GHG: Chapter 56 Part 2

[System tip: Player Bai Liu has used a high-efficiency inhalation sleeping pill on player Mu Sicheng.]

The moment Mu Sicheng heard this voice, he frowned and moved his hand twice like he was struggling to wake up. Yet the moment Bai Liu emotionlessly put his hand on Mu Sicheng’s nose, Mu Sicheng breathed in twice and his muscles softened as he fell into a deeper sleep.

Bai Liu looked sideways at the steadily breathing Mu Sicheng and raised his eyebrow at the white powder in his hand. “Is this inhalation sleeping pill so easy to use?”

Du Sanying looked silly. “Why did you suddenly put Mu Sicheng down?”

“He was too affected due to his previous mental value decrease. The best way to restore his state is with a deep sleep.” Bai Liu held his breath and patted the sleeping pill white powder off his hands. It wasn’t until the powder dispersed that he turned to Du Sanying. “I need Mu Sicheng to fight the boss in a good state so let him sleep first.”

Du Sanying was a bit confused. He approached Bai Liu and thought he was very quiet as he whispered in Bai Liu’s ear, “Bai Liu, you used Mu Sicheng previously because there were only three of us. Now there are so many people. You don’t have to rely on Mu Sicheng alone! It is okay for other people to fight against monsters!”

As Du Sanying spoke, he glanced at Puppet Zhang and the others from the corner of his eyes. His eyes looked extremely nasty and gossipy as he wondered why Bai Liu was caring about these villains.

“Their health will drop below 30 due to the search for the broken lenses and their combat effectiveness will drop to a certain extent.” Bai Liu knew that Puppet Zhang could clearly hear him and Du Sanying whispering at this distance but Bai Liu still lowered his voice cooperatively and turned toward Du Sanying’s ear.

Bai Liu lowered his eyes. “In addition, in this game instance, only Mu Sicheng is likely to be able to fight the final boss.”

“Only Mu Sicheng is likely?” Du Sanying repeated Bai Liu’s words in a bit of a daze. He turned to look at Mu Sicheng who was in a deep sleep due to Bai Liu’s sleeping pills and asked in a puzzled manner, “Why is he the most useful?”

Bai Liu lowered his eyes toward the peacefully sleeping Mu Sicheng. He smiled. “He is the best thief I have ever seen. The only thief who can steal things from me.”

“He is much better than the brothers who stole the mirror.”

Du Sanying didn’t understand but he was used to not understanding Bai Liu. He just stared at Bai Liu hesitantly. “Bai Liu, even so, do you want to protect the sleeping Mu Sicheng? You can let someone else protect him. It is too dangerous for just the two of you. One is sleeping and one only has 6 points of health.”

“It’s fine.” Bai Liu vetoed it. “There are only three people grabbing the mirror fragments. One is grabbing them and the other two defending. It is only in this way that we can avoid unnecessary loss of health. If one grabs and one defends then in the later stages, their state will decline and they will lose a lot of health due to mistakes. If the total health is less than 400, we will all be trapped in the game.”

Du Sanying wanted to persuade Bai Liu but in the face of the emotionless Bai Liu, Du Sanying understood that this person had made up his mind. It wouldn’t be easy to convince Bai Liu so Du Sanying had to lower his head in frustration.

Before leaving, Du Sanying looked at the sleeping Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu next to him before sighing in a complicated manner. This was the first time he had seen a player risk his own life to give another player a good sleep. Of course, Bai Liu’s purpose was to make better use of Mu Sicheng after he woke up. It wasn’t known if Mu Sicheng was lucky or unlucky.


Mu Sicheng suddenly woke up from his deep sleep.

The train was moving fast through the dark tunnel and wind came in through the opening created by Brother Thief. It brought the sound of the wind and this awakened him from his dreamless sleep. Everything around him seemed to be the same as before he fell asleep but Mu Sicheng took a closer look and found that the damage to the carriage had increased. It looked like it had gone through fierce battle after battle and there were holes for the wind to come in everywhere.

The status of the others also verified Mu Sicheng’s conjecture.

Puppet Zhang and Liu Huai were huddled in the corner with pale faces, Li Gou and Fang Ke were covered in blood while Du Sanying was lying on a chair and panting like a dog, his hair wet with sweat. After becoming wet, it stuck to his forehead like a parrot fished out of water. His eyes looked extremely tired.

Bai Liu wasn’t much better. His face was as white as a dead man as he leaned against the door and adjusted his breathing. He held a whip in his hand and sweat dropped from his soaked shirt. His head was up as he drank a physical strength recovery agent. There was a pile of bottles at his feet.

Bai Liu’s gaze slowly shifted as he saw Mu Sicheng had woken up. “Mu Sicheng, you woke up. The effect of the sleeping pill is good. It is just over 20 minutes. How is your recovery?”

