GHG: Chapter 82 Part 3

“She was seriously ill and the family couldn’t support her. After she came back from the hospital, she spent a lot of money on medicine. All the money left to me was spent on this dead woman. She asked me to pour her water at night. I poured a glass of boiling hot water. After she drank it, her lips and esophagus gave off that scalded aroma.”

“She died the next day.” Miao Feichi clicked his tongue. “Before she was buried, I told you that I wanted to eat her body. This sacred you to death but I knew you always wanted her to die earlier. I am your son and she was just someone to sleep with. I don’t understand why you spent so much money on her. After she died, I went on a hunger strike for a few days. Then you cut off a part of her for me to eat.”

“However, it wasn’t really delicious.” Miao Feichi was a bit disgusted. “She was too old and her meat was sick and dry. There was also the smell of medicine.”

“As for entering the game…” Miao Feichi was a bit displeased. “Isn’t it because of that child? You took me to dig up mass graves for a period of time and I only ate dead human flesh. It was too unpalatable and rotten. I wanted to eat fresh and tender human flesh. The child was someone who ran out of nowhere. He cried while saying that someone in his welfare home was doing bad things. He begged me to call the police.”

“I thought to myself that no one would know if I ate a child who escaped from a welfare home. As a result, you released him and he was found by the police. I was monitored and became so hungry that I entered the game. I just ate that child’s finger raw and the child cried so badly that it drew you over. You actually…”

“Okay, you are indeed Feichi.” Miao Gaojiang sighed deeply and interrupted Miao Feichi’s words. “Everyone in this game looks the same and we need a code.”

“Just make it ‘finger’.” Miao Feichi didn’t think there was anything wrong with this cruel codeword. Rather, there was a bit of nostalgia. “It was the last bit of human flesh I ate before entering the game.”

Miao Gaojiang didn’t like this secret sign but in terms of team cooperation, he generally let Miao Feichi dominate such harmless little things. He was extremely indulgent with Miao Feichi or else Miao Feichi wouldn’t treat him like this with his impatient attitude. He did all types of things that Miao Gaojiang turned a blind eye to.

Thus, Miao Gaojiang closed his mouth for a while before asking, “What about the child you invested in? Where did you drive him away to?”

“That child was still behind me after I drove him away but there are too many children in this yard and they are all delicate and tender.” Miao Feichi narrowed his eyes somewhat evilly. “My guess is that he was lured away. This little boy hasn’t eaten human flesh yet and all this walking flesh should be attractive to him.”

Miao Gaojiang stiffened and was about to say something. Miao Feichi saw this and waved his hand impatiently. “Enough. Isn’t it okay to eat children and opponents in this game? I can’t eat them in reality but I can’t even touch this pile of game data? They aren’t real people. I think you want to starve your son. You are my father and it isn’t enough for you to manage my food. You always have to get in the way?”

Miao Gaojiang looked at these lively children who didn’t seem to be data and opened his mouth before finally closing it. These children were so alive that for a moment, he even thought that they weren’t NPCs of the game but real people who were no different from the children in reality.

“Go find your child first and then register on the first floor,” Miao Gaojiang instructed.


The registration room on the first floor needed players to enter individually. By the time Bai Liu went down, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang hadn’t come over yet. This was also a normal thing. The two people would look for each other first and confirm their identity. Miao Gaojiang should be okay because he would stay with his child and it was easier to confirm.

Miao Feichi would probably be difficult. This person hadn’t paid attention to the sudden appearance of the child. During the time when Bai Liu was upstairs, he saw the little Miao Feichi wandering around the welfare home by himself, following children with glowing eyes like a wolf who hadn’t eaten raw meat.

Bai Liu took little Bai Liu (6) to the registration room and found that two people had already registered. One of them was Mu Ke and the other was—Bai Liu saw the name on it and his eyes darkened.

[Due to the blood relationship, players Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi have activated the ‘brother and sister identity line’ and are registered as brother and sister. They will mutually act as the other person’s identity line and activate the special two-line operation mode.]

[Player Liu Huai (Brother identity line): Investor of the children’s welfare home who is terminally ill.]

[Features: Enjoys 50% of the player’s health. Due to the terminal illness, the health value will fall over time. Please find a way to restore your life quickly!]

[Player Liu Jiayi (Sister identity line): A child without parents who was sponsored by an investor to enter the Love Welfare Institute.]

[Features: Enjoys 50% of the health. As a pure sister who will enter the crisis-stricken welfare home, please be sure to protect her!]

[Note: For players with the brother-sister identity line, losing 50% of their health means death.]

