GHG: Chapter 69 – Game Hall

From the moment Bai Liu entered the mirror, it was made clear that this was the reality of the game. The moment he was going to break the mirror, the audience in front of the small TV held their breaths.

Once Bai Liu proposed to break the mirror and God Mu refused to let him, there was a commotion among the audience in front of the small TV. They felt sad and unbearable.

“Bai Liu is really good to God Mu. These people should be good friends. Still, this is a game. I hope that Bai Liu will let God Mu break the mirror…”

“I am a fan of God Mu. Previously, I was annoyed that some people would always compare Bai Liu with God Mu. Now I am in a complicated mood. I don’t want Bai Lu to die at all but I don’t want God Mu to die either…”

“Uwuuuu, I don’t dare to look. I like both of them very much. I can’t accept anyone’s death. Bai Liu is so powerful. He must have a way, right?”

“Bai Liu only has a bit of health left now. What can he do? Do you treat him as a god? I think it is best to go with Mu Sicheng!”

Once Bai Liu finally persuaded Mu Sicheng to let Mu Sicheng go first, Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu felt panicked. They weren’t familiar with Mu Sicheng at all. They had been waiting eagerly for Bai Liu to clear the instance. Once Bai Liu took the initiative to die, they were completely anxious.

Some viewers disagreed with Bai Liu’s approach but most admired Bai Liu’s loyalty to his friends. Bai Liu said he wouldn’t let Mu Sicheng die so he protected Mu Sicheng from beginning to end.

“Ah, I really want to cry. It is a pity. If both Bai Liu and God Mu lived then they could form a team. In the future, they would be no less than the combination of the fifth and sixth ranked players in the overall rankings.”

“In fact, God Mu is very strong. He just needs a bit of help or he would’ve climbed higher than Puppet Zhang. His personal skill has great potential. He is the only player on the rising stars rankings who has stolen something from Spades and survived. If Mu Sicheng is willing to be the knife in Bai Liu’s hand then the two of them definitely would’ve risen very quickly.”

“Don’t say it. In fact, the combination of Bai Liu and Du Sanying is also very good…”

The mirror shattered and the god-level NPC came out, causing the audience’s mental value to drop. It was the same as the situation with Siren Town last time. The moment the system blocked it and the audience recovered from their dizziness and drank mental bleach, Bai Liu’s small TV had gone black.

There were only two conditions for a black screen: the player was dead or they cleared the game.

Wang Shun lowered his head in a pained manner. The other players also lowered their heads in silence. This was an expression of nostalgia and respect for a player they liked and respected. Bai Liu couldn’t have survived.

Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu staggered away from the other players and moved forward. Bai Liu who avenged them was no different from their child. Seeing Bai Liu just so helpless, their emotions fluctuated wildly. Xiang Chunhua took a few steps forward and kneeled on the ground. She raised her head in a daze and reached out for Bai Liu’s small TV, her eyes hazy with tears.

Liu Fu reluctantly wanted to calm down. He helped Xiang Chunhua up but he couldn’t hide the sadness on his face. Even so, he still managed to maintain his sanity. “If something happens to Bai Liu like Guoguo then we will enter the game to earn points and revive them!”

The next second, the small TV lit up and the system’s emotionless, mechanical voice was heard.

[Congratulations to the player Bai Liu for unlocking all the main tasks and collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book.]

[System: The players have reached the true ending: ‘Last Train that Stopped Moving Forward.’ After the explosion, the passengers who died were trapped by that terrible mirror, repeating the painful hour before they died day after day. They screamed and wailed, secretly hiding the fragments of the mirror. Unfortunately, it was no use. The mirror without human emotions still burned them, the ashes never stopping. Finally, one day, someone stopped the last train in the mirror that had been burned by fire. The passengers walked out of the train with a smile. Even if they were dead, they could finally arrive at the station…]

Wang Shun raised his head in amazement while Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu collapsed from the ups and downs in their mood. They both knelt on the ground, covering their mouths and weeping with joy.

“Alive! He successfully cleared the game!” Xiang Chunhua yelled for the first time in a hoarse voice and broke the too quiet atmosphere.

After a few moments of staring blankly and disbelief, the audience burst out in tears and laughter.

