GHG: Chapter 67

“Mu Sicheng, you have the Merfolk Amulet.” Bai Liu turned to look at Mu Sicheng without any fluctuations on his face. “Did you bind this item?”

Mu Sicheng’s face was stiff. “…I bound it as soon as I got it.” He took out the Merfolk Amulet item. This little merfolk statue no longer had the face of the previous model. Instead, there was Mu Sicheng’s face.

At the same time, Mu Sicheng realized what Bai Liu wanted to do. Bai Liu wanted to use this Merfolk Amulet. This would allow players to break the mirror and escape instantly with the Merfolk Amulet. However, this item had been bound by Mu Sicheng so there was only one result.

“I’ll break the mirror.” Mu Sicheng held the statue and took a deep breath.

However, this method wasn’t very safe. It was because no one knew how fast the god-level NPC killed people, what his attack skills were and whether Mu Sicheng had time to use the item.

“Bai Liu, surely you didn’t let me steal the Merfolk Amulet in the beginning just for this moment?” Mu Sicheng’s face was a bit strange and sullen. “When did you know that the world we were in on the train was fake?”

“Um, I probably had this idea when I saw the escalators going in the opposite direction at the subway station as well as the circular subway line.” Bai Liu answered honestly. “It is because if it was me, I would design the track in the game to be round just for the loop.”

Wasn’t that the beginning of the game? They f*king hadn’t even got on the train yet!!!

Mu Sicheng fell apart. At that time, Bai Liu actually knew about it. Bai Liu was almost the same as the god-level NPC. He was a bug in this game!

Mu Sicheng closed his eyes. He actually had no choice. No matter how high the risk of death was in breaking the mirror and using the Merfolk Amulet to escape, he couldn’t avoid it. It was impossible for Bai Liu with a small amount of health to break the mirror himself, right?

Bai Liu clapped his hands and stood up. Then he spoke like nothing happened. “I will use the whip to smash the mirror later. Then if the god-level NPC breaks out of the mirror and runs wild, you must remember to smash the amulet and escape in time.”

Mu Sicheng was quiet for a few seconds. He stared at Bai Liu with disbelief and shook Bai Liu’s shoulders incoherently. “Who did you say will break the mirror?”

“I will.” Bai Liu stared at Mu Sicheng strangely. “I still haven’t collected the last page of the monster book. I’m just short of the ghost mirror’s attack method so I will wait for him to attack me.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

Mu Sicheng, “??????”

Mu Sicheng, “?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

“F*k!!” Mu Sicheng was completely confused. He felt that all his conventional speculation methods were completely invalid against the psychopath Bai Liu. He looked at Bai Liu who had drawn out the whip with disbelief. “Hey, do you really want to break the mirror yourself?”

Bai Liu glanced at him. “Or do you want to do it?”

“Of course I don’t want to but at least I have the Merfolk Amulet! How can you be so reckless when you f*king don’t have anything?!” Mu Sicheng was completely irritable and wanted to shake Bai Liu awake. “Are you sick? You only have a small amount of health left!”

As Mu Sicheng spoke, he held the Merfolk Amulet and wanted to stand in front of Bai Liu. He took a deep breath and pointed the monkey paws at the mirror, declaring in a cold voice, “Okay, I’ll break the mirror. You can log out as soon as the mirror breaks and the game ends. Get away from me, find a place to hide yourself and don’t die in the end.”

“Mu Sicheng, in fact, it is a very low cost-effective method if you break the mirror.” Bai Liu’s voice that wasn’t in a rush came from behind Mu Sicheng. “Obviously, the god-level NPC will release a group attack skill when the mirror breaks. If I break it, you can still use the item to run. If you break it, this group attack skill will still sweep over me and I will likely die right away, wasting an item.”

Bai Liu judged calmly, “It isn’t a good deal.”

Mu Sicheng became even more speechless and exploded. “What the hell are you talking about? What isn’t a good deal—”

“In addition—” Bai Liu’s voice was calm and clear. “Mu Sicheng, I said that you are my most valuable card right now. It is a pity for you to die here. The cost/performance ratio is too low for me.”

Mu Sicheng was silent. He realized that Bai Liu… was serious. He really felt it was wasteful.

Mu Sicheng turned to look at Bai Liu strangely. Bai Liu stared at Mu Sicheng without any fluctuations. The two of them stood at a stalemate for a moment while Mu Sicheng opened his mouth in a daze. “No, Bai Liu? You really want to break the mirror yourself while I watch you die? Are you really crazy?”

