GHG: Chapter 70

The nightmare rising stars screen in the central hall.

This was a black TV hall that was different from the magnificent decorations style of the core hall. It was a modern industrial style with black colors. Black curtains covered all the walls and were dotted with scattered silver or gold fragments. It looked like a dreamy starry sky on a summer night but a closer look revealed some bloody handprints on the curtains. These small fragments were human metal denture fragments that were glued to the curtains.

In the game, a player was defined as a newcomer when they participated in less than 52 games. According to the average game frequency of once a week, players who had only been in the game for one year were called newcomers. Newcomers had their own special features and rankings, among which the nightmare rising stars was the best promotion.

There were a total of 10 screens in the nightmare rising stars hall. Only the top 10 newcomers for the day could enter here. The competition had always been fierce. Usually, many people appeared here and were quickly squeezed out. Now the style in this fierce competition hall was a bit… strange.

It was because the second screen, the third screen and the fourth screen were all playing Bai Liu’s small TV.

Wang Shun rushed over to see it and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Bai Liu rushed to second place but the third place Du Sanying and fourth place Mu Sicheng hung Bai Liu’s small TV in the center of their screens. This made it look like Bai Liu alone occupied three positions in the nightmare rising stars list. Many viewers who didn’t follow Bai Liu were attracted by this and walked over in a confused manner.

“Who is this newcomer? One person is occupying three screens. Awesome.”

“That is Bai Liu! The one who made the forum really noisy before! It is obvious that you haven’t eaten melons. At that time, a group of people said that once he met Puppet Zhang, he would either die or turn into a puppet. Tsk, they didn’t expect that Puppet Zhang would become his puppet.”

“I remember a lot of people on the forum scolded him because he gained a lot of charged points in his first single player game. Many low level players were jealous of him and said he was so pretentious that he would be struck by lightning sooner or later. Now he is on the nightmare rising stars list. If this newcomer is cruel and he catches a few of those who cursed him in a game and kills them directly, I don’t know who is the one who is struck by lightning.”

[Cleared Exploding Last Train’s true ending: 30,000 points rewarded.]

[Cleared Exploding Last Train’s true ending: 100 attribute points rewarded (can upgrade the attributes panel according to the player’s own needs).]

[Reward for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book – Exploding Passengers page: The item 20 broken lenses (unknown quality). You need to collect all the broken lenses before you can unlock the complete item.]

[Reward for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book – Brother Thief page: One thief’s black finger (good quality) and 60 broken lenses (unknown quality). Equipping the thief’s black finger is equivalent to having a third hand that can steal other people’s things inadvertently; you need to collect all the black fingers before you can unlock the complete item.]

[Reward for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book – Ghost Mirror page: Mirror frame (unknown quality). The core tool for holding the broken lenses. It takes 400 broken lenses to form a complete mirror.]

[Total reward for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book: Passengers’ blessing (excellent quality). The passengers are grateful to you for saving them from their painful destiny so they have bestowed a blessing on you. As long as you sit in the seat of a vehicle, their souls will guard you and won’t let any monster hurt you.]

[Note: The vehicle can’t be forcibly brought in by the player. It must belong to the original scene.]

[System: Comprehensive evaluation of player Bai Liu’s small TV]

[The video of the Exploding Last Train game process was strongly liked by 153,266 players and was bookmarked by 186,385 players. A total of 94,802 points were obtained through charging. At the same time, 1,359 players didn’t like this video and stepped on it. At its peak, more than 100,000 people were watching player Bai Liu’s small TV at the same time. The game video of player Bai Liu undoubtedly enjoyed extraordinary attention.]

[The comprehensive data of player Bai Liu’s small TV has exceeded 300,000 and the Siren Town video is rated. It should be a flashing silver badge video but considering the 1:122 steps to likes ratio, the video has finally been rated as a bright silver badge. This is eligible to enter the VIP library. Player Bai Liu’s game video has entered the VIP library.]

[After entering the VIP library, if there are players who want to watch player Bai Liu’s Exploding Last Train game video then they need to become a VIP member of the system and pay 60 points. The points will be divided 5:5 between player Bai Liu and the system.]

[Bai Liu’s small TV has the following achievements this time—]

[The first player to leave the burial mound dancing area recently.]

[Second place on the nightmare rising stars list.]

[One of the first players to clear Exploding Last Train recently.]

[After Spades, the first player to make it to the nightmare rising stars list in the second game.]


Bai Liu came out of the exit and found Mu Sicheng leaning against the exit and waiting for him. Mu Sicheng saw that Bai Liu came out and looked Bai Liu up and down with strange eyes. “I know that you must’ve had a trick up your sleeve but how did you come out? That is the god-level NPC…”

Bai Liu gave him a deep smile. “Do you want to know?”

Mu Sicheng hesitated for a few seconds before nodding.

Bai Liu calmly spread open his hands. “Use points to buy information.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

“F*k, you just got 100,000 points from charging yet you still want to earn this type of money? You really only have money in your eyes.” Mu Sicheng was particularly depressed. “Forget it, I don’t want to know. How much money have you cheated from me now?”

Bai Liu gave a more friendly smile. “You only have one of the black finger items right? This item is for thieves and is helpful for you. Do you want it?”

“I have one here.” Bai Liu looked at Mu Sicheng innocently.

Mu Sicheng, “……”

“How much is it?” Mu Sicheng was dumbfounded as he prepared to pay money to avoid a disaster.

Bai Liu smiled cheerfully. “I want the remaining 320 mirror fragments.”

“…I only have 80 broken lenses here.” Mu Sicheng frowned. He stared at Bai Liu for a few seconds before suddenly realizing what this guy was playing at. “Damn, do you want me to help you collect all the other broken lenses? Why?!”

