GHG: Chapter 55 Part 2

The other people in the carriage were also bandaged. This fierce attack by Brother Thief had hurt everyone to some extent but Du Sanying was still fine. He sat in a corner, a bit embarrassed as he watched the other people bandaging themselves. Then Bai Liu suddenly called out to him. “Du Sanying.”

Du Sanying reflexively turned his head and saw the large diamond shaped mirror fragment thrown by Bai Liu toward him. Du Sanying held this piece of broken lens that took everyone’s efforts to gather. “Bai Liu, why are you giving this to me?”

“You are 100% lucky and won’t be easily injured or drop items. It is safest to leave it with you.” Bai Liu didn’t think there was anything wrong. “If I die, it isn’t worth it if this item is picked up by a monster.”

Bai Liu spoke casually but Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying’s expressions changed after hearing it. Du Sanying nervously put away the broken lens and stuttered, “Y-You won’t die Bai Liu! You have calculated the health values and we can definitely get through it, just like last time!”

Mu Sicheng also sent Bai Liu a deep glance. Bai Liu’s attitude was very honest. “I have calculated my health but there are always accidents, right?”

“For example, the second monster in this game is much stronger than predicted and there is still one monster that hasn’t come out. It is really hard to say what will happen.” Bai Liu’s tone was very plain and it didn’t feel like he was discussing something as terrible as his own death. “The probability of death isn’t small. So Du Sanying, the safest place for these lenses is with you. Even if I die, the broken lenses won’t be wasted. Do you understand?”

After he finished speaking, he coughed up another mouthful of blood. This blood was mixed with visceral fragments but it was casually wiped away by Bai Liu’s hand.

The people in the carriage looked at the blood on Bai Liu’s palms and were silent.

A drop in health to 6 points had a great impact on the player’s body. Few people could stay awake like Bai Liu. They were almost as weak as a terminally ill patient. Bai Liu’s words were indeed true. It was an extremely normal thing if he died in this game.

Du Sanying couldn’t bear it and watched Bai Liu with red eyes. Bai Liu tried to save their lives but he…

“Okay!” Du Sanying nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. He was a bit moved as he looked at Bai Liu. “I must keep it! Once the game is over, I will give it to you! You can rest assured that I won’t give it to anyone except you!”

Du Sanying secretly glanced at the silent Puppet Zhang, as if wary of this person snatching the broken lenses.

Bai Liu looked strangely at Du Sanying who suddenly had a high fighting spirit. He gave the broken lenses to Du Sanying because the monster was likely to lock onto and attack the person with the lenses. Mu Sicheng was attacked badly because of this.

Du Sanying had the highest health and least damage among everyone. His luck was also 100%. The broken lenses had to be given to Du Sanying to attract the monster’s aggro and attacks so Bai Liu and the others were safer.

Puppet Zhang watched Du Sanying like this person was mentally disabled. He sneered but didn’t say anything. In any case, he was now controlled by Bai Liu. He didn’t have to consider other things if Bai Liu wasn’t dead. It was safest to leave the broken lenses with Du Sanying, a lucky fool.

The only thing Puppet Zhang couldn’t figure out was why Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying, the two players on the rising stars rankings, would listen to Bai Liu like they were bewitched. Puppet Zhang had played so many games and this was the first time he encountered this type of person who was controlled and paid a lot of money to the controller. Still, it was also the first time he met a controller who wanted to save his ‘puppets’.

Puppet Zhang’s gaze stayed on Bai Liu’s pale face for a few seconds. Bai Liu seemed to perceive Puppet Zhang’s gaze and nodded politely at him. It seemed he didn’t regard Puppet Zhang as an enemy, even though they were fighting just a moment ago.

‘Damn, perhaps I am also bewitched.’ Puppet Zhang looked away and cursed in his heart. He didn’t want Bai Liu to die.

He didn’t want Bai Liu to stay alive due to Du Sanying’s idiotic emotions. It was from a more practical perspective. Bai Liu had control of the field. This clever guy was very good at accurately controlling everyone’s health to make the overall loss much smaller.

