GHG: Chapter 85 Part 2

Mu Ke’s eyes were filled with tears and he choked out words as he collapsed, despairing sobs flowing out as he shouted in a slightly naive manner, “He almost made me personally kill my most important person! I hate him!”

His crying was really pitiful. It could even make people feel pity despite his ‘slender man’ face and Miao Feichi couldn’t help asking a few more questions.

“You have enmity with him in the real world?” Miao Feichi raised his eyebrow as he asked.

The three questions of the scale had been asked so Mu Ke sighed with relief. He maintained his facial expression and sobbed realistically. “Yes.”

Miao Feichi wanted to continue digging into Bai Liu’s black materials but Miao Gaojiang signaled to him to focus on the game. Miao Feichi stood up with a lack of interest. “It is a level 2 game. In the league, how many level 2 games have we played, some of them against high level opponents. What are you nervous about?”

“You are Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, right?” Mu Ke peeked at the two people. He grabbed onto a chair to stand up and presented the Siren’s Fishbone to Miao Feichi, bowing his head in a respectful manner. “I know you are going to kill Bai Liu in this game. I am willing to give you all the things I have as long as you are willing to take me to kill him.”

“We can grab it from you even if you don’t give it. You giving it only shows that you know how to be interesting.” Miao Feichi grabbed the whip from Mu Ke. He waved it casually and it made a clear sound as it hit the ground. There was no scratch on the ground.

Miao Feichi frowned. “This whip is difficult to use. I can see that the attack power of this thing is even better than Mu Sicheng. Then why isn’t it dealing any damage?”

The whip covered with Bai Liu’s blood was like a knife without a cutting edge. When it struck the ground, Miao Feichi felt it was dull and rusty. Even the fishbone spines weren’t sharp as if the tip had hooked onto the wrong thing.

Miao Feichi waved it twice and lost a reconnaissance item just to determine it was the fishbone whip. He put it away and sighed to the unknown audience watching. “You’ve seen it. This item you are looking forward to is very ordinary. I guess it depends on the performance of the ghost mirror.”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang talked among themselves. They might’ve taken Mu Ke’s fishbone whip but they didn’t take Mu Ke seriously at all.

“You can only kill Bai Liu in this hospital at most, right?” Mu Ke took a deep breath and opened his mouth to attract Miao Feichi’s attention. “However, there is the child version of Bai Liu with 50% of his health in the welfare home.”

“If the child isn’t dead, Bai Liu would be fine. However, us investors can’t enter the welfare home casually. Do you know how to kill the little Bai Liu?”

“Besides, you don’t know the situation of your children in the welfare home, right?” Mu Ke spoke with certainty. “Yet these children have 50% of your health.”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang fell quiet. This was a very real problem. They were indeed strong but their children weren’t strong enough. These children had taken 50% of their health but they didn’t know anything about these children.

Miao Gaojiang didn’t receive a call from his child last night. Miao Feichi had received a call from little Miao Feichi but little Miao Feichi was running around and his obedience was too low. No matter how much Miao Feichi cursed or tempted him, little Miao Feichi just cried and soon hung up. He couldn’t get any valuable information.

Putting aside killing Bai Liu, currently Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang weren’t even sure about the main task for these children, let alone how to get the children to do as they said.

“Last night and this morning, my child called me…” Mu Ke said deliberately. “I was more courageous as a child and he listened to me very well.”

Actually, it wasn’t his child. Mu Ke’s courage as a child was very small. The bold one was Bai Liu’s child. At present, the only one who received two calls from their child and talked up to 30 minutes was Bai Liu. According to the situation described by little Bai Liu (6) last night, only Miao Feichi should’ve received a call but it wasn’t very smooth.

It was because not long after making the call, little Miao Feichi cried and screamed before running back. In the absence of anyone else receiving a call, Mu Ke didn’t hesitate to lie. “I have very important information that can be used to get rid of little Bai Liu. My child can also help us understand the welfare home and even kill little Bai Liu under my instructions.”

Miao Gaojiang stared at Mu Ke for a few seconds. Mu Ke controlled his breathing very well and didn’t avoid Miao Gaojiang’s eyes.

“Okay, we’ll take you. We have taken low-level players in the guild before.” Miao Feichi spoke first as he took his double knives back from Mu Ke. “Follow us obediently and don’t make trouble.”

Miao Feichi licked his teeth and showed a strange smile. “We can’t let go of any Bai Liu, including the little Bai Liu in the welfare home. Of course, it is better to keep the delicious things to eat at the end.”

“For now, let’s kill the older one in the hospital.” Miao Feichi smiled while squinting. “Before coming in, my audience charged me tens of thousands of points to eat him. It is at least 1.5 kilograms of flesh.”

Mu Ke saw Miao Feichi heading to the ICU. It was obvious he was going to find Bai Liu and Mu Ke’s heart was once again in his throat. Mu Ke thought of the plan that Bai Liu had discussed with him previously and forced himself to calm down as he followed behind Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang.

