GHG: Chapter 84 Part 2

Mu Ke thought about it before realizing what Bai Liu wanted to say.

“The notes!” Mu Ke’s tone was full of realization. “If you read under this type of light then there will definitely be notes in the book. It is because without a pen to focus my vision, I wouldn’t be able to find the last sentence I read.”

“Suppose that in this hospital with no doctors, everyone is treating themselves.” Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to explain. “Assume they are the same as us and all entered the hospital. They read the books to find a way to treat themselves. This hospital also forbids the use of any bright light sources. The lighting is very poor so these people have to use the original light in the ward when reading. This is why we have so many pens in the drawer.”

“It is because in this type of light, it is impossible to read a book without a pen. Once there is a pen, a variety of handwriting or traces will be left in the books. Some important information will be circled to find it easily next time.”’

Bai Liu looked at Mu Ke calmly. “According to the song, we will get sick on Thursday and die on Friday. This disease should worsen over time. The patients in the ICU have been ill for the longest time and they are obviously receiving treatment. Thus, the notes in their books will likely reveal the so-called life recovery medicine mentioned by the system.”

Mu Ke frowned. “Even so, we can’t get into the ICU at all.”

There were so many nurses watching and also Miao Feichi. The abnormal behavior of going to the ICU would definitely attract Miao Feichi’s attention! In addition, that thing in the ICU… obviously no longer had a human form. It was likely to be a monster.

Bai Liu told Mu Ke, “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to remember so many notes. I can rest assured if you are there.”

“I can help you memorize it!” Mu Ke nodded but he was a bit worried. “However, how do we get into the ICU?”

Bai Liu touched Mu Ke’s head and whispered in a low voice, “You are willing to do anything for me, right? Mu Ke?”

Mu Ke raised his head hesitantly to look at Bai Liu. Bai Liu’s eyes were deep but when he stared calmly at people like this, his dark eyes gave the shuddering feeling of the deep sea. Mu Ke was a bit upset but he bit his lower lip and still opened his mouth. “I am willing, Bai Liu.”

“Then are you willing to kill me?” Bai Liu asked Mu Ke in a gentle manner. He took out his white bone whip and placed it in Mu Ke’s trembling hand, voice still gentle. “Can you use my fishbone whip to strangle me to the point of bleeding, Mu Ke?”

Mu Ke froze.


10 minutes later, the emergency bell rang throughout the private hospital.

At this time, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were eating on the first floor. They weren’t in a hurry to find Bai Liu and kill him. The first thing was to obtain clues to clear the instance. Then they suddenly heard the sound of the emergency bell and thought a game plot had been triggered. Miao Feichi stood up alertly and pulled out his weapon. In a corner, Liu Huai who was eating while worrying about his sister also drew out the hidden swords in his sleeves.

A patient covered in blood stumbled down the emergency stairs. He was holding the white bone whip in his hand while running in a hurry. This immediately attracted the attention of Miao Feichi.

He crossed several tables in the cafeteria, moving quickly as he stopped in front of the player with two knives in his hand. Miao Feichi’s two knives slammed into the ground and immediately scared this player.

The patient who was running fast while crying didn’t run stably on the wet ground. He slipped and fell to the ground. Tears flowed from the player’s eyes and he screamed, “Bai Liu, don’t look for me! It was the monster who killed you! I just picked up your mistake and cut you!”

The player’s face was covered with blood and his breathing wasn’t smooth. It seemed as if he had just seen a frightening scene. His eyes and hands were shaking as he kneeled on the ground and held his head, crying in a frightened manner.

“You are useless.” Miao Feichi wasn’t interested in this type of ordinary player. He kicked the player, sending the player flying back to smash into the pillar behind a dining table. “Stand up and return to me.”

The player hit the pillar and bounced off, crying out in pain.

Mu Ke’s eyes were full of tears and they looked fearful. The huge guilt from hurting Bai Liu and the anxiety of personally hurting his protector made Mu Ke almost go out of control. His mental value started to fluctuate.

When Bai Liu held the white bone whip and wrapped it around his slender neck, Mu Ke kept shaking his head frantically, almost begging Bai Liu not to torture him like this. He cried and begged for mercy, saying, “Bai Liu, you can kill me. Killing me will also allow you to enter the ICU right? Then I’ll be the injured person.”

However, Bai Liu smiled and said, “That isn’t good. I have a bad memory and can’t remember so many notes. I can only be the injured one. You are the one who needs to stay awake, Mu Ke.”

“If you want to play in the league with me then you can’t always rely on me. Mu Ke, you need to grow. The first step to grow is to do things without me.”

