GHG: Chapter 71 Part 2

Only 100 million points were left in Bai Liu’s mind. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that his eyes and brain were stimulated by the 100 million points. He quickly flipped to the registration interface.

[Registration deadline: 2 months, 01 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes.]

[The player is still far away from the conditions of the competition: 50 game instances, four teammates.]

It was too far away.

Bai Liu cooled down a bit and thought rationally. He only had 61 days left and he had to play 50 game instances. On average, he had passed one instance a day. Even if the time flow in the game instance was slower, it was one game a day and his spirit might not be able to sustain him. To be honest, the game consumed a lot from him otherwise Bai Liu wouldn’t sleep so hard when he came out…

Then his eyes glanced at the 100 million points rewarded by the game.

Mu Sicheng was still chattering. “Still, this competition has nothing to do with us who are newcomers this year. It takes 52 instances to participate. I usually play one instance once a week. Now I’ve only played 26 instances and there are two months left. It is impossible to make up the number of instances…”

As Mu Sicheng was talking, he met Bai Liu’s eyes. He couldn’t help shivering and took two steps back. “Bai Liu, what are you going to do with me?!”

Bai Liu smiled “Friend, do you want to stay up late to play games? The type where 50 instances are done in two months?”

Mu Sicheng, “?????”


Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu logged out of the game together and the log out point was Bai Liu’s house.

It was because Mu Sicheng said he wanted to contact Bai Liu offline but the specific information of players such as their address and phone number wasn’t allowed to be mentioned in the game. It was the same as how information about the game wasn’t allowed to be mentioned in reality. The exchange of WeChat accounts was blocked by the game so the fastest way for two people to communicate was to log out directly from the same player’s exit point.

Each player’s login address was a string of 12 digits that was like a password. After confirming the log out, the player could enter the password and they would be sent to the login address corresponding to this password.

The initial password of the player’s login address was the place where they first logged in. It was their default log out place. If Bai Liu didn’t enter a password when logging out then he would go to this login address by default.

For example, Bai Liu logged into the game from his house and the game generated a string of 12 digit numbers for him. The login address corresponding to this password was Bai Liu’s house. Whoever entered the password could log out at Bai Liu’s house.

Mu Sicheng was still a university student and he logged in at his dormitory. If Bai Liu went there, he would be caught on the spot by the dormitory aunt. Therefore, the two of them chose Bai Liu’s small rental house to log out to.

The moment he arrived at Bai Liu’s house, Mu Sicheng spoke bitterly. “Bai Liu, listen to my advice. Don’t try to participate. You don’t even have enough participants. How can we participate with just the two of…”

Before he could finish his words, Mu Sicheng stopped. He had a strange expression on his face as he looked at the exquisite young man sleeping on Bai Liu’s bed whose face was covered with tears.

It wasn’t known what Mu Ke had experienced in the game. His face was covered with tears and there were red marks on his wrists and ankles like he had been struck by a whip. He held Bai Liu’s shirt and buried his whole head in it. He curled up like a small animal with no sense of security on the bed, sleeping soundly.

Bai Liu didn’t find it strange and didn’t pay too much attention to Mu Ke on the bed. He walked past the bed while replying to Mu Sicheng. “There are three people. The one on the bed will also participate.”

“????” Mu Sicheng’s face was full of question marks. “F*k, Bai Liu, are you serious? Who is this person?”

Don’t blame Mu Sicheng for not recognizing Mu Ke. He really didn’t expect Mu Ke from Bai Liu’s group of newcomers to appear on Bai Liu’s bed in such a form…

Bai Liu turned to look at Mu Sicheng. “He is Mu Ke, the newcomer I brought out of the game last time. I will take him to clear instances together.”

Mu Ke and Bai Liu were pure newcomers and had only played two instances. Bai Liu and Mu Ke had the same number of instances so it was enough if he took Mu Ke to clear the instances with him.

Mu Ke had logged out at Bai Liu’s home last time. He knew the logout password of Bai Liu’s home. This time, Mu Ke chose to log out at Bai Liu’s home after clearing the game and this was within Bai Liu’s expectations.

Before Bai Liu entered the game, he asked Mu Ke to play an instance by himself and Bai Liu wouldn’t intervene much. He suggested that Mu Ke choose a single player game. If Mu Ke could survive then he would start to take Mu Ke’s training seriously.

Bai Liu didn’t like to communicate with people with weak minds. They were too good at making excuses for themselves. Therefore, Bai Liu decided to test Mu Ke first. If Mu Ke could successfully pass a game by himself then Bai Liu would try to train Mu Ke while avoiding a situation like Puppet Zhang. The Kings Guild spent a lot of resources to train Puppet Zhang and as a result, he relied too much on the intelligence absorbed from his puppets. He finally fell at Bai Liu’s hands, resulting in a large amount of capital being wasted.

Bai Liu didn’t like to do useless things. He liked to do things that had a lot of benefits.

It seemed that Mu Ke had tried his best to clear the instance on his own. Then after clearing the instance, the fierceness of being on the line of life or death made him subconsciously seek Bai Liu’s home when choosing to log out. This was a way of seeking comfort and to prove his commitment. Mu Ke wanted to tell Bai Liu that he had cleared the instance. It was like a child who finally managed to get 100 points on the exam crying while showing it to his parents.

