GHG: Chapter 85 Part 1

In fact, it was no wonder that Miao Feichi thought of Mu Sicheng. It was because Bai Liu had only played two games and he hadn’t joined a guild. Even if he was a control player, he needed players to control.

The control skills were invalid in the game hall so it meant Bai Liu could only develop accomplices in the game, not offline. However, this person had only played two games in total. The first one was a single player game and in the second multiplayer game, Bai Liu controlled Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng.

Then Du Sanying came out and made it very clear he was free of Bai Liu’s control. This guy’s luck value was too high and he could always find a way out of any predicament. It was expected that Bai Liu couldn’t control him for long.

Liu Huai and Fang Ke were controlled by Bai Liu through Puppet Zhang. After Puppet Zhang died, these two escaped from his control. Therefore, only Mu Sicheng remained under Bai Liu’s control.

So when speaking of Bai Liu’s accomplice, the first one to come to Miao Feichi’s mind was Mu Sicheng. Miao Feichi was very concerned about Mu Sicheng. It was because Mu Sicheng had great potential and strong skills. Miao Feichi wasn’t afraid of Mu Sicheng but he would be a bit annoyed by Mu Sicheng, a player with strong judgment and high movement speed. Miao Feichi could fight Mu Sicheng head-on but it would be very difficult.

Mu Sicheng’s personal thieving skill was very strong. If he and Bai Liu worked together to protect Bai Liu, the thief’s movement speed and strong ability to attract aggro would definitely bring trouble to a quick attacking player like Miao Feichi. It was just like how Mu Sicheng had once relied on his strong judgment to steal items from Spades, the player with the highest attack power in the game.

No quick attacking player would like Mu Sicheng, including Miao Feichi. Previously at the welfare home’s registration office, Miao Feichi had specifically checked for Mu Sicheng’s name and hadn’t found it. However, Miao Feichi had limited trust for this type of written thing. He had to confirm it for himself.

The identities of Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi were confirmed directly with Liu Huai in the cafeteria. After all, Liu Huai was a player from the Kings Guild and Miao Feichi wouldn’t deliberately make things difficult for him unless there was a conflict of interest. Liu Huai also wouldn’t disobey some small requirements of Miao Feichi, a player with a higher level than Puppet Zhang. For example, confirming his identity.

In the game, the most direct and quickest way to confirm a player’s identity was to look at the player’s system panel. Liu Huai directly showed Miao Feichi his system panel which showed his secondary identity as his sister Liu Jiayi.

It was just that the credibility of this approach wasn’t necessarily high, especially for players like Bai Liu who had a control skill. Therefore, Miao Feichi confirmed it in multiple ways. He had Liu Huai use his personal skill and checked some information about the Kings Guild before finally confirming Liu Huai’s identity.

There were six players in Love Welfare Institute. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang occupied two spots while Liu Huai and his sister occupied two. Bai Liu occupied one and the only one left was this person. Miao Feichi’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you really not Bai Liu’s accomplice, Mu Sicheng?”

Mu Ke was a bit confused when he heard this and he shook his head. “I’m not. I’m just an ordinary player.”

Once again, the scale shifted towards the truth.

Miao Feichi instructed, “Open your system panel and show me.”

Mu Ke honestly showed Miao Feichi his attributes panel and even his warehouse.

He had no personal skills. His panel attributes weren’t low at C+ but they were too far behind Miao Feichi. The warehouse was even messier. There were all types of things in the warehouse such as a fire torch with 10 minutes of usage left, campus notes, a bundle of ropes, a keyboard with missing keycaps and a merfolk statue.

“He really seems to be a normal player.” After seeing Mu Ke’s panel, Miao Gaojiang came to a conclusion from where he was watching to the side.

Miao Feichi clicked his tongue. “Wasn’t Mu Sicheng controlled by him? Why didn’t he follow?”

“Mu Sicheng is a thief. He has a lot of channels to sell and buy goods so it isn’t unusual for him to get an item that can get rid of Bai Liu’s control.” Miao Gaojiang wasn’t surprised. The fact that Mu Sicheng didn’t come meant it would be a lot easier for Miao Feichi.

Mu Ke listened to the conversation between Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang and lowered his head while clenching his fists. Mu Sicheng was so much better than him, so strong that these two top players would be careful in front of him. If Mu Sicheng accompanied Bai Liu to this game then Bai Liu wouldn’t be so adventurous.

Mu Ke knew in his heart that he wasn’t a match for Mu Sicheng… it was because he didn’t have Mu Sicheng’s personal skill. His development time was also much shorter than Mu Sicheng. However, he wasn’t reconciled.