Bai Liu held Mu Ke’s hands to the bone whip on his neck. The fishbone pierced his skin and blood poured from the wound, soaking the straw bed and dying the snow-white sheet.

Like a chick forced to leave the nest, Mu Ke shrieked hysterically while blood flowed from Bai Liu’s mouth. He indifferently smiled. A large number of blood bubbles in his trachea caused Bai Liu to cough. Even so, he still stroked Mu Ke’s head like a teacher confessing his last will to his student before he died. “Mu Ke, no matter if it is this game or the next game, we have to win. We have to win to the end.”

“This part is up to you, Mu Ke.”

“You have to fool Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang and win their trust. Otherwise, we really will die.”

Mu Ke gritted his teeth and controlled the bone-cracking pain from being kicked by Miao Feichi. His heart was contracting extremely due to his intense emotional ups and downs, making Mu Ke feel nauseous. Even so, he was dedicated to his duties. He held his head and shivered, pretending to be an ordinary player who didn’t know anything.

All the nurses moved in a hurry. A few nurses were pushing the emergency bed while talking as they walked.

“Which patient experienced the emergency? What is his name?”

“The patient’s name is Bai Liu! I rang the emergency bell. The nurse confirmed that there is a laceration on his neck and there is too much blood loss. Emergency treatment is needed!”

“How come there is a laceration? Did he open the door last night?”

“We confirmed it with the nurse patrolling that floor last night. It seemed he did open the door last night. It is likely that something entered his ward…”

“Quickly send him to the operating room for a blood transfusion and sutures! Is there a nurse or patient in our hospital who can do stitches?”

“There is! The bed in the ICU ward is ready. Once he is out of the operating room, he can go directly to the ward!”

Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang stiffened. They both exchanged disbelieving expressions and Miao Gaojiang frowned. “Bai Liu opened the door last night and was attacked? Is it really Bai Liu?”

“It should be. NPCs won’t recognize the wrong player.” Miao Feichi laughed as he watched the group of nurses rushing upstairs in a hurry while saying that the patient’s condition was urgent. Miao Feichi couldn’t help gloating. “Depending on the situation, Bai Liu might give us his blood while we do nothing.”

Then Miao Feichi gave a false sigh. “What should I do? I was ready to use him to broadcast live. There will be no effect if he dies.” Then after speaking, Miao Feichi poked Mu Ke who was lying on the ground in a trembling manner with his toes. He slapped Mu Ke’s face with his two knives in a condescending manner.

“Get up. We want to ask you a few questions and you’re going to answer them honestly.” Miao Feichi smiled evilly. “Otherwise, we’ll help you feel better.”

Then Miao Feichi took out scales. Mu Ke had seen this item in the VIP video of Bai Liu’s Exploding Last Train. It was called Judge’s Scale and was a common tool used to detect lies. Mu Sicheng once used it on Liu Huai.

This was a very common tool among professional league players. Puppet Zhang also had one before but it was stolen by Mu Sicheng. Once it was determined that someone in the opposing team liked to play various tricks like Bai Liu, many professional players would carry one.

This time, Miao Feichi specifically brought this item to guard against Bai Liu.

Mu Ke couldn’t help his pupils shrinking when he saw this item but he quickly slowed his breathing. Stay calm. He could only answer yes or no to these questions. He remembered that he could answer by emotional manipulation. This was how Mu Sicheng had been fooled by Liu Huai’s answer.

“Don’t think about lying. I won’t be fooled like Mu Sicheng. Of course, if you are Mu Sicheng then I’m sorry to offend you.” Miao Feichi crouched down and his two knives surrounded Mu Ke. “You better not play any tricks. Once this scale is used to judge some very complicated questions, there will indeed be some fallacies. However, this problem will never occur with simple questions. If you lie then I will kill you. It will take me less than a second.”

Miao Feichi placed a knife to Mu Ke’s neck. “The first question. Did you really cut Bai Liu like you said?”

“Yes, yes.” Mu Ke was scared of the knife and had to raise his head, his voice trembling. “I personally used the fishbone whip to cut his neck!”

Mu Ke raised the blood-stained fishbone whip to Miao Feichi. The scale shook and tilted in favor of the truth.

“Well, even if you did cut him, Bai Liu is the type for playing insidious tricks. The next question. Are you Bai Liu’s accomplice…”

Mu Ke’s heart was in his throat as he looked nervously at Miao Feichi. He couldn’t let out a breath as he nervously gripped the bone whip in his hand.

Then Miao Feichi coldly uttered the next words, “—Mu Sicheng?”

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