The parent Bai Liu took a white shirt and suit pants to the bathroom and changed clothes. A few minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom.

Mu Sicheng was now shrinking back in the corner like a ghost. He stayed far away from Mu Ke on the bed and pointed to Mu Ke. Mu Sicheng asked Bai Liu who came out after changing his clothes, “…Did you take the new player you saved last time to bed?!”

“He came by himself. He has the log out number of my house and I can’t help it.” Bai Liu didn’t notice at all that Mu Sicheng’s thoughts had become crooked. “I was planning to let him go before but now time is urgent. I want to participate in the competition and I don’t have many cards in my hand. He is still pretty good and I think I can take him to the instances to train him.”

After Bai Liu knew that he could get 100 million points from the league, he seemed possessed and insisted on participating. Mu Sicheng couldn’t persuade him so he had to tell Bai Liu that it required five people who had played 52 instances each to participate in this competition. Where could Bai Liu find these people to form a team?

Even if Mu Sicheng managed to play more than 20 games, Bai Liu was still missing three people. Now Bai Liu was planning to take Mu Ke, who only went through two games like himself, to participate in the competition!

This was a joke! It required two months of endlessly playing games 50 times to reach the registration line. Even if Bai Liu’s crazy mental value could withstand it, how could an ordinary player like Mu Ke withstand it?

Mu Sicheng couldn’t help pointing at Mu Ke who was still in bed. “Bai Liu, a crazy person like you might be able to clear 50 instances but Mu Ke is a newcomer. He should’ve cleared the instance just now and he still has injuries. Do you know under what circumstances a player will still be injured after coming out of a game instance? You and I came out without any injuries.”

Bai Liu did up his tie and his eyes fell on Mu Ke’s wrist and ankles. Finally, he looked at Mu Sicheng and asked, “Under what circumstances will a player come out injured?”

Mu Sicheng casually found a chair to sit down on. He had spent a lot of energy in the game and felt lazy. However, apart from being a bit listless, there were indeed no injuries on Mu Sicheng’s body.

Mu Sicheng leaned his head on the chair and looked up at Bai Liu who was wearing the tie. “Injuries in the game can only be brought out if he believes he is injured and can’t be healed. The game will obey the player’s will and bring out the injury. Generally speaking, it is only in the case of extreme fear such as when the mental value falls below 10. Usually people will lose their knowledge of the game and feel that they aren’t in a game but in reality. They will feel that they are really injured and the injuries will be brought out.”

As he spoke, Mu Sicheng glanced at the boy on the bed who looked very fragile from his actions and appearance. Then he sent Bai Liu a disapproving look.

“A player who comes out of the game with an injury shows that his mental quality isn’t good. His panel potential isn’t high and if I remember correctly, this player Mu Ke has no personal skill, right?” Mu Sicheng raised his eyebrow. “If you take him to the competition, isn’t it just delivering food to your opponents?”

“However, I can say that to some extent, I passed Exploding Last Train with his help.” Bai Liu looked at Mu Sicheng and replied in an unhurried manner.

Bai Liu relied on Mu Ke’s Merfolk Amulet as his trump card to face the god-level NPC. It was also by relying on Mu Ke’s Merfolk Amulet that he tricked Mu Sicheng into coming in. According to Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke brought out injuries so he must’ve reached a level of extreme fear and urgency in the game.

Even so, he didn’t use the Merfolk Amulet in his single player game and instead left his most precious survival item to Bai Liu.

It was because before entering the game, Bai Liu mentioned that he might use Mu Ke’s Merfolk Amulet. Even if Mu Ke’s mental reality fell to the point of confusing reality and the game and he came out with injuries, he didn’t use this item.

This was the same as what Mu Sicheng did in Exploding Last Train.

“You and he have the same value in my heart.” Bai Liu stared at Mu Sicheng, eyes never wavering. “You have both abided by your deals with me despite desperation so I can’t violate my agreement with either of you. I said that if he came out by himself this time, I would train him and let him live.”

“Just like I didn’t give up on you, I won’t easily give up on him.” Bai Liu looked down at Mu Ke who was covered in bruises. “It is because you have both proved your value to me.”

The author has something to say:

It’s coming!

6: I’m going to start raising kids (crossed out) teammates!

Rainbow Turtle small note: The team forming that I mentioned in my note at the beginning has started!

In the author’s small theaters at the end, the 6 she is referring to is Bai Liu. The reason why she has given him this number nickname will be explained later, I think in the next instance. One small and well-known joke among the readers is that most of Bai Liu’s future teammates have numbers/or characters in their names that sound like numbers and the author usually refers to them by numbers. I think Mu Ke is the only exception so far.

Also, there is a reason why I mentioned that romance is a small focus. I think in the first 150 chapters, ML probably only shows up for like 10% of them? Still, the next arc is the start of the set up for him to appear more. (P.S There were a lot of shipping wars in the first 150 chapters but they are stopped after ML actually starts appearing)

Proofreader: Purichan

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