GHG: Chapter 79

Liu Fu also smiled honestly. “Yes, we played competitive games like basketball when we were young. We don’t lose to you young people.”

Bai Liu was silent for a moment. “You can tell me at any time if you want to quit before the final registration in two months. Within these two months, I will try to find someone else. You are just a backup option and don’t need to force yourselves.”

He said so but in fact, Bai Liu didn’t have many choices. It is because there were only two months left. Most of the old players who had the intention and qualification to participate had already signed up. Those who didn’t have the intention to participate wouldn’t follow a newcomer like Bai Liu. They wanted to live a long life.

Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu knew the dangers of this competition but they wanted to repay Bai Liu. This seemingly cold guy bought their souls and looked like a bad guy but he actually helped them from beginning to end.

It was just a game. It didn’t matter if they died for this young man. They had lived long enough. It was much longer than Guoguo.

Compared with Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua who had certain life and death experiences, Mu Sicheng wasn’t so calm. He completely blew up after hearing that Bai Liu was asking him to bring some newcomers with him.

Mu Sicheng’s side was quiet for two seconds before he raised the volume in an incredulous manner. “You are asking me to help you bring newcomers? Damn, are you going to compete with a brand new team? Are you crazy? This is the solution you’ve found?!”

“I’m starting to think I was fooled by you onto this boat when I was in mental disorder.” Mu Sicheng really broke down. “In addition, I’ve never brought a newcomer with me!”

“So you’re quitting?” Bai Liu asked softly. “I will allow you to quit but after you quit, you will have to compete alone in this virtual world by yourself.”

“Or do you want to join me in the league where you can win a real future?” Bai Liu continued invitingly.

Mu Sicheng’s voice came to an abrupt end like he had been strangled by something. It took a long time until his voice was heard again, hoarse and helpless. “Damn, do I still have to choose? Of course, I will be with you.”

Bai Liu inserted his key into the keyhole but didn’t turn it. Instead, he asked Mu Sicheng on the other end of the phone. “Then will you help me bring the new people?”

There was no answer from Mu Sicheng, only an unsteady breathing sound. Bai Liu wasn’t in a hurry. He waited without hanging up the phone.

“You are really good at talking!” Mu Sicheng spoke in a slightly frustrated manner. Bai Liu could imagine him irritably grabbing his hair.

In the end, Mu Sicheng sighed in a depressed manner. “I’ll try. Let me be clear. I’ve never looked after newcomers. I’m not a veteran in a guild who helps train newcomers. If you give them to me, I can’t promise that they will come out alive.”

Bai Liu smiled. “Before things happen, I always like to assume you can do it.”

“Bai Liu, you are really good at tricking people into gangs.” Mu Sicheng felt speechless. “You’ve really done a MLM scheme before, right?”

“I don’t do illegal things.” Bai Liu said without changing his expression as he opened the door. “Since when have I done anything to trick people into joining a gang?”

Mu Ke was waiting for Bai Liu in the house and turned around in surprise. Bai Liu had previously given him the spare key and asked Mu Ke to wait for him there.

“When will we start playing the game?” Mu Ke took a deep breath and clenched his fists. “I’m ready to join.”

On the other end of the phone, Mu Sicheng complained. “That is Mu Ke. You said that you haven’t done anything to trick others. Then how did Mu Ke get onto your boat?”

Bai Liu simply hung up the phone. “See you in the game, Mu Sicheng.”


[System: Welcome player Bai Liu to the game. Please pay attention to protect your own safety.]

Bai Liu slowly opened his eyes. He was still dressed in a white shirt and suit pants. Mu Ke and he had logged in together but the login points of all players were random. Bai Liu looked around and didn’t find Mu Ke among the players around him. Just when he was going to look for Mu Ke and before he had time to open his system panel, a bright red warning window automatically popped up.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu has received a chase to kill order.]

[System reminder: This is a friendly tip for you to change your face to avoid being caught by killers.]

Bai Liu raised his eyebrow. [A chase to kill order? Then change my face randomly.]

[System: Enter the random face change program: Height change (174 → 161), hair color change (black and short → brown, curly and long), lip color (flesh color → cherry red), pupil distance widened, eyes enlarged…]

The clothes on Bai Liu’s body shrank to fit his changed appearance. Bai Liu opened his hands and looked at his appearance of a pure and harmless female high school student. “……”

Bai Liu really couldn’t agree with the aesthetic level of the faces randomly generated by the system.

In this way, the probability of him being recognized was indeed greatly reduced. Even so, Mu Sicheng could still find him quickly. This guy found people using his nose. In his words, the copper smell from Bai Liu could be smelled hundreds of meters away. Mu Sicheng really did find Bai Liu not long after he entered.

Mu Sicheng had a solemn expression. Then he saw Bai Liu’s long curly hair, his height that was over 10 centimeters shorter and his appearance that was like a flat-chested high school girl. He couldn’t help freezing. “You… still have this hobby?”

Bai Liu was too lazy to care about him. He pulled his skirt down to cover the place where Mu Sicheng’s strange sight was focused and directly wondered, “Look again and I’ll kill you. I received a chase to kill order. What is this?”

“Yes, that’s what I want to tell you.” Mu Sicheng’s expression instantly became serious. “There is a guild who directly issued a kill order against you.”

