GHG: Chapter 57

Mu Sicheng was taken aback and his expression sank. “You mean, there are two monsters on this page?”

Bai Liu nodded and continued to analyze it. “Brother Thieves. If the younger brother was the stupid-looking strong type then I would design the older brother as an extremely fast moving with high stealing skills type. Once the player accumulates a certain number of fragments, the older brother will be triggered before the level is cleared. Then the player’s fragments will be stolen to increase the difficulty of the game.”

“However, that is Du Sanying. Can his things really be stolen?” Mu Sicheng was skeptical. “This guy is 100% lucky and no one has ever taken things from him.”

Bai Liu replied, “That is only if he can maintain the 100% luck.”

“I took advantage of Du Sanying’s too high luck to block Brother Thief for six stops. The balance of this game was broken by me. I think the system will lower Du Sanying’s luck value to maintain the balance.”

Mu Sicheng was stunned. He remembered in Siren Town how the system said that Bai Liu broke the balance of the game. In order to restrict Bai Liu, it forced down Bai Liu’s value and increased the number of monsters…

A Du Sanying who wasn’t 100% lucky… Mu Sicheng looked at Du Sanying in a daze. He was awkwardly climbing into his small car, preparing to guide away Brother Thief. A bit of a chill shot down his spine. A Du Sanying who wasn’t lucky only had a C-grade attributes panel. An attack from a monster would be similar to Bai Liu being attacked. If he wasn’t 100% lucky, Du Sanying would die.

“If you force Du Sanying to lure them, he will lure them.” Bai Liu continued. “Even if his luck value only drops from 100 to 99, this means Brother Thief tripping 99 out of 100 times. He just needs to catch Du Sanying one time—”

Mu Sicheng stared directly at Bai Liu. There were no fluctuations in Bai Liu’s eyes. “—He will die. Even so, Du Sanying must lure the pair of thieves. It is because the health of the rest of us is below 30. Brother Thief can easily kill us with a punch. If Du Sanying doesn’t pull him away, we simply can’t collect the fragments from the passengers.”

The train doors finally opened and the passengers poured in. The others followed Bai Liu’s previous arrangements to grab the fragments from the passengers. Du Sanying once again took his small car that was almost scrapped and was ready to lead Brother Thief away. As a result, everyone saw Brother Thief’s charred chest wriggle twice.

The Younger Brother Thief let out two chuckles and a pair of dark, sharp hands came out of his chest to attack Du Sanying. Du Sanying had just sat down and was lucky enough to avoid the disaster but—

Du Sanying touched his face in a dumbfounded manner. There was a scratch on his face and blood dripped down from it. He was hurt. This was his first injury in the game.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has been attacked by Older Brother Thief. HP -2, mental value -2.]

[System tip (for everyone): Since all players have survived and no one has died, player Du Sanying’s luck value will be reduced from now on in order to maintain the balance of the game. Please give up on relying on him and rely on your own strength to pass the level.]

[Player Du Sanying’s current luck value is 98.]

Brother Thief’s chest was pulled apart from the inside, his cheeks were split from the middle and eyes grew from his black brain into a baby-like dark head. This brain head’s eyes were surrounded by burned coal paint but the white eyeballs were still turning around in the eye sockets. He looked around and exposed a full mouthful of white teeth. It looked like he was grinning with pride.

His two feet were hooked on Younger Brother Thief’s burned ribs and his body swung outside. His two hands were only black bones, dry like coal but incredibly long and flexible. His fingers were like spiders and his long fingers danced quickly. His hand came from the side and slid across Du Sanying’s head so fast he was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Du Sanying was lucky enough to dodge back but he was once again injured.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has been attacked by Older Brother Thief. HP -2, mental value -2. The luck value has decreased again and luck is -2.]

[The Exploding Last Train Monster Book has refreshed—Brother Thief (2/3)]

[Monster Name: Older Brother Thief]

[Features: Extremely fast movement speed (3,400 points in movement speed, flames have a bonus effect) and good at stealing.]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack method: Scratching and stealing]

Du Sanying gritted his teeth and ignored the blood on his face. He turned over and got into the car to run as Bai Liu had said. Even if his current luck value wasn’t 100%, a luck value of 96 was enough to help distract the Brother Thieves for a period of time. However, since he was unlucky, Du Sanying had to face the consequences of confronting the pair of powerful thief brothers alone and was likely to… die.

Du Sanying was now very clear in his heart.

Currently, there was no one who could stand a round with the thief brothers except for him, whose health was almost full.

