao Feichi raised the walkie-talkie in his hand, raised an eyebrow and spoke sarcastically to Mu Ke, “Do you think this thing can take photos? In any case, it is 15 minutes and we can’t record a bookcase…”

“15 minutes is enough if I have a notebook and can take shorthand notes of the books in the bookcase.” Mu Ke stared directly at Miao Feichi and interrupted him. “I have a photographic memory.”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were stunned after hearing this and Miao Gaojiang even looked at Mu Ke twice. “I remember that you don’t have a personal skill.”

“It isn’t my personal skill. I was born with it and can remember things very strongly.” Mu Ke lied without changing his expression. “If you are going to kill a patient then it is better to kill the patient in the ICU. This way, the possibility of finding the life recovery medicine is the greatest.”

Mu Ke took one step forward, his eyes earnest and sincere while his tone was filled with an unknown bewitchment. “If you take me then I can help you find the clue for the main task in 15 minutes.”

The author has something to say:

Mu Ke (crying): I hurt Bai Liu! I’m guilty! I almost killed him!

Siren’s Fishbone: 5555 me too!!

The real killer Bai Liu, “……?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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