GHG: Chapter 62

[System tip: Player Li Gou has been burned by flames. HP -15, mental value -15.  Due to the violent shock of the mind fluctuating violently, mental value will continue to decrease… mental value is lower than 40.]

[System warning: Player Li Gou is about to see many subconscious horror illusions! Asking the player to cleanse their mental value in time!]

Li Gou screamed in the midst of the fire and couldn’t hear the system warning at all. There was no way even if he heard it. All the points on him had been taken away by Bai Liu and he didn’t have the points to buy bleach.

Soon, Li Gou felt the bomb on his back becoming wet and flesh. Blood dripped onto his neck. The blood was hot, just like the surrounding flames were hot. Despite this, Li Gou couldn’t help shivering.

His back was quickly wet with some type of warm, rusty liquid. A girl’s long, wet black hair covered with blood slipped over Li Gou’s shoulder and swayed from it. It swung and drops of blood hit the back of Li Gou’s feet. A pair of white hands wrapped around Li Gou’s neck, gently surrounding him. On the back of one hand, words were written in a black oil-based pen: [The countdown to the university entrance examination is in (blurry) days! Guoguo, jiayou! The teacher is waiting for you!]

The young girl hummed a song as her feet swayed on Li Gou’s back. “Where is the world full of flowers? If it exists, I will definitely go~”

This song ‘Chasing the Dreams of the Heart’ was the chorus track for Liu Guoguo’s third year senior oath ceremony. Every day, Li Gou would see this girl humming this song as she walked through his alley with headphones. It was a pure and beautiful scenery but he could only use his greasy eyes to spy on the beauty that didn’t belong to him. Finally, he used his butcher’s knife to destroy this fragile and simple beauty.

Li Gou swallowed stiffly. He didn’t dare look back and could only repeatedly whisper, “This is an illusion, this is an illusion—”

“I want to stand on the highest mountain—” The girl’s sweet voice interrupted Li Gou’s whispers. She giggled as she sang, but there was a strong gloomy air as her cold hands slowly wrapped around Li Gou’s neck. “I don’t care if it is a cliff or not—”

A face that was cut by a machete and had a sunken nose poked out. Liu Guoguo smiled strangely and openly at him with her mutilated face. “Uncle Li, long time no see.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh———!” Li Gou completely collapsed and ran. If it wasn’t for Puppet Zhang’s thread pulling him, he would’ve completely lost distinction between the south, east, west and north. He struggled to get rid of Liu Guoguo on his back as he ran.

He obviously ran through the flame-filled station but the station suddenly became the small alley where he worked. No matter where he ran, he would see Liu Guoguo’s blood-stained face. She smiled at him as she sang and approached him.

Li Gou ran in a panic but Liu Guoguo behind him became several times her size. She smiled as she grabbed the hands and feet of the screaming Li Gou. She put him on the chopping board, humming a song as she kept inserting a sharp knife into his abdomen, removing his bones and internal organs. It was just like what Li Gou did to her back then.

“Ahhhhhh—! It hurts! Hurts! Stop! Don’t cut me!” Li Gou screamed so miserably that his eyeballs protruded. Liu Guoguo seemed annoyed by him and placed the sharp tip of the knife to his throat. The tip of the knife circled Li Gou’s throat as she sang in her light voice.

“That is the performance of a coward~” she sang happily.

Blood gushed out immediately and Li Gou retched a few times from the pain. He almost couldn’t take it anymore. He was filled with pain and his legs were wobbling. Even so, Li Gou was dragged by the puppet silk threads. He vomited blood while the puppet silk threads dragged him toward the reservoir.

Li Gou’s limbs had been chopped off by Liu Guoguo. It might be an illusion but Li Gou couldn’t wake up from his subconscious imagination where he was constantly attacked by Liu Guoguo. He dragged his limbs with empty eyes and crossed the flaming station.

Liu Guoguo lay on him, cutting into Li Gou’s skin with a knife. Even if Li Gou was pained to the extreme, he couldn’t say a word. He could only shed tears. His eyes widened feebly and blood filled his throat.

In the illusion, Li Gou’s clothes and chin were wet with blood. In reality, this man suddenly twitched on the ground, rolling blank eyes. In fact, nothing happened. Li Gou was just tortured by the horrible hallucinations he imagined.

Li Gou had never thought Liu Guoguo was a person when he killed her. Killing her was as simple as killing a pig. He naturally wouldn’t feel guilty. He would never have had these hallucinations that tortured him to go crazy because he had never been afraid of Liu Guoguo subconsciously. He knew he could easily decide the fate of this little girl, just like deciding the fate of a kitten who had no resistance to him.