There was no one to help him. His luck value had pushed him into this position so he would take responsibility for everyone. Even if he wasn’t lucky, Du Sanying wouldn’t escape from the battlefield and watch Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng die.

Du Sanying stepped on the accelerator of his little bumper car with a bitter face. This was obviously a death mission but his mood wasn’t sad. It was… strange.

He had always been the person to pick up mistakes who was despised and hated by everyone. This was the first time he took on the important task of attracting the monster’s aggro. Since Bai Liu gave him the task, Bai Liu never doubted that he wouldn’t complete it even though Du Sanying was a very clumsy guy who was known as a vase player.

It was very strange to be trusted wholeheartedly by Bai Liu. Du Sanying might’ve been reluctant at first but he had developed an unspeakable sense of trust and obedience toward Bai Liu. He had an intuition—even if his luck value dropped to 0, Bai Liu had a way and wouldn’t let him die easily. He wouldn’t let Du Sanying die, just like Mu Sicheng.

Du Sanying trusted his intuition.

The back of Du Sanying’s car was smashed by the thief brothers chasing behind him. Although the back of the car was thrown away and stuck in a chair, Du Sanying was lucky not to be thrown out. It was just that Older Brother Thief’s cooperation in the attack injured him again. The fire of Younger Brother Thief’s fist spread all the way from the back of the car, burning Du Sanying’s eye sockets. He gritted his teeth and wiped the blood that flowed from the blow.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has been attacked by Older Brother Thief. HP-20, mental value -20.]

“Du Sanying, hold on for a while. Drag it out until our side collects all the broken lenses. Can you hold on?” Bai Liu seemed to notice the situation over here and asked in a loud voice.

Du Sanying coughed twice, his face calm. He placed his hands on the steering wheel of the go-kart, stepped on the accelerator to the full and answered loudly to Bai Liu, “I will try my best!”

Bai Liu laughed. “Then the rear will be given to you, Du Sanying.”

As Mu Sicheng helped to collect the broken lenses, he looked a bit anxiously at Bai Liu. “Du Sanying’s attributes panel is only C-rated. The only advantage of this guy is that his luck value is 100%. Now his luck isn’t 100%. Do you really think he can hold on against the pair of thieves? If he drops the ball then it will be very difficult for us to defend back here!”

Bai Liu honestly replied, “I’m not sure he can survive.”

“However, he agreed with me and I assumed he can do it.” Bai Liu’s voice was calm. “It is just like in the original plan when you weren’t sure if you could stay awake with a mental value of only 10. I assumed you could do it.”

Mu Sicheng paused. “What if Du Sanying can’t support it?”

Bai Liu’s tone was calm. “Then there is you and me.”


Du Sanying lay against the steering wheel, dizzy and retching out a mouthful of blood. His luck had just failed him. Under the interference of the Older Brother Thief, Du Sanying had to experience a hard blow from Younger Brother Thief to protect the broken lenses. Du Sanying might’ve blocked it with an item but the damage was still very serious.

His health and mental value had fallen below the safety line.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has been attacked by Older Brother Thief. HP -20, mental value -20.]

Du Sanying raised his head and drank a can of mental bleach to restore his mental value. He was still a bit dizzy. Mental value only represented the stability of his mental world. However, his physical strength and mental value decreased and the fatigue brought about by it couldn’t be restored by the mental bleach. Due to the consumption brought about by various factors, Du Sanying was close to the limit.

This pair of thief brothers was too difficult!

Younger Brother Thief’s attack power was very strong and his movement speed was relatively slow. Du Sanying could still get rid of him by moving fast. However, Older Brother Thief had a movement speed of over 3,000 points!

Du Sanying couldn’t get rid of him despite using all his items! In addition, these two monsters would cooperate!

Older Brother Thief giggled. Younger Brother Thief threw him and he landed on the front of Du Sanying’s car. He stretched out his dark claws toward Du Sanying to steal his broken lenses. Du Sanying gritted his teeth and slammed the steering wheel, frantically swinging the front of the car to try and throw Older Brother Thief down. His car was almost like a spinning top spun by Du Sanying. Du Sanying himself was about to throw up but Older Brother Thief wasn’t thrown off. Du Sanying couldn’t help it. He had to use an item to get rid of Older Brother Thief stuck to the front of the car.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used the ‘Sunny Umbrella’ to attack Older Brother Thief.]

A translucent umbrella with a sun on it suddenly opened in front of Du Sanying, emitting a dazzling light. Older Brother Thief screamed and jumped back from the car, grabbing the umbrella with his claws.

