GHG: Chapter 61

Mu Sicheng understood what Bai Liu meant. He, Bai Liu and Du Sanying were indeed the ones who had a lot of advantages. They should be the first to clear the level. Once the explosion started, everyone would be overwhelmed. It didn’t matter if Bai Liu’s control skill worked or not. Now as long as they survived the explosion, these people would no longer be able to sneak attack Bai Liu.

Mu Sicheng was silent for a moment. “There are three people left. Who are you going to choose to send the bomb?”

“Why?” Bai Liu moved his gaze. “Do you have a recommendation?”

Mu Sicheng paused. “Liu Huai, I suggest you choose him.”

Bai Liu raised his eyebrow in surprise. “Why?”

He felt that Mu Sicheng wasn’t a person who acted due to personal resentment.

“I’m not suggesting this to you out of personal grievances. It is because Liu Huai has a personal skill called ‘Assassin Flash.’ The distance of this flash is enough to exceed the length of a carriage.” Mu Sicheng’s tone was complicated and it was hard to determine the emotions in them. He slightly avoided Bai Liu’s gaze as he spoke in a low voice. “You only have a bit of health left. If Puppet Zhang dies in order to get the broken lenses, Liu Huai can get rid of the control and use the flash to assassinate you. My physical strength has been exhausted and it is slowly recovering. My personal skill only has a low level against Liu Huai’s skill and I might not be able to protect you.”

Liu Huai’s body softened and he smiled bitterly. The moment Mu Sicheng spoke, he knew that Mu Sicheng would definitely say this.

At the beginning, he used this skill to almost kill Mu Sicheng. It was indeed a lethal skill that people needed to be on guard against. Liu Huai closed his eyes in despair. He could already predict the outcome of his selection. Bai Liu only had a bit of health left and couldn’t let a player with this personal skill be out of his control.

“Oh, that’s it.” Bai Liu fiddled with the coin against his chest as if thinking about it for two seconds. Then he opened his mouth. “Your words are reasonable but I have made a trade with someone before.”

Bai Liu had bought the souls of Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu in exchange for promising to kill Li Gou for them. There might be no time limit for this transaction but if he let it go this time, he would have to spend a lot more energy to kill Li Gou.

According to Bai Liu’s understanding, Li Gou should’ve gathered enough points to get out of prison. If he let Li Gou go this time to pass the game and get points, Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu might be killed by the passionate crime type Li Gou once he was released from prison.

Bai Liu wouldn’t do such a low-cost thing. The plan he chose would always be the one with the greatest profit and highest cost performance. Risks weren’t considered by Bai Liu. It was because there were no benefits without risks.

Bai Liu raised his eyes and declared, “So my choice is to send Li Gou to deliver the bomb.”

Everyone was stunned. Liu Huai’s eyes widened with shock. He couldn’t believe that he had escaped from death again.

Li Gou was struggling madly. He went crazy as he grabbed the knife on the ground and rushed forward toward Bai Liu. Then he was soon controlled again by Bai Liu through Puppet Zhang.

Li Gou was really crazy. His limbs were bleeding from the puppet thread but he still swung unwillingly. He stared at Bai Liu with murderous and tyrannical eyes and yelled, “Bai Liu! Why the hell did you choose me? Did you hear what Mu Sicheng said? Liu Huai is the one who can kill you! Why are you sending me to my death with the bomb?!”

“I will be released from prison soon!” Li Gou roared hysterically, his eyes bloodshot and the thick blue veins on his neck and forehead bulging due to anger. “You can’t let me die here!”

The red-faced Li Gou and the calm Bai Liu stared at each other for a while. Li Gou seemed to understand that Bai Liu wouldn’t be threatened by him and eventually kneeled on the ground. His eyes were dazed like a pool of rotten flesh on the ground.

After almost 10 seconds, this person seemed to have figured it out. Li Gou suddenly started bowing and kowtowing to Bai Liu, snot dripping from his nose as he wept. “Bai Liu! Please! No! Don’t let me go! Brother Bai! I have been obedient from the beginning and did you what you said without cutting corners. Why not let Liu Huai go? He is the one who will harm you. Don’t choose me! Brother Bai, why are you choosing me instead of Liu Huai who is the biggest threat? Are you kidding me?”

