GHG: Chapter 58

The moment Mu Sicheng turned his head, Bai Liu felt the back of his collar being slightly pulled by Mu Sicheng. It was just that Mu Sicheng moved too fast that he could barely see Mu Sicheng’s hand.

Bai Liu felt that he was hovering in the air for a while before slamming back toward the ground like he was bungee jumping. His body moved quickly like he had entered a space-time tunnel. All the surrounding scenes just became lines of color and the black and white faded away. Bai Liu’s ears rang for a few minutes and there was no light and shadow. Only the sound of wind was heard. The high-speed wind rubbed against Bai Liu’s face in a pained manner. He was carried by the back of his collar by Mu Sichen and to others, Bai Liu seemed like a kite in strong wind.

“Cooooool.” Bai Liu couldn’t help whistling. However, Mu Sicheng moved so fast that the whistle was cut into several sections. Only Mu Sicheng who maintained the same speed as him could hear what this person was saying.

Bai Liu was shaken by Mu Sicheng but he didn’t forget to praise Mu Sicheng with a thumbs up. “Mu Sicheng, your skills are like a speedster. No wonder why everyone says you are the fastest person in this game. You can fight against the thief brothers for one minute.”

“…Aren’t you afraid of hurting your throat when you talk at this speed.” Mu Sicheng raised his eyebrow subtly. “Moreover, why does it feel like you are scolding me when you say these words?”

“My skill does allow me to move very quickly but it consumes a lot of energy. I can carry you for a maximum of one minute.” Mu Sicheng didn’t listen to Bai Liu’s glib tongue. “If we can’t win in one minute, my movement speed will drop severely. At that time, you and I are completely finished, understood?”

“Understood.” Bai Liu made an ‘OK’ gesture. He held the fishbone whip in his hand, lowered his eyes and smiled. “Let’s get started.”

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has reduced his movement speed to 3,400. You will soon be overtaken by Older Brother Thief.]

Mu Sicheng stepped on the carriage wall to brake. His monkey paws grasped the wall, his feet pressed together and long claw marks were drawn on the stainless steel carriage wall. The black head and open fingers of the two thief brothers appeared in Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng’s vision.

Mu Sicheng took a deep breath and focused all his attention. Bai Liu was also concentrating. If Du Sanying were here now, he would be surprised to find that Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng’s eyes were maintaining a high degree of consistency, in other words, inorganic eyes that looked like a machine.

Older Brother Thief stepped on the four walls of the carriage and jumped several times toward Bai Liu. He screamed and grinned at Bai Liu. The moment he waved his claws at Bai Liu, Mu Sicheng’s breathing became disorderly. Then Bai Liu opened his mouth. “Mu Sicheng, do everything you should do. The rest—”

“—Leave it to you, right?” Mu Sicheng snorted. “Don’t be long-winded. I’ve heard you say it many times.”

Bai Liu’s plan was this. The thief brothers were a combination of speed and attack. Older Brother Thief’s attacks were relatively weak. Judging from the battle against Du Sanying, Older Brother Thief’s attacks should only be C-grade. This meant the attacks on Du Sanying and Bai Liu whose attributes were below the C-grade could only consume 2 HP. It was just that Older Brother Thief’s movement speed was very fast. It was basically equivalent to the A-grade Mu Sicheng’s movement speed. After catching up with the player, he could interfere with the player and reduce the player’s movement speed.

In this way, the slower Younger Brother Thief would catch up and attack the player. Younger Brother Thief’s movement speed was relatively weak but his attacks were very strong. This combination of attack speed and attack power was effective. In addition, since they were brothers, their coordination meant there was almost no solution.

It was a pity that no matter how unsolvable, they needed to be solved. Based on various data and analysis of the overall setting of the game, Bai Liu guessed there would be 20 fragments on Older Brother Thief. It would be almost impossible for Bai Liu’s group to get them.

The only way was if they had a higher attack speed, higher attack power and higher coordination.

In terms of speed, Mu Sicheng could do it but it was impossible for him to fight alone against the thief brothers. Mu Sicheng would also need to fight while trying to steal the broken lenses from the brothers and this was absolutely impossible. It was estimated that before Mu Sicheng could touch Older Brother Thief, he would be beaten to death by the violent Younger Brother Thief.

Therefore, if they wanted to steal the fragments from Older Brother Thief, it required another person to cooperate with Mu Sicheng while moving at a high speed of 3,000 to 4,000, so as to create space and conditions for Mu Sicheng to steal. Moreover, there couldn’t be a single mistake.

