GHG: Chapter 80

The Scavenger Zombies Guild issued a three day hunt for Bai Liu. This created intense discussions among players and the forums were overturned.

[Let’s have a rational discussion. If the Zombies Guild gets Bai Liu’s weapons, is it possible to break into the top 20 this year?]

I’m a bit itchy and want to bet on the rotting zombies.

1L: Wake up, poster. Did a new weapon make you confused? This is the league! They are all great gods, okay! They use the top weapons and items that the guilds have spent a year searching for! Bai Liu’s weapon really isn’t enough.

2L: The scavenger zombies are obviously engaged in marketing. Bai Liu’s whip is judged as relatively strong at present but he can’t even kill a small mob with it. How can it compare with top weapons? I think Miao Feichi’s pair of knives are better than that whip. At the very least, the output is better.

3L: Poster, listen to me. The scavenger zombies will be okay in the top 20 of the doubles competition but not the top 20 for the team competition.

Poster: However, the data of the two god-level NPC weapons in Bai Liu’s hands are unclear, right? Maybe it is a bug-like weapon. If the rotting zombies get it, they might be able to win by surprise!

5L: It’s over. Here is another poster who has been fooled by the marketing of the guilds during the support season. Haven’t you seen that the Kings Guild sold the broken lenses to the zombies? If it is really so good to use, why doesn’t the Kings Guild put together the ghost mirror on their own? Why sell the broken lenses?

The Kings Guild has item appraisers and repair masters who can repair and appraise the value of broken items. This item obviously has no value after identification so the Kings Guild sold it!

6L: The rotting zombies are obviously using the hype. Didn’t Bai Liu rush to second place on the rising stars ranking before? Many people call him the second Spades but I think this bragging is a bit much. Now two S-level guild players are coming out to encircle and kill him. He will easily become cold.

7L: However, isn’t Bai Liu tied to God Mu now? It isn’t easy for the scavenger guild to kill Bai Liu with God Mu around. After all, God Mu’s movement speed is like a bug.

8L: If he is bound to God Mu, it depends on who chases and kills. If it is the main force of the zombies hunting them down then these two people will be cold. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang are both S-level players. Among them, Miao Gaojiang’s anti-attack ability is S-level and Miao Feichi will eat his opponent every time he wins. The adrenaline of the audience watching his small TV soars every time and the amount of points they charge him is crazy.  I think Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng can’t beat them in all aspects. Mainly, it is Bai Liu pulling them down too much. I think Mu Sicheng’s speed skill can beat Miao Feichi but it is difficult to make progress with Miao Gaojiang there.

9L: Bai Liu isn’t a main attacker, he is an intellectual player. He even won against the puppet master, okay? Don’t talk about him too badly.

10L: Is the person upstairs new? I’m slightly speechless by these words. First of all, the puppet master is only A-level and has never participated in the league. It is very different from Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang who have played in the league. In addition, the puppet master’s intelligence was very limited. Previously he jumped fiercely and said he wanted to boost his prestige in the league. The Kings Guild marketed him and Little Witch so I didn’t dare to speak. Now that he is dead, I can say this. The game between him and Bai Liu isn’t at a level that would be played by someone with 93 points in intelligence. The playing method was too low-end.

In addition, Bai Liu is just an intellectual player. The scavenger zombies aren’t just output players but also intellectual players. Miao Gaojiang —[Link: Top ten intelligent anti-killing moments of the league.] In this video with more than 2 million views, Miao Gaojiang is included. He once counter-killed a duo from the Kings Guild by scheming.

By the way, Miao Gaojiang’s intelligence value is the same as Bai Liu’s. They both have 89 points. Miao Gaojiang has more experience.

No matter how you say it, Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang aren’t on the same level as Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng. Still, it is unlikely that these two people will come out to hunt down Bai Liu, a newcomer. I have been paying attention to their guild recently. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang are training in large-scale instances that are basically level 3 instances.

This time, their actions against Bai Liu are likely to be a promotion strategy and a marketing method. There is nothing to pay attention to. We can disperse. In addition, if the original poster likes the Scavenger Zombies Guild then do you want to make a bold bet? This year, I’ve watched practice games between Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. I think they are in really good shape.