The chase to kill order was the same as the advertisement fireworks that Bai Liu saw before. It was an announcement that could be sent to all players and required points to send. It was a bit like the fireworks in the large-scale online game that Bai Liu played a few years ago. A message was shouted over the loudspeaker of the online game and all players could see it.

Just as Bai Liu was asking about this matter, another virtual firework exploded above his head. The tail of the fireworks slowly fell on Bai Liu’s body. A notification automatically popped up on his panel.

[System wide announcement: The Zombies Guild has issued a chase to kill order for player Bai Liu.]

[Content of the chase to kill order: The Zombies Guild promises to the majority of players that they will kill Bai Liu in three days and take away his two god level NPC items (Siren’s Fishbone and Ghost Mirror) to prepare for the support season! Welcome all players to watch! Please support the Zombies Guild in the league.]

“Zombies Guild?” Bai Liu touched his chin. “Is this a small guild? I haven’t heard of it.”

“It isn’t a small guild.” Mu Sicheng was a bit speechless. “Bai Liu, please take your attention away from accumulating points a little bit. You are about to participate in the league. Learn more about the popular participating teams and guilds.”

Bai Liu answered, “I didn’t see the Zombies Guild in the top 10 of the league’s promotion interface. They couldn’t enter the top 10 so isn’t this a small guild?”

Bai Liu’s tone and expression were flat. He was seriously asking without the meaning of ridicule. However, Mu Sicheng felt that Bai Liu had released a wave of ridicule toward the Zombies Guild. This made him smile.

Mu Sicheng soon got rid of his smile and became serious. “The Zombies Guild isn’t a small guild.”

Then Mu Sicheng opened the system panel and brought up the support promotion interface of the league. His finger slid over it until he stopped on a page and handed it to Bai Liu.

“The guild isn’t very famous.” Mu Sicheng pointed to two players on the interface and showed them to Bai Liu. “However, there are two star players in the guild who are also the founders.”

“These two players are both top players whose panel attributes are the S-level.” Mu Sicheng looked up at Bai Liu. “They are top players who are stronger than player Puppet Zhang. They are of a professional caliber and easily kill people.”


[Player: Miao Feichi]

[Current support comprehensive data: 410,000, 67th among all the participating players. Unlocked the death-free gold medal.]

[Total points ranking: 134.]

[Guild: Scavenger Zombies]


[Player: Miao Gaojiang]

[Current support comprehensive data: 230,000, 107th among all the participating players. Unlocked the death-free gold medal.]

[Total points ranking: 179.]

[Guild: Scavenger Zombies]


There was a triangle video button next to the two single player posters with the following words: [Highly popular support video] — [Mixed Editing: Best Doubles Cooperation of the Year CUT~ The highlight moment of the Scavenger Zombies – Bloody father and son combination of not shrinking back from any crime~]

The video was free to watch and Bai Liu went in without hesitation.

Three minutes later, Bai Liu finished watching. The video interface stopped at the last scene. A man with a shackle on his mouth unlocked the shackle with one hand and excitedly bit at a person’s back. This person was obviously a hostile player. The bitten player opened his mouth and screamed loudly. The player who bit him had flesh trapped between his teeth and blood smeared all over his face.

Next to the cannibal player, there was a middle-aged man who looked like a zombie (jiangshi, not Western zombie) from the Qing Dynasty. The zombie’s skin was blue and he was tall. He slapped away a monster like no damage could be done to him. He was tall and looked steady and mature. It was just that he looked a bit strange with his zombie face.

“The flesh eating maniac is Miao Feichi and he is the output. The anti-monster zombie is Miao Gaojiang and his defense in zombie form is extremely high. They are a typical output and tank combination. Since they are father and son, they have a good tacit understanding,” Mu Sicheng explained. “The panel attributes of these two players are very high. Both of them are over 8,000. They are S-level players and can kill you in a few tenths of a second.”

Bai Liu stepped back for a few seconds and watched the video of Miao Feichi eating people again. He held his chin thoughtfully and asked, “So this person called Miao Feichi attacks by biting people?”

“No, his attack method is two knives. The reason why he eats people is because—” Mu Sicheng paused, his tone complicated. “Miao Feichi has an eating disorder. He likes to eat corpses and they must be fresh and tender corpses. It is said that in real life, he was jailed due to an attempted crime. However, it was just an attempt so he has already been released.”

Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at Mu Sicheng. “You can say it simpler. He likes to eat children and failed in kidnapping a child?”

Mu Sicheng replied after a moment of silence. “Yes.”

Such an appalling event didn’t attract too much of Bai Liu’s attention. He just touched his chin thoughtfully and looked at Mu Sicheng sincerely. “I am so low-key. Why are they targeting me?”

“……” This person stirred up a storm in the game and was actually shameless enough to say he was low-key. Mu Sicheng inwardly complained while keeping his face blank. “Maybe it is because you look better.”

Bai Liu in the short skirt suddenly said, “It is because of this? I knew it.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

Don’t really believe me!

The author has something to say:

6 I don’t have any awareness of myself: I just came to work. Why do all of you have to target me?

Proofreader: Purichan

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If they are not the Top 1 and Top 2 in the rankings, they are all small fries to Bai Liu’s eyes 😹

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Can’t even work in peace, poor MC

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It’s crazy to remember that mc is just F potential in strengh. Even the old couple is C+. Somehow I find it funny.

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I wonder if the random appearance is made by the system or the ‘new’ system? Xd

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But also how is BL makeover effective if hes with MS?
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