GHG: Chapter 65

“Damn!” Mu Sicheng looked at the broken lens in the mirror and couldn’t help exploding. “How can we get the broken lens in the mirror out? Puppet Zhang was burned to death inside. Do we need to go in?”

“Calm down Mu Sicheng. Puppet Zhang was burned to death because his alienation value reached zero. According to the rules of the game, he will be turned into a monster of this instance. This is why he was burned to a scorched corpse.” Bai Liu spoke calmly with no panic. “From this perspective, we just need to keep our mental value above 0 and the mirror should basically be safe.”

He took off his diving mask and drank a bottle of mental bleach. Then Bai Liu used his eyes to signal to Mu Sicheng to drink quickly. After drinking, he could enter the mirror.

Bai Liu, this damn guy had no awareness of his own death and wanted to go in! His damn life value was only 1 point!

Mu Sicheng was speechless but failing to pass the game also meant death. In the end, he gritted his teeth and drank a bottle of mental bleach. After drinking, the two men dived into the mirror. The clean surface shook and then there were no ripples again.

Bai Liu’s mentality hadn’t collapsed but the mentality of the viewers in front of the small TV collapsed.

“No way?! It is the god-level NPC again and they have to f*king enter the mirror? Isn’t this a nightmare difficulty?”

“I saw Bai Liu enter the mirror and my hands and feet are cold. He only has 1 point of health…”

“Damn, I’m not reconciled! Bai Liu, come on! I will give you a like and charge you! This is the epilogue! Hold on and win!”

“Brother Liu, stay steady!”

Wang Shun’s expression was filled with tension while Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu charged all the points they got from clearing the game to Bai Liu. The two of them were so scared that they closed their eyes and didn’t dare watch the small TV. Their expressions were at a loss as they clasped their hands together and whispered, “Bodhisattva bless, Bodhisattva bless Bai Liu! Nothing can go wrong! A good person must be safe!”

Bai Liu in the mirror didn’t know that these outsiders were so nervous they were almost stomping their feet. He was extremely calm despite his low health bar. It was mainly because the scene in the mirror couldn’t make Bai Liu nervous.

The train rumbled forward while he was surrounded by chatting high school students who had just finished their evening classes and social animals after the night shift who were looking at their phones. These people were obviously tired.

There were slightly noisy human voices. Every time the train stopped, people would get on and off with numb and tired expressions. This was the daily life of social animals that Bai Liu was familiar with. There were no burnt corpses, no fire and no strange signs. If Bai Liu hadn’t remembered clearly that he was in a game, he might’ve thought that he had returned to reality.

Bai Liu glanced at the time on the LCD screen of the train carriage. It was 10:57 p.m. on Z day, Y month, 20XX and this was the last train. Bai Liu had a good memory. He remembered that the train he boarded had exploded at 11 o’clock. If this was the real scene then the train should explode one station after this one.

A sweet female voice was heard in the carriage. “The next stop is Lujiazui. The destination is the terminal station, Antique City. Please sit firmly and hold on. Passengers who want to get off, line up by the door in order. Get off first and then—”

Bai Liu stood in the carriage. He remembered that he got off at Lujiazui station. If this was a projection of the real scene of the train exploding then—Bai Liu turned around and walked through a few carriages. He looked around and finally saw himself and Lu Yizhan in the middle of a carriage.

Like other social animals in this carriage, Bai Liu was looking at his phone while occasionally opening his mouth to speak lazily. He wasn’t laid off at the time and often worked late. If Lu Yizhan also worked overtime then he would wait for Bai at the subway station. They took the train together and would go home separately. Bai Liu didn’t understand why Lu Yizhan had to wait for him like primary school students going to the toilet together. It made him feel a subtle disgust.

Still, Lu Yizhan was very insistent. He felt it wasn’t safe for Bai Liu to go home so late and would accompany him when possible. Lu Yizhan and Bai Liu had grown up together and Lu Yizhan was very accustomed to taking care of Bai Liu because this person was very worrying. For example, currently Bai Liu was leaning against the seat and sleeping.

Lu Yizhan shook his head helplessly. He took off his coat and covered Bai Liu’s shoulders. He had the natural vigilance of a police officer. After covering ‘Bai Liu’ with the coat, his gaze swept over the entire carriage and onto Bai Liu. Then his gaze swept past as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Bai Liu watched from a distance. His body had a translucent texture like he was a projected figure. He felt that he had become an non-existent copy of the information of ‘Bai Liu’ who was covered by Lu Yizhan’s coat.

Lu Yizhan couldn’t see him.

The train soon arrived at Lujiazui station and the doors opened. In Bai Liu’s memory, they got off at this station because Lu Yizhan received a phone call that something happened. In fact, Bai Liu should’ve actually gone to the terminal Antique Cit to transfer. It stood to reason that he should’ve died during the explosion. It was just that Lu Yizhan was with him and took him off the train in advance. In the end, Bai Liu got off at Lujiazui.