36L: I’m here to slap the face of someone upstairs. The Scavenger Zombies Guild has just issued an announcement. It won’t be the ordinary players of their guild who are chasing after the Bai Mu duo but their doubles team act—Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. Miao Feichi said that after he wins, he will use Bai Liu to do a food broadcast. He is waiting to chase Bai Liu.

37L: ?!?! Seriously?! The scavenger zombies are personally hunting him down in person? Aren’t they playing the training instances? How come they are going to fight against ordinary players?!

The forums exploded in an instant.


Inside the Kings Guild.

A serious looking person holding a system panel hurriedly walked through the bustling crowd into an office. There was a bright red heart hung above the office door and something dripped down like a heart that was dripping blood. The poison system of the skull below was dyed red. This system made the person who knocked on the door gulp but in the end, he knocked. “Queen, Wang Shun has synthesized the results of the charging issue of every small TV episode of the Queen of Hearts. Do you want to see it now?”

“Come in.”

The man entered in trepidation.

A woman with a pipe in her hand, wearing a black-red cheongsam with a slit to one side, black silk stockings and high heels leaned lazily on a black bench. One foot was lifted up over the other and her hair was tied back in a loose bun that was fixed with a long wooden hairpin. There were long black tassels hanging from her ears onto her bare white shoulders. A shawl was placed around her arms and slipped down her back.

The middle of her eyes was slightly rounded and the tail was upturned. Her eyes were hazy and her lips were bright red and plump. She gently held the end of the pipe, took a puff and blew it out slowly. The white smoke lingering around her body seemed to have a type of fragrance and color. The end of her eyes drooped down in a slightly tired manner. She looked cold and lofty.

She wasn’t the only one in the office. The place was full of people and noisy arguments.

“The Queen’s charging support rate had shown a significant downward trend this month…”

“I think it is team combat that masks the Queen’s personal appeal and leads to the charged points being scattered to everyone on the team…”

“I told you to make star players, star players! Look at the number one player, Spades! It is this strong personal style that attracted a large audience…”

“I object. The team battles are the highlight of the league! The league will start in two months. We can’t put the cart before the horse! The Queen must start practicing with the players! Now even Spades is training with his team!”

“The backup team member Puppet Zhang died. We have lost a team play method. The new practice method needs to be honed….”

“There is also an important new player in our team who needs to be honed. It is Taboo Witch who is first on the rising star rankings. Her personal skill can both be used as output or to recover health. This is rare and precious in the game. She hasn’t cooperated with the other members of our team because she is 13 instances short of signing up to the league. She is currently clearing instances…”

The Queen of Hearts rubbed her brow and sat up, waving lazily. Her voice had a low and hoarse texture due to smoking. “Okay, all operation managers stop first and listen to the report.”

Suddenly, all the sounds stopped abruptly. They bowed respectfully and moved back. “Okay, Queen.”

The person who came in to report glanced carefully at the team behind the operation of the Queen of Hearts. He gulped and started to report in a low voice.

“This month, the total number of points charged to the Queen of Hearts dropped by 19% compared with the previous month. The peak audience number also dropped by 21%… the comprehensive data of the small TV has dropped by 13.67%…”

“The gap with the third-ranked player, the ‘Reverse Cross Disciple’ has been further narrowed. According to the current trend, it is very likely that… we will be surpassed in the second half of the year. However, we are still stable as number one in the ‘high face value’ ranking…”

Queen of Hearts lowered her eyes and listened for a moment. Then she raised her hand to interrupt the other party’s report. “Tell me the direction the audience I’m losing is heading to.”

“Oh, yes.” The reporting person clicked on his system panel and continued to report after turning the page. “Based on the small TV data analysis done by Wang Shun, the direction of the loss is toward high level players who have a direct competitive relationship with Queen of Hearts. The main loss is to Reverse Cross Disciple but the proportion isn’t much. It is less than one-third.”

“The remaining two-thirds of the audience lost…” The reporter smiled bitterly. “It is to low level players. This group of newcomers is too good at playing. They have distinctive personal characteristics and their viewing rate has greatly improved.”

“No matter whether is it Little Witch with both healing and output who is ranked first in the rising stars ranking, the control class player Bai Liu who has just rushed to second place, the third ranked 100% lucky ‘Parrot’ or the fourth ranked ‘Monkey Thief’ who once stole from Spades…” (TL: The ‘ying’ in Du Sanying’s name means Parrot)

“The competitiveness of their small TVs is far beyond the average level that newcomers should have.” The reporter sighed.

