GHG: Chapter 81 Part 1

From the perspective of the live broadcast, it was true that the impact of putting together the ghost mirror was stronger after killing Bai Liu and the audience would pay more. This was the same great publicity effect as Miao Feichi eating his opponent.

If it was for the sake of publicity then this was truly a plan that the Scavenger Zombies would choose.

In the past, some guilds liked to kill promising newcomers before the start of the league. In a more elegant way, it was called ‘Dark horse festival flag, guild invincible’. This happened every year and had been going on for a long time against powerful newcomers who didn’t have the power of a guild. This year, it was supposed to be Mu Sicheng who was sacrificed to the flag, which was why he rushed to collect escape equipment like the Merfolk Amulet.

Unexpectedly, there was Bai Liu who was more arrogant than him. Bai Liu directly killed the top-ranked Puppet Zhang and this gimmick far surpassed Mu Sicheng. He took away Mu Sicheng’s qualification to be sacrificed to the flag.

Mu Sicheng thought of the guild announcement of the Scavenger Zombies that he had seen. Miao Feichi with shackles around his mouth filmed a small video and placed it on the guild announcement interface, stating that he would broadcast killing and eating Bai Liu.

“It’s just that I don’t like to eat older people. They are more delicious when they are younger.” Miao Feichi joked. “This is a regular operation of sacrifice to the flag. How much I eat depends on how much you charge. For you, I can eat a bit more. At present, the support data is calculated as 1.5 kg of internal organs but that isn’t enough for me to eat.”

Miao Feichi licked his lips. “It is a pity if his meat is lost. It is worth taking out a few points to sell it.”

Bai Liu looked at Mu Sicheng strangely. He didn’t know what this person was thinking but Mu Sicheng’s expression suddenly became hideous like he wanted to eat someone. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I just thought of something that made me feel unpleasant.” Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth but soon controlled his distorted facial expression. “I will follow you this time. Isn’t it better for the two of us to be together than you alone?”

Mu Sicheng kept pestering Bai Liu to enter the game with him but Bai Liu didn’t relent. He wanted Mu Sicheng to go and bring the newcomers no matter what. Mu Sicheng was irritable. “If something happens to you, it is useless for me to bring those two newcomers out of the game.”

“Before it happens, you can assume that I won’t have an accident.” Bai Liu patted Mu Sicheng on the shoulder and showed a fake business smile to appease Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng suddenly turned his head back, his gaze crossing Bai Liu’s shoulder as he looked at something behind Bai Liu with a frown. He whispered to Bai Liu, “They are here.”

Bai Liu followed Mu Sicheng’s gaze and found two players coming over, one tall and one short. The lead player’s pace was very arrogant and domineering. Ordinary players around the entrance quickly moved away, forming a vacuum.

The reason why the players retreated wasn’t because the two of them were the combination from the Scavenger Zombies. Players couldn’t harm each other in the game hall. It was due to the system notification.

[System tip to players at the entrance: The red-named player ‘Miao Feichi’ has appeared. This player killed 12 players in a 50 player multiplayer instance yesterday. All regular players who are logged in should keep a distance from him and don’t enter the same game with him lightly. Protect your personal safety.]

Miao Feichi couldn’t help smiling when he heard this tip. He seemed to have long been used to it and his smile contained the arrogance of controlling other people’s lives and making them feel fear.

Miao Feichi was a handsome young man with high shoulders and long legs. He looked quite good and when he buried his head to eat human flesh, the mysterious and bloody feeling he gave off reminded people of mysterious and elegant creatures such as vampires. His scenes caused a huge impact and made many viewers go crazy. His charged points had always been high and he was good at playing. He was always within the top 20 players in the beauty zone.

Bai Liu gave a simple glance and made an objective evaluation of Miao Feichi’s appearance-the bone to facial features ratio was far worse than that of Mu Ke. Bai Liu felt that Miao Feichi’s pose was overdone and there was a greasy feeling when he deliberately showed off.

Behind Miao Feichi was a quiet middle-aged man. He was tall and strong with a dark face and a string of Buddhist beads hanging from his neck. There were two fangs hanging from the side of his mouth like ivory. His eyes were clear and his steps were calm. He seemed to have a very stable temperament. Compared with the more ostentatious Miao Feichi, this middle-aged man looked more difficult to deal with.

It seemed that this person was Miao Feichi’s father who played with him, Miao Gaojiang.

Miao Feichi swaggered to the game wall at the entrance and he was followed by a few people who were searching for someone. They were obviously Scavenger Zombies Guild members who were helping to find Bai Liu. This group of players were also very afraid of Miao Feichi. It was the uncontrollable, natural fear of the low-level creatures in the food chain toward the high level creatures.

