GHG: Chapter 6

Bai Liu didn’t know about these discussions. His attention was quickly drawn to other things. He saw Jeff. Jeff had hidden under the stairs, talked to someone and then walked back.

Jeff had gone out sneakily in the middle of the night but now he was back. Bai Liu had a good angle of the stairs just now. He saw that the person behind Jeff was tall and dressed the same as the driver who brought them here today.

The two of them seemed to be discussing something in a low voice. Jeff also handed the driver many colorful things and added a few more words. If Bai Liu was right then Jeff should be giving the driver this world’s coins.

[You’ve inspired the plot characters to hide the side story —  Jeff’s bloody plot.]

[Explore the entire side story and gain 50 points. The current side story completion degree is 15%.]

Bai Liu narrowed his eyes slightly. His hand reached into the collar and took out the square coin with the hole. He aimed it at the driver and the character information popped up on the panel.

[NPC: Driver]

[Character Profile: The driver who took you to Siren Town. The driver was hired by Jeff and is said to know the town well. He has a history of arson and robbery.]

Sure enough, the identity was also a character NPC.

Previously, Bai Liu and the driver had never been in direct contact. The driver was always sitting in the front seat driving and Bai Liu was in the back row. It was impossible to see the driver. The driver hadn’t gotten off the car so Bai Liu had never seen him. This meant he couldn’t identify the driver’s personal information.

He hadn’t felt anything previously but now Bai Liu came back to his senses and found that Jeff had been intentionally or unintentionally blocking the contact between Bai Liu and the driver. For example, he chose to sit between Bai Liu and the driver and he screamed when getting out of the vehicle…

Why did these two men need to hide their plot?

Regarding this plot, based on the currently known information, Bai Liu guessed that Jeff had hired the driver to do something for him related to the criminal history. This matter was currently unknown but Bai Liu thought it was likely to be revenge against Andre.

When entering the town, the driver said that many people here had no source of income for a while so they should be careful. Previously, Bai Liu thought it was a type of reminder but now it seemed like a proud and arrogant warning. He was warning Jeff that without his cooperation and protection, Jeff would be easily hurt by the other townspeople.

Of course, he was a citizen of Siren Town and he was also very short of money. It was possible that he would do something to rob the group because of a lack of money.

The driver probably did many things to get people’s money and belongings. He didn’t seem a good sort and was obviously crazy about money. The moment he entered Siren Town, he threatened them in a hidden manner. It was no wonder why Jeff couldn’t sleep and came down to give money to the driver. It wasn’t known what the driver would do if he didn’t get the money in time.

Bai Liu returned to the room before Jeff saw him and helped close Jeff’s open door. Jeff hesitated for a moment as he was passing by Andre’s room. Then a black object was placed down in front. Bai Liu used the peephole to see that Jeff put down something similar to a large piece of fish.

Bai Liu soon saw gloomy, white merfolk statues gathered in front of Andre’s door. There were a series of dull creaking movements as the statues moved through the corridor again.

To be safe, Bai Liu covered the peephole of his room with white cloth to prevent a merfolk’s snooping. He also placed a cabinet against the door, hoping the sound would wake him up if someone broke in.

His physical strength had been emptied. After doing all this, Bai Liu lay on the bed and closed his eyes. It was a night without dreams.


The next day, Bai Liu woke up and found that the closet door and room door were closed, but the bathroom door was about to be opened.

Bai Liu opened the bathroom and took a look. He found that the merfolk statues inside that had been covered and tied had broken free of the white cloth. They overlapped each other in various twisted and weird postures as they moved toward the bathroom door. Some of the merfolk statues had reached the door handle of the bathroom and were only one step away from opening it.

The postures of these merfolk statues reminded Bai Liu of the 123 Statues game he played. He would turn around suddenly and saw that the people behind him couldn’t control their expressions and gestures. He thought it was funny at the time but now looking at these gloomy white statues trying to come out the door, Bai Liu couldn’t laugh at all.

