GHG: Chapter 63

Mu Sicheng also wore a submersible for himself. This thing was from the system store and only cost three points. Mu Sicheng glanced at Bai Liu. “Let’s go and meet them now.”

Du Sanying and Puppet Zhang were in the same carriage. Du Sanying looked up and touched the water on his face while gasping. Puppet Zhang, Liu Huai and Fang Ke were also in an embarrassing state. Before they could recover their breathing, Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng walked over from the end of the foggy carriage. Bai Liu put his 360 pieces of broken lenses into Du Sanying’s fake cloth. Regardless of Puppet Zhang’s resentful eyes, he stuffed them into Puppet Zhang’s arms. “You should have 20 fragments on your side. It will explode in dozens of seconds. Hold it carefully.”

[System tip: Player Puppet Zhang has collected 380 broken lenses. Collection progress (380/400)]

“As for the two of you…” Bai Liu turned to look at Liu Huai and Fang Ke. The two of them couldn’t help shaking under Bai Liu’s unwavering eyes. “Now that the broken lenses have been collected, you are useless and will be a risk factor. What…”

Liu Huai gritted his teeth. “We definitely won’t attack you. If you kill me then you will just waste time. Our health is also at the bottom. We won’t get any benefits from attacking you and it is easy to die. We will hide away.”

“If you really don’t believe it…” Liu Huai stared into Bai Liu’s unwavering eyes desperately. “I just want to live. I can do anything to prove I will never attack you.”

Bai Liu suggested, “Then cut off your own hands.”

Liu Huai looked up in shock. Even Mu Sicheng’s expression became stupid as the two men stared simultaneously at Bai Liu.

Bai Liu didn’t feel like he had said anything shocking and his attitude was still very natural. “I have no interest in killing people but your existence is indeed a hidden danger. Your skill requires the use of your hands, right? If you cut off your hands and don’t die, your health will be around the same as mine. Therefore, the risk to you when attacking me will be much greater.”

“In addition, after losing your hands—” Bai Liu turned to look at Mu Sicheng. “Can you beat Liu Huai like this?”

Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu for a moment. “You—I—” His expression was confused for a few seconds before he sneered. “If Liu Huai cuts off his hands then I can casually handle him.”

Bai Liu turned to Liu Huai and spoke politely. “Okay, then you do it. We don’t have much time.”

The expression on Liu Huai’s face was complicated. Finally, he gritted his teeth and turned to Fang Ke to ask for his help in cutting off Liu Huai’s hands.

Fang Ke’s expression was complicated as he took the dagger from Liu Huai. The moment Liu Huai’s hands fell to the ground, Mu Sicheng looked startled for a second before he recovered. He wasn’t gloating nor was he happy. He just had red eyes as he turned his head, standing beside Bai Liu with his black monkey paws hanging down.

“As for Fang Ke—” Bai Liu settled them one by one. He hadn’t finished speaking when Fang Ke screamed and cut off one of his hands. His desire to live was very strong as he cried out, “Is this fine?”

“…I just wanted you and Liu Huai to hand over all your items and points. I didn’t intend to have you cut off your hands.”

Fang Ke, “……” Sob sob.

He was still calm and gentle when talking about robbery. Liu Huai and Fang Ke exchanged looks before obediently handing over their items and points. Then Bai Liu’s gaze shifted to Puppet Zhang. “In addition, you should give me your points and items. Otherwise, they will be wasted when you die.”

Puppet Zhang who would be sent to his death by Bai Liu, “……”

This f*ker even wanted to take his ashes and sell them for money! Bai Liu was too f*king damned! Puppet Zhang gritted his teeth with hatred but he had no way to go against Bai Liu. Bai Liu got his wish and robbed three senior players. He stopped with satisfaction.

Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng who watched the entire thing, “……”

They quietly watched Bai Liu who was very skilled in robbery, killing and releasing water. They couldn’t help wondering—which prison collapsed and let out a scourge like Bai Liu?

The laid-off worker looked at his full inventory and was very happy. He waved his hand at Liu Huai and Fang Ke. “Bye bye, next time there is a chance, let’s play a game together. You made my gaming experience very good.”

Liu Huai and Fang Ke, “……”

No, our gaming experience was very bad.

Fang Ke and Liu Huai ran away like dogs from Bai Liu’s happy eyes. Mu Sicheng was speechless. Bai Liu was obviously ready to steal from them the next time they met. Once Bai Liu retracted his gaze and faced Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng, Du Sanying was so nervous that he wanted to cry. He stammered, “B-Bai Liu, I really don’t have any items! I used a lot! Don’t rob me!”

Bai Liu was surprised. “Why would I rob you? We are partners.” Then he paused with a bit of regret. “They are all gone? I thought that you would have a lot of items since you have 100 points of luck.”

Mu Sicheng, “……” Stop looking like you are staring at a fat sheep before speaking, Bai Liu.