He wasn’t reconciled that Bai Liu trusted him so much but he still couldn’t grow to the point of helping Bai Liu like Mu Sicheng could. No one had ever been willing to pin so much hope on him. This was because Mu Ke was sick and couldn’t do anything. It was a burden to have hope in him. It was also a waste.

Still, Bai Liu said, “You have to do it. I believe you and will assume you can 100% do it.”

Miao Feichi wanted to ask a question but was stopped by Miao Gaojiang. Miao Gaojiang crouched down and placed the scale in front of Mu Ke. He looked at Mu Ke with a kind smile. “There is one question left on the scale. You haven’t lied in the first two questions. I hope you don’t lie for this one. Are you a player controlled by Bai Liu?”

Miao Gaojiang asked the most critical question. This old fox was worried about the possibility that Mu Ke, an ordinary player, was controlled by Bai Liu after entering the game.

Mu Ke forced himself to resist shifting his gaze as he tilted his head back to look at Miao Gaojiang, his hand on the ground still shaking. The tearing sensation of cutting through Bai Liu’s flesh echoed repeatedly in his mind and his breathing became extremely rapid.

He couldn’t lie in this question. The scale wouldn’t make a mistake when identifying such a simple question. He was indeed being controlled by Bai Liu. Once this was recognized as a lie, both he and Bai Liu would die.

Mu Ke took a deep breath and answered in a trembling voice. “…I am a player controlled by him.”

The scale shook twice before slowly falling toward truth. Miao Feichi’s eyes narrowed and he was about to raise his two knives to eliminate the player controlled by Bai Liu.

Mu Ke’s tears fell in an instant. “However, I got rid of his control! I escaped by attacking him when he was fighting the monster. It seems he was seriously injured by me and the monster. He can’t control players when he is unconscious.”

Then Mu Ke opened his system panel and raised tearful eyes to show Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang his system panel again. “You can look at my panel. There is no control skill. I have escaped his control.”

Generally speaking, if a player was under another player’s control skill then their personal panel would have a status display such as ‘player XX is under the control of player XXX.’ However, Mu Ke’s personal panel was clean.

It was because Bai Liu didn’t control Mu Ke. He directly became the behind the scenes guidance like the system so it wouldn’t show on Mu Ke’s personal panel. After Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang checked Mu Ke’s personal panel, Miao Feichi hesitantly withdrew his weapon but Miao Gaojiang didn’t easily believe Mu Ke.

Miao Gaojiang stood next to Mu Ke, his eyes narrowed as he asked suspiciously, “You are an ordinary player. How can you have the courage to resist and rob Bai Liu? After all, he is second ranked on the rising stars rankings.”

Mu Ke bit his lower lip. His eyes soon filled with tears again and he sniffed. “It is because I don’t want to be controlled by him. I hate Bai Liu very much.”

Mu Ke’s reaction made Miao Feichi keenly aware that there was a program effect here.

In Bai Liu’s second game, he rose to second on the rising stars rankings and his topic level was huge. His fans charging strength didn’t lose to the star players of some small guilds during the support season, for example, Miao Feichi himself. If it came to charging for support, Miao Feichi’s data might not be as good as Bai Liu who was a powerful dark horse.

This made Miao Feichi feel irritable. Bai Liu was rising too quickly. If he really entered the league next year with Mu Sicheng then he would definitely shine and this would cause Miao Feichi a lot of trouble.

One of the reasons why Miao Feichi chose to act against Bai Liu was due to jealousy, especially since he was a marginal player in the league team battles.

Bai Liu’s last round of charged points made even Miao Feichi jealous when he had been a professional for a year.

This type of jealousy was like in reality when professional players were jealous of Internet celebrities who earned a lot more money, especially when you knew that the Internet celebrity was going to compete with you next year and your fans might not be able to beat his fans. Miao Feichi’s small-mindedness meant he didn’t hesitate to go and bully this person.

Professional players at the top like Hearts and Spades were disdainful of competing with newcomers. They focused more on training for the team competition. Miao Feichi had no hope in the team competition. He could only compete in the doubles competition so he took this gimmicky route.

Mu Ke was obviously a person who had a previous relationship with Bai Liu. Exploding the black news of a star player could affect the charging rate of a person by a certain extent. Miao Feichi wanted to blacken Bai Liu to disgust the people watching the small TVs.

“You say you hate him. Why do you hate him?” Miao Feichi’s interest in gossip was aroused by these words.

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1 year ago

Our guy Mu Ke has a LOT to suffer through…all the best to him

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
6 months ago

mu ke’s little monologue about being inferior to mu sicheng sounds like the grievances of a harem member