He could guarantee that this game would be cleared with the minimum loss.

If Bai Liu died, Puppet Zhang didn’t have the confidence to control Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng completely like Bai Liu did. Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying didn’t trust him. As long as he couldn’t reach a cooperative relationship with these two people, Puppet Zhang didn’t have the confidence to successfully pass the game with just himself and his puppets.

This game was too difficult. Simply put, this game required seven players to cooperate to clear the level but no one could do this except Bai Liu.

This guy with only 6 health was the key to the entire game.

Bai Liu looked up at the countdown. “The train is about to arrive at the station again so I will make rough arrangements. Mu Sicheng and Liu Huai will cooperate to steal the broken lenses from the passengers. Mu Sicheng is responsible for stealing the fragments and Liu Huai is responsible for attracting the aggro. My health is too dangerous so I won’t help Mu Sicheng attract aggro. Can the two of you do it?”

Both Liu Huai and Mu Sicheng’s expressions changed. It was strange that the teammates who had turned against each other were arranged to cooperate by Bai Liu. Liu Huai didn’t dare to look at Mu Sicheng’s face and spoke softly with a guilty conscience. “I have no problem.”

Mu Sicheng didn’t speak. He intellectually knew that Bai Liu’s arrangement was the best but he had a sense of disgust and rejection that he couldn’t control. This slight sense of rejection was reflected in his limbs and it was fatal when working together.

For a player like Mu Sicheng with a movement speed of over 7,000, one second of hesitation was enough to kill him in this difficult level 2 game. Previously, Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu didn’t collapse when they cooperated because Bai Liu didn’t drop the chain and was able to take care of Mu Sicheng’s various mistakes.

However, Liu Huai wasn’t a monster like Bai Liu. He wouldn’t be able to cover for Mu Sicheng’s mistakes. Mu Sicheng wasn’t the type of person to ignore reality. He paused before honestly expressing his position. “I will do my best to cooperate with Liu Huai. There might be some subconscious rejection but I will try my best to control it.”

“No.” Bai Liu cut off Mu Sicheng and stared at him. “You aren’t cooperating with Liu Huai. You are working with me. He is just a puppet I am manipulating through Puppet Zhang. If I say you are working with my puppet, can this eliminate your psychological feeling of rejection.”

Mu Sicheng stared at Bai Liu for a moment before sneering. “Yes.”

“Okay.” Bai Liu turned to look at Du Sanying. “Du Sanying, is it okay if I ask you to hang the broken lens outside and to not keep it in your system backpack?”

Du Sanying was a bit dazed. He didn’t understand why Bai Liu did this but he still nodded. “Yes yes.”

Bai Liu continued. “Li Gou and Fang Ke are responsible for working with Liu Huai and Mu Sicheng to handle the attacking passengers. Reduce the pressure on them to prevent them from being hurt.”

Li Gou and Fang Ke murmured, “…Yes.”

Bai Liu moved his eyes to the last person. “Puppet Zhang, your mission is to protect me.”

Du Sanying and the others were shocked and Mu Sicheng frowned in disapproval. “Bai Liu, Puppet Zhang is a very cunning person. Even if you control him, you can’t be 100% sure that he won’t break free of your control and kill you. Not to mention, you only have 6 health points. You are too weak to stay with him…” It was too dangerous!

“It is precisely because I only have 6 health left that I guarantee he will protect me.” Bai Liu calmly cut off Mu Sicheng and didn’t give other people a look. Instead, he stared at Puppet Zhang with a calm expression in his eyes before suddenly changing the name. “Master, will you kill me?”

Bai Liu abruptly smiled. The smile was cunning and there was a strange desire on his fragile face. “I think you won’t kill me, Master. It is because you have missed the only chance to kill me. You can’t kill me anymore. You can only do one thing—”

His bloodless lips opened softly. “—That is to save me, Master.”