[System tip: The Sunny Umbrella was scrapped by Older Brother Thief and can no longer be used.]

“F*k!” Du Sanying might have a lot of items but he couldn’t help cursing with a feeling of heartache.

He had lost seven or eight protective items, all of which were destroyed by Older Brother Thief. The problem was that he had almost no more resistance items. Du Sanying glanced at his system warehouse. The items he had could only endure two more attacks from Younger Brother Thief at most.

However, two… Du Sanying’s face darkened. This time wasn’t enough!

He was thinking this when Older Brother Thief was thrown by Younger Brother Thief again. He flew across the train car like a bat and landed on Du Sanying’s car. Older Brother Thief’s hands moved very quickly. His two hands moved fast over Du Sanying’s body like a skilled pickpocket. Du Sanying hurriedly hid. He had hung the broken lenses around his neck at first. Later, he thought this position was too dangerous so he changed the position—

—Du Sanying felt that except for his butt crack, the safest place was in his pants.

Older Brother Thief hesitated for a moment. His eyeballs scanned Du Sanying’s entire body suspiciously. He seemed to feel it was wrong that he didn’t find the broken lenses. He turned around on the front of the car a few times and made noises as if questioning where Du Sanying put the lenses and telling him to bring them out quickly.

Du Sanying held on. “If you can’t find them then give up.”

Older Brother Thief seemed irritated and his whistling voice became louder. He and Du Sanying stared at each other strangely for a while. Du Sanying somehow seemed disgusted and full of anger in the other’s eyes. Then Older Brother Thief closed his mouth tightly like he was determined and stretched out a trembling hand to touch Du Sanying’s gear.

This action had a very Chinese style name and was called ‘Monkey steals the peach.’ (grabbing by the balls)

Bai Liu was finishing up on his side when he heard Du Sanying let out a lung-tearing cry. “Ahhhhhhh—let go of my [beep]!!! You rogue!!! Don’t pull my [beep beep beep]!”

Mu Sicheng and the rest of the group were strangely silent for a moment.

“Damn!! Go away!!” Du Sanying yelled as he pulled up his pants. He had never seen a monster without a bottom line before. “You are too dirty! Take your hands out of my pants! Are you a damn train molester?!”

Older Brother Thief’s eyeballs protruded and his teeth shook. His slender hand was inserted into Du Sanying’s pants. His face fell down, revealing that the inside was burned flesh and blood. The corners of his mouth twitched ferociously and he screamed frantically. It seemed he was cursing Du Sanying for his shamelessness in hiding the broken lenses in his pants!

Seeing that Younger Brother Thief was about to catch up and Older Brother Thief’s slender hand was about to grab the broken lenses in the pants, Du Sanying couldn’t help cursing and was forced to use an item.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used Clown Spring on Older Brother Thief.]

Older Brother Thief was suddenly bounced back by a clown’s head that emerged from the front of the car. A huge elastic spring swayed under the clown. The clown was still laughing as it held up several times against Older Brother Thief’s scratches without breaking.

Before Du Sanying could sigh with relief, Younger Brother Thief who came after him roared and raised a fist. His entire body burned violently and there was a gust of hot wind. Hot air filled the entire carriage and all the glass in the carriage broke. Younger Brother Thief looked up and raised his burning fist. He took off in two or three steps and aimed at Du Sanying in the car.

Du Sanying suddenly felt a sense of suffocation that made him unable to breath. His instincts told him that something very dangerous would happen. Du Sanying instinctively turned back. He stared up at Younger Brother Thief who was jumping in the air with a violent expression. He couldn’t help his eyes narrowing.

The two big moves of fire impact and rage hammer meant the moment this fist descended, the entire carriage would fall into a sea of fire.

Du Sanying knew he was going to die.

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used Clown Spring on Younger Brother Thief.]

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used Golden Bell Cover on Younger Brother Thief.]

Younger Brother Thief relentlessly threw his punch and the entire carriage shook for a few seconds.

There was a loud bang in the carriage and there was instantly a sea of fire. Mu Sicheng looked at the carriage that was burnt everywhere by Younger Brother Thief’s fist and couldn’t help shouting, “Du Sanying!!!”

There was no answer, only traces of smoke and Du Sanying’s little car that was burned beyond recognition. Next to it was a burnt clown’s head with that funny and hideous smile still on the face. There was also a fragmented golden bell next to the tire of the car that was burned to ashes.