Bai Liu thought for a while and determined it could only be himself.

Everyone’s health was lower than 30 so it was impossible for them to cooperate with Mu Sicheng with such high precision. However, Bai Liu’s health was only 3 points. One mistake in the cooperation was equivalent to wiping out the entire group. So whether it was him or Mu Sicheng, neither of them could make a mistake.

Bai Liu used Du Sanying to consume the thief brothers’ big moves in advance. Now it was in the cooldown period of the big moves. This made Bai Liu’s stealing plan more feasible but it was still difficult. Besides, Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu’s average attributes were far lower than the thief brothers. Mu Sicheng didn’t know if his stealing skills could steal the broken lenses that Bai Liu wanted from a monster who was also a thief.

Mu Sicheng thought it was a risky plan. In any case, f*k it. Bai Liu said it could be handed over to him so do it!

Mu Sicheng took a deep breath and threw Bai Liu out to face Younger Brother Thief while turning to Older Brother Thief rushing at him.

His sharp monkey paws blocked the Older Brother Thief’s burnt and dry claws. The two equally dark paws were matched and were ready to stab at the opponent’s chest. After the attack failed, Mu Sicheng turned back and grabbed Bai Liu who hit Younger Brother Thief with a whip. The positions of the two of them rotated. Now Mu Sicheng faced Younger Brother Thief while Bai Liu was thrown to Older Brother Thief.

Bai Liu attacked Older Brother Thief with the whip without any fluctuations on his face while Mu Sicheng attacked Younger Brother Thief who couldn’t respond, blocking his attack on Bai Liu. Although the speed was extremely fast, he was still burned by the flames around Younger Brother Thief’s body.

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has been burned by fire. Health value -1, mental value -1.]

Older Brother Thief stepped back onto Younger Brother Thief who had already caught up below. Younger Brother Thief roared and bounced up again. Mu Sicheng once again threw away Bai Liu.

Bai Liu was thrown into the air and turned over like it was slow motion. He flicked his wrist and waved the whip toward the back of Older Brother Thief. Older Brother Thief wailed due to the whip. Once Younger Brother Thief saw this scene, he yelled angrily. He rushed up, ready to teach Bai Liu severely with his fists.

After wielding the whip, Bai Liu couldn’t control himself and fell down. He was about to fall on Younger Brother Thief and burn himself. Then he shifted his gaze and called out softly, “Mu Sicheng.”

Mu Sicheng swung sideways on two rings, hooked his tail around the falling Bai Liu’s waist. He raised Bai Liu to avoid the attack and avoided Younger Brother Thief. Mu Sicheng hung from a ring with one hand. His eyes fixed on Older Brother Thief who was hit by Bai Liu’s whip and he extended a monkey paw.

Older Brother Thief who was hit by the whip raised his eyes and screamed twice. The person and monster were equally flexible and dark. The paws used for stealing flicked through the air at an invisible speed and bounced away.

Bai Liu was exhausted from swinging the whip twice in a row. He hung from Mu Sicheng’s tail while drinking the physical strength recovery agent. Younger Brother Thief rushed up again, roaring and smashing his fists at Mu Sicheng. Before Bai Liu finished drinking the recovery agent, he quickly patted Mu Sicheng on the back. Mu Sicheng’s tail swung and he threw Bai Liu out.

Bai Liu bit the physical strength recovery agent as he was thrown around by Mu Sicheng. He stared, his mouth holding the recovery agent as his throat moved up and down to drink all of the recovery agent. His focused eyes moved as he turned and swung the whip at Younger Brother Thief’s fist. The fist became crooked and passed over the head of Mu Sicheng who was hanging upside down, smashing into the wall of the carriage.

“F*k.” Mu Sicheng cursed in fear. He was almost struck in the head by Younger Brother Thief just now. Mu Sicheng quickly climbed up two rings, hooking the exhausted Bai Liu. Bai Liu gasped and asked, “Can you hold on?”

Mu Sicheng’s physical strength was exhausted. He had been hanging from the rings to help Bai Liu block attacks. Moreover, he moved at full speed in order to catch Bai Liu and this consumed his physical strength.

Bai Liu hung weakly while his feet hooked around Mu Sicheng’s legs. He lazily raised his hand to make an ‘OK’ gesture to Mu Sicheng. In fact, he had no strength to speak. Bai Liu quickly drank another physical strength recovery agent. In the middle of drinking it, Mu Sicheng threw him away again with a strong kick.