The human-like marble statues were stacked in this way and it made the pressure on him stronger. Their eyes were staring at Bai Liu in such a small space and it made him uncomfortable. Normal people would feel uncomfortable when looked at by the eyes of so many non-living things.

Bai Liu closed the bathroom door. He no longer cared about the statues and didn’t try to bind them. It was because it made no sense. These things were breaking free faster and faster. If he couldn’t find more weaknesses to control them, covering them with white cloth was a very low efficiency method. Maybe these statues would develop the ability to instantly get free.

The moment Bai Liu opened the door of his room, a new prompt appeared on the panel.

[Player Bai Liu has completed the main task: staying in the room overnight without being alienated. Rewarded with 20 points.]

[Current balance: 23 points. You can purchase items. Do you want to buy anything?]

Bai Liu opened the store. He was currently poor and the things available could be counted on one hand. Bai Liu spent 15 points to buy a strong flashlight. He had 8 points left and he thought about it for a moment. He didn’t know if there was any type of 3D holographic projection equipment.

[Yes, it costs 4 points for one. A promotional discount activity is being held and it costs 8 points for three. Do you want to buy three?]

Bai Liu nodded without thinking. “Yes!”

As a social animal who lacked money, the absolutely two best words he could hear were ‘discount’ and ‘promotion.’

After buying it, he took out the 3D projector and happily started playing with it. The quality of the discounted projector wasn’t bad. Bai Liu entered his image and the projected effect was amazing. There wasn’t any inferior texture, the color was lifelike and there were lights and shadows. It was almost like a real person.

Bai Liu was very satisfied with the goods he bought.

However, his audience was dissatisfied. The group of people gathered around the small TV gestured and sighed.

“Does this newcomer want to use the projector as human eyes? The weakness of the monster is written as looking at it directly with the human eyes. This projector can only fool the merfolk statues for a while. It won’t last long.”

“He actually bought the discounted projectors! This thing looks advanced but it is useless! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a slow-selling item that isn’t bought by anyone. What is the newcomer thinking?!”

“…Yes, this projector was on sale when I came in. So many years have passed and it is still on sale.”

“F*k! 23 points was clearly the highest points in the newcomer area but it was all wasted. He didn’t buy anything useful. Is his brain flooded with water?!”

Suddenly, a player exclaimed from in front of another small TV. “Come here! A newcomer here bought a fire torch! This thing can defeat a merperson so he is stable!”

The group abruptly left Bai Liu’s small TV and surrounded the newcomer who bought the right item. Many people nodded in approval.

“Yes, this is a regular item for clearing the instance. This newcomer has good items.”

“The fire torch can be used three times and should be handled well. He should be the only one in this group of newcomers to pass the level.”


There were only a few people left in front of Bai Liu’s TV.

[34 people are watching player Bai Liu’s small TV. 167 people have left.]

[50 people have canceled their likes of player Bai Liu’s small TV, 44 people canceled their collection of player Bai Liu’s small TV, 17 people stepped on player Bai Liu’s small TV, no one has recharged for player Bai Liu’s small TV.]


Bai Liu finished experimenting with his own items and went out of the room. He headed to Jeff’s room to call him.

Jeff obviously hadn’t slept well last night. His face was a bit pale and there were two big dark circles under his round glasses.

Bai Liu took a look and the number of merfolk statues in Jeff’s room was almost the same as his room. However, unlike the statues that Bai Liu had locked in, these ones were quietly still in their original place. Bai Liu didn’t know if it was his illusion but the features of the statues in Jeff’s room were more obvious than his room. They were more realistic and the face had become slightly similar to Jeff’s face…

Unlike the white marble of the merfolk statues, there was a layer of opaque redness. The eyeballs seemed like they could move in the eye sockets at any time and the expression was more comfortable and natural, like a fish that was in water. The scales of the tail were relaxed and there was a faint fishy smell.

Bai Liu went to Lucy and Andre’s rooms to observe as well. He made a careful comparison and found that these merfolk statues were indeed closer to a human skin color than the ones in his own room. Both the touch and color and facial features started to become similar to the person living in the room.

Proofreader: Purichan

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