No one dared to look into Miao Feichi’s eyes. Even to his own subordinates, he sized them up with narrowed eyes like they were food. He seemed to be looking at delicious pieces of human flesh. Bai Liu described it as a group of herbivores following a carnivore in a trembling manner. The group of herbivores racked their brains to please Miao Feichi.

“Brother Miao, are you here to find Bai Liu to play and relax? You really don’t need to come out yourself. We can do it.”

“Those on the forums made comments indiscriminately, provoking our Brother Miao. Didn’t some people say that Bai Liu’s excellent cooperation with Mu Sicheng will be one of the highlights in next year’s doubles game? I think that even if Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng enter together, Brother Miao and Father Miao can easily abuse them!”

“Hey.” Miao Feichi’s eyes narrowed and he pretended to stop the followers behind him who were bragging about him to the sky. “You talk too much. Still, I hope he doesn’t join with Mu Sicheng. After all, I can’t eat two adults.”

“F*k.” Mu Sicheng, hiding in the crowd, cursed. He wanted to roll up his sleeves but Bai Liu quickly grabbed his wrist. He sent Mu Sicheng a look before letting go.

“F*k.” Mu Sicheng couldn’t help whispering. “Miao Feichi is really the most small-minded league player I have ever seen. Someone on the forum praised us for cooperating well and guessed we would be a problem fighting next year? It is probably due to this that Miao Feichi targeted you. He can’t stand to see any combination better than him.”

The words of these herbivores were really hard to hear but it was basically the main opinion of many players on the forum. Apart from the Bai Liu fans and Mu Sicheng fans who were confident, other passersby were quite unoptimistic. They felt that Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu were likely to be cold against Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang.

In Exploding Last Train, only Puppet Zhang was considered a relatively high level player. Meanwhile, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang were professional players and weren’t on the same level as Puppet Zhang. Many players were already issuing RIPs to Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng, stating it was a pity that they couldn’t participate in next year’s league.

In fact, it wasn’t surprising because Bai Liu had offended many people. The fans supporting the guild players in the support season were crazy. He killed Puppet Zhang who was part of the Kings Guild’s reserve team and the system commented on him, calling him the second Spades. It could be said that he offended the fans of the first and second place guilds with the strongest fighting power.

For them, the Scavenger Zombies killing Bai Liu for publicity was worthy of praise.

Bai Liu lowered his voice. “Hurry and bring the newcomers through the game. Don’t watch the excitement here.”

Mu Sicheng glared resentfully. “You are determined not to let me follow you?”

“Yes.” Bai Liu readily admitted it. “Take good care of the newcomers and bring them to clear a level one multiplayer game.”

Mu Sicheng wanted to struggle. “I can take them to clear the instance with you. Isn’t this bringing newcomers as well?”

“The only new game on this wall is a level 2 instance. Since there is the old player Miao Feichi targeting me, I can’t go to old games that have been seen before. I can only go to the new game.” Bai Liu’s tone was very calm. “I don’t think you have the power to take three newcomers through a level two game. It is very dangerous for me to do this instance with Mu Ke but at least he has passed two instances by himself and is very obedient to me. We can barely try it. Yet you want to take Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu to also join in the fun? Are you interested in giving us a group funeral?”

Mu Sicheng was irritable and anxious. It felt like he was a monkey and he would jump onto Bai Liu in anger any second. “Still, at least my personal skill can defeat Miao Feichi! I have found five black fingers and after equipping them, I can at least fight against Miao Feichi. How can you play against two S-grade players by yourself?”

“What about Liu Fu, Xiang Chunhua and Mu Ke?” Bai Liu stared directly at Mu Sicheng. “If you force these people to come to the instance to help me, will you care about the life or death of these people? If you don’t bring Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu and let them practice on their own, how will you practice cooperating with them?”

Mu Sicheng pressed his lips together firmly and didn’t speak, but he was clearly acquiescing. He didn’t care much about the life or death of these three people and didn’t want to cooperate with others.

“I have an opinion on your attitude toward your future team members of the league. Mu Sicheng, you won’t only be cooperating with me in the future. You also have to cooperate with others. I’m not just training Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu, I’m also training you.” Bai Liu spoke lightly. He didn’t preach or retort severely. Instead, he looked up at Mu Sicheng. “I won’t die. I didn’t die last time against the ghost mirror and I won’t die easily this time. You should have this level of basic trust in me.”

“I will come out and we will participate in the league together.” Bai Liu’s tone was calm. “I have always done as I said. Have I ever lied to you, Mu Sicheng?”

Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth. Finally, he agreed with Bai Liu with a slightly hoarse voice and with a bit of unwillingness.

Bai Liu let Mu Sicheng leave.

Proofreader: Purichan

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With a luck of 0, our MC sure has a high charisma stat with his peers

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zhan zhan
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