GHG: Chapter 59

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has been attacked by Older Brother Thief! HP -2, mental value -2. You have 1 health remaining. Warning! You are on the verge of death!!]

Bai Liu carelessly wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He raised his head to stare at Mu Sicheng whose face was pale. Bai Liu spoke in an unhurried manner, “What are you yelling about? I’m not dead. The damage value of these monsters isn’t determined by location. Older Brother Thief’s damage value is only 2 points. I have 3 points of health and I can live even if I’m pierced in the head. Come and help me.”

After Mu Sicheng came back to his senses, he looked at the blood-covered Bai Liu who was about to collapse. He was more agitated than if his own chest had been pierced.

Mu Sicheng ran away from Younger Brother Thief. He took a closer look and found that Bai Liu had twisted the whip around Older Brother Thief’s hands. As a result, Older Brother Thief couldn’t leave. He was stuck behind Bai Liu and shouted angrily.

Bai Liu raised his eyes and glanced at Mu Sicheng. His tone was a bit weak due to excessive blood loss but he was still calm and clear. “Hand, it is in his hands.”

Mu Sicheng’s mind returned. “You think that the broken lenses are in Older Brother Thief’s hands?”

“Yes, hurry up. I can’t control him for long and we don’t have much time.” Bai Liu smiled. “For a thief, the most important area is the hand. This is why Liu Huai cut off your hands. It is because your hands are the strongest.”

“For Older Brother Thief, I think the most important part should be the hands.”

Mu Sicheng was stunned before laughing like never before. He laughed until tears came out and finally said, “Yes, I forgot that the most important area for a thief is the hands. After all, I have had my hands cut off many times.”

“Your words are indeed correct.” Mu Sicheng lowered his eyes and curled his lips in a smile. His hands weren’t empty. Mu Sicheng bowed his head, eyes glowing red. After turning into a beast, his mouth was extremely big and he bit viciously at the hands of Older Brother Thief who was trapped by Bai Liu. He pulled hard and tore out the hand stuck in Bai Liu’s body.

The moment the hand was pulled out, Bai Liu fell back with a hiss. Mu Sicheng’s face was covered with Bai Liu’s blood. He bit at Older Brother Thief’s hands and spoke vaguely, “The most important thing to a thief is indeed his hands.”

The moment the dry hands were separated from his body, Older Brother Thief screamed and struggled. Then it met Mu Sicheng’s cold eyes and stopped moving.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the skill Thief’s Monkey Paws to steal 20 broken lenses from Older Brother Thief.]

The second Older Brother Thief lost his hands, he weakened instantly. He withered and became even smaller. He reluctantly opened his bleeding eyes and roared fiercely. He looked at Mu Sicheng’s hands. The wrapped hands gleamed with black ash and the fingertips shone with light. Each finger had two broken lenses. There were 10 fingers for a total of 20 broken lenses.

Younger Brother Thief finally made his big move. He squatted and used Rage Hammer. Flames rose from his body and filled the carriage. Mu Sicheng might move fast but he couldn’t retreat in time. The flames from the carriage caught up to them. Mu Sicheng threw Bai Liu out of the range of the flames. He turned to block the flames for Bai Liu and groaned.

Bai Liu was thrown to the ground and barely rolled a few times.

Mu Sicheng’s face was bloody and his back was covered with extensive burns. Bai Liu was thrown out by Mu Sicheng and was now lying on the ground. His eyes were dilated, his chest was heaving violently and he was panting. He was completely exhausted and couldn’t even move his little finger. The corners of his mouth and his white shirt were stained with blood. Still, he was smiling with delight like Mu Sicheng.

It was because they were a pair of successful thieves. Their health might be almost empty but they survived.

“Wow, it feels great to be successful when doing bad things.” Bai Liu struggled to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth and smiled with contentment. “Especially when valuable things are stolen.”

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has been burned by the flames of Younger Brother Thief. Health value -20, mental value -20. Your current health is 16 and you are in danger!]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu only has a health value of 1 and it is about to reach zero. Please protect yourself and avoid large movements!]

Mu Sicheng also sat on the ground. He leaned his head back against the chair, lowered his head and just breathed. Then he smiled and scolded Bai Liu who was paralyzed on the ground. “Crazy Bai Liu, what the hell do you do in reality? You are so good at stealing people’s things, controlling and calculating others and good at using the whip. Are you a member of a high intelligence criminal league?”

Bai Liu answered lazily, “I’m just a laid-off worker lacking money.”

Mu Sicheng sneered contemptuously. “Laid-off worker? Like hell I will believe you.”

The broadcast rang through the train again. “The train is about to leave. Please line up to get off the train. Please don’t stay in the carriage—”

After losing the broken lenses, the resentful brothers left the train with the scorched passengers. They stood outside the slowly closing door, looking bitterly at Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng in the train. Bai Liu lay on the ground, bleeding heavily from his chest. Still, he was in the mood to smile and say goodbye to the brothers outside the door. “Goodbye.”

The thief brothers unwillingly roared at Bai Liu.

[System tip: Player Bai Liu’s broken lenses collection progress (360/400)]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Brother Thief (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Older Brother Thief]

[Features: Extremely fast movement speed (3,400 points in movement speed, flames have a bonus effect) and good at stealing.]

[Weaknesses: Broken lenses (1/3)]

[Attack mode: Scratching and stealing]


Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu came out of the game drenched. They coughed and knelt down at the exit, smelling like fish.

The two ordinary people who had entered the horror game for the first time were so scared that their faces were shockingly pale. Their hands and feet were trembling. If it wasn’t for the guidance given to them by a young man and their desire to get revenge for Guoguo, they would’ve never survived the game.

Next to Guoguo’s gravestone, the young man said he couldn’t tell them many things. Even if he told them, they wouldn’t remember. Bai Liu smiled and told them to just be obedient after going in.

Proofreader: Purichan

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