Mu Sicheng also looked at Bai Liu with disapproval. “Why did you choose Li Gou? He is less threatening than Liu Huai. If Liu Huai tries a sneak attack against you, it is likely you will have an accident!”

Wang Shun in front of the small TV was puzzled. “What’s going on? Bai Liu isn’t someone who will put the cart before the horse. Why did he choose Li Gou? Is his head dizzy? He only has 1 HP left!”

Other viewers were also anxious.

“Liu Huai can backstab Bai Liu even if Mu Sicheng has a high movement speed! Bai Liu couldn’t stop Liu Huai at all even if he has Mu Sicheng!”

“Damn, I don’t understand why Bai Liu chose Li Gou. There is no reason for it!”

None of the audience members understood Bai Liu’s choice. They were confused, worried and disappointed. Only the couple standing in the back of the crowd covered their mouths and tried their best not to cry out. Since they were enduring the urge to cry, their bodies were a bit unstable. They leaned against each other, barely stopping themselves from kneeling down.

Their blurry eyes were on the pale and quiet side profile of Bai Liu on the small TV. They knew why Bai Liu chose Li Gou and why this young man made such a risky choice.

Xiang Chunhua lowered her head and made choking sounds. Her turbid tears rolled down over her fingers that covered her mouth. Liu Fu wiped them with his rough hands but his tears wet the grey hair on her temples.

“Thank you, thank you. Bai Liu, thank you.”

They were too tired. Every day they were like the walking dead, condemning and torturing themselves. Countless passersbys extended hands of sympathy to them only to withdraw them. They said to mourn but the dead were gone. Let it go and life would continue. If they kept being sad then Guoguo would be sad when she saw it. Then they left after saying these things, as if the couple really would live a better life.

This support was fleeting while the couple tried again and again with hope in their hearts, hysterically shouting that people should pay the price for what they did. Their suffering left hideous traces on their bodies.

Xiang Chunhua was no longer the amiable Aunt Xiang and Liu Fu was no longer the honest Uncle Liu. They gradually became people that everyone was tired of. They didn’t want this but if they didn’t do it, who would remember poor Guoguo?

They had asked this question several times. Why Guoguo? They also numbly and viciously discussed why girls in the alley who were lovelier than Guoguo weren’t subjected to Li Gou’s murderous hands. How could the mothers of these girls pretend to be compassionate and comfort them by saying that if Guoguo survived the rape, the rest of her life would be very hard and she wouldn’t be able to get married. If she died then she might have an innocent life in her next life.

There were so many girls in the world who were pure, bright and naive. Before Guoguo’s incident, they loved all these girls who were as cute as their daughter. Then after Guoguo’s incident, they just wanted to ask—why not them? Why must it be Guoguo?

Why did Li Gou, this beast, choose their Guoguo?

Li Gou knelt on the ground, approaching Bai Liu on his knees only to be kicked away by Mu Sicheng. Li Gou was kicked and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Li Gou moved back slightly due to fear. His lips were trembling as he looked up at Bai Liu who had no emotional fluctuations on his face. Li Gou couldn’t help shedding tears. “Brother Bai, why do you have to choose me? Even if you don’t want to choose Liu Huai, you can still choose Fang Ke! Why do you have to choose me? Why choose me to die?”

Bai Liu calmly watched Li Gou. “You want to ask why? To put it more directly, I chose you to die because you are unlucky.”

He was unlucky enough to follow Puppet Zhang into this game where Bai Liu was present, unlucky enough to be Puppet Zhang’s puppet and unlucky that Puppet Zhang was completely controlled by Bai Liu.

“Still, if you insist on knowing the cause of death before you die, I can satisfy you.” Bai Liu’s expression was calm as he crouched down thoughtfully, staring at Li Gou who was extremely confused about why he was chosen.

Bai Liu whispered to him, “Do you remember Liu Guoguo?”

