GHG: Chapter 55 Part 1

In a multiplayer game, the audience of the players was mobile and they would generally run toward the one who performed best. Now Puppet Zhang’s performance was the best. The audience gave him a high number of rewards and likes and it was like victory was coming.

The strange thing was that the number of viewers for the core promotion of the multiplayer area hadn’t increased. Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying might be losing their audience but they were all crazily going to the burial mound dancing area where Bai Liu was. They didn’t come to watch Puppet Zhang’s small TV.

However, Bai Liu had just been controlled by Puppet Zhang. He was the player with the worst performance. He shouldn’t be able to attract the audience like this. He should lose the audience! Some viewers couldn’t contain their curiosity and whispered.

“What is Bai Liu doing? Does he have a trick up his sleeve? He is all tied up with puppet silk thread! It is impossible for him to turn things around!”

“…I also think so. Why don’t we go take a look before coming back?”

“You go and see. I don’t want to leave. Puppet Zhang is so wonderful here. I will wait for you to come back and tell us what Bai Liu is doing.”

“Okay, I will go to check and come back to see you. Don’t worry. At most, Bai Liu must be doing some type of eye-catching dying operation. People must be watching for the joke!”

A small group of viewers at Puppet Zhang’s small TV went to see Bai Liu’s jokes. Then the audience who said they would come back to speak about the joke called Bai Liu never returned. The rest of the audience were even more concerned.

“F*k, Bai Liu doesn’t really have a trick, right? Impossible! I haven’t heard of a way of removing the puppet skill!”

“…Du Sanying and Mu Sicheng’s side also rushed toward Bai Liu like crazy. Did they discuss a plan? What the hell is going on?”

“I can’t help wanting to look!”

“I’m curious too but sh*t, I’m Puppet Zhang’s firm fan… forget it, I’ll go take a look. I’ll return to Puppet Zhang straight away!”

In this way, the audience of all the players of Exploding Last Train started to gather bit by bit. They streamed from the small TVs of other players to Bai Liu’s small TV. The originally cold and lonely burial mound dancing area started to become crowded. The burial mound dancing area wasn’t very large and this place that had never been visited was crowded by the audience traffic brought by Bai Liu.

Wang Shun glanced at the new viewers who squeezed in behind him and turned his gaze to Bai Liu who was on the small TV, his expression and tone unprecedentedly complicated. “You unexpectedly sucked the traffic from the other three great players here…”

At the beginning of Exploding Last Train, almost all of the audience that Bai Liu had accumulated was sucked away by the great gods and only a few people remained to watch Bai Liu. This time, Bai Liu sucked back all the lost audience like crazy. Looking at the number of audience members, Bai Liu had sucked back a lot. They also didn’t leave once they came.

It was the first time Wang Shun had seen someone sucking traffic from the small TVs of three great gods. All the audience of Exploding Last Train was being sucked to Bai Liu here.

Most of the audience here couldn’t take their eyes away from Bai Liu on the small TV. Their eyes were glued to the screen and it was like watching the climax of a wonderful movie. No one was willing to look away for a second. Only some viewers whose hearts couldn’t withstand it would look away and murmur nervously.

“F*k, I don’t dare look! Can Bai Liu fool Puppet Zhang? Oh my god, this is Puppet Zhang! 93 points in wisdom! He is actually daring to play against Puppet Zhang!”

“Hold on! Don’t panic! I feel that Puppet Zhang has been hooked!”

Then Mu Sicheng was pushed and his arms chopped off, the viewers of Bai Liu’s small TV wailed and many people covered their eyes.

“Oh my god! God Mu is miserable! Even though I know it is planned, I can’t stand it. He was smiling when he pushed God Mu!”

“I feel like God Mu might be cold this time… Bai Liu puts benefits first and I don’t think he will save God Mu.”

“Me too…”

“God Mu!! Are you stupid? How can Bai Liu save you?!! As your fan, I am angry! You are doing this for nothing!”

“Bai Liu said he would save everyone but I think it is impossible. He is mostly just being hypocritical and coaxing Mu Sicheng and Du Sanying to cooperate with him. Bai Liu and Puppet Zhang are the same type of people. Once it is time to give up, they will give up faster than anyone else.”

“In the end, Bai Liu and Du Sanying might be the only ones who survive. The others are likely to be thrown away by Bai Liu and killed depending on the situation.”

