GHG: Chapter 68

Mu Sicheng took the Merfolk Amulet and went to the front carriage which was the carriage furthest from the mirror according to Bai Liu’s instructions. Bai Liu said this was to prevent the god-level NPC’s attack from hitting Mu Sicheng before he could use the item. It was better to stay away from the place where the mirror would be broken. Mu Sicheng glanced at Bai Liu as he left.

He was a player with only a bit of health left and the god-level NPC was emerging. If it was before, Mu Sicheng would definitely think this guy would die. Still, if this player was Bai Liu…

Mu Sicheng took a deep breath, snorted and turned around. He felt that he was worrying about Bai Liu in vain and that he might’ve been fooled by the madman Bai Liu—he actually thought that Bai Liu would definitely survive.

This guy who left his items and health to himself would surely survive. After all, he only spent 100,000 yuan on Mu Sicheng. If he didn’t spend it on Mu Sicheng then it would’ve just gone with him. Bai Liu was such a stingy guy that he wouldn’t let Mu Sicheng go even if he was a ghost.

Mu Sicheng shook his head with amusement. He gripped the Merfolk Amulet, took a deep breath and turned away.

Bai Liu, who sold misery that he had no items and used brotherhood to trick Mu Sicheng into selling his soul to Bai Liu, confirmed that Mu Sicheng left. Then he didn’t hesitate to open his system panel.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu is logging into player Mu Ke’s system panel… you have logged into player Mu Ke’s system panel.]

Bai Liu’s face was calm. [Call up the item Merfolk Amulet.]

A white merfolk statue fell into Bai Liu’s hands. Mu Ke’s Merfolk Amulet wasn’t bound so it could be used by Bai Liu.

Bai Liu held the white fishbone whip in one hand and the statue in the other. He took a deep breath, exhaled and stared at the mirror, muttering to himself, “Tawil, I hope you are a self-aware, intelligent NPC as I guessed. I hope you can remember more than seven seconds and that you will remember what you promised me when you were a merman.”

That’s right, Bai Liu had investigated the god-level NPC before. The god-level NPC in Siren Town told Bai Liu that his name was Tawil. The name of the original NPC, the siren banshee, was Meade while the Siren King gave Bai Liu a completely unrelated name. In addition, the previous siren banshee didn’t say anything about helping the player realize their wishes.

This type of data overwrote the original data. After understanding the extremely conscious behaviors of this god-level NPC, Bai Liu defined the other as an ‘intelligent, wandering type NPC’ who had his own name. He was like an alternative type of player who was really powerful and played the role of a horror game boss, flowing between different games.

Bai Liu felt that the other party had his own memories. This was why Bai Liu dared to risk breaking the mirror.

First, he also had the Merfolk Amulet. If he broke the mirror then it wasn’t much different from Mu Sicheng breaking the mirror. Secondly, the god-level NPC Tawil once promised to grant a wish. Judging from the fact that he repeatedly emphasized it last time, this wish obviously had a certain effect.

The premise was that the other party hadn’t forgotten his words.

Bai Liu closed his eyes and slowly adjusted his breathing. Then he opened them again, squeezed the bone whip and mercilessly aimed the whip at the mirror. The moment it struck, the train also exploded and flames surged through the train like a tide.

The reflection of Bai Liu in the mirror shattered into countless fragments. The train whistled past, letting out a long vibrating sound while the fragments that fell to the ground vibrated and pieced together into a broken mirror.

A naked man appeared in the mirror. He had a pale, gloomy and beautiful face as well as a flawless body with muscular lines. His face was glued together by the fine mirror fragments and were like mirrors that dotted his eyes and naked, perfect body.

His slender and curly hair fell to his waist. It was a bright silver color that was as beautiful as a mirror. All of this appeared in the fragmented mirror and was like a priceless, artistic portrait. He seemed to be awakened. He slowly opened his eyes covered by long eyelashes and his pupils were like flowing mirrors that reflected the scene of the explosion without any emotions.

The moment he opened his eyes completely, all the windows on the train shattered and the people called out in fear, soon dying from the glass shards striking their bodies. Blood splattered everywhere in seconds. At the front of the carriage, Mu Sicheng was scratched by many flying glass shards. At the last moment before his health reached zero, Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth as he crushed the amulet and left the game.

[System prompt: The mirror has been broken. Player Mu Sicheng has cleared the level and the rewards are being calculated…]

Du Sanying barely got up from the train full of water. He looked at the train that suddenly stopped running and before he could react, he saw that everything in front of him was like a shattered mirror. It suddenly broke to pieces in front of him, cracking and scattering.

[System prompt: The ghost mirror has been broken and the train in the mirror has stopped running. Players Du Sanying, Fang Ke and Liu Huai have officially cleared the level. The rewards are being calculated…]

Tawil stretched out his cold, white fingers to the mirror and lowered his eyes in a slightly bored manner. It seemed that waking up from a deep sleep made him slightly uncomfortable. He whispered in a low voice, “It’s noisy.”

The noisy explosion paused in a flash. The flying pieces of iron, the crowd running in a panic and the whistle of the train all froze.