Bai Liu wasn’t in a hurry. “You also want to collect the black fingers from the other players. You might as well help me collect them as well.”

Bai Liu didn’t expect that the items he would be given this time were all in pieces. It would take five black fingers to make the ‘third hand’ and 400 broken lenses to form an item. Meanwhile, there were five players who cleared the game. Everyone had one finger and 80 broken lenses. They might be high quality items but everyone only got one-fifth. They couldn’t be used at all.

There was no need to talk about the thief’s black fingers. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that this prop was necessary for Mu Sicheng and he would definitely try to obtain the five fingers.

As for the broken lenses… it wasn’t certain who could gather them together.

Mu Sicheng sneered. “Bai Liu, have you forgotten that Fang Ke and Liu Huai are guild players? The good items they obtain must be handed over to the guild. The thief’s black finger that has strong personal attributes? They don’t have much use for it. It isn’t necessary for it to be handed over to the guild and I can use money to let them sell it to me.”

“However, the broken lenses with an unknown quality come from the god-level NPC which is why the quality is unknown. The last item from the god-level NPC is your whip. You were so arrogant in the game and your judgment was too strong. Everyone has seen that you, an F-grade panel player, can use such great power.” Mu Sicheng folded his arms and raised his eyebrow at Bai Liu. “So how useful is the item made up of broken lenses from the god-level NPC?”

“The broken lenses on Fang Ke and Liu Huai must be handed over to the Kings Guild. The Kings Guild will definitely try to gather the broken lenses and put together this item with the god-level NPC’s attributes.” Mu Sicheng was certain.

“However, there are 80 broken lenses on you, me and Du Sanying.” Bai Liu was thoughtful. “What method will the Kings Guild use to try and get these broken lenses from us?”

Mu Sicheng raised three fingers. “I can think of three methods that the Kings Guild might use. The first is acquiring it through a transaction. They can try to buy the broken lenses from us at a high price. Bai Liu, I painfully have to tell you that Du Sanying has sold the broken lenses to the Kings Guild for 60,000 points.”

Bai Liu sighed softly. “Sure enough, Du Sanying will do something that will bring misfortune to people. However, spending 60,000 points for broken lenses with an unknown function, the Kings Guild is really rich.”

Mu Sicheng continued. “The second method is theft. This is my profession. They will look for someone with stealing skills or items. The guild players will follow us and try to steal the broken lenses from us in the game. Still, don’t worry. No one has tried to steal from me except for madmen.”

“Of course, there is the simple and straightforward third method with the greatest benefit—” Mu Sicheng shook his three fingers at Bai Liu with a smile. “I think you should’ve guessed what the most profitable third method is?”

Bai Liu raised his eyes. “Kill me in the game and everything on my body belongs to them.”

“You killed a senior player of their guild. They spent a lot of resources to raise Puppet Zhang only for him to be killed in the game.” Mu Sicheng threatened Bai Liu in an exaggerated voice but there was a careless smile on his face. It seemed he didn’t care about offending the Kings Guild. “You have really offended them and now you want to steal the broken lenses from them. Do you have any self-knowledge? They will hunt you down to the ends of the earth!”

“I have it now but it seems like it is too late.” Bai Liu glanced at Mu Sicheng and suddenly laughed. “Even so, you didn’t sell the broken lenses to the Kings Guild and kept them. It seems like you are ready to be hunted down with me?”

“You are narcissistic.” Mu Sicheng snorted and looked away from Bai Liu. He placed his hands in his pocket before suddenly stretching out a fist to punch Bai Liu. “You are the one who first wanted to cooperate with me, right?”

Bai Liu staggered from the punch only to hear the system prompt.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has given player Bai Liu 80 broken lenses.]

“By the way, what name should we give to this combination?” Mu Sicheng abruptly remembered something. He seemed to be talking to himself with a strange smile on his face like he was very excited about confronting the Kings Guild. “When I was chased by Puppet Zhang, I told Liu Huai that once we killed Puppet Zhang one day, our combination would be famous. At that time, I gave my combination with Liu Huai a very vulgar name. It was Thief and Assassin.”

Later, the thief stole the assassin’s knife and the assassin cut off the thief’s hands with that knife. The once insurmountable puppet master who manipulated everything was so easily executed by the newcomer Bai Liu. The name of the combination that didn’t have many distinctive features had long since disappeared from the forum.

“Shall we give our new combination a name?” Mu Sicheng suddenly suggested.

Bai Liu didn’t care about such things but for live broadcasts that relied on entertainment, it was indeed better to have a combination name. He first consulted Mu Sicheng’s opinion. “What do you want to call it?”

Mu Sicheng’s eyes wandered around for a moment. “…What do you think about Thief and Schemer?”

Bai Liu couldn’t help making an expression. “= =”

Did this person not know any combination names except for the profession? If he knew that Bai Liu’s original identity was a wanderer then he might suggest a name like Thief and Wanderer…

“We might as well call it…” Bai Liu pretended to think. “Wanderer and Monkey.”

There were a few seconds of silence before Mu Sicheng jumped up angrily. “F*k! Bai Liu, you are implying something about me!”

Mu Sicheng never would’ve imagined that the funny combination name Bai Liu casually mentioned would sweep through the entire game in the future and become a nightmare combination that made countless players feel fear. As long as they heard the sharp monkey laugh and saw the smiling young man in a white shirt and suit pants, victory in the game had already been decided.

In this game of eternal fear, the symbols of laurels and a monkey would always belong to the Wanderer and Monkey. The curtain on the eve of their victory was about to be raised.

Proofreader: Purichan

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