“Mu Sicheng is pitiful… he was completely tricked by Bai Liu…”

Once Bai Liu took complete control of Puppet Zhang, forcibly used Puppet Zhang’s skill to collapse his mental value and snatch back the unconscious Mu Sicheng from the monster, the audience were stunned speechless as they watched Bai Liu and his group resting in the messy carriage.

He reversed the situation in dozens of seconds, controlling the entire field, repelling monsters and stealing people from monsters. The most important thing was that it went as Bai Liu planned. No one died, whether it was Puppet Zhang’s group or his group.

It took a long time for the dazed audience to speak in a disbelieving manner.

“In fact, Bai Liu really let everyone survive…”

“I was silly and thought that Mu Sicheng would die when he was dragged out. Unexpectedly, Bai Liu dragged him in so violently and took a punch for him…”

“Damn, I shed tears when Bai Liu saved Mu Sicheng. I believe in love again. It isn’t cooperation!”

“Too strong, Bai Liu is too strong! Damn! Why can I only give one like?”

“I’m so excited that I want to tear off my clothes! Bai Liu and Mu Sicheng are so handsome! This time of courage and brotherhood has moved me!”

“Wuwuwu, I think it is so sweet. Where can I get this sweet brotherhood? Wuwuwu, Bai Liu, would you like to cooperate with me too?”

“Bai Liu, you are a god! A god!!”

“Bai Liu, my eternal god!!!”

Wang Shun slowly took off his glasses to wipe off the drops of sweat. He wiped them clean and put them back on to watch the small TV screen. Bai Liu was closing his eyes and resting, his face covered with blood. Wang Shun sincerely smiled in the midst of the screams.

[41,776 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 41,107 new people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 10,401 people have charged player Bai Liu and 15,442 points have been charged.]

[A total of 60,004 newly added people are watching Bai Liu’s small TV. The player has received more than 40,000 likes in one minute. Congratulations to Bai Liu for the achievement ‘10,000 people are dancing wildly on your grave’.]

[Yo~ tens of thousands of people are gathered at your grave~ yo~ the coffin lid can’t hold you down yo~ you are breaking out of the earth and flying into the sky in an awesome manner yo~]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu on leaving the burial mound dancing area. Unlocking the promotion position program. Entering player Bai Liu’s small TV data and recalculating. The promotion position is re-allocated.]

[Since Puppet Zhang’s data has dropped in an extreme manner, the system is very disappointed with him and has decided to switch the promotion positions of player Puppet Zhang and player Bai Liu.]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for getting the final promotion position and entering the promotion position on the core homepage of the central screen. The number of views is rising rapidly…]

[Player Puppet Zhang has entered the burial mound dancing area.]

The cheering audience members heard the system’s notifications and froze for a moment. Then there were louder cheers. The excited audience members started screaming in unison.

“Bai Liu, go!!! Core promotion!”


Bai Liu rested a while before opening his eyes.

Mu Sicheng was wrapping protective bandages around his hands and feet. These bandages would slow down people’s speed but the corresponding defense would increase. It also had the effect of healing bleeding. It was a commonly used item in the game.

Mu Sicheng saw that Bai Liu was awake and instinctively handed over a roll of bandages. Bai Liu took it naturally and said, “Protection bandages are a good item. Thank you.” Then he wrapped them around himself, not intending to give money to Mu Sicheng at all. It was very blatant.

Mu Sicheng was speechless. “…Did I say I would give it for free?”

“I assumed you gave it to me for free.” Bai Liu was very shameless. “Of course, you can grab it back but I currently only have 6 health points. You can smash me to death with one punch.”

Then Bai Liu spread out his bandaged hands and looked at Mu Sicheng innocently. He was implying, ‘If you aren’t afraid of killing me then you can grab it back.’

Mu Sicheng, “……”

Mu Sicheng cursed and turned his head away from Bai Liu. Bai Liu’s health was only 6. When Mu Sicheng saw this guy’s hands and feet bleeding, he instinctively handed over the bandages.

It was just that Bai Liu’s actions were too natural. He also charged a handling fee for Mu Sicheng’s stuff. Mu Sicheng had just paid 1,870 points to Bai Liu for the physical strength supplement and the mental bleach, of which 170 points were the handling fee requested by Bai Liu.

Bai Liu took his things but there was no sense of paying. Mu Sicheng hadn’t intended to ask Bai Liu to give money but he was still very upset when he saw this person ‘happily taking advantage.’ Still, it was useless to be upset. He really couldn’t hit Bai Liu who only had 6 health.

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