Mu Sicheng rubbed his throbbing temples and stood up while holding the door. He knew that Bai Liu wouldn’t care about his temper tantrum over being drugged so he just frowned and looked at Bai Liu. “What station is it now? How many broken lenses have been collected? How much health do you have left?”

“It is just after the eighth station. There are two more stations before we return to Antique City and we have gathered 300 broken lenses.” Bai Liu didn’t seem to hear the last question. “I feel that your mental value is restored so let me explain what you will do at the ninth station. Work with me later to…”

Mu Sicheng raised his eyes with a bit of hostility. He stepped on Bai Liu’s whip and interrupted the words as he repeated his question. “I’m asking you, Bai Liu, how much health do you have left?”

Blood flowed from the corner of Bai Liu’s mouth and he licked it away as he raised his eyes. “If you know this, your trust will just be shaken when you cooperate with me.”

“My trust will be shaken even more if I don’t know.” Mu Sicheng snorted. “Go ahead. It doesn’t matter if I trust you or not. Haven’t you always forced me to cooperate with you well?”

Bai Liu was silent for a moment. “3 points.”

Mu Sicheng couldn’t hold back. “F*k!”

Mu Sicheng resisted his impulse to keep swearing. He stood up anxiously and Bai Liu indifferently watched as Mu Sicheng raised a train seat and forced himself to calm down. Mu Sicheng turned around with gritted teeth as he stared at Bai Liu. “You only have 3 points of health. What nonsense about cooperating with me? You will die if you are burned once!”

“It is three times.” Bai Liu corrected. Before Mu Sicheng could yell at him, he calmly comforted the other person. “Mu Sicheng, you will make too many mistakes if you cooperate with others. I have to come up and cooperate with you because in the next cooperation, no one can drop the ball.”

“As long as you don’t make a mistake, I won’t die.” Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng watched each other. “So you must not make mistakes, understood?”

Mu Sicheng took a deep breath. In the end, he could only shout irritably at Bai Liu. “No mistakes! This madman, tell me what you want me to do? What should I do for you? How the hell should I cooperate with you?”

Bai Liu smiled. “There is no need to be so serious. I just need you to help me steal something.”

“What is it?” Mu Sicheng wondered incredulously.

Just as Bai Liu was about to speak, the female voice of the train’s broadcast was heard. “There are two more stations left. The train is about to reach the terminal station. The next stop is Lujia Alley. Passengers who are going to get off, please line up at the door…”

A dense pile of burned corpses gradually lined up outside the door. They twisted their heads and made creaking sounds. Brother Thief stood in front, covered in flames. His eyes burned with a crackling sound and his bones were red. Unwillingness was seen in the red eyes of Brother Thief. He roared and beat at the door of the train. He was angry due to the broken lens that was stolen from his chest.

“These monsters are coming up soon! Bai Liu, what do you want me to steal!” Mu Sicheng asked Bai Liu as he watched the monsters vigilantly.

Bai Liu touched his chin. “I’m not sure what I want you to steal.”

Mu Sicheng’s eyes narrowed. “??? F*k, you’re not sure? You have to give me a goal!”

Bai Liu shook the fish bone. He let out a long breath as his eyes stayed on the door, but there was a small smile on his face. “If my guess is correct, you might have to steal back all 300 broken lenses or perhaps only 20. It mainly depends on whether Du Sanying can be stable.”

“?? The 300 broken lenses? Aren’t those on Du Sanying?” Mu Sicheng turned to look at Du Sanying in a puzzled manner.

This guy’s health was still 100 points which made Mu Sicheng a bit speechless. “Steal it back? Are you saying Brother Thief will steal things from Du Sanying? It’s impossible. That big, silly monster has chased Du Sanying for six stations and hasn’t even touched Du Sanying’s clothing. How can he steal the fragments from Du Sanying?”

“Do you know that bosses designed in horror games have a level jump principle?” Bai Liu suddenly asked.

Mu Sicheng squinted. “I don’t know. What is it?”

Bai Liu smiled. “Before the player clears the level, the guarding boss will definitely go crazy. It can be through berserk combat power or hit rate. In any case, this boss will definitely improve its performance, which is a level jump. This will bring great obstacles to the players clearing the game. Generally speaking, it is a stage that will cause a large number of deaths to the players before the game is cleared.”

“But it is strange—” Bai Liu slowly raised his eyes. “This Brother Thief who chased us through six stations is obviously the main boss of the game but he hasn’t shown any signs of a berserk state. We have already gone through six stations but things have just become smoother. His combat power hasn’t improved at all. This design isn’t reasonable.”

Mu Sicheng raised his eyebrow. “So what?”

“So I think there is another level jump.” Bai Liu looked up. “If there is no quality enhancement, there must be a new monster. Do you remember the monster book page? What is the name on the second page? It is Brother Thief and there was a note that it was the younger brother. However, we have only seen the younger brother. What about his older brother?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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