Bai Liu’s face was pale and weak as he looked at Mu Sicheng with a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Mu Sicheng, didn’t you feel repulsive about being controlled by me? Now you are willing to die for me? Who among the two of us is crazy?”

Mu Sicheng fell into a strange silence. That’s right! Wasn’t he being controlled? How did things get to this point? Oh yes, Bai Liu was a madman who didn’t play cards according to the rules. How could someone who controlled others die for those he was controlling? Mu Sicheng was dizzy for a while before clarifying the logic. “Bai Liu, what the hell are you doing this for?”

“For the money.” Bai Liu flicked his fingertips and money worth one point appeared. He suddenly laughed, “For the sake of your residual value to me. Mu Sicheng, you being willing to block the way for me and help me break the mirror is almost the same as you being willing to die for me. However, it is too wasteful for you to die here.”

Bai Liu raised his eyes. “How about you sell your soul to me? At the very least, I won’t let you use yourself and die for me in a worthless manner, Mu Sicheng.”

Mu Sicheng was speechless for a while. He didn’t know how to evaluate Bai Liu’s words and his expression was complicated.

“I need you to steal things for me, cooperate with me and earn more money and points.” Bai Liu’s voice was soft as he stared directly at Mu Sicheng, extending the one point. “So I won’t die and I won’t waste your life. Do you want to agree to this transaction?”

Mu Sicheng’s expression changed from strange to calm and indifferent. He stared directly at Bai Liu. “I hate being controlled by others.”

Bai Liu nodded but didn’t take back the one point. He just smiled. “I won’t control you. We are just cooperating. I won’t let you feel controlled by me.”

“Cooperating?” Mu Sicheng sneered as he grabbed the money from Bai Liu’s hand. “Still, the feeling of cooperation isn’t bad. One point is too few. It needs to be at least 10,000 points.”

“You are really expensive.” Bai Liu frowned and hesitated. “10,000 points…”

Mu Sicheng watched Bai Liu for a while and then became shocked. “F*k you! Are you really hesitating to buy me for 10,000 points? I am f*king fourth on the new stars ranking! Bai Liu!”

“But—” Bai Liu explained honestly. “10,000 points is really expensive. I only spent 1 point buying other people’s souls. I only bought Puppet Zhang for 12,000 and I felt that was too expensive. Thus, he ended up dying. Do you want to die as well?”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

‘F*k, are you f*king threatening me?! Do you think I will be threatened by you so easily?!’

Mu Sicheng was expressionless. “You can give me a price.”

“100 points at most.” Bai Liu looked at Mu Sicheng sincerely. “It is the first time you are doing this type of selling your soul business. How about giving me a discount?”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has used 100 points to buy the soul of player Mu Sicheng.]

[System prompt: Player Bai Liu has obtained player Mu Sicheng’s soul money. He will share player Mu Sicheng’s soul debt right with the system.]

“Hey, do you really want to break the mirror yourself?” Mu Sicheng pulled his hair a bit impatiently. “Tsk, if I knew this, I wouldn’t have bound the amulet. Can it be unbound? I will give it to you if it can be unbound.”

“Don’t give it to me.” Bai Liu shook his head. “Your safety is also very important. I need the Merfolk Amulet for you to ensure your safety. After all, you are my property now and I need to protect you. This is the first time I’ve spent so many points to buy a soul. One point is 1,000 yuan. You are actually worth 100,000 yuan…”

Bai Liu sighed again. “100,000… should I think about it again?”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

‘Damn, what is this tone of regret that sounds like you bought luxury goods impulsively? Am I not even worth 100,000 yuan to you?’

“Bai Liu.” Mu Sicheng threatened in an expressionless manner. “If you f*king force me again, I will kill myself by breaking the mirror in front of you and make you lose 100,000 yuan.”

Bai Liu quickly shut his mouth.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

I love how Mu Sicheng can’t help but go along Bai Liu’s pace. Everyone is going crazy 😂

9 months ago

Puppet Zhang: I will kill you
Bai Liu: no you won’t haha

Mu Sicheng: I will kms
Bai Liu: …

7 months ago

Uh, I have been really enjoying so far, but it really irks me when the will of a mc is undeniable. Like sure the outcome was reasonable, but where did it warrant the trade of soul ? What could he do if Mu negotiated the price to something else ? Like sure he could have manipulated him regardless but what was this forced bromance moment with no meaning other than author wanting a excuse for Mu to sell his soul.

Last edited 7 months ago by kzu
6 months ago

He bought MSC for a 90% discount and still fells regretful… But hey that’s one way to threaten BL

4 months ago

I think 3 minutes before the explosion ended 3 chapters ago. Why set time limits if they are not respected?