The last time Bai Liu saw Liu Jiayi, he said that Liu Jiayi would soon enter the game. He didn’t expect their meeting to be in this game. However, Liu Jiayi was a newcomer. How could she go directly into a multiplayer game? Shouldn’t newcomers start off in a single player game?

Was there a special connection between Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi that made the system directly pull the newcomer Liu Jiayi into Liu Huai’s game? Bai Liu pondered on it. These two people were obviously different from Bai Liu and the others. They weren’t taking their childhood form but were an older brother and younger sister.

Bai Liu saw Liu Huai’s ‘blood-related brother and sister’ in the column for relationship on the registration form while Mu Ke wrote ‘investor and sponsored child’. Bai Liu noted that even though it was two different modes of playing, the health of these two people was still 50%. It seemed that they would die immediately after their health fell to 50%. Meanwhile, Bai Liu’s health was split and the total health was actually 100.

However, Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi’s health was directly cut in half. This made them at a disadvantage. For the game, Bai Liu felt it wasn’t fair enough.

The system did various things to weaken players to ensure fairness and the balance of the game. After being affected twice by the system, Bai Liu didn’t think the system would present an unfair horror game to players.

This showed that the plan to cut Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi’s health by half should be relatively fair and balanced for all players participating in the game. Yet for Liu Huai and Liu Jiayi, the two of them unfortunately triggered the special brother-sister mode and had their health cut in half. Liu Jiayi was also a newcomer and blind. The unfairness was obvious.

In addition, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang also had a blood relationship but they didn’t trigger any father-son identity line. It was because Bai Liu saw the teenager Miao Feichi. This meant the father and son hadn’t triggered any special blood relationship identity line.

This probably had something to do with Liu Jiayi. This blind child Liu Jiayi entered the game for the first time and directly entered a multiplayer game. Bai Liu didn’t know what this child’s wish was but he felt it wasn’t something like the desire to see.

During his short contact with this child, he felt that Liu Jiayi’s desire to regain the light wasn’t as strong as it was for Liu Huai. This directly reflected her emotional tendencies. Liu Jiayi seemed to feel that if she couldn’t see anything, she could cling more to her brother. If Liu Jiayi’s desire was bound to her brother then this horror game linked to desires might lead to this situation.

However, there were other possibilities as well. Liu Jiayi was too special in all aspects and Bai Liu couldn’t directly draw conclusions. Bai Liu temporarily took note of the places that gave him a sense of violation.

After little Bai Liu (6) was registered, the dean led him in. Little Bai Liu (6) turned to look at Bai Liu. The child raised his thumb and index finger and rubbed them in an expressionless manner toward Bai Liu. He gestured to Bai Liu very tactfully and Bai Liu couldn’t help wanting to laugh. This was a money gesture.

Bai Liu said he would give money for the call and the child had remembered it until now. This little friend hadn’t done anything yet, but he remembered all accounts very well.

The child was brought into the welfare home. As the investor, Bai Liu was brought by the dean to a building near the welfare home. This building was a bit like a ward. There were nurses and nurse offices but no registration office and no doctor’s office. There were just floor after floor of inpatient wards. The dean told him that most of the investors weren’t in good health so they lived here and would occasionally go to see the children at the welfare home on open day.

Bai Liu looked for a while and determined that this place was a private hospital. Or perhaps it wasn’t a private hospital. It was more like an old-age rehabilitation building where some wealthy people retired to live in. It only needed the nurses to look after them while the doctors were on-call. There was no need for many doctors to be stationed in the rehabilitation building.

It was just that it wasn’t wealthy people in good health who retired here. They were a group of terminally ill patients in desperate need of treatment. It was very strange that there were no doctors at this hospital.

Who would treat them if there were no doctors?

The private hospital was full of patients who looked exactly like the slender man. Some were thin and weakly lying in bed, some were holding chairs and walking slowly in the corridor, their faces covered with bandages. They were bandaged so tightly that not even their eyes showed. It was uncertain how they saw the road.

It was only the airflow from their weak breathing slightly blowing the bandages from their face that showed they were living people and not an urban monster.

The further in they went, the more slender the arms and legs of the patients lying in the ward. Bai Liu saw a patient in the ICU who should be over two meters tall. His feet hung weakly off the bed and his skin was blue with small spots. This reminded Bai Liu of the mushroom-like skin of the dead children he previously saw.

The stiff and slowly dying investors moved slowly through the corridor and wards. They turned their heads as if looking at Bai Liu passing through the corridor. Their long and thin spider-like arms dangled on both sides of their body and one person grabbed Bai Liu’s ankle.

The patient who grabbed his ankle seemed to be playing with him. The patient soon let go while making a strange giggling sound.

Proofreader: Purichan

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