“…Du Sanying should’ve used the Clown Spring and Golden Bell to block it. However, the overlapping effect of these two items can’t stop the fist at all.” Puppet Zhang’s face was ugly. “…Du Sanying is most likely dead. Even if an A-grade player took this fist with full health then their health would likely be cleared.”

“Not to mention, Du Sanying’s current luck value isn’t 100%. His attributes panel is only C-grade and he can’t handle this punch.”

“Du Sanying’s luck value might not be 100% but it should be above 90. I think that he isn’t dead.” Bai Liu calmly refuted Puppet Zhang. ”Mu Sicheng, I will distract Younger Brother Thief. He just used a big move and there should be a one minute cooldown. You draw away the fast-moving Older Brother Thief to give Du Sanying room to escape.”

Puppet Zhang couldn’t hold back his words. “You don’t have to do this for Du Sanying. He is probably dead…”

Puppet Zhang hadn’t finished his words when Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to throw the whip at the back of Younger Brother Thief, interrupting Puppet Zhang.

Younger Brother Thief roared due to Bai Liu’s whip and turned to look at Bai Liu. The irritated Younger Brother Thief stomped the ground with his feet and ran in Bai Liu’s direction. Mu Sicheng swung his arms and climbed up onto the handhold rings. Older Brother Thief was circling around the car and looking for something. Mu Sicheng aimed a monkey paw and was about to stab him in the air. Older Brother Thief keenly found it and avoided it. This also angered Older Brother Thief and his long, bone-like hand flicked toward Mu Sicheng’s heart.

The two brother thieves were both led away. Then the ashes of the car moved twice and the dying Du Sanying crawled out of the car. He coughed several times before turning over and collapsing on the ground with blank eyes like a half-dead roasted parrot. “…I thought I was going to die… fortunately, I have a personal skill…”

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has used his personal skill ‘Legal Apprentice’ to reduce the damage to himself by 90%.]

[System tip: Player Du Sanying has been attacked by Younger Brother Thief. HP -20, mental value -30, luck value -10.]

The moment Du Sanying crawled out, Younger Brother Thief seemed to sense the position of the broken lenses and instantly turned to find Du Sanying. Du Sanying gasped and hurriedly got up, crying out, “Bai Liu—!! I can’t hold on anymore!”

“It is enough,” Bai Liu said with a smile. “Next, just leave it to me. Give me the broken lenses.”

Du Sanying frantically ran toward Bai Liu, only to fall down halfway. Younger Brother Thief behind him almost crushed Du Sanying’s spine with one foot. Bai Liu immediately shouted to Du Sanying, “Throw away the broken lenses!”

Before Younger Brother Thief could rush to Du Sanying again, Du Sanying panicked and threw the broken lenses into the air with a shout, “Bai Liu! Catch it!”

The moment the broken lenses were in the air, Younger Brother Thief changed directions and reached out to grab the broken lenses. However, Bai Liu used the whip to pull away Younger Brother Thief. Then the fast Mu Sicheng got the broken lenses first.

Du Sanying was paralyzed on the ground in tears, almost unable to get up. He could only gasp with his tongue sticking out. Bai Liu patted Du Sanying on the shoulder. “Good job. Leave it to me and Mu Sicheng next.”

Du Sanying relaxed but looked at Bai Liu with a bit of worry. “However, you only have 3 health points left. It is better for it to be me…”

“3 points is enough.” Bai Liu flicked his whip and calmly faced the two monsters rushing toward him. “Mu Sicheng, we will start to cooperate.”

Mu Sicheng who was on the ring swung sideways and lifted Bai Liu up by the back collar. Mu Sicheng sneered. “Okay, sit and hold on firmly, Bai Liu. My movement speed is tens of thousands at full speed.”

After speaking, Mu Sicheng carried Bai Liu with one hand while fiddling with the headphones around his neck with the other hand. The moment he wore it, the eyes of the monkey headphones suddenly let out a bright red light. The monkey on the headphones let out a huge grin and screamed, “Quick—quick——!!”

[System tip: Player Mu Sicheng has used the personal skill Thief’s Stealth—the super full speed physical slot is fully emptied.]

[Thief’s Stealth skill upgrade from A- to S-. Movement speed +9003, please pay attention! Player Mu Sicheng had used this skill forcefully and will suffer from a severe loss of physical strength. It can only be used for one minute. After that, the physical strength can only be restored automatically without using physical strength supplements. Player Mu Sicheng, are you sure you want to use it?]

Mu Sicheng’s eyes sank and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly in a scornful smile. [Confirm.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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