GHG: Chapter 64

If Du Sanying was here, he would yell at everyone to run away because he would be able to feel the problem with the mirror very strongly. Unfortunately, Du Sanying was still dizzy after being hit on the head and didn’t come over. This might be his luck that allowed him to smoothly escape the disaster.

“What is in the mirror?” Mu Sicheng muttered to himself. “What did Puppet Zhang see in the mirror before it exploded?”

Bai Liu also felt he was unlucky. He obviously didn’t like water but every time, he would encounter a game with water. Water really loved him but he hated it and couldn’t swim. Bai Liu sighed as his limbs paddled through the water like a dog toward Mu Sicheng’s location.

Mu Sicheng truthfully told Bai Liu what he knew and then asked Bai Liu, “Still, no matter what Puppet Zhang wanted to say, our top priority is to find the remaining 20 broken lenses. Where do you think they will be?”

“It is impossible for them to be on the passengers. Antique City is the terminal station and there should only be passengers getting off the train, not passengers getting on.” Mu Sicheng touched his chin and thought about it. “Could they be in the station? However, we boarded the train at Antique City station. They are unlikely to be in the station. I searched around and didn’t see any broken lenses.”

“We’ve looked for them several times on the train as well. They can’t be on the train…” Mu Sicheng was still pondering and analyzing. “Could it be that there is a group of passengers at Antique City?”

Bai Liu interrupted him. He turned to look at Mu Sicheng. “I know what Puppet Zhang wanted to say to you.”

Mu Sicheng was taken aback for a moment. “What did he want to say? You mean, what is in the mirror?”

Bai Liu turned to look at the mirror and his eyes darkened. “The last monster is in the mirror.”

“All the broken lenses were found on the monsters. No matter if it was the exploding passengers or the Brother Thieves, the lenses were on them. Our monster book is still missing the last page, in other words, the last monster. The 20 broken lenses are likely to be on the last monster.”

Mu Sicheng frowned. “What is the last monster? Generally speaking, the monsters in the game are dead people or animals. I remember that on the news, the dead people were only the passengers and the thieves. Doesn’t it mean only these two types can be designed as monsters in the game? Is there a ghost in the mirror? However, the game didn’t give us any clues about this before. We also didn’t trigger any ghost in the mirror-related story tasks.”

“No, there is no need for there to be a ghost in the mirror. There is something else dead in this incident.” Bai Liu’s eyes moved slightly. “It is the broken mirror itself.”

Mu Sicheng glanced back at the mirror. “You mean, the mirror is the last monster?”

“Yes.” Bai Liu bent down to stare at the mirror. “Puppet Zhang should want to tell you—the last monster is the mirror.”

“I thought it wasn’t right. The system announced that Puppet Zhang quit the game because his mental value reached 0. This is very strange. He was in the center of the explosion and only had a dozen points of health left, yet he died because his mental value was 0. I thought you tortured him with items.”

Mu Sicheng was speechless. “I’m not that idle.”

“It seems like you didn’t do so.” Bai Liu looked thoughtfully at the mirror. “The one that tortured Puppet Zhang until his mental value reached zero is something else, such as this mirror monster.”

“I always thought that the mirror enhanced the monsters. This is why they became weak after we took the broken lenses.” Bai Liu’s body swayed in the water as he approached to observe the incomplete mirror. “However, you reminded me about the Mirror City Bombing. Now I find that this likely isn’t the case. It is because in reality, the thieves were afraid of the mirror. If this game is based on reality, the lenses shouldn’t have a beneficial effect on the thieves. This is illogical.”

Mu Sicheng grabbed the hand ring to prevent himself from floating away in the water and looked at Bai Liu in a puzzled manner. “Then how do you explain the monsters weakening every time we take the lenses?”

“To us…” Bai Liu stared steadily. He was silent for a moment before opening his mouth. “Let’s change our thinking. This mirror exploded into 400 hundred fragments in the train. All of the 400 fragments happened to be embedded in the passengers and thieves. It is impossible for every fragment to be in the bodies of the passengers and thieves. It is also strange that they are in the key parts to be protected.”

“…That really is strange.” Mu Sicheng frowned. “What is the cause?”

Bai Liu looked down. “The only reasonable explanation is that the distribution of these fragments wasn’t caused by the explosion. The monsters collected the fragments themselves. The broken lenses were collected and hidden in the most important parts of their bodies.”

“Collected them by themselves?” Mu Sicheng was a bit surprised. “Didn’t you say they are afraid of this mirror?”

“Yes, this is why they want to collect it.” Bai Liu’s eyes sank. “There are two teams collecting the lenses in this game, us and the passengers. We are collecting them because we want to piece together this mirror and they are collecting them to stop us. They are afraid of this mirror and don’t want us to collect all the broken lenses. They tried every means to stop us and hid the broken lenses collected by themselves on different people, hiding them in the most important areas. We are the ones robbing them.”

