GHG: Chapter 81 Part 2

Bai Liu relied on his short stature and searched through the crowd quickly. Finally, he found Mu Ke in a corner of the entrance. Mu Ke was taken aback when he saw Bai Liu but realized that the game could change their appearance. This was indeed Bai Liu’s voice. Mu Ke would never mistake it for anyone else. It was because this was the voice that saved him.

Bai Liu briefly explained the current situation and asked, “We will face a chase after we go in. Are you sure you want to be with me? This is your last chance to regret it. I just saw a person who doesn’t look as good as you and he has made it to the top of the beauty zone by relying on novelty hunting and eating broadcasts. You should be able to do better than him if you develop your appearance properly.”

“…I will be with you.” Mu Ke stared at Bai Liu with certainty.

“Okay, we are being chased so we won’t enter the old games. It is because old games have been played before and we have no advantage.” Bai Liu spoke quickly. “In fact, the safest thing is single player games but the revenue of single player games is too low and the single player games on the game wall are full. We can only choose new multiplayer games. I looked around and found only one new game.”

“We might’ve seen this instance.” Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at Mu Ke. “The name is Love Welfare Institute.”

Before entering the game, Mu Sicheng once asked Bai Liu about the ‘parallel time and space’. How could this be explained if the real world has a fixed and doomed outcome? It was just like Bai Liu and the children’s welfare home. As long as he didn’t choose to go to the welfare home, he wouldn’t die and leave traces there.

Now it was as if there was an invisible hand manipulating all of this. The chase to kill order, the robbery, the raid by senior players and other things caused it so that Bai Liu had to follow this destined path. The only option in front of him right now was the game related to the welfare home.

Lu Yizhan always liked to say that there was providence in the darkness. If the meaning of ‘providence’ was to have him participate in this game then he couldn’t escape, nor did he want to escape.

Bai Liu glanced at Mu Ke. “We will separate to the front and rear and enter the game separately.”


On the game wall, a game icon of a lifeless children’s welfare home suddenly lit up.

[Name of the game instance: Love Welfare Institute]

[Level: Level 2 (games with a player mortality rate greater than 50% and less than 80% are level 2 games)]

[Mode: Multiplayer mode (0/6)]

[Comprehensive description: This is a deciphering double line operation. In this game, players have two identity lines and each identity is equivalent to being a part of your body. Protecting the child is protecting yourself and killing them is also protecting yourself. Which one will you choose? Will you choose to become a child or stay a dirty adult…]

[The game ‘Love Welfare Institute’ has gathered two players. Four more players are needed for it to start.]

[System tip: Bai Liu, the player whose small TV you have bookmarked, has logged into the game. Please go and be a viewer~]

The sound of this notification made Miao Feichi’s eyes flash and he snorted. “You thought I can’t find you if you enter a game? You can only play so many games.”

Miao Gaojiang briefly analyzed it. “Bai Liu should’ve chosen a new game. He has no advantage in an old game.” He examined the wall and finally settled on a game icon in the corner.

The icon of this game was a gloomy children’s welfare home gate. Through the gate, a few children could be seen jumping and playing. This was a new game that hadn’t been seen before.

“Love Welfare Institute?” Miao Feichi looked at the children on the icon. He licked his itchy teeth, his eyes full of bloody desire. “The name is just right for my appetite.”

“Brother Miao, we’ve determined that apart from this Love Welfare Institute game, all the other games are full or are old games. This is the only one with two people logged in.”

“Two people?” Miao Feichi sneered. “It seems that he is together with Mu Sicheng. Okay, this is a level two game. I don’t want to take other people since I will be distracted caring for you. Just me and my father will be fine. You guys go back.”

After speaking, Miao Feichi took the taciturn Miao Gaojiang into the game.

[The game ‘Love Welfare Institute’ has gathered four players. Two more players are needed for it to start.]

[System tip: Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, the players whose small TV you have bookmarked, have logged into the game. Please go and be a viewer~]

The players at the game entrance watched as Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang followed Bai Liu into the game.