Bai Liu kept calling Puppet Zhang ‘Master’. Bai Liu was indeed still Puppet Zhang’s puppet but Puppet Zhang got goosebumps when he was called this way. Every time Bai Liu’s pale lips slowly and clearly pronounced the word ‘Master’, it gave Puppet Zhang the feeling that he was being played in the hands of the other person.

The only chance to kill him… Puppet Zhang looked at Bai Liu and remembered.

Eight minutes ago, he strangled Bai Liu angrily and said he was going to kill Bai Liu. Bai Liu had looked at him with the same eyes and asked in such a tone, “Master, will you kill me?”

At that time, Puppet Zhang didn’t kill Bai Liu. Thus, he could no longer kill Bai Liu.

[The train is about to arrive at Xinghai Lake Park. Passengers who are about to get off, please sit firmly and stay away from the door. First let the passengers board and then get off in turn— zi zi zi]

Before the female voice could finish, the door of the train that hadn’t stopped was blasted by a fist of fire. Brother Thief got on and yelled at everyone, his hands beating the crumbling train door. Even if the monster couldn’t speak, everyone felt his anger at the broken lens being stolen.

“No!” Du Sanying collapsed and grabbed his hair. “Brother, why are you here again?!!!”

“Du Sanying, I think you should run quickly.” Bai Liu kindly reminded him. “The broken lens that Brother Thief had is placed on your body and he will definitely chase you. I didn’t arrange for anyone to protect you so you are on your own.”

Du Sanying was silent for a few seconds before tearfully taking out his go-kart car and sitting in it. Du Sanying wiped his tears while loudly scolding Bai Liu. “Bai Liu, you deliberately did this! You deliberately placed the broken lenses on my body! Fuuuuuuck!!!”

“Yes.” Bai Liu admitted it without any shame. “I am going to use you to attract the aggro of Brother Thief. Draw him away while we take this opportunity to steal the broken lenses from the other passengers. Remember to run away and don’t hurt us by mistake.”

“I will kill you Bai Liu!” Du Sanying’s facial features were distorted by his crying. “Wuwuwu, I actually believed in you. Bai Liu, you have no heart!”

Bai Liu perfunctorily raised a fist to the driving Du Sanying and cheered for him. “Believe in yourself, Du Sanying. You are the luckiest person and can definitely do it.”

“I can’t—!!!!!” Du Sanying roared to the point where his voice broke.

The carriage door slowly opened and Brother Thief rushed in with a roaring fist. He soon stopped as he looked left and right, seemingly searching for his broken lens.

Bai Liu could see the burnt-black skull at the back of Brother Thief’s head. There was a burnt and shrunken black brain inside. The brain seemed to move suddenly and one eye opened, but the eye soon closed again and disappeared.

Eyes in the brain… Bai Liu raised an eyebrow.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

“ Okay!” Du Sanying nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.” He’s so precious ;-;

1 year ago

I fell for every character here already…oh no…


That last part was disgusting.
What to do…. my writer side of the brain already started working and is making fanfics about bdsm relationship with puppet master and Bai Liu, also a horror novel about a monster that eats the brain of a person and replaces it with itself.

11 months ago

a bdsm play between puppet master and bai liu! is exactly what i was thinking about
a few chapters before, there was a line where puppet master was like
´´later i an use hundreds of tricks to torture bai liu…¨ or something like that
and i was like..omg puppet master!!(//w//)

8 months ago
Reply to  mono.wuu

This chapter make my Dollification kinky attack so bad lmao

11 months ago

…is the brain the older brother? kinda like Daki and Gyutaro in KNY, they’re siblings but they share the same body xD

8 months ago

How deep does the Devil’s Deal run? Like, if Bai Liu broke his contracts would their hatred return or this trust/loyalty/love would stay with them forever?

8 months ago

Poor ML,if master stay alive we gonna have to hear MC calling him master 24 hours,i would be jealous,not gonna lie
“Bl: Hi master,goodbye master,i will kill you master,i hate you master,i just manipulate you to give me all your money master”
“ML: “😃????”

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zhan zhan
zhan zhan
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du sanying will probably never play with bai liu again after this hahahahahaha

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