The two brother thieves were rushing toward Bai Liu but Bai Liu was thrown away by Mu Sicheng. He raised his hand to his mouth and drank the recovery agent without spilling it, avoiding any waste while watching the thief brothers. The two brothers saw that Bai Liu was thrown away and quickly turned their target to Mu Sicheng. Bai Liu threw his whip in a zigzag, knocking the brothers to the side.

In fact, Bai Liu’s whip didn’t deal any damage. It just strongly interfered with judgment. Even like this, Mu Sicheng was shocked.

This guy’s hands and psychological quality were too stable. If he said he wouldn’t make any mistakes then he really wouldn’t make mistakes. He obviously only had 3 points of health. If Mu Sicheng didn’t catch him then Bai Liu would die. Yet Bai Liu felt no fear at all. He just created an open space for Mu Sicheng to steal.

“One minute is coming.” Bai Liu still had the time to talk to Mu Sicheng. His expression seemed very leisurely and calm due to the loss of strength. “Haven’t you stolen the broken lenses from Older Brother Thief? Then it is the end for us…”

Bai Liu’s attitude was very lazy and ridiculous when saying it was the end. He seemed to have no understanding of the fact that it was over for them and wasn’t afraid.

“It isn’t in the right place. The broken lenses of the passengers and Younger Brother Thief were all near the heart.” Mu Sicheng’s face was dull as he hung from the ring with one hand. He gasped from the intense physical exertion as he said, “However, I can’t find it near Older Brother Thief’s heart.”

“It isn’t near the heart…” Bai Liu mused thoughtfully. “Judging from the setting, the broken lenses are a weakness. This will definitely be placed in a very important area for them. Other monsters are near the heart but Older Brother Thief’s lens isn’t near the heart…”

The difference between Older Brother Thief and the other monsters was that he had strong stealing skills and moved quickly. These two points were similar to Mu Sicheng…

“There are still a few seconds before Younger Brother Thief’s big moves are available again. My physical strength is also being exhausted…” Mu Sicheng looked at Younger Brother Thief walking below him and closed his eyes, gasping. “Bai Liu, if we don’t grab the broken lenses the next time we attack, we will die here.”

Bai Liu suddenly looked up. “Mu Sicheng, what do you think is the most important or weak part of a thief?”

Mu Sicheng didn’t have time to think about Bai Liu’s question. He roared hoarsely, “Bai Liu!! Older Brother Thief is coming behind you! Turn around and wave the whip!”

One minute was almost up. Both he and Bai Liu were exhausted at this time. Mu Sicheng was holding onto the ring with one hand and Bai Liu with the other hand. Below him, Younger Brother Thief was preparing a big move! He couldn’t let go and help Bai Liu block at this time. Mu Sicheng could only give a reminder in a loud voice.

However, Bai Liu didn’t seem to have the strength to react and he didn’t even look back. Behind him, Older Brother Thief stretched out his fingers and formed a sharp cone. His exposed gums showed a strange smile. He didn’t hesitate and pierced Bai Liu’s body directly.

Five sharp and dark fingers emerged from Bai Liu’s chest. Bai Liu was stabbed and his chest was pushed forward. He raised his head and frowned. Blood instantly flowed from his mouth and stained his white shirt.

Mu Sicheng’s eyes narrowed.

“Bai Liu——!!!!!!!”

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has been attacked by Older Brother Thief! You are on the verge of death!!]

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Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

he got attacked directly with 3 health points and he’s only at the verge of death 😂

6 months ago

This reminds me that there is also Li Guo’s problem. I wonder how Bai Liu will deal with him.

What confuses me most is how incredibly difficult this game is. The only reason they survived is because Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng have extremely good mental abilities. So the fact that they are still alive is not because the game allowed them to survive, but because they found flaws in the rules, and even that barely kept them alive. Bai Liu is extremely smart, so he managed to find a way, but let’s be honest, it’s rare to meet such a person, and an average team would be dead by now. This would make sense if the game was simple enough to give people a chance to complete it, that’s how the games are created, but here it’s basically impossible to clean the instance. Even going through the four-player sacrifice scenario, everyone would still die due to the appearance of the monster brothers. Moreover, they even lowered Du Sanying’s luck because ‘the balance of the game was disturbed’, basically saying that they had too big of an advantage. What advantage?? They had been at a big disadvantage since the start!

3 months ago

I wonder if the reason he is not afraid to die is because he subconsciously knows that he cant die as a God of the game.
Atleast if it the description is not fooling us.