Li Gou heard the name ‘Liu Guoguo’ and he shivered like he had received an electric shock. He stared up at Bai Liu in a stunned manner.

Bai Liu’s eyes and tone were extremely calm. “If you have to look for a logical reason, it can be said—you chose Liu Guoguo so I choose you now. It is as simple as that.”

“How can…” Li Gou went completely limp. He sat with his ass and hands on the ground, his eyes out of focus. He stared at Bai Liu in a trance and muttered, “How can it be because of Liu Guoguo? She is dead.”

Li Gou might’ve been imprisoned because of her but Li Gou had long forgotten about this little girl who made him feel good all night. Apart from the fact that she made him feel good, later Guoguo was just a piece of flesh and blood in his memory. Li Gou never regarded Liu Guoguo as a person, girl or human being.

Yet the name that emerged from Bai Liu’s mouth brought Li Gou back to the night that caused him to suffer in prison. The bloody pieces of meat were pieced together in his memory. He recalled the real little girl with feelings and tears. She was desperate as she cried and screamed hard after being caught by him.

Li Gou had pressed the struggling Liu Guoguo under his body. He slapped the crying high school girl and told her not to scream with a grin. Liu Guoguo had begged him to spare her and cried for help in a broken manner. Liu Guoguo had stared up at Li Gou with blank eyes, dirty tears dried on her check as she asked Li Gou, ‘Why me?’

This question was exactly what Li Gou was desperately asking Bai Liu now.

Li Gou had just sneered, one hand holding down Liu Guoguo’s wrists while the other hand unbuttoned his pants. He licked his lips and answered, “You are unlucky, little beauty. I just watched some movies and was feeling overwhelmed.”

The female voice on the train’s broadcast was heard. “We are about to arrive at the next stop—Reservoir. Passengers on the train, please sit down. The passengers who want to get on the train are lined up outside the door. Let them get on first and get off later—”

Bai Liu’s gaze swept over all of them. “We are about to arrive. Li Gou will carry the bomb. Puppet Zhang, come and take the mirror. Mu Sicheng, protect me. The rest of you, find the broken lenses.”

“The train has arrived at the station, Reservoir. All passengers, please prepare to get on and off—”

Bai Liu whispered, “Start!”

The moment all the passengers poured onto the train, Li Gou moved uncontrollably out of the carriage. He was carrying a huge black bomb on his back as tears streamed down from his eyes. He was extremely scared as his hands and feet trembled. There were burning pieces of paper everywhere, flying through the subway station and drifting across Li Gou’s face from time to time. They burned the skin and flesh on his face but he wasn’t in control and couldn’t struggle. Rather, he took the initiative to go to the place where the fire was greater.

Li Gou carried the bomb and avoided the burning corpses on the platform. However, if he couldn’t avoid them then flames mercilessly burned his cheeks. He was in pain but unable to struggle. Through his tears, he shouted, “Bai Liu! I was wrong! I don’t dare do it! I’m sorry about Liu Guoguo! Let me go!!”

He cried sincerely, his vision blurred. “I shouldn’t have done that to her! I know I was wrong! Bai Liu, I beg you, let me go back! I don’t want to die! Let me go! Please!”

“If I get another chance, I will never do anything to her! I swear! If I do, I’ll die by a thousand cuts!!!”

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1 year ago

Man this was so hard to read even fictional. I’m glad they are getting their closure.

1 year ago

I’m so glad for the parents, hopefully they’ll continue to live alright after this

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Surely, it’s always the ones like Li Gou that cry more than a pig when they had gotten a taste of their own medicine lmao.

1 year ago

His life is not worth a lot, he will never pay enough to compensate. But I hope it can give at least a little closure to her parents.

6 months ago

His death is too merciful, being blown up only takes a second, compare that to what he did to Liu Guoguo (bleeding to death after your hands were cut off)

I hope he survives the bomb and dies slowly from third degree burns instead

3 months ago

Too late now b¡Tch, don’t cry, it’ll only take a sec, be grateful for that.