The hospital elevator lit up as it descended from the operating room on the seventh floor to the first floor. The doors of the elevator slowly opened and the nurses pushing the emergency bed rushed out. The person lying on the emergency bed was covered with white cloth. The investor had his eyes closed and his face was strangely pale as he lay motionless with his hands together on the hospital bed. The white cloth covering him made him look like he had died.

Mu Ke saw that the white cloth was covered in blood and his legs softened. His face was white and tears filled his eyes as he almost called out to Bai Liu.

The white cloth covering Bai Liu on the emergency bed was full of blood and it hung down over both sides of the bed. Two nurses were pressing against the place where Bai Liu was bleeding. It seemed to be his neck. The blood on the white cloth dropped along the edge and trickled down, all the way from the elevator to where the bed was pushed.

The nurses looked nervous and anxious. One shouted while pushing the bed, “The patient’s bleeding is urgent! Ready the ICU ward!”

“The bleeding was stopped initially but this patient has lost too much blood. Has this patient found his medicine? It is much better to have that than drugs.”

“No! He is a new patient who was admitted yesterday!”

Mu Ke was so flustered that he instinctively wanted to follow Bai Liu’s emergency bed with his eyes and feet. Just then, he saw Bai Liu’s fingers hidden under the white cloth. They were slender and followed the swaying of the emergency bed. A very strange object was sandwiched between his fingers.

Mu Ke saw this item and held his breath. His sense of reason returned and he stood still. Mu Ke quickly clicked on his system warehouse to take a look. Sure enough, his keyboard had changed.

Last time, the keycaps for [1], [0] and [7] were missing. This time, the one missing was the [enter] keycap.

This [enter] keycap was sandwiched between the index and middle finger of Bai Liu on the hospital bed just now. This key in computer language meant ‘execute command’ and it literally meant ‘enter’. This was Bai Liu telling Mu Ke: Continue to execute my plan and enter Room 107.

Miao Gaojiang’s vigilance was stronger. He saw Mu Ke looking at his system panel and took a glance, only to find that this person was just counting his items. Mu Ke’s items were all tattered, apart from the merfolk statue that was useful. The rest were just ordinary items with no special skills. There was even a keyboard missing a keycap.

….Wait, was this keyboard missing only one keycap before? Miao Gaojiang was a  bit confused but other things soon attracted his attention.

Miao Feichi tried to attack Bai Liu with the double knives but was stopped by the nurse guarding him. Bai Liu was sent into the ICU and lay beside the patient covered with a white cloth who had incredibly long arms and legs.

Mu Ke saw that the ICU did indeed have bookcases like the wards. The books in there were similar to the ones in his ward but they were obviously much older and looked like they had been read repeatedly. Some were damaged and handwriting could be seen on them. It was as Bai Liu said. The patients in this ward should’ve made detailed notes.

Miao Feichi tried to enter the ICU twice but was sternly reprimanded by the nurse. Miao Feichi was a bit bored and gave up. He stared at Bai Liu who had a ventilator installed on him in the ICU. “There are NPCs stopping me and I can’t get in.”

“Wait for the shift change.” Miao Gaojiang was much calmer than Miao Feichi. “Previously when searching for a map, I encountered their nurse’s duty room and saw their shift schedule. Between 8:45 and 9:00 in the evening is when the day and night nurses change shifts. The ICU should have less guards at this time.”

“It seems I have to wait for night.” Miao Feichi put away his double knives. “I thought I could eat him at noon. I didn’t expect him to become a late-night snack.”

The two of them were talking about breaking into the ICU like it was an ordinary ward. It seemed they didn’t take the monster in the ICU seriously at all. This was normal because Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s panel attributes were quite high.

Miao Gaojiang reminded Miao Feichi, “We will be fighting monsters at night. Look at your personal panel and top up your mental value and physical strength. After all, we only have half our health and should be careful.”

Once he finished speaking, he also checked his personal panel and started to take mental bleach and physical strength recovery agents.

“I got it.” Miao Feichi responded indifferently. “This is just a level 2 instance. Don’t make such a fuss. The top monster here is just A+ grade. We can casually pass even if we only have half our health.”

Still, Miao Feichi symbolically clicked on his system panel and took a look. The two of them weren’t concerned about the ordinary player Mu Ke when looking at their panels. After all, their player panel was open to the audience. In particular, players opening their panel with panel attributes like them could be considered one of the means of showing off and attracting the audience.

Mu Ke managed to sneak a peek at the two men’s personal panels.

[Player: Miao Feichi]

[Physical strength: 780]

[Agility: 1,793]

[Attack: 3,900]

[Resistance: 1,400]

[Player Miao Feichi’s comprehensive panel has over 8,000 attribute points and he is rated as an S-grade player.]

[Player: Miao Gaojiang]

[Physical strength: 1,980]

[Agility: 1,300]

[Attack: 2,000]

[Resistance: 4,300]

[Player Miao Gaojiang’s comprehensive panel has over 8,000 attribute points and he is rated as an S-grade player.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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damn the meow’s(miao’s) are really strong

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Meows!! I like that,i’m using 🐢

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Umm miao feichi’s attributes shown there don’t equal up to more than 8000. So I’m guessing this includes other stat’s like luck and mental value in its calculations, as that’s the only way for it to work.

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