Du Sanying nodded tearfully. “I really don’t have anything!”

Bai Liu wouldn’t attack Mu Sicheng. He mainly relied on Mu Sicheng to help him and Mu Sicheng’s skill was stealing. If he took something, Mu Sicheng could just take it back. However, Mu Sicheng should be a picky type of thief and wouldn’t do it easily. Just now when Bai Liu was taking Fang Ke and Liu Huai’s items, Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu like he was watching a homeless man picking up trash.

Bai Liu just touched his nose. He was originally a poor tramp.

The moment the train pulled out, both sides of the tunnel gradually started to collapse. A violent flow of water poured into the train tunnel from all directions and into the train through the broken windows and gaps in the train. In seconds, the water went up to Bai Liu’s waist.

Bai Liu was lifted up by the waves but Mu Sicheng was quick and pulled him back. Du Sanying stood on a chair and shouted, “Bai Liu! Puppet Zhang will explode in this carriage! We will stay on both sides of the carriage! Mu Sicheng and I have enough health and we also have defense items. You stay away!”

Bai Liu wore the diving mask and made an ‘OK’ gesture. The water went up to his cheeks as Bai Liu turned around and clumsily moved his hands and feet to swim away—there was no way. He still couldn’t swim.

Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng guarded both sides of the carriage while using an item to protect themselves. In the carriage, Puppet Zhang wore a diving mask. His face was pale as he gritted his teeth. All his items were taken by Bai Liu and only the diving mask was left to prevent him from drowning before the explosion. He could only hold the fake cloth around the mirror and wait for the explosion.

The front and rear of the carriage were blocked by people. No matter how clever Puppet Zhang was, he had no items, no time and was being controlled by others. He couldn’t do anything. It was impossible for him to escape now.

Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying watched the scene in a trance. For them, this was a familiar scene.

Mu Sicheng had been trapped countless times by Puppet Zhang using disgusting methods. Every time, he crawled out of the game in a scarred manner. There were several times when he almost lost his life. Meanwhile, Du Sanying was trapped in a carriage by Puppet Zhang a few stops ago and chased through the carriage. Unexpectedly, things shifted and it was their turn to trap Puppet Zhang.

After thinking about it, Mu Sicheng wanted to laugh. Bai Liu was someone with a luck value of 0 but after meeting this person, it didn’t seem so bad? This man seemed to return all the hardships he had suffered in a natural manner, even though Mu Sicheng knew that Bai Liu didn’t do those things for him.

…Still, he couldn’t help feeling happy.

Puppet Zhang could clearly feel through the cloth that the mirror in his hand was getting hotter. The hotter it became, the more he trembled violently. Suddenly, he seemed to collapse. His eyes that wanted help looked in all directions. He seemed to be saying something in a panic under the water but no one could hear his voice.

Mu Sicheng squinted and tried to make out the shape of Puppet Zhang’s mouth through the diving mask. “Mirror—in—side.”

Before Mu Sicheng could see the next word, the mirror in Puppet Zhang’s hand exploded with a fierce red light. He screamed and a large number of bubbles surged around him from the explosive airflow. Mu Sicheng instinctively blocked his eyes.

The mirror exploded.

The violent shock wave shook the entire train and turbid bubbles rose to the surface. The waves of the explosion rushed under the water, causing the underwater train to sway from side to side. Du Sanying failed to grab onto the door of the carriage and rolled around it several times. He lost a few health points before stopping in a daze. Bai Liu was much more careful. He wrapped himself in the defense items he had previously robbed and hid far away, waiting for the explosion to be over.

[System prompt (for all players): Player Puppet Zhang’s mental value has reached zero. His death is confirmed and he has exited the game.]

Mu Sicheng stood in front of the bag that had fallen to the ground. Inside it was a clean, shiny and broken mirror with a triangular gap in the middle. It looked exactly the same as before the explosion.

It lay quietly at the bottom of the water and there were no traces of Puppet Zhang’s body next to it. He faced the explosion at a close range and was likely blown into pieces and scattered throughout the water. Mu Sicheng felt disgusted when he thought that he was in the water containing this person’s minced meat but something else soon attracted his attention.

Mu Sicheng lowered his head to look at the mirror. In the mirror, Mu Sicheng’s eyes were missing due to the missing piece. It was strange.

Obviously, only 20 more fragments were needed to pass the game but Mu Sicheng had a strange and ominous premonition in his heart. It was like the first time he saw Bai Liu smiling at him in this game. He had a hunch that he was about to be unlucky.

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2 years ago

is the gong going to appear again? :3

1 year ago

If they die inside the game, will they die also in the real world? Or they just wouldn’t be able to come play again?

7 months ago
Reply to  nix

I am 99% sure they die for real, but there is also this possibility. I also wonder when can they stop playing? Do they have to play the game till the end of their lifes? I may have missed something…

1 year ago

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