Then Bai Liu suddenly changed Liu Guoguo from a cat who had no resistance to him to a person who could send him to death. His subconscious fear was awakened and he realized what he had done.

It turned out he had killed a person. Liu Guoguo was a person and she had experienced something so painful.

Li Gou carried Liu Guoguo on his back. He used his elbows to support himself on the ground and finally climbed to the reservoir with difficulty. He gasped hard, Liu Guoguo stuck to his back, her blood mixing with his blood. At the same time, her long black hair curled around his neck. Li Gou knew intellectually that this was the bomb but now the bomb was Liu Guoguo who was raped, killed and chopped up by him.

She was like a happy bird as she sang on Li Gou’s back. Only one person could hear the song.

“I might have no talent but I have dreams. I will use my life to prove it. Perhaps my hands and feet are clumsy but I am willing to keep exploring…”

“Even if blood spills on my arms, I will continue to run. I will carry my pride.”

Liu Guoguo was a beautiful, hardworking and sensible 17 year old girl who liked to eat pork. She was going to take the university entrance examination and was going to become a good teacher at a normal school. She liked to sing ‘Chasing the Dreams of the Heart’. When she laughed, she would flick her long hair behind her ears. Even if she had been raped, she might’ve cried, felt sad, cursed hysterically or curled up in her house.

Still, there was always a chance to come back from it. It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t have to live a hard life for such a thing. She had a chance to turn it into a scar. However, that was just originally.

Li Gou closed his eyes while shedding muddy tears. He choked and opened his mouth. He seemed to want to say something but in the end, nothing emerged. Blood just poured from his throat. Li Gou unwillingly opened his eyes. Liu Guoguo hugged him by the neck and after singing the song, she fell lightly into the reservoir with him.

Countless bubbles appeared on the water.

Boom! The bomb exploded.

Li Gou exploded into countless bloody fragments just like Liu Guoguo. The reservoir slowly collapsed and water gushed from the gap. The girl’s clear laughter seemed to ring out on the edge of the reservoir like she was laughing coldly. Then it soon disappeared without a trace.

[System prompt (for all players): Player Li Gou’s health has reached zero. His death is confirmed and he has exited the game.]

Inside the train.

The group of people chased by the thief brothers ran as hard as they could. Mu Sicheng led Bai Liu and ran in the front. Behind them, the puppets were collecting fragments.

It was just that they wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. Without Du Sanying to drag the thief brothers, everyone’s items and various numerical values were consumed. Meanwhile, the attacks of the thief brothers were particularly fierce because they had been robbed. If they were chased for a while then they were likely to be wiped out once Younger Brother Thief’s big moves were available!

Mu Sicheng dodged and looked at Bai Liu, breathing uneven and face pale. “Bai Liu, I can’t hold on any longer!”

Bai Liu looked outside the carriage, breathing also unsteady as he smiled. “There is no need. The water is coming.”

Water flowed down the stairs of the subway. There was the sizzling sound of flames going out and water splashing down. Rising water vapor filled the subway station in seconds and the train was instantly enveloped in a semi-transparent mist. The passengers chasing them fiercely were soaked in water and the fire on them was extinguished instantly.

The burned corpses seemed to melt in the water. They were stuck under the train and couldn’t move. They waved their heads, wailed and waved their shriveled hands but they could no longer move forward. They were set in place.

Younger Brother Thief who was chasing Bai Liu was drenched in the water and fell to the ground. A big ball plunged into the water and instantly turned into a black charcoal corpse. The Older Brother Thief didn’t chase them. Instead, he turned to help his younger brother up. Unfortunately, even when shrunken, he was still too big for the Older Brother Thief to carry.

The two brothers cried and supported each other pitifully. They seemed to be cheering each other up but they were like two drenched chickens. They huddled together and shivered.

Mu Sicheng put Bai Liu down and rested beside him. Now the attack power of the brothers was greatly reduced and it was almost impossible for them to catch up. He stared at the frail-looking Bai Liu whose white shirt was bloody and then the brothers who seemed to be crying in the heavy ‘rain’ in a complicated mood. Who would’ve thought that the thief brothers who almost wiped them out would now be treated like this by Bai Liu…

“Put on your submersible.” Bai Liu reminded Mu Sicheng. He put on his own diving mask and breathed out, spraying fog on the mask. Only his dark and calm eyes could be seen. “Just wait. This section of the track might collapse and all the water will flow in.”

“The train will start soon. Passengers, please get off the train in time. The next stop, the terminal—Antique City.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

That was so satisfying, REVENGE FOR THAT WONDERFUL GIRL!! >:D

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there’s still the final boss ><
I feel like Puppet Zhang didn't die.