However, this time Bai Liu didn’t get out of the carriage.

Lu Yizhan received a phone call. Something obviously happened and he had to get off early. However, ‘Bai Liu’ was sleeping on the seat. Lu Yizhan asked Bai Liu to get off with him but couldn’t wake him. In the end, he left his coat with Bai Liu who wouldn’t wake up no matter what. Obviously, this guy was just pretending to sleep and didn’t want to leave with Lu Yizhan. Eventually, Lu Yizhan had to helplessly leave the train alone.

‘Bai Liu’ sat quietly opposite the open doors. His eyes were closed as people got on and off of the train. As time passed by, ‘Bai Liu’ hadn’t gotten off yet while the train was about to start.

Unstable patches appeared on Bai Liu’s face as if information was loaded incorrectly. His face flickered restlessly.

The train announcement was heard. “The train is about to leave and head for the terminal…”

[System player information data loading error… checking player Bai Liu’s status. The character is dead… died in the explosion, unable to enter the game… starting to delete player Bai Liu’s data. Player Bai Liu’s character game data is being deleted…]

Many unstable patches started to appear on Bai Liu’s body in the form of pixels flashing unsteadily all over his body. Even so, Bai Liu wasn’t nervous and just raised an eyebrow. “It really is reality.”

Bai Liu thought that the highly restored realistic scene generated in this game was likely to be generated based on the player’s memories. However, this game was beyond the conventional and was beyond the capabilities of this dimension. After seeing the train that was exactly the same as his memories, Bai Liu started to think of another possibility.

In fact, this wasn’t a scene from his memory at all. It was reality. The game brought him back to the scene of the original bombing and he was on the train that was about to explode. There was just one clear deviation. Bai Liu clearly remembered that although he was sleepy that day, he didn’t fall asleep on the train because it was too cold.

This wasn’t a scene based on his memory at all. It was the last train Bai Liu boarded that was bound to explode. Only things that really existed would deviate from memories.

The train was about to start. Once it started, ‘Bai Liu’ would die in the bombing case and there would be no entering the game afterward. Then his current appearance here would be a paradox and the system would prompt him that there was a data failure. Now this actually happened.

‘Bai Liu’ leaned his head against the chair, half asleep and half awake. Bai Liu knew that he was very tired. Bai Liu couldn’t just watch himself sleep to death on the last train that was about to explode, even though he was just a projection.

Bai Liu calmly opened the system panel and bought a mobile phone. He found that he might just be a virtual existence in data mode but the data could still touch reality. He could change reality by using the data transfer mode.

Bai Liu entered his own phone number and called. The phone was instantly connected and Bai Liu saw his other self answer the phone. Bai Liu slightly smiled and adjusted his voice. “Hello, is this Mr Bai Liu?”

“Yes, that is me.” Bai Liu’s voice over the phone was lazy. “You are?”

“I found Mr Lu Yizhan’s phone and wallet at the exit of Lujiazui Subway Station. It contains his ID card and driver’s license. His emergency contact number is your number. This gentleman’s phone is almost out of battery so I used my phone to call you.” Bai Liu lied without changing his expression. “Can I ask you to come and get his things?”

Bai Liu remembered that at this time, Lu Yizhan had just changed phones and it was a slightly expensive phone. Lu Yizhan usually used it lovingly but he was always careless. No matter how much he cherished something, he would always lose it.

A new mobile phone plus the wallet was enough to make ‘Bai Liu’ move.

‘Bai Liu’ paused for a moment before getting up and walking in the direction of the carriage doors. In the last second before the doors closed, he walked off of the train while speaking softly, “Okay, please wait at the gate and don’t move. I am coming to get it now. I have to trouble you.”

The unstable patches on Bai Liu’s face stopped the moment ‘Bai Liu’ got off the train. He looked at ‘Bai Liu’ on the platform through the closed doors and smiled. “Thank you. I won’t move.”

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Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Time paradox????

1 year ago

So this is a closed infinite loop? Like in Predestination? He boarded the train, he got a call (from his future self) and was saved. Because he was saved, he was able to enter the game, and in the game he saw how he was supposed to die so tried to save himself. There was no beginning on when did the loop started. It’s just there and it kept on repeating.

It always makes me feel stupid everytime I read/watch something about time paradox lmaooo. One moment, you thought you understand things, another moment and you’re confused af again.

9 months ago
Reply to  nix

That is a good explanation, I was still confused until I read this haha

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
7 months ago

only xiang chunhua and liu fu would ever think that bai liu is a good person

6 months ago

Lu Yizhnan and him had such a close relationship it made me feel so warm. They still rely on each other, strongly enough to make Bai Liu want to give him money on his wedding (I repeat, give his money!!).

The parents are so sweet. So pure. I feel so bad for them. Even if that evil man died, they’ll never get their daughter back. At least Bai Liu could do something to give them some peace.

6 months ago

What??? Is this actually the real reason he didn’t die??