Behind Bai Liu was a wave of fire that would roll over him the next second. He was surrounded by many broken fragments that trembled in the air and almost enveloped him. The sharp points of these fragments were facing him but they just stopped in the air, shaking slightly but not attacking him. Bai Liu gripped the Merfolk Amulet. It had shattered the moment Tawil opened his eyes. It turned to powder and the white sand slid down from his fingertips.

Bai Liu looked at Tawil in the mirror. He let out a long, long breath and finally started to smile. “Long time no see, Tawil.”

Now that he hadn’t received an attack from Tawil, Bai Liu smiled. “It seems that you still remember me?”

Tawil in the mirror stared at Bai Liu lightly, his long hair swaying in the silver waves. “It hasn’t been that long since I’ve seen you, Bai Liu. The person I saw last time when I woke up was also you. It is hard for me to forget you in such a short time.”

“Really?” Bai Liu smiled softly. “Do you remember last time when you promised to realize my wish?”

Tawil hummed as he looked at Bai Liu calmly. “Do you have a wish in mind?”

“Yes,” Bai Liu smiled. “Attack me, attack me in a way that won’t kill me. Tawil, this is my wish.”

Tawil was silent for a few seconds. “I rarely see humans like you. You… Every time, you ask me to attack you. Do you like this?”

If Bai Liu knew that his answer here would lead him to a deeper and deeper misunderstanding with Tawil later, Bai Liu would definitely answer the question seriously. Now he was about to pass the level and was facing Tawil, a game NPC whose modeling he really appreciated. Thus, Bai Liu relaxed his nerves. He couldn’t help teasing the other person, “Maybe it is because you are hitting me that I like it? Maybe we have a special fate so I’m like this?”

A slightly confused expression appeared on Tawil’s expressionless face but it quickly disappeared. He scanned Bai Liu from top to bottom with an inorganic look. “You only have a bit of health left. You will die no matter how I attack.”

Bai Liu was a rogue. “It is up to you to think about it. This is my wish.”

Tawil stared at Bai Liu for a long time. Then he slowly poked his head out of the mirror, lowered his long, pale eyelashes and bit the lip of the slightly dazed Bai Liu very very slowly.

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has been attacked by the god-level NPC, the ghost mirror!]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has lost 0.5 health. Only 0.5 health is left. Please exit the game as soon as possible!]

“Is that okay?” Tawil lowered his slightly trembling eyelashes and asked in Bai Liu’s ear so softly that it was almost a whisper.

Bai Liu cocked his head a bit uncomfortably. He raised his hand to wipe the tooth mark left by Tawil on his mouth. He didn’t know what to say but it was best just to nod. “…Okay, thank you.”

Last time… Tawil seemed to have kissed this place too. This NPC seemed to like his lips a little bit? An illusion…

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Ghost Mirror (3/3)]

[Monster Name: Ghost Mirror (god-level NPC)]

[Features: ??? (Unknown, can’t be explored by the system)]

[Weaknesses: None (the player isn’t required to explore the monster’s weaknesses)]

[Attack mode: Fish Tail Strike, biting the face (2/???) (Note: Since the upper limit of the attack mode can’t be determined, it is decided that the player will collect the page if they collect one attack mode)]

[System prompt: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for collecting the Exploding Last Train Monster Book.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has subdued the monster in the mirror. The game is cleared and the rewards are being calculated…]

Bai Liu turned into dots of light and waved with a smile as he disappeared from in front of Tawil. “Thank you Tawil. See you next time if it is fated.”

In the mirror, Tawil lowered his eyes and caressed his lips where he had bitten Bai Liu. He whispered, “…It’s still hot.”

He had a body temperature completely different from a cold mirror and cold mermaid and wasn’t completely afraid of Tawil… it was also the first time he saw a human who actively had Tawil attack him.

After touching and attacking, Bai Liu didn’t turn into a cold corpse, lying on the ground with fear and resentment. He didn’t turn into a monster, feeling fear and avoiding Tawil. Rather, Bai Liu looked at him with a smile and said, ‘See you next time, Tawil.’

It was strange. It was so warm again.

‘See you next time.’ What did Bai Liu take him, the ultimate monster, to be? If Bai Liu knew what type of existence he was, would Bai Liu be able to say such things like nothing had happened?

“See you next time, Bai Liu.” Tawil murmured to the place where Bai Liu disappeared and closed his eyes.

In an instant, the mirror completely shattered and the train was engulfed in a fierce explosion. The people screamed with pain but the monster who brought about the disaster wasn’t disturbed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep in the cold, broken fragments that had been kissed, waiting for the next meeting.

There was a residual temperature on his lips that didn’t belong to him.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

“If Bai Liu knew that his answer here would lead him to a deeper and deeper misunderstanding with Tawil later, Bai Liu would definitely answer the question seriously.” OHHH NOO HAHAHAH!!
Another great arc!!! Thank you for translating!

11 months ago

i am totally satisfied, thank you!!!!!!
i wasnt expecting the biting though, perfect
the perfect ending

i wonder when and how will they become closer and have longer interactions
and our mc is so funny lol

9 months ago

One half kiss/bite equals half one health. If they ever have a full on make up session…how much health would Bai Liu have left? 😂

5 months ago
Reply to  EndlessLove

If they had sex how much health would he have health is the bigger question

7 months ago

don’t tell me the misunderstanding will be a precursor to BDSM …😂

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