“The reason they are weak isn’t because the broken lenses give them beneficial effects. It is because the broken lenses they are afraid of are in our hands. They are weak because they are afraid of us.”

Mu Sicheng wondered, “So why did the passengers and monsters do this?”

“There is only one reason—” Bai Liu’s gaze fell on the mirror. “The reason they are like this is because of the mirror.”

The moment he finished speaking, the mirror in the water lit up. The inside was burning with raging flames and the missing Puppet Zhang was in the mirror. The place where Puppet Zhang’s eyes were in the mirror happened to be the triangular gap. This seemed to make Puppet Zhang unable to see anything. He muttered in a confused manner as he walked around the mirror while tapping it. “Where is this place?”

Before Puppet Zhang had time to feel doubts, flames appeared behind him and started to burn him. Puppet Zhang screamed and ran away, constantly hitting the mirror like he wanted to escape. However, the flames behind him chased him and Puppet Zhang had nowhere to escape. Soon, the flames in the mirror burned him to a scorched corpse. It was exactly the same as those passengers.

“Previously, I wondered why there were so many severely burned bodies in an explosion. Explosions generally cause shock wounds and rarely burn people to death. However, all the monsters we saw were severely burned corpses, whether they were the passengers or the thieves.” Bai Liu looked at the burned Puppet Zhang in the mirror and raised his eyebrow. “Now I know why.”

Finally, the flames in the mirror slowly extinguished and Puppet Zhang’s burnt corpse also disappeared. The clean and smooth surface of the mirror clearly reflected the contents of the train. The only difference was that there was a broken lens in the train in the mirror.

“It seems like we’ve found the last piece of broken lens. It was on the last monster.”

[System tip: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for completing all the background settings of Exploding Last Train and entering the final epilogue—Train in the Mirror.]

[System tip: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for unlocking all of the monster book.]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Exploding Passengers (1/3)]

[Monster Name: Exploding Passengers]

[Features: Extremely fast movement speed (1,000 points in movement speed, flames have a bonus effect)]

[Weaknesses: Broken lenses, water, ghost mirror.]

[Attack method: After being burned by the exploding passenger’s body, the health and mental value will decrease.]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Brother Thief (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Older Brother Thief, Younger Brother Thief]

[Features: Younger Brother Thief is extremely strong and tall. Moves very quickly. Can use one large-scale attack every one minute (1,400 movement speed, flames have a bonus effect), likes to use fists to make the opponent obedient, extremely strong attack power./Older Brother Thief has extremely fast movement speed (3,400 points in movement speed, flames have a bonus effect) and good at stealing.]

[Weaknesses: Broken lenses, water, ghost mirror.]

[Attack method: Scratching and stealing/fire attack, Rage Hammer.]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Ghost Mirror (3/3)]

[Monster Name: Ghost Mirror]

[Features: ??? (Unknown, can’t be explored by the system)]

[Weaknesses: None (the player isn’t required to explore the monster’s weaknesses)]

[Attack method: ??? (Unknown, to be explored)]

[You have triggered the wandering god-level NPC, Ghost MIrror!!]

[The survival rate of the game instance ‘Exploding Last Train’ is declining rapidly. It is being recalculated… the original clearance rate was 23% but now it has dropped to ??%!!]

[Warning! Warning! This NPC is extremely dangerous and there are no clear weaknesses. Once the NPC wants to kill, the player can’t use the weakness to escape. There is only a dead end. Please speed up clearing the game and quickly escape from the game before the NPC starts killing!]

[The god-level NPC will wake up after all the broken lenses are completed. Please leave the game as soon as possible after collecting the broken lenses!]

“Wow.”  Bai Liu looked at his panel a bit curiously. He wasn’t panicked at all when encountering this situation. “Isn’t it said that this god-level NPC is difficult to meet? Why did I meet him again?”

Meanwhile, Mu Sicheng’s mentality had completely collapsed. His face was green and white after checking his panel. Mu Sicheng had a twisted and ferocious expression on his face as he gritted his teeth and looked at Bai Liu. He felt like he wanted to give Bai Liu to the shark hidden in the darkness. “It is really worthy of the luck value of 0.”

“God has decided that I am lucky enough to meet him every time.” Bai Liu shrugged. “I can’t help it.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Lol i forgot no one confronted him about the god level npc and he thinks its normal…. ;-;

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i cant wait to see what will their interaction be like this time

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Our ML has stalking tendencies…will he follow him in every game? 😂

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Reply to  nix

fr tho 😂😂😂

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Awhhh it’s called fate, honey. 😂

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Ayyy hello our gong! 😀 I had a feeling he would start following our mc who would’ve that’ll be the case? Xd

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I definitely didn’t expect for the monster to be in the mirror but it’s def smart