“F*k! How can this guy survive? He only has a bit of HP left! That is the god-level NPC! How did he carry it off?!”

“Don’t think about it. He is still alive! Quickly charge, bookmark and like! Push him up to the promotion spot! Hurry up!”

“Yes yes! Push him to the last promotion spot! Go Bai Liu! We can’t let such a powerful player be buried here! Hurry up! Let’s see if we can get Brother Bai onto the nightmare rising stars promotion list!”

“Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng both rushed to third and fourth on the nightmare rising stars promotion list! I took a look and the new stars in the other positions are all present. It is estimated that if they weren’t here, he could rush to 10th on the nightmare new stars list. Bai Liu’s luck is really bad!”

“Now a lot of new rising star players are rushing for promotion. It is a bit difficult for Bai Liu to get on the nightmare rising stars list. I don’t think he can do it. The audience from the core area is too small. It is a pity since it is such a wonderful game video.”

“Then should we still aim for it? I feel hopeless…”

The system’s voice was suddenly heard. [Player Du Sanying and player Mu Sicheng have strongly recommended player Bai Liu’s small TV!]

The audience was taken aback. Many of them quickly reacted and immediately boarded the forum to see what was going on. Then they screamed one after another.

“Damn! Mu Sicheng put his recommendation screen as Bai Liu’s small TV the moment he came out of the game! Mu Sicheng directly said that among the players who give Bai Liu a like, he will take three people to play a level 1 game for free!”

“Du Sanying also hung up Bai Liu’s small TV! He said in the forum that he will give 10 players who like, bookmark or recommended Bai Liu’s video system items worth 600 points!”

“F*k! These two players in the promotion position are ruthlessly helping Bai Liu! They are placing Bai Liu’s small TV in the middle of their screens! They completely don’t care about the promotion position benefits at all!”

“I’m in tears! This is the friendship between men! Bai Liu, rush up! I won’t give up on you!”

“Rush! Bai Liu!! You are a well-deserved nightmare rising star!”

A steady stream of viewers poured it. They might be curious, they might not know anything or they might’ve learned about it from Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng’s small TVs. What type of player was it that could make these people cry and scream with excitement?

However, they all knew that if there was no such player in this terrifying nightmare-like game, there must be no players who could pass this game. In a way, Bai Liu was a nightmare star more terrifying than a nightmare for the dead players, but he was a new star brighter than any star to those who survived.

“It’s almost over! Ahhh, just a little bit more!”

[System prompt: Player Liu Huai has strongly recommended player Bai Liu’s small TV!]

Wang Shun sighed. From the beginning, he had been watching this small TV that was completely unimportant on the edge of the central hall. Now he needed to look up and watch this small TV among tens of thousands of people.

No player had ever rushed to the nightmare rising stars list within two games except for the legendary player, Spades who was first in the overall rankings. However, Wang Shun had a hunch that this record would soon be broken by Bai Liu.

[System prompt: The data of player Bai Liu’s small TV is entering the final calculations…]

The audience stopped their hands that were constantly charging points and liking the small TV. They watched Bai Liu’s small TV with anxiety as they whispered among each other.

“Ahhh, I’m so nervous. Can he rush up?”

“We all tried our best. If he doesn’t rush up… I’ll cry a lot and then help Brother Liu next time!”

“I’m not too demanding. 10th on the nightmare rising stars list is enough, although I know this request is too much…”

[100,007 people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 126,700 people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 41,190  have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu has obtained 67,100 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received over 100,000 likes in one minute and over 60,000 points from being charged! You are crazily loved by the audience!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for winning the final promotion position and entering second place on the central screen’s nightmare rising stars list. The number of views is rising rapidly…]

There was a long silence in front of the small TV. The mouths of the audience dropped open like they couldn’t believe what they had done. Then it turned into crazy laughing, cheers and screams.


“Bai Liu is on there!”

“F*k! Second on the nightmare rising stars list!!!!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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9 months ago

I can hear a stadium full of fanatic ppl exploding their lungs with their cheers all the way through the screen. GG 🥲

Thank you for such a wonderful reading experience! I can’t wait to binge read more.

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