They looked at the icon of the Love Welfare Institute and were a bit afraid. Few ordinary players had the guts to play new games. In addition, there was a pair of league players who were itching to kill. This kept everyone away.

However, there was someone who had been staring at the welfare institute icon since Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang logged into the game. Liu Huai stared at the big ‘Love Welfare Institute’ icon. This gate was exactly the same as the gate of the welfare home where Liu Jiayi was located!

Liu Huai was a survivor of Exploding Last Train. He was aware of the Mirror City Bombing. Previously, he didn’t think much about it but then he heard Bai Liu’s words. Now he came across another game that seemed to be a prototype based on reality. It was also a game designed after his sister’s welfare home.

He had asked Liu Jiayi about what she encountered in the welfare home but she was blind and didn’t know. Still, there were some strange spotted bruises like mushrooms all over the little girl’s white skin and thin body. When he asked Liu Jiayi about them, she was at a loss. She didn’t know where these marks came from.

In reality, the result of the investigation was that it was food poisoning. Liu Huai didn’t believe it but unfortunately, there were no clues. There were no clues in the real world but he didn’t know if there were any clues in this game based on reality.

Liu Huai gritted his teeth, equipped himself with skills, took a look at the points he borrowed from other players and entered the game.

[The game ‘Love Welfare Institute’ has gathered five players. One more player is needed for it to start.]

The second after Liu Huai entered the game, a little girl in hospital clothes appeared in a small corner of the entrance.

She seemed blind. Her eyes looked around vacantly as if she didn’t realize where she was. She touched her arm in a slightly puzzled manner and called out to her brother. Then she was sucked into the game and disappeared instantly from the game entrance where people came and went.

[The game ‘Love Welfare Institute’ has gathered all players. The game has officially started.]

There was a notification that the six player game had started but only 5 small TVs lit up at the same time in the multiplayer game zone.

The audience members received the system notification and were puzzled. “I thought this was a six player game? Why do I see only five screens lit up? Is there a high level player?”

In the game, the top 100 players on the total points list had the opportunity to turn off their small TV live broadcast once a month. In this live broadcast, the one with the highest score ranking was Miao Feichi at number 107. He didn’t have the right to turn off his live broadcast. However, Miao Feichi’s ranking was so close to 100 that if he was willing to pay a large price to the system, it was possible to gain the permission to turn it off.

It was just that players like Miao Feichi relied on live broadcasts for publicity. This time, he intended to do such a big gimmick for publicity. It was absolutely impossible for him to turn off his live broadcast.

Miao Feichi didn’t turn off the live broadcast. So who turned it off? None of the other players were in the top 100. They were too far away and didn’t have the qualifications to close it…

They soon found the answer in a small TV that lit up. Fans of Bai Liu recognized that the person in the small TV was Liu Huai who had followed Bai Liu to pass through the last game.

Liu Huai looked at Liu Jiayi who suddenly appeared in front of him with a pale face. Then he kneeled down softly. Liu Huai stared at Liu Jiayi sitting on the ground blankly and his voice contained unstoppable fear. “Jiayi, why are you in this game?”

Liu Jiayi also seemed to be at a loss. She hugged her knees with fear while wearing a hospital gown and shook her head in a daze. Liu Huai’s reaction frightened her. Her misty eyes were covered with a layer of tears and her voice sounded like she was going to cry. “I don’t know. I was about to go to sleep and thought that I really wanted to see you. Then a voice said it could satisfy my desire to see you.”

“I agreed to it.” Liu Jiayi’s voice trembled. “Then I came in here.”

“Brother, I did something wrong didn’t I? Did I say yes to something I shouldn’t have agreed to?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

i was kind of expecting the lucky guy to come last again T.T

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1 year ago

BL knew this will be the case so he didn’t force Li Huai back then. This time Li Huai will approach him to shelter LJY for sure esp with MFC around 😂

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
5 months ago

she better not die nuh uh she’s too young for this

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Hmm so the girls wish/skill is to see her brother