“The witch is ours. It doesn’t matter if we lose some audience members to her.” Hearts learned back lazily and took a puff from the pipe. “Bai Liu? Is this the newcomer who is called the second Spades by the system?”

The reporter paused hesitantly. He raised his head and glanced at Queen of Hearts. He thoughtfully said, “Yes, this newcomer killed Puppet Zhang. It seems that his personal skill is the control type. We have been preparing for the league recently so we didn’t pursue the matter of him killing Puppet Zhang. We also found that Puppet Zhang really isn’t capable…”

“After the appraisal department appraised the broken lenses in hand, it was discovered that the final item formed by the broken lenses probably isn’t very useful. It was sold. In terms of strength, I think this Bai Liu is far inferior to the original Spades. I think the reason why the system called him the second Spades is because…”

“The weapon right?” Hearts spoke lightly. “This man’s weapon is indeed the same as Spade’s. They are both bone whips. Spades’ weapon is a pure black lizard bone whip while his is a white fish bone whip.”

“It is a bit like a couples whip.” The moment Hearts finished talking in her languid voice, everyone in the room held their breath and didn’t dare peek at the queen sitting on the chair.

They all knew that the Queen of Hearts liked the king, Spades. How much did she like him? It was to the extent that the Kings Guild was originally organized by Queen of Hearts for Spades. This was why it was called ‘King’s Crown.’ The queen wanted to crown Spades’ victory with this huge and wealthy guild. The only condition was to let her follow him. However, she was refused by Spades.

The manner Spades refused was very direct. He almost killed Hearts in the game. Spades had almost killed Hearts so many times but every time the league players gathered, the queen would take the initiative to greet him and Spades would ask back indifferently, ‘Who are you?’

It was like he never remembered the queen who formed a whole guild to ‘marry him’. It was a sad one-sided love for Queen of Hearts, the top beauty who was ranked first in terms of appearance and the player every male in the game liked.

Even so, they didn’t dare force Spades. After all, Spades didn’t look like the type to fall in love. The cruel thing was that Spades would continue to try and kill the queen without hesitation in future games.

The eyes of the Queen of Hearts gradually darkened as if she finally became interested. She raised her chin and smiled lazily, “That whip is really interesting. It has the attribute of the god-level NPC layered over it and the data is unknown.”

The one reporting was stunned. “The scavenger zombies issued a chase to kill order and they want to steal this whip. If you are interested then…”

“No, I’m not interested.” Hearts’ expression became tired and lazy again. “This person is just a newcomer and he can’t dance in front of me this year. Even if he learned the whip like Spades, can someone be comparable to Spades?”

She casually leaned back. Her toes moved up and down and her eyes were a bit blank like she was lost in her memory. She whispered, “Spades is the best.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is with a whip or as a person.”


The game entrance.

Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu stood together. Bai Liu was looking around for Mu Ke. He had asked Mu Ke to wait for him at the entrance. Mu Sicheng had also disguised his appearance and it was obviously a higher level than Bai Liu’s one. He disguised himself as a big bearded man and no one followed him when he walked alone.

Soon, Mu Sicheng found that someone was following Bai Liu. He was about to remind Bai Liu when he noticed that something was wrong. Mu Sicheng looked suspiciously at Bai Liu. “What level of adjustment did you use?”

Bai Liu blinked. “The free one.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

Mu Sicheng finally couldn’t stand it and he frantically complained, “Bai Liu, can you be less stingy?! You are f*king being chased!”

“There is no need to spend money on this.” Bai Liu stared intently at the game wall. “Once I enter a game, there will be a period of time when other players can join. However, my small TV will give a notification that I have entered the game. They are a large guild with many eyes and it will be easy to find me among the 100 games on the game wall.”

This was true and Mu Sicheng started to frown.

“In addition, they want to catch me but what if I want to catch them as well?” Bai Liu suddenly looked at Mu Sicheng with a smile. He was so beautiful in this female appearance that Mu Sicheng was stunned.

Then Mu Sicheng quickly returned to his senses. “You want to catch them? What for?”

Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly. “They want the fish bone whip and broken lenses on my body. I also want the things on them.”

“What do you want from them?” Mu Sicheng frowned.

Bai Liu looked up at Mu Sicheng. “The broken lenses and their guild.”

“I found that the other players participating in the competition have guilds but we don’t have one.” Bai Liu’s expression and tone were very calm. He said, “I also want a big guild. I can’t find a good way to do it but I can try this herbivore guild.”

Mu Sicheng who looked dumbfounded. “……”

For a while, he didn’t know where to start.

“It is the scavenger guild, not the herbivore guild.” Mu Sicheng held his forehead as he looked at the calm Bai Liu with an unbearable headache. “Bai Liu, can I call you Father? Don’t use the tone of selling things casually by the roadside to say that you want to form a guild. How many times have I told you that this herbivore guild, no, the scavenger guild isn’t a small guild.”

Mu Sicheng sighed. “It might be better for us to have a guild behind us when entering the competition to run all aspects better but it is too late for us to establish a guild. We don’t have a lot of resources, points and players. Even so, the scavenger guild isn’t one you can get at will. The leaders are a father and son combination who can fight against the Kings Guild in the league. You also watched the video. They are players we can’t easily provoke.”

“I thought you were just preparing to enter the competition.” Mu Sicheng felt as though his head would explode. “I didn’t expect you to be tempted to grab a guild. Bai Liu, give up. It is impossible.”

“I didn’t say I wanted to grab it.” Bai Liu glanced at Mu Sicheng. “I just want to control their boss and use their guild’s resources.”

Mu Sicheng thought for a moment before quickly refuting Bai Liu, “It won’t work. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang have already entered the competition. Even if you control them, they can’t withdraw from the competition and join our team. Players who have already entered the competition with a team can’t change teams. This is the rule.”

“On this premise, they will try to use the guild’s resources for themselves unless they abandon the game. It is because the support of the guild can save lives in the league. Based on your control mode that is through transactions, even if you control them, I don’t think you can use the guild’s resources beyond the father and son who are going to participate in the league.”

Bai Liu stopped bothering to talk to Mu Sicheng. He kept looking at the game wall but Mu Sicheng was unrelenting.

“In addition, the broken lenses are on them?” Mu Sicheng frowned. “What is all of this?”

Bai Liu went on to explain. “In this game, I can put the broken lenses on other people or buy imitation lenses to pretend they are the real broken lenses. There are too many ways to confuse items. They came after me partly for publicity and partly for the broken lenses and items on me.”

“In order to make sure the items on me are real, they need to inspect the broken lenses on me.”

Bai Liu glanced at Mu Sicheng. “Mu Sicheng, based on your thinking as a professional thief, what do you think is the best way to inspect goods with no mistakes?”

“Put it together.” Mu Sicheng thought for a moment. “If it was me, I would put it together after getting the broken lenses on your body. If they can be put together to form an item then they are real. If they can’t then they are fake.”

“So you guessed they are carrying the broken lenses because of this?” Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu who was a head shorter than him. “They can also take the broken lenses from you and then put them together later.”

“Yes, they can naturally take my broken lenses first but I don’t think it is very likely,” Bai Liu said when his eyes continued to search the game wall.

Mu Sicheng asked, “Why is it unlikely?”

“It is because the live broadcast effect is the best if they kill me and inspect the goods in person.” Bai Liu’s voice was flat. “Don’t they want to use me for publicity? The best publicity effect is to kill people and sell the goods together.”

Mu Sicheng was silent.

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1 year ago

The queen of hearts sounds like a badass, i can’t wait for her arc 😳

1 year ago

Does this “Spade” guy has problems with his memories? He does suit the “amnesiac” characteristic


Wow, this lady is a real queen. She’s perhaps on the level of Empress if it wasn’t for her way-too-loyal love for spades. But that didn’t take away her charm. Instead it feels like an unreachable monarch has become a person, it gives her more human characteristic and just makes her more hmmm……….I forgot the word. help.

1 year ago

I wonder if Spades and the ML is the same person…or they are completely different?

2 months ago

If Spades has “bad” memory then it would fit the trope that is usually written in this kind of novels.
Also Spades looks like Tawil.
Def the male lead that is amnesiac.